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[EngSub/All] BTS GAYO – EP.15 FULL

[EngSub/All] BTS GAYO – EP.15 FULL

[BTS GAYO] Time to learn about K-Pop with BTS! BTS GAYO! [Chile GAYO]
Everyone, we’re in Chile. We’re like across the globe. [We’re half around the world] – It’s a 12 hour difference.
– Right. So you’d be sleeping by now. This is BTS GAYO,
so we wouldn’t do quizzes. [What do we do in Chile?]
Shall we ask? What’s up for today? [BTS GAYO! Self MV production!]
[Out of songs without MVs] [Pick one to produce one]
[It can be however you want] [But divide up production roles]
[To self-manage everything] [A music video?] [They need to pick the song]
– Here? – The song isn’t decided? Then we should choose one. Then how about my solo?
Everyone else can be extras. We can be the choir for J-Hope’s “Mama”. [Staff makes a suggestion]
I think… [Staff suggestion]
[A week after the production] [If the MV makes 50 on the chart]
[The company will grant a wish!] [Tempting]
Really? I this this is feasible mission. Don’t slight our fans.
They’re awesome. What was that thing? We… – “Two! Three!” made top 10 when
we got the award. – Really? [Important to pick what song]
Look for what there are. [Fumbling]
– I think… – Let me look. – “I Like It” doesn’t have MV.
– Really? – I’m astonished! [No MV for that great song?]
“I Like It” didn’t have one! [One great song without a MV]
“I Like It” is one option. – Let’s look for another.
– That cheesy one. [Cheesy for sure]
That’s “Spine Breaker”! [Sounds good]
“Spine Breaker” would work. [Jimin suggest “Spine Breaker”]
We can have fun with it. – And the song is pretty good.
– Turn it on. – Let me. With sunglasses on! [Zooming in]
You know the moves, right? [Imitating the camera director]
– Like this. – Hey! Hey! [Shoe off]
You can be the director. [Shoes and padded jacket] I can’t help myself.
One vote for “Spine Breaker”! He suggest “Spine Breaker”. I’m already practicing in my head. Let’s do a final vote! Who votes for “I Like It”? Who votes for “Spine Breaker”? [Unanimous vote]
It’s decided. [Time to divide up roles]
The song’s set, so now the director. [Rap Monster says to shoot literally]
Shoes when the lyrics say shoes. Padded jackets when the lyrics say that. [I choose you]
I say Nam-joon is our director. [All suggest Rap Monster]
– This can speed things up. – Kim Nam-joon! – Kim Nam-joon!
– I also vote for Nam-joon. Kim Nam-joon got four votes. – Nam-joon is our director.
– And Jungkook can be on camera. – Anything else? What do we need?
– I’ll be the stylist. – Stylist? [Sorry V]
But I’d like to suggest Jin. – I say anyone can.
– Jin, the casual looker of BTS! [Laughing in response]
He’s the best there is. V has great style,
but I personally think… [Jin is highly recommended]
– Jin is the best. – He breathes fashion. [’95ers pitch in] – I suggest V.
Jin just throws ideas when he’s lost. [Okay, I’ll take that role!]
Then V can keep him sound. [Great]
I’ll keep him right in the head. [Unprecedented task]
New role to keep them sound! – Caring for the group.
– What else do we need? – To keep us in good conditions…
– Conditioner? I suggest Jimin for that. [Conditioner candidate if face down]
You were our smile before. – Our smile?
– Our conditions matter. – Our smile?
– If I start to feel blue… Your smile can cheer me up! What matters most on MV sets?
Snacks. – Right.
– You’re right. Our golden carriage. [Suga takes on food truck]
– And… – Food truck. I’ll be our golden carriage. We also need a luggage guy! – Luggage guy? – We have one here.
– Jin the luggage guy? Shall we vote on it? [The candidate only laughs]
I vote for Jimin. He can be our smile and luggage guy. Luggage guy doesn’t sound good,
but it’s actually a cool job. Say Jimin really fast.
Jimin, Jimin, Jimin, Jimin…. Luggage. [Cool guy]
Okay, I’ll be your luggage guy. [Smiley face Jimin gets the job] – Great. – Let’s each say what role.
You’re the luggage guy. [What role do I get?]
– What of J-Hope? – Me? – Pigeon. [J-Hope is assistant director]
– Assistant director. – That would work. Assistant director is important.
Very important. – I’m the director.
– I’m the mental carer. – I’m the stylist.
– I’m the food truck! – I’m the camera director.
– Yeah, an important role. [“Spine Breaker” MV production]
Let’s now plan it out. – What scenes will we do?
