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[Engsub/Indosub] Run! BTS EP. 78 FullHD

[Engsub/Indosub] Run! BTS EP. 78 FullHD

[EP.78 Food Guest 2] [Last episode]
5, 6, 7, 8! [Jimin and Jung Kook showed the fight
of the century] When you go to the buffet, you can find sweet and sour chicken, and tables, [MC was full of excitement]
Seokjin Kim, scream! [Team Seokjin Kim showed a good (?) reaction] The winner of the first round is
Team Seokjin Kim. [Team Kim Seokjin did their best not to lose]
– Onigiri? – Wrong. – Rice balls.
– Wrong. How can I explain this? [They start to see the future?]
We won’t be able to eat today. 4 dishes for us? I’m already full.
What should I do? Team Kim Seokjin won this round. [Team Seokjin Kim also won the 3rd round]
Seokjin Kim. – No. 5 stir-fried anchovies with nuts.
– Correct! [Correct] – Team Seokjin Kim.
No. 5 Stir-fried squid. – Correct. [Correct again]
– No. 3. Braised spicy seafood. – Correct. [Is this the end of the game?] I can’t believe this.
We almost lost all the rounds. [They didn’t ‘almost’ lost.
They just lost all the previous rounds] Team Kim Seokjin lost all the rounds. [Stop filming as they ran out of games?]
Isn’t this the first time? We’re not that strong but.. – We ran out of games, didn’t we?
– To secure the screen time.. Let’s… say that this team won this game. [MC Jin finds this situation funny] As they lost
all the games, let’s just let them win once. [Clenching teeth][Sad]
Scream now. [Jimin says it’s okay but looks sullen]
It’s okay. Say No 3. Braised spicy seafood. – No 3. Braised spicy seafood!
– Correct! [What’s this?][WOW] [Congratulations] [Satisfied]
Do we have to win like this? [A professional entertainer who cares about
editing points] – Raise your hands. – Okay. Team Kim Seokjin. Let’s start the editing. – Number 2. Chicken and seafood soup.
– Chicken and seafood soup? [Genius actors]
Chicken and seafood soup? It could be it. Number 3. Braised spicy seafood. Number 3! [Quiet][This is not right] – That’s right! It’s here!
– It’s here! [Supporting][Neutral][Excited] – Kim Seokjin!
No 3. Braised spicy seafood! – Correct! [This is how scary a game can be][Phew] [You should all be actors!]
They heard it? How did they get it right? [Yes, you can!]
– We can win! – You can win! [Excited]
Let’s win! [What am I doing now?] [Food Guest Reporter RM]
j-hope, how did you get the correct answer? – I just heard the word shrimp.
– Shrimp? [It sounds not right but just let it slide]
Other dishes also use shrimps but okay. Correct. [I don’t know what’s correct but…] [The score is now 2:1]
As they win this round, now its 2 to 1. [Quickly catching up with Team Seokjin Kim]
We’ll chase them. Let’s move on to the 4th question.
Let’s listen. [We’ll win again]
[They are trying harder to concentrate] [As soon as Jung Kook hears something,
he tells it to his big bro] [What is she talking about?] [Spacing out] [Kelp, anchovy broth] [Who can catch more keywords?] [The youngest is the breadwinner
of Team Seokjin Kim] [Listening to the clock ticking] Did you understand what it said? [Anxious][Nervous][Fidgeting]
I’m going crazy. Did you all hear? Tell us the examples first. No. 1. Spicy braised mackerel with outer leaves. [Huh?]
Spicy braised mackerel with outer leaves. I’ve never heard of it before. No. 2. Grilled mackerel. [TaeTae’s favorite dish]
Oh, that’s my favorite. – No. 3.
– No. 3. [Sounds delicious]
Spicy braised mackerel with aged kimchi. [What is it?]
No. 4. [Confused]
Braised mackerel. [TaeTae thinks grilling and braising are the same]
– No. 5. – No. 5. Grilled mackerel with doenjang. – No. 3. Seokjin Kim.
– Kim Seokjin. [RM said the number first but Jimin said
their team name first] Kim Seokjin. – No. 5.
– No. 5. – No, it’s No. 4.
– No, it’s 5 mackerel… Did you come in 5th? (wordplay) – Number 4?
– Braised mackerel. – Is it braised mackerel?
