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[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.26

[EngSub] Run BTS 2019! – Ep.26

[Rap Monster] [Jin] [J-Hope] [V] [Jimin [Suga] [Jung Kook] [Run BTS
Secret Agent] [Members gathered up for Run BTS]
Everyone wears a chunk of cotton. – White cotton. – White cotton.
– White… [Stopped]
Shall we start? [Black suit]
Based on our outfit, can you guess what
the theme would be? [Cool]
– Wedding? – Guard? – We’re a bit cool. [Or “Rainism”]
I think we need to dance to “Rainism”. [Nobody listens] [Dancing]
Are we someone’s body guards?
What do we do today? [Full of feeling]
The theme for Run BTS is [Find the best secret agent] [Um..]
to pick the best secret agent for your team. [That was the topic]
– Secret agent? – Finding a secret agent? [Small gesture]
Something like Kingsman. [Run BTS! BTS: Secret Agent]
[3 teams will go through 2 types of test] [To find out who is the best secret agent
Who will be qualified to be that?] [Members start deviding teams]
Let’s decide teams. All right. Let the luck decide. – What will you pick?
– Me? I’ll pick this. – OK.` 1, 2, 3! [Teams to show fantastic teamwork]
– B! – C. – Rap Mon! – C. – I’m A.
– A. [BTS Secret Agent: Teams to go through tests
Team A: Suga & V] [Team B: Rap Monster & Jung Kook
Team C: J-Hope & Jimin] Please decide your team name. [Team A]
– Let’s just call A. – A. Brain? Or BTS? [Simple name for Team B – BTS]
BTS from B. [Simple]
Let’s call our team Bangtan Boys. [White Cotton-obsessed]
No, it’s white cotton. [Shouting team name right away]
[Staring] [Thank you, Rap Mon]
It’s too long. Hard to add subtitles. [For fair decision making]
Let’s play rock paper scissors
and the winner will decide. [OK OK]
– The winner will decide.
– Rock paper scissors! [Lost]
– I’ve never won this game.
– Rock paper scissors! – Our team name is Kim Seok Jin.
– Oh my! – Team Kim Seok Jin. [Complaining]
We’ve never won with that team name! [Jimin has no choice]
Let’s start. Please explain rules.
What should we do? [Curious] [Tell us]
– We don’t know what games to play.
– Right. [What’s the mission for today?]
– Do we start now? – I don’t know.
– No idea. [1st test: Fantastic M] [Teams need to pass the four mission
stages with high score!] [The highest level is 400 points]
[Team Kim Seok Jin’s lowest score
will be added to other team’s] [M-Kit necessary for smartphone mission]
– Let’s go. – Good luck. [Excited] [Team Kim Seok Jin starts]
– The door is open. – Will you go in?
– Good luck. [Trying to start by striking fancy poses]
– Are you ready? – Please strike cool poses. – Are you ready?
– Where’s your gun? [Clumsy]
– Gun? – Where is my gun? [Secret agents? Or silly agents?]
– Hurry up. – Are you ready?
– Let’s get in. – Let’s go. [Will they do well?]
– What are you doing? – Hey! [The mission starts!]
Hurry up, guys! OK! [They need to scan using the M-kit
at the start and end of a stage]
Hey! Phone! [Stage 1: BTS Secret Agent]
[Shooting ability test: Team mission] [If one hits a target, the target’s
color will change into his gun’s] [The more one has targets in
his gun’s color, the higher his score will be] [Bang bang]
OK. [Sound effect created by themselves]
[Making shooting sounds] [Confused]
What should we hit? [Two are busy shooting their targets] [Now understood]
[Jimin looks like a secret agent] [So concentrated]
Aren’t we supposed to move on to the next? [Today’s concept is the best agent…
Not a kid..] Hey! It’s our team. [Regardless of it] [Shooting behind]
– It’s an individual match.
– No way. We’re on a team. [Time limit]
Let’s move on. [Can’t give up]
Let’s shoot for another 50 seconds. [Jin and J-hope rushing to shoot]
Let’s run inside after 50 seconds! Hey, don’t stay behind me. Time’s up! 50 seconds! [Jin trying to hit more] [There’s one]
– 1, 2, 3! – Done! Let’s go. [Bang! One more time]
Look at him. He shot at the last minute. [Internal conflict]
Hey! Hey! Hey! Don’t do that! [Let’s stop]
– Put your gun down.
– I won’t shoot anymore. [It sounds like they caught a spy
– Put it down. – Oh, oh! [Where are we now?]
– Let’s scan now. – All right. [Gathering up]
Let’s scan first. [Stage 2: BTS Secret Agent]
[Ally recognition ability test: Individual match] [Scan the M marks on the all
with the M-it to score a point] [However, when they scan the enemy’s
V mark, their point will be reduced] [Caution]
V will reduce your points. Look carefully. [Let’s gp together]
A bit scary. [Sighing]
Move on. It’s not scary at all. [The perfect dark room
where they can’t see anything]
Hey, don’t shoot V. Hey! Hey! Hey! I’m scared. Please go with me. [Help me!]