– Let me see the menu. I need a camera. [Deciding on where to lip sync]
Pick where you will each sing. One before the window,
another on the sofa. [Perfect directing duo]
Write down where you prefer. – In the hallway. – Suga says hallway.
– Next to this china. – Next to the china.
– Jungkook, you choose a place. [Thinking hard, Where should it be?]
Where we sing? – I’ll shoot before the elevator.
– On the sofa! [Suga – hallway, Jin – Next to china,
J-Hope – Bathroom, Jungkook – sofa] [Rap Monster – before the elevator,
Jimin – on bed, and V…] The bed’s already taken. [V – on the floor]
Then I’ll shoot on the floor. [All decided]
I thought out our outfits. Our outfits for “Blood, Sweat & Tears”. What with the pearls.
The color pink. That’d be so embarrassing. All right, leave it up to the stylist. He got it all set. Stylist, what would go with me? [What a big dream] – We wear the same.
– The same outfits? – Yeah. – But do we have them here?
– Yeah. – Where? [Trust me] – Not the shirts, but the jackets.
– Our MV outfits? – Yeah. [Oh my gosh] – You’re so mean.
– From “Blood, Sweat & Tears”. [Luggage guy is lost for words]
With our necklace and fancy shirts. [Hard fashion to comprehend]
Who made him our stylist? Along with being our stylist,
you decide our dance. [A genius? Dance is out in a jiffy]
All done. We got our main dance. [Impressed]
Looks good. [What a genius]
How creative you are. Where’s our camera director?
I can’t find him. Oh, here you are. [Startled] When were you there?
So that’s why it was so dark. The curtain’s drawn,
but the room seemed dark. [J-Hope works hard on schedules]
From 6:15 PM? What should we do? – Will the dance take long?
– I have it now. – You got it? The dance isn’t hard.
Take a look. [Very impressed]
Gosh, that’s so… [Detailed]
Look, we dance in pairs. – For “La la la”…
– Do you mean this? [Telepathy]
How did you know? Read my mind? Now the other way. How touching. [King of dance] – Hurry, get in pairs.
– I’ll dance with J-Hope. Let’s do a formation. [Center position]
From center, 5, 6, 7, 8. [Confusing] – Don’t turn left.
– Just go left. – No, what are you saying! [Strict]
You have to turn in opposites. The other way! [Today’s outfit arrives]
Our outfits are here. [Already?] We’re behind time.
Where is my time table? [Things get really big]
We need to do a good job. Director! [Catchy] We got so much on our hands.
How far are we behind? [Delayed from the start]
15 minutes, so we need to hurry. – Hurry, let’s move.
– Hold up. [Gold necklace for details]
What great outfits. [Shooting lip sync parts]
Start from the bed. Director! Let’s go. Great on camera. Hang on, hang on.
Sorry. [Fixing the sunglasses in place] [Impressed] – You look awesome.
– Do all your lines. [Done with first scene]
– Okay, good. – Cut! Great job. [V shoots on the floor]
Let’s go. Stylist, do your work. Good job. – Awesome.
– Don’t laugh! [The set is full of swag]
Great! – Great on camera.
– Cut! [V is so funny]
You were awesome on screen. [J-Hope’s bathroom swag]
I’m hip-hop, so I’ll go like this. Okay, do that. I don’t know what I’m doing. [Jungkook’s sofa scene]
– Let’s go. – Hang on, I’ll help. [Getting his head together]
Help him out. [Swag swag] [Taking on the lighting]
– Great. – Nice lighting! – That’s right.
– “Spine Breaker”. Okay! [Jin’s scene next to china]
– Is the camera ready? – Hold up. [Looking like a real camera director]
Okay, action! [Don’t know what lyrics it is] – Tell him the lyrics.
– Is this an eating scene? [Suga’s scene out in the hallway]
– Great. – Okay. – Suga in the hallway! – The hallway now.
– I’ll show up right here. [Suga uses whatever props]
– Right. – Great! Here we go! Tell him a part of his lyrics. – I don’t know.
– Now the finish! [It’s been too long to recall the lyrics] – Great!
– Suga, that’s great! [Rap Monster’s elevator scene]
Okay, now to the elevator. What if Nam-joon goes up
to floor 21 alone? [No scene then]
That’d be the end of it. Then you lose your part. [Smile guy speaks up]
Think of his condition. Don’t stir him. [Caring for his guy]
You’re losing it! Get it together! – He’s all excited.