– Yes, number 4. [V tries to believe j-hope] – You’ll pick that one?
– I think that’s correct. – No. 4. Braised mackerel. No. 4. Braised mackerel. [V, look into my eyes] [Tilting] [Teasing him is the most fun thing for MC]
His eyes say no. Guess the correct answer. [Warm]
[He’s telling the correct answer right in their face] [Number…4..]
Number 4? – Number 4.
– Braised No. 4. Braised mackerel. – Correct!
– Okay! [Amazing!]
[Team Kim Seokjin got 2 right answers in a row] We can win! [Feeling bad for them]
I couldn’t tell the correct answer. [Get ready]
– Right. – The score is tied. – It’s 2 to 2.
– You should be nervous. [Last question will decide the winner]
We have one last question left. – Next question.
– Let’s have it out now. – Okay.
– Let’s have it out. [The question which will decide the winner]
Next question. [They try harder to concentrate
as it’s the last question] [Whispering] [We can’t hear anything
but we are trying our best to hear] [He even forgot to breathe] [Thinking hard] [Hehe. I have no idea] [Whispering] [Whispering again] [But it’s getting harder
to hear words] Harry Potter? [His dialect exploded again]
Show us the examples first. I heard some words. – What did you hear?
– What did you hear? – Flour. – I also heard flour.
– It is used for almost all the dishes. [You didn’t hear this but I did!]
Pepper powder! It’s in almost every dish. I heard spaghetti. [Honestly, nobody would have heard this]
Remove the oil with paper towel. – Isn’t that a way to clean?
– How to wash the dishes. [Professional housekeeper, SUGA]
After removing the oil with paper towel, put baking soda and rinse it with water.
Right? Clearly, hygienically. [How?]
It says “Remove the oil with paper towel”. [Jung Kook did hear it right] Number 1. Cream sauce pasta with
spawn of a pollack. It sounds so delicious. Number 2. Cream sauce pasta with shrimps. – Paper towel is not helpful at all.
– Cream sauce pasta with shrimps is the best. Number 3. Cream sauce pasta
with seafood and bacon. [Laughing]
[Cream sauce pasta mania got excited] They all use flour. Number 4. Gorgonzola cream pasta. [What will it be?]
Number 5. Cream sauce past with bacon. [That’s nice]
– My favorite. – Kim Seokjin. [Team Kim Seokjin was faster] – Number 5?
– Number 5? [Will it be correct?]
Cream sauce pasta with bacon. Correct! Really? [j-hope got excited]
You should know that… Even when you take a test, you should pay
more attention when there are similar words. There were two examples with bacon, right? – You’re so sharp!
– Sharp! [Unexpected reasoning]
– Number 3 and 5 have bacon. – Okay, sharp. – Well, then…
– It’s without an exception. [Nobody knows what will happen in the future]
As they got it right. [Team Kim Seokjin turned the table
and is winning the game] [Thrilled]
We can win! [Excited]
I’ll give you dishes. [If anyone sees them, they would think
that these guys are receiving an award, not plate] [Distracting][Touched] I love this team. They show a good reaction. [Finally we got a plate!] [Two plates saved Team Kim Seokjin]
[Put me down] [Touched] [Brazen] I think we could win
because of the braised spicy seafood. [Braised spicy seafood turned the tide]
– Right, it turned the tide. – Right. [Team Kim Seokjin’s savior]
– Braised spicy seafood. – It changed the tide. [They even got to decide what to eat for dinner]
– Our dinner is braised spicy seafood. – Nice. [We can do it]
We have only 2 games left. If we win the two games,
it’s our victory. Anyways, you can eat now. You can eat two dishes. We’ll stack up the food here. Let’s stack up this high. You can put only 1 food. [One menu per plate!]
A food for each plate? [Oh~]
You can put only one food per dish. – We go to the buffet to eat various food.
– Right. [That’s the fun]
– Put kkakdugi kimchi… – And everything. [Slurping]
Mix them all and eat. [Feel sorry but moving on to the next game]
– I’m sorry to hear that. – What a disappointment. Now, the fourth game.
It’s “Food 20 Questions”. – Food 20 questions?
– What’s that? – 20 questions? [4th game, “Food 20 Questions] [Each team should guess the food
through 20 questions] [Jin will decide the food and each team should
take turns to ask one question and guess] [However, they can guess the answer only once] [So, they should be careful when they
guess the answer] [If they get the right answer they’ll get 5 points.
