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engsub/vietsub run bts ep 85

engsub/vietsub run bts ep 85

[EP. 84 Summer Outing 3] [Last episode] [Falling into the waters again and again
with excitement] [BTS Forever]
– BTS. – Forever. [Flying into the skies happily]
I am so happy! [The rest being happy] [Fun slapstick during the game] [Passion for victory]
– Let’s go! Oops, oh. – Let’s go! [Into the waters again]
Fighting! [The game making BTS shake and tumble] [It is coming up now] We may change the title to “Defeating
Jung Kook”. [Out of the blue]
What? No. [Defeat Jung Kook]
Jung Kook departs there. We stop him. No, it would be harsh. [Bonus game: Defeat Jung Kook] [1 vs. 5 – Bringing a ball on the set on the water
back to the start line] [Jung Kook vs. RM, Jin, SUGA, Jimin, V] [Jung Kook departs 10 seconds later] [Jung Kook Way] – Jung Kook goes there.
– You go to the right. – The rest goes to the left.
– It won’t work. [What if Jung Kook won?]
If he wins the game… We will happily treat him as an elder one
today. [Wow]
– Oh! – Really? [Sir are you okay?]
Sir, are you okay? [Already losing?] – He is respecting me even
now. – Not yet. – It is already on. [Don’t]
– We have not started yet. – Really? – Sir!
– I feel awful. [Could they defeat Jung Kook?] [Jung Kook departing 10 seconds later]
– If we lose this game, it is a shame. – Let’s go. – He departs even 10 seconds later.
– Okay. Jimin, hurry up. [Passionate] – Be careful and…
– Ready, go! – How can I win? [Rushing] [Hastily] – Let’s go.
– One two one two. [Consolidated]
One two one two. [It is going well]
– One two one two. – We gotta go. [Not slipping over]
One two. [Slowly]
– One two. – What is that? [A while ago]
What is that? [Should I give them some slack?]
3, 2, 1! Go! [Nope]
[The best player hitting the road] [Rushed]
We should make it fast. [Jung Kook] [Following you]
One two one two. [Surpassing] – One two one two.
[Shocked] – What is that? [I am faster]
Hey, what is that? [I bow to you] Where is the ball? No idea. [Before departure]
– If we lose it…
– Hey, RM. [Bye]
It is about our pride. [Going back to the position when Jung Kook
asked where the ball is]
Jin, come down. [Yes] [Thud] [Oh! So funny] [Taking the ball]
Let’s go! Go! [Changing the direction]
Go! – What? What is that?
– Hey! [I go my way]
– What? What is that? – Hey! [My precious]
– He is going that way. – There is no path. Stop him there. [We should go there!]
Let’s get it. Let’s go. [Coming]
[Again] [A while ago] [Tumbling]
[RM’s viewpoint] [RM moving with V]
There is no ball here. [Come here]
[Oh] [Falling into the waters]
[What?] [Oh]
I will help you. Come on. [Helping him]
Put your leg up here. 1, 2, 3. [Jung Kook running far]
Go over there, what are you doing? [Oh]
– Stop him there. – Stop him. [Hurried]
Hey, come on! Hey! [SUGA] [Hurried]
Come on! Hey! Hey! [Becoming part of the floor] Hey, make some way. [Difficult! Find the key point of this
scene] – Fighting! – Turn around. Okay, okay. [Hastily] [Ordering]
Jimin, jump in here. [Not listening]
Jimin, jump in here. [Listening] [Short of breath]
[Struggling] Help me. [Please]
V! [Help me] [Rescuing him] [Getting out of there]
Into the waters. [Embarrassed]
Over there. Make that way. [Running away by the boat?]
Hey, he’s coming to get on the boat. [Competing]
– This way. – Make some way. – What is that? What is he doing?
Hey! [Fishing a man]
1, 2, 3. [Splashing]
Okay, okay. [On his way to Jung Kook]
There is no path there. [Making a detour]
[I got you] [I am here] Hey! [SOS!]
Help me. [Nope] [Jin taking the boat] [On the ground] [Floating again]
What should I do? [Throwing it and coming into the waters] [Jung Kook, wait!] [What?]
What is he doing? [I am alive] [I just want some rest] We can’t finish it. [Meanwhile]
Hey, pass it. [A third-party perspective] Time over! This round is invalid. [Poor] [Embarrassed]
I saved V twice. [Too passionate] He is doing good. You are doing good. [In some sense he is poor but he looks
good] I have not fallen into the waters. [Wow]
You look cool. You look like a fool but you are cool. [Really?]