I’m scared. Please go with me. [Ignoring] [The previous situation]
– Nothing to be scared of.
– I’m scared. Please come with me. [Where are you? Can you hear me?]
Guys, where are you? [Jimin found M mark]
I shot one. [Touching]
Where are you? [Jin scanned V]
Oh, my point was reduced. [Can’t move]
– I got 2. – Where? [Jimin approaches to J-Hope] [Surprised]
Please, don’t. Why are you so scared? – Sorry. My point is reduced again.
– Me, too. It’s OK. One more… Will it reduce my point? [Who are you talking to?
– It’s V. – V. – If you touch, you can feel it. [J-Hope and Jimin understood now]
– We can feel it by touching.
– Right, I got one. [Touching] [Surprised]
What’s this? – Camera director. Oh, my…
– How much time is left? [They have to move on in 20 seconds]
– 20 seconds. Let’s go. – Let’s go. – We need to move on.
– Let’s go. [Where are we now?] [Let’s just scan]
– What’s that? – Scan it. The last stage! [Gathering up] [Stage 3: BTS Secret Agent]
[Searching ability test: Individual match] [Portraits are hug on the wall
in the stage room] [Scan the ones that M-kit shows
to score a point] [Got it]
– OK. – This lady! [Strategy]
Let’s scatter and find. [I don’t know well]
– I can’t understand. – OK. – Do you have one?
– OK. I got one. [Team Kim Seok Jin got confused
with portrait pictures]
– It’s difficult. – There are so many. – Here it is.
– I got one. No, two. [They just scan every portrait]
– Good job. – There are so many. [What’s this?]
Nothing. [What’s this?] [Lucky]
Oh, I got one. [Great tip]
– Open the door. You’ll find more.
– OK. I found 3 more. [They start finding people in the portraits]
I got one. Here are some portraits.
If you need, check this area out. [I can’t see one]
– There’s one in the mirror.
– In the mirror? [Mirror?]
– It could be here. – Where is a mirror? I can’t find the mirror. [Team Jin’s ace Jimin]
There it is. It has some portraits. [Light is flashing] [J-Hope tries carefully]
– Oh! Wow. – There were somethings here. [Finally]
– Not this one. – I succeeded! [SOS, please find one for me]
– I need to find a skull. – Here. [Team Jin shows great teamwork]
– Skull is here. – Is this a skull? [Gathering up]
– There it is. – OK, done. [Their teamwork gets better
when their team is at risk]
– The last one. This lady. – Here it is. [They need to move on]
– Where? – Let’s hurry. 30 seconds left. [Hurried]
– Hurry up! – Not this one. Did you see this? -Here.
– Success! [Confident]
– Where? – This is the one, right?
– No, different. – What’s that? What’s that? [Hurried] – A lady with short hair.
– 30 seconds left. Let’s get in. [Team Kim Seok Jin needs to move on]
[Hurried] – 10 seconds. – Let’s go in. – Clear? – Clear.
– 10 seconds left. [So close]
– I can’t find it still.
– It’s OK. Let’s move on. We need to finish in time. [Scanning with M-kit before the next stage]
Hurry up! [Crow sound again]
Uggggh! [What’s happening there?]
– They shouted. – Is it that scary? [Last week’s experience]
Will it be something scary? [News]
– One’s point is very low. – Is it J-Hope? [So confident][Unanimously]
It’s J-Hope. Of course. [Preparing for the last stage]
What’s this? [Working hard]
You know, I’m good at this. Don’t worry. [Stage 4: BTS Secret Agent]
[Infiltration ability test: Team match] [Team members need to pass
the laser beam room. If one touches,
everyone needs to start again] [Jimin starts first] [Be careful]
If anyone touches the beam,
everyone needs to start again. [Starting all over again if touching laser]
Don’t touch it! – Don’t touch it!
– If anyone does, everyone will start again. Don’t touch the beam.
Jimin, way to go! – Jimin!
– Keep going! [Working so hard]
Jimin! [Following Jimin]
Jimin, careful! OK, great. [Jimin safely arrived] [Making a fuss]
Don’t touch. Get down. – Lower your head.
– Sorry. – Lower your head. – Sorry. – Don’t touch it. – Lower your head down.
– Sorry. – Lower your head! – Sorry. [Pressed the button but nothing happens] [Using this?] [Searching through]
– Up there.- Where? [Then!] [Not me]
– No way! – Not me! [Jin’s card touched the laser beam] [Shouting out of embarrassment]
– Hey, come back! – Come back? – Come back. [Starting all over again]
Let’s go again. [Sliding]
Hurry up. Go faster as we don’t have time. [Reliable ace Jimin arrived fast] [Working so hard] [Making a fuss]
– J-Hope! – Ugh! – It’s you, J-Hope! – Really.
– J-Hope. It’s you! [Can we pass tonight?]
