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[EngSub] BTS Taehyung and Jimin, Playing with Taehyung’s Cute Dog

[EngSub] BTS Taehyung and Jimin, Playing with Taehyung’s Cute Dog

Hello guys! I left a message to ARMY
on our fan site. I said “Don’t sleep”, “Don’t sleep yet”. I wrote such, have you seen that? That was because I… after a very long while I’m doing this V LIVE today. Our dance practice ended later than expected. But I wanted to see ARMY like this even though it’s late in the night. So I’m doing this right now. A gift for you. Today, I got a gift. This is the first time I show you this guy, Tan. Hello, I’m Tan. Tan, say hello. Hello guys, hello. This is the end for me. – Thank you for the dog delivery. – I’m not a dog delivery person. – Oh, you’re not a flower delivery person? – Yes, I am. – Good-bye. – Okay, cheer up – Okay – By the way – I’ll contact you if I need anything. – Okay, sure. – Good bye – Let me introduce Tan. Initially, I was naming this V LIVE “Hello, I’m Kim YunTan”. But I wanted to give you a surprise gift. So I changed the name into this. As I said in the previous V LIVE, people asked me to show Tan in V LIVE, so I’m doing it today. I turned on the LIVE too late, so I think many ARMY people have been waiting for me for long. Sorry I’ve turned it on now. I turned Tan on What should we do? As I’ve turned Tan on Oh, no, I did not turn “Tan” on, I turned “V LIVE” on and I brought Tan here. So I think it will be good to take some questions about Tan. Tan is wearing a cute scarf today. Let us see. It’s on the back. Tan is a year and a few months… About 1 or two months old A year and 1 or 2 months old. Tan’s likes… I heard that Pomeranian dogs were somewhat noisy. But Tan doesn’t bark really. Tan does not bark, but just calm and quiet. But on the street… He eats all the things on the street. And before I brought him to me, I visited my friend who knows well about dogs, I visited him for some advice and I heard that Pomeranian dogs like Tan really likes to play with their mouths. They really love to play with their mouths so when they eat or chew something in their mouth is all playing. So I’m worried that he eats everything on the street, but as that’s a kind of playing, too Say hello to the camera No, it’s just a camera. It’s just a camera. Just a camera. No, it’s a camera. He’s frightened. He’s very small, but he’s really self-confident, like a tiger. So… I’m afraid if he falls down
from a high place. Tan has a habit. When he confronts a scary thing but he wants to look strong, he swings his hind legs. Oh, I knew you would come here. Why, what? He’s a fool. I said he doesn’t bark a lot, but… He’s a coward. When he sees something for the first time, he feels curious and barks. As I showed it before, here’s Tan’s plate. I brought some things here. Tan’s plate, snacks and then water bottle. And then his food. Then, food And then Tan’s medicine. Toys Take this toy. And Tan’s clothes And then, Tan’s potty pads. Then, this thing I use to pick up after the dog. And Tan’s toy No.2. There’s Tan’s favorite toy, but You can go this way. Then, he runs that way. Then, wet tissues. Today, Tan peed on Suga’s beanie, so Suga could not wear it any more. Tan’s snack Tan’s comb Tan’s cone hat, come here Cone hat Tan’s cone hat A good thing is he doesn’t like wear anything. Come here. And then this is… This is something that we use when going for a walk. Sometimes, Tan wakes up early in the morning and barks I have to walk him enough in the night. Then, he sleeps well overnight. And there’s Tan’s bag out there. That’s it. I’m concerned for Tan for one thing, because he doesn’t like dog food. He doesn’t eat his food on his own on his plate. So I have to feed him directly. He doesn’t eat on his own. I learned that should not be his habit. I learned he shouldn’t develop such a habit,
but he just doesn’t eat on his own. There’s a thing Tan can do. After I show all the thing I brought here today, I’ll show that to you. Come here. Come here, sit down. Hand The other hand This hand, this hand Wait This hand, this hand Nose, nose, nose This hand, this hand This hand, this hand, this hand This hand, this hand, this hand This hand, no, this hand. This hand, this had, you saw that? Wait, wait Wait Not yet He can do it usually He can do it usually. Wait, sit down. Sit down. Lie down, lie down. Saw that? Sit down, Tan, sit down. Sit down. He is still shy, that’s why. What was Tan’s first debut? Concert VCR… Is that right? Okay… Just a moment. Self Self Is that it? Okay. Just a moment please. Because I’m back from dance practice, Tan Bring it. Come here. That’s what he can do. Because I practiced dance very hard today, my eyes may look somewhat sunken. Come here. Say hello. Say hello. Say hello. Sit down. Sit down. Say hello. No, sit down. Because he’s a coward I… It’s hard to do it alone. Oh, I got this one. Okay. It’s done. It’s done. Are you showing how you play with Tan? Tan’s talent. He is very shy about the camera. – Camera? – Yes Do you think he know what camera is? What’s that you’re curious about? What’s that you’re curious about? – People say “Hello Jimin” – Hello But Taehyung, I’m wondering if you put this down like this to show Tan. – Yes – But it doesn’t show your own face. – Today… – Oh, that’s not it. How can I put this up? – I can do it. – I’m doing it. – I can do it. – No, no – I can do it. It’s done. Tan really hates that sound. It’s done, is it done? I repelled Tan. How old is Tan? A little more than a year. “What does Tan likes?” Tan… Tan really like it when I’m eating. When I eat, he stares at me really attentively, sitting beside me. – I’m like Tan… – Tan is eating. – Many people said I look like Tan. – Tan, a bite for you, – And then bit for your father. – A bite for you – No, a bite for Tan’s father – A bite for you – Can he eat all these? – I know – So, just try it. – I know – You should know what he eats, because you’re his father. – If you keep insisting, I’ll really eat it. – I’ll really eat it. – I want you to really eat this. – I eat it really? – Really – I can really eat it. – You really eat it then. – I can eat what Tan eats. – So, a bite for Tan, and a bite for his father. – I’ll be at Slow Rabbit’s room.
– Okay – Come after you finish.
– Okay. No, I’m at my company. How did I meet Tan for the first time? I was thinking about having a dog for like a half a year… I was just thinking about it but I thought my environment
was not good for keeping a dog. But I brought him eventually. I studied about dogs for like 6 months and then brought Tan. When I was adopting Tan, I saw this special and unique dog and was just fascinated by him. So when I was bringing him to live with me, he gave me such a strong first impression. So after I brought him to my home, now, my mom and dad are taking care of him everyday. My mom and dad are taking care of him now. At first, it was his dad, but now, I’m his big brother. Tan is my little brother. So, when I stay in Korea I want to spend more time with him. So I sometimes bring him to the dorm or dance studio. There’s medicine Tan has to take… Because he has some inborn problem and that can be controlled only
by medication as of now. So he is managing it
as much as possible with that medication. So he cannot walk that much. But honestly Tan is not that active… Tan, come here. That’s it. You’re so cute. Because I promised ARMY that I’ll do V LIVE with Tan today, so I wanted to do V LIVE even if it’s a short one. So I’m here with Tan now. Initially, I wanted to open this V LIVE by 8, because ARMY would not be sleeping by that time. And my schedule was to end by that time. I wanted to do it by then
because you do not sleep at that time, but we had many thing to do to prepare for end-of-year music awards. Tan, come here. What is this! Don’t you like looking at him? Don’t you like looking at Tan? Why are you doing this to me I love Tan! Hooray! Hooray! Why are you doing this to me Hooray! Hooray! If I do it until too late in the night If I do it for too long, those who have to go to
work or school tomorrow… I’m too… Sit down, no. No, no Tan No No, Tan, no. You… Tan! Hey Are you feel sleepy now? Then, with Tan, I’m finishing now and I’ll go to bed, too. Tan, come here. Sit down. Hand Good night. We have to do this, good night. Good night. Guys, good night. Guys, good night sit down No, guys good night hand Hand Again. Guys good night Guys good night hand Good bye Guys good night hand. Hand Hey Good night. Good night. Good night. Good bye Good night