If they guess the right answer
before 10th question] [they’ll get 10 points. The food can only be
cooked dishes, not drinks or snacks] – Okay. Let’s do this.
– Okay. Each team can guess the answer
only once. – So, you should be careful when you
guess the right answer. – Okay. Except for drinks and snacks, I’ll choose the food. – You should write it down first.
– He’s right. He might change the answer
if they show a good reaction to him. [Come on, this is MC Jin]
I won’t ever do that. But blessed by the god of variety shows,
you’re on our team. [Starts to write with a serious face] Are you done? [Picked the first food]
I’m done. Everyone, MC wrote the word. We’ll go first. – Let’s take turns and ask a question.
– That’s right. – Is it a Korean dish?
– No. – No? It’s not a Korean food?
– Oh, it’s not. Is it a kind of noodles? – Yes.
– Oh, it’s noodles. Is it Chinese food? It’s a Chinese dish. [Whispering][it must be black bean noodles
or spicy seafood noodles] Does it use black bean sauce? – Yes.
– Kim Seokjin! [The opportunity goes to Team Kim Seokjin]
Jim Seokjin was faster. [100% sure]
– Black bean noodles. – Correct. [Break dance came out of joy][Clap] I thought you would be more specific,
like Yuni black bean noodles. I’m disappointed. Really. Jin is very simple. [I’m satisfied with the difficulty level]
I like it simple. Simple is the best.
Okay. – He’ll make it difficult now.
– Right, he’ll be more specific. [They know him really well]
Because we said it, he’ll make it easy. [Thinking hard] Look at him agonizing. [All eyes on him] – Is it grilled mackerel?
Or braised seafood? – Chicken breast. [Inspired][Decided the second dish]
I came up with one. You go first.
As you got the right answer. [This time Team Kim Seokjin goes first]
We go first? It’s a basic question. Is it a Korean dish? – Yes, it is.
– Okay. [I’ll hide this]
– It’s a Korean dish. – Question. – Is it red?
– Oh, sharp. [Sharp] – Most Korean food is red.
– Right. – No, it’s not red.
– Oh, it’s not. The main part is not red? – Is it seafood?
– No. – Do you use chicken?
– No. Do you use bulgogi sauce? Bulgogi sauce.. No. Do you use bone broth? – No.
– What is it? – Is it a kind of soup?
– No, it’s not. [Patting] – Does it contain soy sauce?
– Soy sauce? – I think so?
– No, it does not. [Confused] [Shocked by all the “no”s]
It doesn’t contain soy sauce? – There is a Korean dish that doesn’t
use soy sauce? – Hold on. Let’s summarize. It’s not red.
It’s Korean dish. – It’s not seafood.
– It’s not seafood. – It doesn’t have chicken.
– No bone broth, no chicken, no soy sauce. [Suspicious]
There’s a Korean dish that doesn’t have
soy sauce in it? It doesn’t have soy sauce. – What is it?
– I have no clue. After you eat this,
will your clothes smell? This is an important factor. – It’s important.
– It’s very important. No, it will not smell. – It will not? It’s clean?
– Then it’s not what I thought. How many questions are left? – You’ve asked 9 questions.
– Question! – Does it have noodles?
– Noodles? No, it does not. [Rumble rumble]
You’ve used 10 questions. [Used up 10 questions]
It’s 5 points from now on. [j-hope is worried that he might make a guess]
It’s a question? Do you mix this before you eat it? Usually, you don’t mix. In other words,
some people do mix it? Question.
Is it made of beans? It is not made of beans. – What?
– What is this? [Even with the clues, they have no idea]
I have no idea. [Proud] This is what happens when we
let Jin come up with a question! – Is it brown in color?
– It is not brown. – He said it doesn’t contain soy sauce!
– Oh, that’s right. – Is it white?
– Is it white? – It is half-white.
– It’s half-white? A-ha! [He hesitates because it’s the only chance]
Go ahead! Hurry! [Big brothers let the baby have the chance]
We have one chance anyway. – Jung Kook, we trust you.