J-Hope… How many times should we do this? [Laughing out loud]
Please carry J-Hope on your back. [Got used to the course] [So comfortable]
How many times should we do this? [Laughing regardless of laser beam]
I arrived. Come, hurry up. [Laughing regardless of laser beam]
Hurry up! [Laughing machine…
Everything was great] [Innocent] [Starts sound like crying]
[Pressing the button] [The last one Jin] [So close]
Jin! Jin! Why? I’ve never touched any. [I will do my thing regardless of
what you guys do] [So serious] One with short legs can’t pass this. [Jimin is the ace for Jin’s team]
3030. [So clumsy]
3030. [Team Kim Seok Jin finally
arrived the exit]
– It’s opening. – We’re here. [Scanning] [All stages are cleared after scanning]
Hurry up. [Scanning] [Game over] [3 members went out]
– It’s nothing. – What? [So proud]
We heard you shouted. It’s nothing. [Checking each one’s sore]
Now you can see the score? [BTS Secret Agent]
[Team Kim Seok Jin / Scores] [Jin – 350 points, J-Hope – 290 points
Jimin – 330 points] [Total: 970 points] [2nd team: Team A]
– Let’s go. – 350 points, is it high? Will you go first? [So proud]
– We can get the perfect score. – I see. [While Team A is preparing]
Everyone, [Team Kim Seok Jin]
Two got the red level. [Expecting]
Two of us? [Correct]
Red means more than 300 points. [High-five!]
Two got the red level. Seok Jin and Jimin. [Then me…?]
You’re Blue. [Master Level’s type]
Everyone, there are levels. White, yellow, green, blue, red and black. [So concentrating]
Like the Taekwondo’s levels. [Darker colors mean higher levels]
White, yellow, green… – Nobody got the black.
– Black is like the master. [Experienced one]
– If you want to be Black, you need to go alone
– Why? [Because]
They started fighting as soon as we entered. [Like this]
Get out of my way! [Real epilogues from the experienced one]
Don’t we need to move on? Hey, it’s our team! [Can’t tell whether he’s an ally or enemy]
– It’s our team! – This is an individual battle.
– No way! Let’s go. [Self-BGM] [Looking like a spy]
Let’s see how much score they can get. [Not nervous
V and Suga striding in] We can say this.
We had 3 members so it was our disadvantage. [The place where they need to scan with M-kit]
There are place you need to apply your phone. [Too closely placed]
They are closely placed. [Oh]
So, we… [Perfectly reproducing the scene]
Three of us. – With our faces pressed. [Like this]
To the wall… [Team members stood so close to the wall]
[Too crowded] We were doing like this,
close to the wall. We did like this. Three or us, pressing against the wall. [Seated] [So natural]
– Wanting to see this.
– Still playing the game. Scan it. [Powerful] [Too enthusiastic]
Don’t you scan this? [Not knowing]
– Where? – This. [Watching it real time] [Standing alone]
Here, first – My face got pressed.
– Right. [Excuse]
– Jung Kook is looking at.
– I can’t see any. Can’t do this. [Curious]
– Fair play. – They play so cowardly.
– So curious. Jung Kook… [Stammering]
What if someone gets injured behind… [Sorry?]
What if someone gets injured? [Sounds like he wants so]
I hope someone gets injured? [Embarrassed] [Live broadcast]
They just came in. What’s this? [The paper that he picked to decide a team]
It’s BTS. BTS. – Let’s change it to Brain.
– I folded it up. [Team name change?]
– Brain sounds better. – OK, Brain. – Or Bingsman.
– Bingsman. [Team A can’t figure it out well]
Where to shoot? [This way] [Bang]
Moving this way? [Reliable] [V cares Suga]
Hey, take care of this area. [Team A is so calm]
– Where? – Where are targets? Where are other targets? [Just shoot]
I don’t know. Their colors don’t change. [Someone who enjoyed shooting before] [Worried]
They are doing so hard. [Someone who has never
played the room escape game]
I’ve never tried that before. [Team A is so funny]
Taehyung shoots again targets Suga shot. [Curious]
Are they fighting? [Experience?]
– Fighting? – They will do, eventually. [Bang, bang]
Hey, 59 seconds are left. It feels like weeding. [15 seconds left] [Needing to move on]
15 seconds. We need to move on. Here. Next zone. Move on. There you go. [Dark] [Team A carries out the mission calmly
unlike expectation of others] This is it. [Two try to understand the rule]
[Perfectly understood] Find M. [Amazed]
You’re good at this. Very good. [2nd zone]
[They entered the dark room] It’s complete dark. Very dark. [Can’t see] [So dark]
– Here it is. – I can’t see any. [Aggressive V and blind Suga]
Hang on. [Trying to touch in the air]
What’s this? [Relaxed as they finished the mission]
[It looks so funny]
As I see now, it’s funny. Taehyung. [His passion stands out even in darkness]
Taehyung, poor thing. [Touching]
I guess he’s finding his phone. [Team A is much quieter than the previous team]
They’re relatively quiet. [Turning the direction of camera]
[Laughing out loud] He’s turning off the cam. Why is he doing this? [I got it]
He’s doing it for purpose. [So smart]
Right, because of the light. [Opposition]
They’re breaking the rule. [V kept touching the camera]
I can’t see any camera here. [V’s cute violation]
Use this light. [I got one]
M, M. [I finally found M]
– M. – How to scan? [Touching]
Where is it, brother? [Hawaiian couple] [Perfect teamwork
of Team A] – Here. – Here? [Touching]
– Hang on. – Why does it work now?