He is proud of himself. [Swan Lake] [Yes]
The return of the king. [Expression five stars] [Come here]
How can I come back? [Brave] [Floundering] – Hey, you should have made that way.
– Are you being on a commercial? [Safety vest! Jimin ensures your safety] Time was up so it is not valid but – the winner is the one with the ball…
– We all are the winners. [Congratulations] [Wow]
[Claps for you] [Dumbfounded]
We are the champion. Okay, who was holding the ball to the last
minute? I think we all take credits. [Right]
We all are the winners. [Boom boom boom]
We deserve it. We all are the winners. Jimin was on the Adventures of Robinson Crusoe. [Ha ha]
V asked for help. RM did nothing.
SUGA has not fallen into the waters. Jin did something but no one knows
what he did. Jung Kook!
We all are the winners. [Boom boom boom]
No, there is one more. The one is resting due to motion sickness. I think j-hope is another winner. [JK/ The competent being respected] [Popping]
[Pewww] [Du du du du du
du du du du du] Jung Kook, do you agree? [COOL]
Okay, so… – You are generous.
– The winner is [Everyone is equal]
all of you. – Justice wins.
– You may feel exhausted. Let’s take a boat. [Wow]
Let’s wrap up. [Only those who want it]
If you feel dizzy, – you can skip it.
– I am in. [SUGA not on the boat concerned of sickness]
We will enjoy it. [Welcome to this thrilling boat] [Hold your grab]
Don’t let it go. [Let’s go then]
[Wow] [Cool]
It is so cool, right? – What a soft and mild ride.
– Until now. [The five feeling okay until now]
It is a soft ride. [Wow]
[Turning] [It is so furious] [Wow wow] [Not bad’ [How is it? Good]
Wow, it is cool. Then, we are going deep into the water.
No? [Thrilled] [Wait, let’s wash the boat] [Clean] [The camera angle being lowered] [It is on] [Jung Kook’s cam] [So excited] [Giving a V shape to their parents waiting
for them to be back from the ride] [So excited] [Hello] [Here is BTS] [Saying hi] [Stop it…okay…] [Wow] [Despite being late, we say hello] [to our viewers]
[Giving you coolness] [Rushing at a rapid pace] [Showering] [My eyes] – Wow, it is so fun.
– I love it. [One more!] [We can go anywhere with BTS and a boat] Let’s go! [To see the Dragon King]
– Let’s go! – Go! [If you want…]
[Finale] [Done with such excitement] [Rushing out of the boat]
Thank you. [Thank you for such fun]
– Thank you. – Thank you. [Focusing on the camera] [1, 2, 3, lunch!]
We are going to have some food. 1, 2, 3. Done? Let’s go get some food. [The sun has set down] [After playing in the water] [we need some meat!] [Shrimps]
[We have all kinds of meat] [Being grilled] [Come over] It must have been a hard day. – Right.
– You may be hungry. [Sure]
I am! [The stomach feels it]
– I know it by my stomach. – Right. – What time is it? – We should mention
j-hope. Right. We only have six. [j-hope sleeping]
He is struggling with sickness. [j-hope being recharged]
– He is sleeping. – Yes. This reminds me of Hawaii.
Carrying him on my back. [j-hope] – Not getting along with the water.
– Right. – He may come back if he is hungry. He may sleep long. I can’t suggest going fishing. [Then]
Okay, let’s not tell him that. – Jung Kook.
– If he is hungry, he will be back. [Nope] – I… – Okay.
– If he is hungry, he will be back. – Okay, let’s eat.
– Wow, now! Meat, vegetables, ramen, and water. You can eat however you want. – Let’s get it.
– Let’s go! – Get it! – Go!
– Get us a lot. – I am hungry.
– Let’s talk. – Get us a lot. [Taking him]
Get us a lot. Please. [Grilling meat]
He is grilling it slightly. Get me some nice food. [You got it?] – I want some mushrooms.
– Let me cook ramen. – Let’s get it. [I can eat a lot] Kimchi and garlic.
Can I eat them? [He loves perilla leaves but takes some
lettuces] I love perilla leaves but for you, I am
getting some lettuces. [I guess]
They are not getting me mushrooms. [BTS’s cook for ramen]
Will I cook ramen? [Good]
You can use this one. [Coming slowly]
Thank you. Can we eat right away? – Yes, right.
– It is an honor. I will enjoy it. Let me carry them to the table.
Wow! [Hastily] [Coming back to the table] [Running] [Ramen and water] [Wait]
We can have two packs, right? [Roughly]
I am accurate. – Let me enjoy.
– Thank you. – We need some plates. [Wow] – Wow? Wow!