– Answer! Curry! Wrong! [Only Team Kim Seokjin has a chance to guess]
It’s us now. Is curry Korean food? [Come to think, curry is not Korean food]
Oh, that’s right… And you usually mix curry
before you eat it. [According to Jin]
Gentlemen, this is not difficult to guess. Does it contain rice? – It does contain rice.
– It sounds like it. Does it contain meat? It may or may not. Does it contain a sauce? [Tilting head]
Sauce… n-no it doesn’t…? [broken] Well, any seasoning
can be considered a sauce. Sometimes it contains sauce,
sometimes it doesn’t. [Most ingredients are sometimes in,
sometimes not… it makes it difficult to guess] It’s more confusing. [Feels wrongly accused]
– That’s what this is. – Really? Jin, do you eat this often? I do, because I have to. [He has to? So it’s a dish that he eats
with the other members?] So it’s something we order often. Hold on.
Can you give me a chance? Do you eat this often
because of Jimin? – I doubt it.
– It’s not because of Jimin. You have one question left. We have to use it wisely like this. [SUGA’s useful tip]
Is this the answer? [What a genius…!] [Delayed response]
Oh! That’s smart! [This trick would give them 2 chances to guess!]
That’s pretty good. It means we have two chances left. If it contains rice,
it could be pork cutlet. Is that Korean food? 5 seconds left.
5. – 4.
– Is this it? – 3.
– Just try. – Hold on. [What is he doing?] [He is still contributing in that position]
It’s not pork cutlet. He said it doesn’t have meat. [Dumbfounded]
Hold on. Pork cutlet is Korean food? – Is it a type of rice bowl dish?
– No, it’s not a rice bowl. Please guess an answer. [He is upset because he can’t guess]
Just say anything. – Just say whatever you want to eat.
– Say anything. [Putting up friend’s chair]
– Just say anything. It’s half-white. – Half-white. Jumeok-bap!
(rice balls) – No, gimbap!
– Gimbap? [Quiet Jin. Is he right?]
– Gimbap! – That must be it! Is it gochujang gimbap? [Jimin’s last-minute answer is correct!]
Wow! [Gimbap suddenly came to his mind]
– Wow, that’s amazing. – It just came to mind. Oh, it was gimbap. [Jimin is happy with this level of difficulty]
It was a good level. – It was a good level?
– It was. – Jin is good at these games.
– It’s not too boring and yet… Jin, we… Pick a dish that I like. – A dish that you like?
– Yes. But I like everything. – It’s faster to pick something you don’t like.
– Just pick anything. Whatever you want. [Jin will pick everything he wants]
It’s coming. Let’s go.
It’s coming. – Go ahead.
– Since you won the last round. Since we’ve had many Korean dishes… – Is it Western food?
– Let’s start with big categories. – It’s Western food.
– Good! – Ask more questions.
– That was a good start. “Do you like this food?”
Just kidding… – Is it a noodle dish?
– It’s a noodle dish. – Does it have cream sauce?
– It does contain cream sauce. Let’s guess right away. No, you have to be careful.
Once you guess, it’s our turn. Is the name of this dish
five syllables? – It’s five syllables.
– Answer! Seokjin Kim! [Uncontrollable excitement]
– This is the only one. – Carbonara! Carbonara my favorite nara (country, wordplay)! [Dad…] – Did you say “answer”?
– Yes. Wrong! [Team Seokjin Kim got it wrong
after all the dancing] It’s over. He said it’s noodle. [V is startled] [Huh?]
– Answer! – No, wait! [Jimin yelled “answer” without asking teammates]
– You already said “answer”. – Yelled “answer”. [Jimin, please consult with us…]
What are you going to say? – You have to say it now.
– You have to. Cream pasta! No way. Unfortunately, the correct answer
was “rosé pasta”. [It didn’t enter their mind]
Seriously! [j-hope with disappointed mouth]
Sorry. Big Brother,
let’s make it easy. [They were fixated on the “cream sauce”]
– I thought it was carbonara too.
– Carbonara was 5 syllables. They were so excited but got it wrong… [They were so certain] [Upset]
– We were singing but it was wrong. I really thought it was right. [Which dish will it be this time?]
Here’s the next one. [RM’s live commentary]
He is writing something very carefully. Maybe it’s something
Jin is craving right now. – It is.
– Is it? Something you want to eat?
What do you want to eat today? [How adorable] [j-hope the second MC?]
The questions start now. – Let’s begin.