– We can’t take out V. [I can fee it]
[There must be something] [V & Suga are doing better than others thought]
Here it is. Done? [Thanks to Suga] [Finished scanning M]
– Done. – Done? [Looking carefully]
If they touch the camera again,
they need some penalty. [V turned the camera again] [Upset]
– They’re breaking rules.
– He did it again. [What’s the rule violation?]
Did they break the rule? [Team Kim Seok Jin got upset]
They try to turn the light on. [Spot they broke the rule]
– He’s turning on the light.
– Third time now. – It’s the 3rd. Camera director closed this 3rd time. You need to reduce their score by 30 points. [Complaints from here and there]
You need to give some punishment – Do you admit that? – Please.
– Producer, you need to see this. [Upset] [Firm]
It’s a dark room. They can’t use the light. [Producer decided to cut their points]
The producer allowed. [Team A is trying to find]
– Here. – Tell me. Where? Hurry up. [Told about a wrong one] [What?]
This is V. [Points reduced]
We should not scan V. Don’t I scan V? [Touching the ceiling] Nothing on the ceiling? [Time to move on to the next stage]
Hurry up. [Hurry up]
Taehyung, come here. [Starting the next stage by scanning]
[So hurried] [Scared]
Isn’t it something scary? It’s easy. Mine is the one with a hat [Team A is struggling with
a lot of pictures] [Surprised] [Looking around] [I got it]
Here it is. [Why is it not working?]
It’s not working. This is the one, though. Why are there so many doors? – What’s this? Surprised.
– This is the one. [There are portraits behind the door]
Open it, please. Hey, there are two more. [Acting cute tot he portrait]
Please. Why is it not working? [There’s the one I’m finding]
I can’t find the person. [Team A is struggling in the 3rd zone]
This is the one. I want to take this out. [Nothing is here?]
Hang on. This is the one. [Disappointed]
– There’s no skull.
– Let’s find two people. [They can’t find the skull]
Skull. Skull. There’s no skull. [V who was standing in front of the mirror]
This one… [I got it]
Here it is. [Suga came up to see the skull]
Where is it? This one. – Was it there?
– Yes, this is the one. [V figured out how to use it]
This is how it works. [Eureka! Suga found it now]
This is how it works. [Hurried] [Not much time is left]
– 20 seconds. – We need to move on. [Hurried]
Let’s go. 15 seconds are left. [Passion]
[I can’t give up] [Caster Jimin is broadcasting live] [Timely appearance]
Here they are. They just entered the last room. [The same pose]
They do like us. Aren’t they idiots? They do the same thing. [My type]
– This is hilarious. – Funniest thing. [Me?]
Jung Kook will like this. [Someone who can say this]
I don’t know how many times we did it. He’s the worst one
but he’s blaming others. [He was dumbfounded by his performance]
It was like being out of my mind. [Disappointed]
I should’ve gone alone. [Team A is carrying out the last mission]
[Working hard] [V touched the beam
as soon as he started] [Crawling] Can’t we walk through if we touched the beam? [Team A got off to a rocky start]
– No, starting again. – Do we start it over? [Laughing out loud] [Tell me]
Why? – They don’t know how to do it.
– You need to try this yourself. [Glad that I realized it back then]
I am glad that I found it. Otherwise, we would had never know. [Excited] [Mysterious world]
– What is it? – Curious. [Stomping]
What’s going on? [Look at them]
[Like “Mission Impossible”] [It drives them crazy]
I’m so curious. [Cute]
Yoonki is so cute. [Suga is so proudly failing] [Confused]
They didn’t tell us the password.
Where is it? [May I press it?
Let’s just press. [Come back]
Come back here. I guess we touched the beam.
Come here. [They start it all over]
OK. This is how to press it. [Working hard]
[V is crawling with his necklace in his mouth] [Going through again under
the directions by Suga] Hurry up. Jump. Good. [Camera is slanted after
bumping into V] [V successfully finished] [But the problem is…]
[Suga starts all over again] [Sad]
Come back. No, go. We need to have one more. [This scene is… “Saving Private Ryan?”]
[Working so hard] I touched. – Done?
– Yes, done. [Desperate to pass through]
What should I do with this? Jump. – Jump? – Jump.
– Jump! [Suga finished going through
laser beam] [Confused] [Password?]
0030. [Leaving away] [Come with me] [Will they come out?]
Now… [Team A completed the mission]
Mission, completed! [Exhausted] Scan it. Scan it. [Team A didn’t scan] [Scanning]
You need to tag it. [He he]
– It’s fun. – Fun. – Watching is funnier. [Right]
Watching is better than playing it. – You’re really bad at this.
– Taehyung. [Team A’s score who showed great teamwork?]