– How is it? [So good] [Yummy]
– Okay. – This one for you. I give this to Jung Kook. What is he doing? [Ramen cook]
I think I am so accurate. Jung Kook, Jung Kook, Jung Kook. [Stop it and…]
– I poured 900 ml accurately.
– Open your mouth. [Wow!]
[Oh, my] I have ramen here. – What?
– We have ramen here. – How many? [Not enough]
Three. – Nope. [Returning with ramen] [Excited]
How to cook ramen! [Only meat]
Meat is everywhere even in the middle. – Sorry. – I can only cook two packs
at once because it is too small. [Feeling sad about it]
I am sorry. [Sprinkling]
– You should put soup powder first.
– Right. – So yummy.
– Water goes first, though. Genius! [Making himself into a ramen genius]
So good at making noodles. This meat tastes so good. [Refilling] – I will get more.
– Done. Get me the pot. [Dimly] – Was it fun?
– I loved the Dream team game. [The boat riding was awesome]
You did not take it but the ride was so good. [Right] – It was so good.
– It was. [Really?] – Was it?
– The last one? [Wow] It was awesome. – Thanks to this show…
– We have experienced a lot of things. – I have wanted to try it.
– I have not tried it. [It was fun to play water sports]
– Well… – Me, too. [Me, too] – I have not been to such a place.
– It is my first time playing in the lake. [Thinking] – Let me think…have I?
– Our first experiences with this show. [His pick]
I love this place more than a water park. [It was fun!]
– Me, too. – Right. Look at the steam. [Wishing]
Please make it boil. – Jimin, do you want some shrimps?
– Yes. – Then, why don’t we add some to the ramen?
– Nope. [Well]
I love the original version. Green onions and eggs for ramen! The last trip was to Gapyeong, right? [It’s been a while]
Right. We went here last year. And… – I know! – Kim Tahyung, aren’t you the one who always host a gathering? [Did I?] – Why aren’t there any this year?
– Yeah, whenever we get together… [Push ahead] – Yeah, V why don’t you plan any
gatherings? – What’s going on with
our happiness preacher? – Shouldn’t you come up with some good ideas?
– Happiness preacher. [Yummy] – Is it shabu-shabu?
– How about going fishing? [Loves the idea] – Great idea.
[Hates the idea] – I hate fishing. – It’s a bad idea.
– Fishing? Is fishing that fun? Fishing is fun. I’ll only go if we go to catch spearfish. Let’s go and play soccer. [Sniffs] – I’m really bad at soccer.
– FYI, I like basketball. SUGA loves basketball. [SUGA’s official question]
Why aren’t you asking, “Hey, are you any good”? [Fact bomb]
Because I know you’re not that good. [It was a harsh fact bomb]
[Argh!] [So sad]
– It hit hard. – I bet it hurt. – It hurt.
– It was a fact bomb. Do we have any scissors?
Someone give me the scissors please. – Here.
– Here you go. [Oh…] [He plays along]
Rock is the only thing that can win scissors. [j-hope is here]
j-hope is here! A big catch! [This is the perfect place for soju]
– I want some soju. – A glass of soju! [Just one!] – Do you have anything?
– Do we have any alcohol? – Just one glass! Right now! [Complaining]
Our water isn’t boiling. No, this is all about patience guys. We can
eat the ramen and keep adding more noodles. – Got it?
– OK. [Using the plate with the perilla leaves]
Did someone put butter in the rice? It tastes oily. [You’re all probably craving ramen now] [If you’ve seen this scene, you’re probably
running to cook some ramen] [The water isn’t boiling yet]
I don’t thin the water is touching the pot. [Gives up]
Can you give me a bite please? – Try it.
– Just one bite? [Emphasizing] – Jimin, you shouldn’t…
– I gave you more than him, see? Don’t do that.
It’s OK. I gave up flour. – Huh?
– I gave up flour. -Really? [Full]
I’m not that hungry right now. [So much]
– Just one bite! – So generous. – This is how much I care about you.
– Is this how generous people are in Gapyeong? j-hope is coming in 5 minutes. We’re all done now. We’re going to go. [Kidding]
Once j-hope gets here, [The one that’s waiting for him the most] [Rain]
– let’s go. – Let’s all go. – It’s raining because j-hope is here.
– It’s raining quite a lot. OK, j-hope is coming. The god of rain, wind, storm, seasickness,
j-hope. [Coke lover] (V) I heard that V can drink 2 bottles of soju
but I can’t believe it. I can drink 2 bottles of soju. But not the regular soju.
The fruit flavored soju. Jimin, can you see if it’s true one day? [OK, got it] – All right.