– You press the elevator button. It’d be so funny if
the elevator goes down. This is awesome. [Quite good on his poses]
Oh man! Such a gesture is possible? [Done with lip sync parts]
Great, let’s go on! It’s now 6 PM! – Are you Ddochi?
– Aren’t you being too greedy? [BTS has fun with camera] – Go again.
– The timing’s not right. – 5, 6, 7, 8. Great. [Now to do their group dance]
– Our finale shoot. – A group lip sync. [They get a hotel restaurant]
How about in here? It’s spacious. [Rehearsal first]
Where do we each stand? [Finding this really funny] Go on, go on. [Quite good on the group dance] Okay, let’s go. Group dance, take 1! [Important to lift sunglasses]
– Lift your sunglasses! – Lift them. – Lift them up!
– Here we go! NG, NG, NG, NG, NG. [Let’s focus]
Whoever laughs get a flick now. – Let’s do this!
– Be serious now! [Working in earnest!]
Whoever laughs gets a flick! [Okay, done with the shoot]
We got it. What? Our faces don’t show. [Camera on chair shoots off angle]
This just adds charm. [Rap Monster & Jin messes up]
You keep messing up! Why did you mess this up? We kept going left and right. Okay, let’s go now!
Group lip sync! [Group lip sync on the elevator]
Get ready! [Crowded] – Shoot on our way down.
– Where’s the camera? – Let’s go, shoot. [Working hard crowded together] – But now…
– Hang on, let’s do the mirror! Sounds good! [Great scene found]
– Sounds good. – Hurry, come back. Only nod our heads! – Okay.
– Let’s go! [Time to decide inserts shots]
Now we need to decide the inserts. Let’s decide now. – I’ll do “What’s up”.
– Let me help you. – After I tap on your back.
– What’s up? What’s up? Shoot this. Great, great. I’m shooting J-Hope’s shoes. [Quick steps] – Hang on.
– This is great. [In need of padded jackets in Chile] – Great.
– Do the house steps. – Any padded jackets? – Give him a padded jackets.
– Padded jackets. – Great, I’ll try it out.
– Rap Monster! [Self lighting]
– He’s holding it himself. – Who are you? How can he be that awesome? “Those who have and don’t”.
Go stand over there. – “Those who have and don’t”.
– That’s great. Okay. – This really looks like I’m poor.
– Lose the sunglasses. [Poverty face]
A poor face. Now the rich guy. “Those who wear shoes”.
Go like this. [Now the poor guy]
1, 2, 3! [Wriggle]
– No shoes. – Wriggle your toes. Gulliver! Hold up, stay put. – Great. – Great, a Gulliver!
– How cute. – The cutest J-Hope’s look.
– Okay. – Next. – Did you get Gulliver?
– You look like him. – “Full of himself”. – Hurry, show a full stomach!
– Stuff up your belly! – Shout out, “Stomach!”
– Stomach! – Okay.
– Next! [BTS shoots a creative MV]
Last but not least… “This will suffocate your heart”. [He makes his own dance]
– Dance alone! – Last one! [One last tight shot] – Okay, good.
– One more time. – Really tight now! [They finish all shoots]
This ends our work. [That’s what they thought]
Jungkook, let’s do one last work. [Eager director]
Zoom into the members’ faces. Jungkook, shoot from top to down. [Quick to accept] – Right.
– From below is better. – Yeah, sorry. Gaze at the camera. [Crowded about]
Right. [Caring director] Jungkook doesn’t
have many shots, so this is important. [Perfect beanie fashion]
Right, pull it up. – Is this good? – Yeah.
– Cut, okay. [All shoots end]
All done. Now it’s perfect. [All shoots end after toiling work]
We produced our MV. Directors who shoot our MVs, I’d like to tell you thank you. Thank you so much. [Really?] I hope we get such
a mission in another ten years. – Right, in ten years.
– Make it our 10th year special. [Look forward to 10th year BTS GAYO]
Let’s make it our 10th year special. We could do something all fancy. We’d look awesome if it were
something like “I Like It”. But! – That’s how our other MVs are.
– Right. We want to do what we can
to entertain ARMY fans. [Impressed]
That’s why we chose this MV song. [Heartwarming]
We did well as a group. So let’s applaud ourselves. [Great job everyone] – It was really fun.
– Do we say “Check it out”? – Let’s. – Then it’d be like…
– Our “Spine Breaker” MV! Check it out! [Spine Breaker]
[Song by BTS] [Director Rap Monster]
[Assistant Director J-Hope] [Dance Director Jin]
[Camera Jungkook] [Luggage guy Jimin]
[Mental carer V] [Food truck Suga] [Spine Breaker]

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