We saw you cheated. [BTS Secret Agent
Team A / Scores] [Suga – 228 points
V – 300 points – 50 points=250 points] [Team Kim Seok Jin’s lowest score
– 290 points] [=768 points] [V got the green level with 250 points]
There are some reasons behind it. [Smiling] [Bingsman who tried to get confession]
Taehyung, why did you do that? – Please confess.
– Confess to us. [Not fooled]
If you go into it, I’ll confess. [I won’t tell you]
If you go inside, he will tell us the reason. Because of the act of rule breaking. [Prosecuting his own team member]
He broke the rule. [Expecting]
How much did you reduce? – 50 points.
– 50 points. [He he]
The violation was too serious. [So unfair]
I did my best. [Suga’s score lower than the lowest
one of Team Kim Seok Jin’s]
Mine is lower than their lowest. Suga, as you’re on the same team, [My score?]
we tried to reduce yours.
But after seeing your score, [Sad score] [Pathetic Suga]
[How low is his score?]
We decided not to reduce yours. [Suga will get White level if reduced]
– It’s 178 if his points are cut. – White. [Disappointed] [I did my best]
It’s 178 points if cut. I did my best. [Finally, the last team] [Bingsman]
Next team, get ready please. [So excited]
– Let’s go. – Done? – Isn’t it fun? [Waiting]
It was the beginner’s level. [So confident]
Let’s do the intermediate level now. [Team Bingsman started]
– Let’s go. – Rap Mon and Jung Kook. The best team is going in. [Walking through] [Trying to scan first]
Here. [Hurried]
– Done. – Mine is not working. Press it. Touch your thumb. [Team Bingsman is confused]
– What’s this? – Do we go through? No. We can shoot. [Done]
That’s why they say we will fight. [Everyone gathers up to watch]
Aren’t they fighting? [Now they understand
the live broadcast comments]
They shoot what they shot again… [Competitive Jung Kook]
Jung Kook always wants to win. [Instruction for Jung Kook]
You need to let him win. They can easily go through
this stage if they’re on good terms. [Stage 2 was challenging for Suga]
Between M and V, [Right]
Very confusing. [Dark room mission they cheated]
This one broke the rule there. You can’t scan V. – If you do, your points get reduced.
– Right? [Jimin is excited to see the fight]
They’re doing it. Hitting each other with gun. [Collision] No! I will shoot more than Jung Kook! [Rap Mon is struggling] [Bang bang] 28 seconds! Let’s go. Let’s move. [Gap in speech and behavior]
[Kook is so concentrating with his mouth open] [Now is time to get out]
I see. [Listening] Namjoon is so funny.
He does just like you. [Perfect reproduction]
[Bang bang] Let’s go. Hilarious. But you will do like that. [Serious]
Hope was about to hit me when I was doing this. [Team Bingsman went on to the 2nd zone]
Entering the dark room. [Younger brother first]
Go first, please. Not V but M. – Only M? – Only M.
– M? – M. [Team Bingsman entered the dark room]
– Hey! – Why? What’s this? Why is it going down? [Touching] [Touching]
– How can we find it? – You need to touch the wall. [Sudden apology]
Oh, it’s the camera director. Sorry. [Rap Mon is scanning the camera] [It’s hilarious] To the camera… [Team Bingsman is trying hard to touch]
Touch the wall. [Brother]
If it’s V, don’t scan. – If it’s in the shape of M, scan it.
– In the shape of M? [Jung Kook is so busy telling and finding]
Where are V and M? You can touch it.
I already scanned two. [Confused]
– Did you? – Yes. – Where? [Teamwork that shines in the darkness]
– Here. – I need to touch examples. – Here. – Where? Here?
– Yes. [Teamwork that shines in the darkness]
– This? – Yes. – It’s V. – Not V.
– It’s M. [Trying hard] [Reliable ace]
[Jung Kook is calmly finding M]
Here, it’s M again. – Where?
– Come here. [Bang] [Unintended blow] [Apology]
– Where? – Here. – Sorry. He hit him. [News flash]
Namjoon hit Jung Kook. [I saw it]
– With his elbow.
– Namjoon hit Jung Kook’s face. [Laughing out loud]
He hit Jung Kook’s face with elbow. [Perfect teamwork]
Their teamwork is great. [Perfect team play] [Good chemistry]
I see. Thank you. [Searching thoroughly, even on the floor] [Touching]
Hang on. [Holding tightly] [Found one]
Here it is. I haven’t scanned there. – Here.
– I see. Good. Great teamwork. [Team Bingman is doing better
as times passes by]
– Here. – Where? – Here. Here? I think we’ve scanned there. We’ve done, right? I think we scanned all.
Let’s go. [Rap Mon and Jung Kook play
most smoothly among 3 teams]
I think we’ve done it. Let’s move on. They move on smoothly,
more than we expected. Lady. Lady. We need to expand it. Let’s go through calmly. [Brainwashing]
Calm down. Namjoon, you should not get excited. [Don’t get excited]
Namjoon, don’t get too excited. Namjoon’s chin is protruding. He’s so serious. [Rap Mon’s chin protrudes when he’s serious?]