– I can drink more than 2 bottles of fruit soju… [Wait…] – Should we all go drinking one day?
– You can see if it’s really true yourself. [Upset] – If we all drink…
– You didn’t even reply to my message. I didn’t? [Insensitive] – I didn’t reply?
[Nope] – You didn’t. [The beginning of the incident] – I replied, didn’t I?
– I asked in the chat room what you were up to. And he said “kkk” and he replied. [Has something to say] – Hey 2 weeks ago…
– Hoseok said “kkk”. Who was the person that got you the doll
you mentioned you wanted to get? [YOU]
– You. – Me, right? [Problem solved] – You…
– You didn’t reply? That was not nice. [Relaxed smile]
What does that have to do with the reply? [Come on]
Don’t say that to RM! – Yeah, don’t.
– I think SUGA is the funniest. [Game] When I got over 1000 trophies, [He’s the only person that heard this] – Hoseok
and Jung Kook were the only person that
replied back. [Feels awkward]
Yeah, don’t say that to him. Who congratulated me for getting 10000 trophies? – You all said that you would if I got over
10000 trophies. – Did you tell us? – Yes! [Eyes wide] – You got over 10000? – Of course!
– You didn’t tell us. – You had 9800 yesterday. [Did you just hear about this? He sent a picture
in the group chat room] I posted it on our
chat room. [Angry rebuttal] Why did you only send a
picture? You should have told us. [Huh? This isn’t what I expected]
You should have at least wrote something. – You only sent a picture.
– j-hope is here. [Nice timing]
– j-hope. – j-hope. [Did you call for me?]
I’m back. [Doesn’t get along with water]
I must not be a good match with water. I can tell why you wanted to go to
the mountains. [Well rested]
– Are you all right? – Yeah, sure. Let’s all make a toast since j-hope came. [To j-hope] – You must have drank a ton of water earlier.
Are you all right? – Yes I am. [Funny to think about it again] [7 members, 100 points]
– Hey, j-hope. – We’re all finally here. [No, 10000 points] – SUGA finally got over
10000 points. – Over 10000 points? [Joins the conversation as soon as he
sits] – Trophy! Trophy! – I told j-hope. – What did he say?
– He said, “wow”. – The end. “Wow” was it. [Yeah] – It’s nice here.
– Isn’t it? I missed j-hope so much.
It was meaningless without j-hope here. [Telling him what he missed out]
– Really? – Yeah. – I made a wish. And I said, “BTS forever”. – You said, “BTS forever”?
– After you went, [Sad he didn’t get to go on the boat]
we went on the main boat and it was awesome. – Main boat?
– Main boat. [So many stories to tell, it’s like it’s been years]
I bet you would have liked it. [Fan of dream team]
Dream team was fun too. To be honest, that was really fun. – Dream team is fun.
– Was it that fun? [Of course] SUGA was sitting down the
whole time. [Can’t believe this] – What are you talking about?
I was running around the whole time. – SUGA
did run. – Really? – I can’t believe you thought
the dream team was fun. [A bite of the sweet potato]
– I’m jealous. – He finished it in one bite. [Me too] Why won’t you give me any? [Fake]
– What’s that? – I’m more curious about this. [Arguing]
– All right all right. – You’re really good at peeling. [Gets a bite]
[Whoa] Jimin, is it good? [Where are you going?] [Bam]
Bottle cap challenge! [Come on]
Try that again. [Jung Kook go over there]
Jung Kook, you go do it. [First player, Jimin]
I’m going to go first. [Yap]
[High hopes] [His kick is strong] [Is it raining?]
[Running away] [Clapping]
Apologize to the camera director. [Camera director]
– Camera director. – Jung Kook. – Apologize. [Thank you]
– 2nd player. – Apologize to the camera director. – Jung Kook. – Apologize.
Get on your knees and apologize. [2nd player is Jung Kook] – 2nd player.
– 2nd player Jung Kook. [Checks the taping] – My turn? – Jimin, since
you failed, you hold it. [What’s this?] – What?
– Let me see. – We’re going to post this for sure. – Jimin, you hold it.
– OK. – Will I be able to do it?
– Of course. [I’m JK] You’re going to hold it up this high? [All clap at him getting warmed up]
Practice trial? [This is nothing]
– Different angle. – So cool. [Looking forward to it 2] [Wow!] [Perfection] [Replay] [Jung Kook can do the impossible] [All so satisfied]
Wow. – He did it!
– So cool. [All gathered around to see the recording]
[Wow] [3rd player V] – 3rd player, Kim Taehyung.