– Let’s take it easy. You always want to eat the same things.
Is it a chicken dish? It’s not. Let’s start with this.
Is this a Korean dish? It is a Korean dish. – It’s Korean.
– It must be a hot dish, then. Since it’s Korean food,
would you like to eat with me afterward? Sure, I’d love to. [The members are confused by V’s question]
– What? – What are you doing? [I like to eat] [Jin just answered the question]
Since he asked a question… “Do you want to eat with me?”
so I answered. [The clue left is Jin and V are eating together…]
Hey, your questions matter to us, too! – If we get this, it’s over.
– Okay. – Is it red?
– No, it’s not red. – Is it meat?
– It’s not a meat dish. [What could it be, then?]
It’s not a meat dish? – Is it seafood?
– It’s not seafood. Does it contain noodle? – It does contain noodle.
– It’s a noodle dish! Is it a cold dish? – It’s a cold dish.
– Seok-jin Kim! Pyongyang Naengmyeon!
(Pyongyang-style cold buckwheat noodle) [Taken aback] [SUGA acts alone]
Hold on. [One team in shock, the other team laughing]
He already said it. It’s over. I mean… the answer could be
Hamheung-style Naengmyeon, too! [Team Seokjin Kim fails]
Pyongyang Naengmyeon is not correct. [Upset] [Funny] [Guilty] Is it two syllables? – It is not.
– It must be three syllables! [The baby is so sure]
Ask him! I’m 100% certain. – Is it 3 syllables?
– It is. [Team Seokjin Kim figured it out]
– I know what this is. – I get it. It’s a cold dish… – You want a clue?
– Isn’t it “mul-naengmyeon”?
(cold buckwheat noodle) – No, it’s not.
– It’s a cold dish. – Sounds like mul-naengmyeon, though.
– It’s cold and… – It’s not mul-naengmyeon. – 3 syllables? – With noodles…
– What else is it? – It’s soybean soup noodle. Three syllables? Jung Kook’s answer is incorrect. [It…it’s not?]
It’s not cold soybean noodle! [He is a rapper after all]
Why would you want to eat that? – It’s so cold today!
– Jung Kook’s answer is incorrect. I get it. Can you trust me? – I get it!
– Nope. You don’t know this? Help them,
so we can finish. [Is it mul-naengmyeon?] [RM is right]
Correct. [The two little brothers are angry with SUGA]
Seriously! Min Yoon-gi! Doesn’t that cover what I said? I knew this would happen. It’s a cold dish… I’ll give you 5 seconds.
5… [I get it now…]
4, 3, 2… – Kim Seokjin!
– Kim Seokjin. – Mul-naengmyeon.
– Correct! That was so close. Doesn’t mul-naengmyeon
have meat in it? [It depends]
– It may or may not. – Really? [Give me my answer back…]
Well then… My feet fell asleep. [Team Kim Seokjin won with 3 correct answers]
We won this 4th game! [Monotonously]
How sad. [Upset]
– Congratulations! – It’s a new situation now. [Plate ceremony for Team Kim Seokjin]
I will award two dishes to Team Kim Seokjin. [Excited]
Let’s play the final game. [Team Kim Seokjin is excited with the dishes]
It’s a tie right now. [I’m so happy!] Let’s move onto the 5th game. – Is this the final game?
– It’s the final game. [It’s the final game already]
It’s the last game, gentlemen. [2:2 now, the loser of the round gets the penalty]
Who knew it’d be 2:2? – Do you know that song?
– Which song? [The MC tries to give them a hint
with a song] [The song gets Team Kim excited] [Dancing around] [Intrigued]
They’re having a party. [I should get going]
That’s right. The 5th game we’re playing is bingo. [The 5th game, Food Bingo] [In this 4×4 bingo game, the members must
place actual food from a buffet in 16 boxes] [When MC Jin shouts the name of a dish,
that box can be marked off.] [They must clear each box by eating the food.
The first team to make a 4 line bingo wins!] Both teams will move to the buffet, and bring 16 dishes to fill your 16 boxes. [Sharing bingo tips]
The middle 4 boxes are important, right? – So it matters where we put the food.
– You have to eat the food. – Yes, the order is important.
– Yes, the order is important. Shall we? – Let’s go.
– Let’s go. Let’s grab food.