When he does that, he’s serious. [Attention please!
Dr. Jimin’s diagnosis on Rap Mon]
Let me tell you this. When his chin protrudes,
there are two cases. [Diagnosis 1]
When he wants to achieve something, [Diagnosis 2]
or when he wants to look cool. – Rap Mon is really…
– Scoring high? – High level? [Master Hope’s prophecy]
Rap Monster will struggle in the last room. [Right]
Jung Kook may get angry in the last room. [Dialect] [Like Jung Kook]
Hey, please stop trying anything. [Jung Kook is so working hard here]
If you find a skull, tell me. [Where is it?]
There’s no skull here. [Difficulty high]
[Other teams got confused too]
I can’t find. – This is not the one.
– Skull? – Focus on yours, first.
– Here it is. – Did you find it?
– Yes. But scanning doesn’t work. [Smart Rap Mon does great at the stage 3]
Expand the one and press it like this. [I got it]
I haven’t found the skull. What should I do? I can’t find it. – I got 2.
– Did you? – Yes, 2. [Only 33 seconds are left]
33 seconds. I got 3. [Hurried] [Where is it?]
Hey, 26 seconds. We need to move on. – Brother, we need to go.
– I see. – We need to go.
– Let’s move on. [Team Bingsman arrived at the stage 4] – Go, go.
– Let’s go. – Finally, this is the last room.
– Last room. [Oh?]
It doesn’t matter if only one go through. [So, I’m going now]
I’ll do this./ [Agent Kook is doing it so smoothly] No, we need to scan it together. [Working hard] [Why does it look
so difficult for Rap Mon?] Hey, come in. I will go. Try not to touch the beam. [Out as soon as he finishes saying]
Above! [As we expected]
– He failed. – Namjoon failed. [Not pressing the buzzer]
– The same. – Identical. [Excited] [Not pressing the buzzer]
They don’t press the buzzer. 158 seconds. [Rap Mon just passed the buzzer]
Careful about your head. Legs. Legs. No, no. You touched it. – Did I?
– You did. You go ahead. [Bang] [Found the rest buzzer now]
I had to press it and go over again. [Can we finish this within tonight?]
– Sure. There you go. Pass. Legs. – I see. [Careful] [Holding his breath]
[Finally entered the difficult section] Uggggh! [He failed again] [So hilarious] Rap Mon, failed again? [Crawling] [Rap Mon folding his frame]
Namjoon is crawling? Why is he going like this?
It’s so silly. I can’t get out of this. [Hilarious] Namjoon keeps failing as we expected. [Ardent viewer]
If he fails one more time, I will love him. No, brother… You go first. [You go first]
You need to go first.
That’s the only way to succeed. [Pause]
How can I go through this? [Rap Mon, the avatar of Jung Kook]
Lift your knee. Just crawl. You can pass it
by going over. Cross the line. Hurry up. 84 seconds. [Hey, please don’t cover up the camera] [A piece of cake for Jung Kook] Pass it. Great. [Finally]
They passed it. [Will they come out?]
They finished. [Team Bingsman finally escaped it]
[Oh, I forgot] [Scanning] [Welcome]
Great job. – Did you scan it?
– Scanned it? Namjoon made us laugh out loud. [Today’s MVP Rap Mon]
[Who hard-carried the episode]
Namjoon, you did a great job. I heard you scored the highest. – Really? – No. Jin is the one.
– No? [Team Bingsman checks out scores]
– This is so hilarious. – Really. – What’s your score?
– How much did you get? [BTS Secret Agent]
[Team Bingsman / Scores] [Jung Kook – 288 points, Rap Mon – 320 points]
[Team Kim Seok Jin’s lowest score – 290 points]
[Total=898 points] [Confident]
– So, Team Kim Seok Jin won? – Amazing. [Team Kim Seok Jin got the highest
score even though they struggled]
Kim Seok Jin! – Amazing. – Kim Seok Jin!
– Prize! There’s none. [This scene is not frozen]
But Secret Agent is not over yet – Really?
– Really? – What do you mean? [This is just beginning]
[More exciting and adventurous 2nd test] [Excited]
Really? I love it. [To the 2nd mission, let’s go!]
Shall we go? Let’s go to the 2nd mission! Don’t we jump? 1, 2, 3. [Teleport] Too shiny. [MC]
Run BTS, Secret Agent episode. [What are you doing, Jimin?]
The 2nd game. What are these? [The 2nd test is driving ability test]
It’s the cart rider. – Isn’t it a cart?
– Like Mario cart? [Amazing]
Real carts. [BTS Secret Agent]
[2nd test: Cart] [Test to see driving ability which
is important qualification of a secret agent] [The game is a relay team match.
For teams with 2 members,
the first runner drives for one more round] [According to their ranking,
300, 200, 100 points will be given] I think where to start matters. [Tricks]
What about deciding the starting places
according to the ranks of last game? [No way]
These are separate matches. [Right]
Let’s play rock paper scissors. [Right]
– Let’s play rock paper scissors.