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28 thoughts on “[EngSub] BTS Taehyung and Jimin, Playing with Taehyung’s Cute Dog

  1. Its no doubt that V loves his dog(tannie) n Gucci most in world…
    Like just look at him Tannie only came for V live n he bought his lots of things including clothes , cone hat, types of toys, comb( which made me laugh very hard)…
    That's the reason why V is my bias like he is just unique…

  2. When Tae said that Tannie peed on Yoongi's beanie, I thought " Wow. I guess Yoongi was pretty mad at Tannie. " When Yoongi saw his beanie, he was like, " Really Tan? You just had to pee on my beanie? "

  3. V anymore videos of you and yeontan other than this?? specially now your resting, anymore bonding videos?? I just love to see both of you bonding

  4. ARMY. … hallo my beloved family with luv happy sweet day everyone 🌷 😘 😘 🌷 I PURPLE U 💜 guys 🌷 🌷 ✌ ✌ 🌷 🌷
    VMIN + YEONTAN… annyoeng. .. TANIE I miss you so baaaaaaad…. how are you there. ..? Your mama MEE YOUNG is coming soon for you. … but I want you still a good puppies on the earth ok… happy sweet day TANIE…. TAEHYUNGIE you're very good father for TANIE and MOCHİ oppa you're very good uncle for TANIE. … happy sweet moments for you guys. .. I looooveeee youuuuu guys so baaaaaaad TANIE. .. I see you there baby… 💜❤🌷🌷💗💖🌸🌸❤💜

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