Let’s go! [A buffet has been prepared
for BTS members] [From meat to desserts] [Everything is here] Pick a common dish. [The buffet smell makes the members hungry]
The smell is so good! – I’m getting goosebumps.
– First of all, we must pick japchae. [Happy]
V, come over here. [V looks so happy] I wish we captured your face
on camera. [It’s been captured in video..!]
– Did they get it? – Yes. [From noodles to meat!] [The members excitedly place
each dish on their bingo plate] [Meanwhile, RM keeps eating the food] [And someone is very excited] [Both teams are finished]
– Done! – We did our best. – Done!
– Please put the cover on. I can’t stop myself. [Team Seokjin Kim’s Bingo Plate]
[Pig trotters, tuna, pumpkin salad, chili shrimp] [Flathead grey mullet hoe (raw fish), mini gimbap,
yukhoe (raw beef), galbijjim (braised short ribs)] [salmon sushi, japchae, kung pao chicken, yogurt] [sweet and sour pork, tteok (rice cake),
macaron, creamy shrimp] [Team Kim Seokjin’s Bingo Plate]
[Tteok, yukhoe, grilled pollock, catfish sushi] [grilled sausage, mini gimbap, beef galbijjim,
palbochae, kimchi, sweet and sour pork, japchae] [chili gejang (raw crab), creamy shrimp,
grilled salmon, pig trotters, banquet noodles] [And the guy who has no idea
what’s on either team’s plate] Are you all seated? – Yes.
– Yup! – Focus please.
– Let’s go. – Yup! Whichever team gets
4 bingo lines first will win. – Get it?
– Yes! Well, then, let’s call out the dishes! Yeah! – Please hold your forks.
– OK. [Aggressively getting ready to eat]
Get ready to eat. First. [Jin’s first choice]
Yukhoe (raw beef)! [cute]
I told you it’s going to come up. [The members are excited because it’s a menu
on the bingo board] – For sure. – No way. [It won’t come off…] [Trying to take it off]
This is just… Everyone. [Hurries on to the 2nd one]
The 2nd one. Chili crabs! [Everyone can tell that only
Team Kim Seokjin has it] [I didn’t see it at all…]
I didn’t even see it. It was next to it. On top. [They got 2 correct already]
We got 2 already. [Team Kim Seokjin is in the lead]
Next. An absolute must when you’re on a diet.
Sweet pumpkin salad. – Yes!!!
– Yeah [Thanks to Jung Kook’s guess, they’re tied]
I told you so. Really? Wow. – Next. – Yes.
– My favorite! Fried shrimp with cream sauce. [They all like the same things] Jin. [j-hope is taking care of Jin] [Jimin takes care of j-hope]
It’s so good. This is really good. Does anyone have bingo? – Not yet.
– No bingo yet. [Didn’t you call 4…?]
Didn’t you call 4 until now? – Then how can we get a bingo?
– Next. [Really? Are you sure?] [Then Chinese style
fried shrimp] Chinese style fried shrimp. [Neither team had this]
– Too bad. – No one had that. Next. Fresh shrimp sushi! [I was going to get that…]
I was really going to get that… Next. Janchi guksu!
(banquet noodles) [Team Seokjin Kim is so excited] – My eardrums almost popped.
– Mine too. [You were the ones that shouted]
I can’t hear through my left ear. My right ear. Next. Tuna hoe! (raw fish) … Oh!!! [Team Seokjin Kim was a step late] We can each have a piece. Next up. This was mentioned earlier!
Mini gimbap! [They’re all excited because they all
get to eat] – I knew it. – You eat it.
– No, you eat it. [Sweet]
Jin, mini gimbap. Mini gimbap. [j-hope makes sure that Jin is fed]
You eat this. [Yummy] – Eat it. Eat it.
– No, you eat it. [What’s up with these two…] – Try one.
– We’re definitely in the lead. It’s good! – Let’s move on!
– The next one please. The next one. Cream cheese with crab meat. Nope. [RM was about to add it on his plate]
I was going to add it but… There were too many different kinds of salads. Next. [Next, fried chicken with pepper sauce!]