– Representatives, come up. Leader of our team. [Kim Seok Jin from Team Kim Seok Jin]
– Jin. – Kim Seok Jin for our team. Rock paper scissors. [Won] [Lost] [Lost] [One more round without V]
Rock paper scissors. [Won] [Lost]
– 2nd place. – 2nd? [BTS Secret Agent]
[Carts’ placement and order on the track] [1st track Team Bingsman:
Jung Kook – Rap Mon – Jung Kook]
[2nd Track Team A: V – Suga – V [3rd track Team Kim Seok Jin
Jin – J-Hope – Jimin] [First runners go to their carts[
First runner, Kim Seok Jin. [Making a fuss]
Please cheer me up. 1, 2, 3. – Kim. – Seok. – Jin.
– Way to go! Done. Let’s go. [Cheering up]
– Bingman. Patbingsman. – Yay. [Strange, please stop]
– A. – Love you all. [Safety fairy]
– Everyone, move behind a bit.
– Move behind, just a bit. [Are you read?]
– Are you ready? – Be careful. [Waiting at the start line]
[Get ready] [1st Jung Kook (Team Bingsman)
2nd V (Team A) 3rd Jin (Team Kim Seok Jin)] Kim Seok Jin! [Good start] [V is going ahead]
He got off to a good start. [1st V (Team A)
2nd Jin (Team Kim Seok Jin)
3rd Jung Kook (Team Bingsman)] [Jung Kook’s view] [2nd Jung Kook (Team Bingsman)
3rd Jin (Team Kim Seok Jin)]
Great! [Powerful] [Golden youngest member, run]
Jung Kook! [V shows a stable posture]
Taehyung is racing well. Great course. [Fast] [Humming while enjoying the speed] [So hurried] [I’ll go on my way]
[Racing while out of the track] Jin is out of the track. [Don’t get out of the track for safety reasons]
Stay in the track. [Best racer V] [Cool]
Taehyung is running so fast. [Way to go]
Jeon Jung Kook! [You’re doing great
Let’s finis the line first] [Current ranking]
[1st V 2nd Jung Kook 3rd Jin]
Jeon Jung Kook! [V runs ahead of others]
V is leading them. [Without hesitation]
He’s cornering well in the in-course. [Surprised]
Taehyung is the best driver. Kim Taehyung, you’re great! [I’m a great driver]
Last round. [The first runner drives again]
Jung Kook, way to go! [Shouting way to go!] – Jin, will you turn the tables?
– Jung Kook, no! [Jin came from behind]
[2nd Jin (Team Kim Seok Jin)
3rd Jung Kook (Team Bingsman)] – Cool.
– No! [Shouting effect] [I’m great at driving]
Jin turned it around. [Replacing the racer with the 2nd one]
[Hurry up] [Suga in a rush] [1st Suga (Team A)]
[Replacing racers quickly] [I’ll go ahead]
Let’s go! [2nd J-Hope (Team Kim Seok Jin)
3rd Rap Mon (Team Bingsman)]
[So serious] [My turn] [Rap Mon is starting now] [Left alone]
[Left behind] [So relaxed] Hope, you better hurry! [Dancing] [Rap Mon, welcome!]
Wow! [Rap Mon’s view]
Too scary. [Suga keep driving well
not losing the lead] [Great]
Wow! Yoonki is so cool! [Suga seems so proud] [Wait for me! I’m coming] [Welcome] [Welcome, too]
Wow! Hoseok, you’re so cool! [I’m the speed mania]
Hope, hurry up! Rap Mon, hurry up. He says it’s scary. [So scared]
[I think this is fast enough] [Team A is still leading]
Yoonki, you’re so cool! [Wow! Excited] [Applause]
[Suga, please keep doing that] [So interesting]
[J-Hope is closely following Suga] [Vroom] [1st J-Hope (Team Kim Seok Jin)
2nd Suga (Team A)]
[Let me show my driving skills] [J-Hope entered inside
and caught up with Suga] [Let’s run!] [So excited]
J-Hope! [Please get out of my way, sorry]
J-Hope! [Drifting] [Desperate]
[I can’t believe it!] [The last runner’s turn]
[The last chance to turn around] [1st Jimin (Team Kim Seok Jin)
2nd V (Team A)] [Quickly seated] [Jimin starts first] [I will take over the lead] [Shout out my name Park Jimin!]
Park Jimin! [V is catching up so fast]
Jung Kook, you can do it! [Wait for me, I’m coming to you!]
Here we go! [V moves close to the corner]
There you go. [V is following Jimin so closely]
Go get him! [Making a fuss] – Run!
– Jimin, way to go! [I’m speeding up]
Here we go! [Safety first]
Jung Kook, it’s OK. You can go slowly. [Run] [Great]
[Art of doppelganger?] Jimin! [I’m coming first] [2nd place]
Let’s run! Coming in! [Thumb up] [Our Mang-gae rice cake is running] [Jumping] [J-Hope and Jin cheering for]
[A wide gap] [Jung Kook is coming belatedly] [Cute]
Kim Seok Jin. [It’s OK]
Jung Kook, enjoy it. Enjoy. [Disappointed] [1st place!]
Kim Seok Jin! [It’s the good weather to run]
[As the conclusion is decided,
just run, Jimin] [Jimin finishes first
with cheering shouts from J-Hope and Jin] [Enjoying the victory] [Dangerous]
Don’t take off you hands. [V finishes second] [Smiling] [I won I won]
Great job. [I’m Mang-gae Jimin] [Jung Kook finishes the race] [Dear youngest member, you did a great job]
Jung Kook, you’re the best. [3rd]
[Jung Kook is coming] [Applause] [2nd test cart relay race is over] [BTS Secret Agent]
[Cart racing resul] [1st – Team Kim Seok Jin: 300]
[2nd – Team A: 200
3rd – Team Bingsman: 100] [Conclusion]
Today’s winner is Team Kim Seok Jin! The runner up is Team A. [Surprised] [What was the team name?]
The 3rd… What’s that? [Helping]
– Bingsman. – Team Bingsman. [What’s the final result for today?]
– Final result. – What’s the final result? Please announce. [Even though we finished 3rd]
I guess our ranking is higher. [BTS Secret Agent]
[Final result] [1st Team Kim Seok Jin – 970 + 300=1270
2nd Team Bingsman – 898 + 100=998] [3rd Team A – 768+200=968]
[50 points was cut due to rule breaking] [Denying]
I’ve never done anything wrong. Once again, emphasizing the sportsmanship, [Because of violation]
– It’ teaching a lesson. – 30 points gap. [Surprised] [Team A would be ranked 2d]
If their points were not reduced… [May we go and talk?]
– They would have won. – Sure. – Right. [Why did you do that?]
If Taehyung hadn’t done anything wrong. – We did our best.
– Hold hands each other. [Let’s hold our hands] [Holding tightly] [Expecting]
Any prize for the winner? [Curious] [What’s the prize for winning team?]
There’s one. What’s that? It’s in the size of a remote-controlled car. [So sure]
It’s a RC car. [Jealous]
That’s a RC car. 100%. – RC car.
– Really? [Shaking]
I’m so sure. Let’s open the box here. [Will it be the RC car as Rap Mon forecasted?]
[Envious] It would be fun. [Correct] It’s a RC car. [Awesome]
It’s Bugatti. [I love it]
– It’s a RC car! – Bugatti! [Hands are moving faster at the news]
It’s Bugatti! [Hurry up] [Awesome] [I got a new car]
Bugatti. Bugatti. Hang on. [It’s mine, I call it]
Let’s give it to one person. [That sounds fun]
– Right, do that. – Give it to one person. [I want to have Bugatti]
[Producer, can we do this?]
Ride the carts to decide it. [Sure! Do whatever you want, Jimin] [BTS Secret Agent]
[Extra cart racing to get the RC car prize] [The one finishes first after
racing three rounds will win] [Team Kim Seok Jin members
are waiting to decide who will get Bugatti] [1st Jin 2nd J-Hope 3rd Jimin]
[Ready] [I want to have it] [Bugatti is mine] [I will win]
[Bugatti, wait for me] [Let’s go] [Beginning of the race to get Bugatti] [1st J-Hope
2nd Jimin 3rd Jin] [1st Jimin 2nd J-Hope 3rd Jin]
[Jimin came from behind to take the lead]
Jimin [1st Jimin 2nd Jin 3rd J-Hope]
[Fierce competition to get the 1st place] [1st Jimin 2nd J-Hope 3rd Jin]
[This is fun, even though it’s the 2nd time] [The 1st turning point] [I’m winning] [Twin? J & J-Hope are coming together]
[Hurried] Why is it so slow? [It looks fun]
The car is slow. [With a small gap]
[Team Kim Seok Jin members
are moving the track at similar paces] Hope! Hope! [You can’t catch up with me]
Hope is catching up with Jimin. [Running so fast] [Neck-and-neck] [J-Hope caught up with him
and is now cornering]
J-Hope is overtaking him! [1st J-Hope 2nd Jimin 3rd Jin]
[I can’t let you go ahead]
[A previous ally is now an enemy] J-Hope, let’s go! [So concentrating] [What’s happening?] [Two got crashed together] [1st Jimin 2nd J-Hope 3rd Jin]
[Squeak] [Surprised]
[J-Hope stopped] [1st Jimin 2nd Jin 3rd J-Hope]
[RC car is an amazing thing, everyone] [Innocent]
[May I run again?] [1st Jimin 2nd Jin 3rd J-Hope]
Jin finishes 2nd against everyone’s expectation! [Disappointed] [Disappointed]
It was so close. [Individual match for the RC car is over] Bummer. [Jimin got the RC car]
Best driver Park Jimin, how do you eel? – This…
– You ensured the victory at the last round. [So proud]
I think other members need to practice driving. Everyone, be careful when driving. You can’t do this like us.
Thank you. Shall we shout out “Safe”
and “Driving” together to wrap this up? – Safe!
– Driving! [It sounds like a campaign and nice]
– Eco. – Drive. [We ran and ran] [Run BTS!]
[Please look forward to the next episode]

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