– Kung Pao chicken! – Yes! I knew it. Let this go. Let this go for a minute. [They share even one piece of chicken]
You know what they say, always share. Even
if you have one pea. [Team Seokjin Kim is so nice about sharing]
– Next. – We’ll get a bingo soon. Plain rice! No one? [No one says a thing]
– Nope. – Plain rice? Assorted tropical fruits! – They’re all unique…
– Dessert… [Both sides are bewildered]
You guys don’t have anything on my list. It’s hard to get a bingo like this. [What we usually eat!] – Think about what we
normally eat. – OK. Kimchi! [They got something they eat everyday] Next. Chilled jellyfish salad! I was going to get that. What menu were you not going to get? [SUGA is being so honest]
What weren’t you going to get? Kimchi? I’ll give you a free pass.
Sweet and sour fried pork! [Jin knows them so well] I knew it. [I’m happy you guys are eating…]
Hurry, hurry. – We have to share. We can do it.
– Next. Braised short ribs! [Chaos breaks out] Next. Yuja and assorted nuts. [They’re so busy to answer and take out the
bones at the same time] – I was going to get that.
– Next. Something sweet! Catfish gimbap (???) Catfish gimbap? Or sushi? [Oops]
Catfish sushi! OK. Next. Slice raw gray mullet. Wow!!! [Team Seokjin Kim already has 1 bingo]
We have a bingo. A bingo. I told you, didn’t you?
Who said that this was easy? Who said that~ [RM, who said that~]
RM, who said that again? Next. Assorted rice cake! Next. Yogurt! Wow!! What about yogurt? [Team Seokjin Kim brought food that Jin likes]
Jin, you like yogurt. We need 4 more… 1, 2, 3. [It seems like they’re close]
We have one bingo already. [Team Kim Seokjin doesn’t have a single bingo
yet?] How come we don’t have anything? – We do.
– Oh yeah. Next. Jokbal (pigs’ feet)! [They’re busy shouting and eating
at the same time] Grilled salmon. Ah~ [Time to check what they have so far!]
Let’s check what you have so far. [Jin doesn’t turn around at all]
How many bingos do you have? Oh! Hey! Whoa! Wow! [Counting their bingos]
– 1. – We have 2. – 2. [Kim Seokjin team’s bingo] [1, 2, 3] – How many bingos do you have?
– We have 2. – No, we have 3. [They don’t even know how many they had]
– 3? – 1. [Seokjin Kim’s bingo board] [1, 2] There are 2! There are 2! – It’s about time he calls out sweets.
– Something sweet. Something sweet, coming up. Tiramisu! That is a sweet menu. [They’re trying to hint something at Jin]
Jin. – There’s something even sweeter than that.
– It’s up to you. – Something sweeter.
– It’s up to you. [There you go!]
Macaron! [Team Seokjin Kim is so excited]
[Team Kim Seokjin is just watching them] Bingo! [RM is so excited again]
Sweeter than macarons. – 4 bingos?
– Yes. [Team Seokjin Kim was saved by macaron]
1, 2, 3, 4. 4 bingos. [Seokjin Kim’s bingo board] [Line 1, 2, 3, 4] [j-hope is sad] How could you not have picked
japchae and stir fried seafood? [Interpretation of SUGA language]
Braised spicy seafood. [Since we let the Team Kim Seokjin have
braised spicy seafood earlier] The braised spicy
seafood… huh? [we were able to win]
It helped us out later on. [And now]
I will award Team Seokjin Kim [Team Seokjin Kim won 2 plates]
with 2 plates. – Thank you. – So this is how it turns out.
– Jin bless. A round of applause for them! [Team Kim Seokjin give them a round of applause] Was that the last game? Yes, today’s food game is over now. A round of applause please. Wow. [The two teams were so close]
It was a close game. – That’s right.
– With the braised spicy seafood. Yes, it was very close.
Braised spicy seafood. It was such a close game. Final score, 6 to 4. [Final count] [Team Seokjin Kim wins with 6:4]
Team Seokjin Kim wins. So jealous. [Results]
[Team Seokjin Kim won the buffet game!] [Team Seokjin Kim won drawing with your
mouth!] [Team Kim Seokjin won the
guessing game!] [Team Kim Seokjin won the 20 questions game!]
[Team Seokjin Kim wins the food bingo game!] [Final score] [Team Seokjin Kim got 6 plates
and Team Kim Seokjin got 4 plates] [Team Seokjin Kim won with
3 games and 6 plates!] What’s the penalty? [The penalty has not been revealed yet!]
– The penalty. – Oh yeah, what’s the penalty? – Won’t it be revealed soon?
– The penalty… – Are you going to reveal the penalty first?
– Yes. Today’s penalty. Is something that you all agreed as being OK! Really? With the food in front of you! [No way] No way. It’s not “not eating the food in front of you”. [You have to eat well…!]
That’s a relief. Today’s penalty is to wear the rabbit hat to the airport. That’s nice penalty~ (?) – Come on.
– That’s not that bad. [Sad] I got a new outfit to look nice… How about a cute bunny with a pretty outfit? To be honest, isn’t it better than the
Jimin shirt penalty? – That’s right.
– I wore that too. But this… [The three members of team Kim Seokjin…]
Isn’t it us three? That’s… [They’re laughing but not because they’re happy]
Oh, it’s the same team. To be fair… To be fair, at the hotel, we decided on the penalties that you all agreed as not being too bad. Let’s wear this at the airport as a penalty! [They didn’t know this then…]
Let’s use this for a penalty in the future. This isn’t that bad, right? [They didn’t realize what would happen…]
Next penalty. Ok, the next penalty. – Something cute that the fans would like.
– As long as it’s not the clothes. [Today’s wise quote]
This is why you should always [Let’s be careful of what we say]
be careful of what you say. How about some new penalties that you
don’t think are that bad? Please go ahead and share them with us now! Penalties…
Um… I want Jin to do something! Hold on, hold on. [The members don’t know this yet]
We have to see what team Jin is on. [Jin’s fate] We’ll find out what team
I was on right now. – Let’s see.
– Hey. – Let’s hold hands for this.
– Team Seokjin Kim won. [MC Jin worked so hard today]
Jin worked so hard today as the MC. Can we look at it first? – Show us first.
– OK. [Jin’s fate will be seen by the others first!]
Show us first. OK, I won’t look! – OK, show us first.
– Here we go. I do not want to wear the bunny hat. [Worried] – OK, OK.
– That’s not fair. That makes no sense. – But you…! This is…
– I’d change if I were you. [6 different voices]
No, I think you should stick with what you have. – I’d change.
– Don’t change~ Don’t change~ – Should I change or not? – Go ahead.
– Change it? I… I don’t think you should change! I don’t think I should change. [They all say different things]
I agree. [This is harder for him to decide]
None of you want me to change? It’s up to you. I…! [Very cautious] [What will happen to MC Jin…?] [Peeks out] [V has on a rabbit hat]
This is… [Mumbling] [Cute] V, please tug on the hat here! – What?
– Please put it on and tug on it. [Putting it back on]
– Tug? – Yes, please. This… It’s a penalty… – If you tug on the bottom, the ears go up
(kind). – Like this. [Ears going up and down]
[So adorable] I’ll be back soon! – Thank you.
– Thank you. – Can I take this off now?
– Yes. [V is done with his penalty!] – Thank you.
– Yes. [Next up]
[Jimin is coming out] [Jimin has on a pretty outfit (feat. bunny hat)] [Hesitant] Are you ready? [He’s a bit bewildered at the camera flashes] Jimin. Jimin, please look over here.
Please show us your face. [Ears going up]
Both ears, please. [It looks like he wants to hide…] No, it’s OK~ [Who am I]
– One more time. – That would be it. [Where am I]
1, 2. [Jimin… You’re so cute…]
Both ears at once please. 1, 2. It would be so nice if you can show us
your face a bit more. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you~ [Next member is Jin!] – Jin.
– Jin. [He doesn’t have on a bunny hat!] [He didn’t change his card]
Jin, over here please. Hey! This completes your fashion. Do you want to borrow it? Fashion is all about being comfortable.
That’s all that matters. I can enjoy this. I’m being honest. Yeah, this is cute. [All gathered] [The bunnies are adorable
to the maximum] 1, 2, 3. OK. [j-hope is in the middle of the bunnies] Can you three please tug on the bottom? [Enjoying it] [Gave up] [Yay] Your passports, please. I’m not going to play any games from now on. [With Jimin’s resolution,
they’re all done with their penalties] [RUN BTS] [RUN BTS] [RUN BTS] [RM] [SUGA] [JIN] [J-HOPE] [JIMIN] [V] [JUNG KOOK] [RUN BTS]
[EP.78 Food Guest 2]

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