– We can post this one first and then mine. [Practices]
OK! [A bit awkward]
– That looked really unfamiliar. – 3. [We’re looking forward to your kick, my friend]
– 2, 1. – A kick. [What was that] [I can’t watch] [It’s funny even the 2nd time] [V is definitely the happiness preacher]
Post it later. [After their happy dinner is over]
I’m happy everyone. – As long as you’re happy.
– I got tears in my eyes. The last section for this outing is the Manito game. [They all chose names and got presents under
30000 won a few days ago. – Manito! – Manito! You’ll all cry when you see my gift.
You’ll be touched. I prepared something amazing. – For your manito? – Yep, something amazing.
– The person that gets my present, will definitely cry when they see my gift. [World wide handsome]
Did you bring a peeled onion? [SUGA is such a genius]
Is it something like tear gas? [No one believes him]
Or self defense gas? – 30000 won’s worth of self defense gas.
– What if it’s something like that? Suddenly my gift seems too small. [The size doesn’t matter]
There’s no such thing as too small or too big. [What’s important is how they feel about
each other] – It’s the thought. – Everything is
about the thought. [Confident] – You’re always so sincere.
– We’ve tried this before. [Refer to episode 34, have tried the Manito game]
– Yeah. – When have we done this? – I got you something really useful.
– Puffed rice! – Oh yeah.
– You didn’t even try it, did you? [It’s rotting in our dorm~] – It was rotting.
– I tried it. [The problematic acrylic stand]
– Acrylic stand. – The acrylic stand. [SUGA brought his acrylic stand the last time]
That was just mean. Why? What about the acrylic stand? – I was going to sell it online.
– You can’t get it anywhere else. [He almost sold it online] [Doubting him]
Did you bring something like that today too? Nope. It’s definitely not that. – We’ll go ahead and start.
– How can we start? I’ll call your names one by one. Then please come up and get your gift and give it to your manito. What if I forgot my manito? [For real]
He forgot who his manito was. – How is that possible?
– Did we already decide on who gets who? [Come on] – We chose the names.
– Yes we did. [Doesn’t know 1] – Who did I get?
[Doesn’t know 2] – Who did I get? – If you don’t remember, go and check.
– They really forgot! [Goes to check] – I really can’t remember.
– Go and check if you can’t remember. [Can’t understand them] – I thought for sure
that… – How can you not remember? – We thought about my manito…
– I got something that my manito would like. [They all prepared something special for their
manito] Yeah, I got my gift just for my manito. [A lot more confident after they checked]
– OK, OK. – Hold on I… – What?
– I heard something not that great out there. [Shakes his head]
– What? – It’s nothing. [Serious]
I think Jin will really like this. [Manito]
Did you get Jin? [SUGA”s silence] [Face is red]
He’s drunk! It just popped out without him meaning to. [They all heard it]
– Jin heard it. – Over there. I’ll go first. Because Jin heard about
me getting him. [SUGA’s gift]
I can’t wait to see what it is. SUGA”s gift. Please let it be something that’s
not about our album. [What did SUGA get him?]
I prepared this myself and I know that – he’s going to love this. – I can’t wait to
see what it is. – Huh? It’s big! [Already proud]
I’m sure you’ll like it. I got this because they’re all things he loves. [Confident] – You forgot who it was.
– I knew it back then. – I knew it back then but not now.
– He knew it back then! [That’s not what’s important right now]
First of all, it’s big. [No way] – A big acrylic stand?
– No. [So curious because of the size]
– What is it? – Is it a calendar? Big is good. SUGA goods! [BTS goods, 5 set]
4 combo. 3 combo. [Can’t believe this]
This is crazy! [Looks satisfied] [Stares down…]
SUGA goods! [Recommends putting it next to his computer]
I heard that you keep those things next
to your computer. [Rare] – It’s not easy to get.
– It’s almost impossible. I had SUGA’s acrylic stand, that SUGA’s… that…
(Can’t even get the words out) – in my bag when he couldn’t go on stage
at the end of the year. – You carried it around. [Huge fan] – Yeah. – You can keep that
next to your computer. – Every time you play a game. – You can look
at SUGA’s face every time you play games. How do you feel about your gift? [You’re saved by the fishing trip] [Whew]
I’ll let it go since he’s going fishing with me. [Jin’s manito time]
– Who is next? – Jin’s manito. [Excited and curious]
– My manito. – Who got mine? I’m curious. – Look at my eyes.
– Huh? – Is it you?
– What do you think? – My gift is amazing. – V, look into my eyes.
– I got something amazing. [Makes a big fuss and then calls Jimin]
– Jimin. – Me? [… He was kidding]
RM! [Pretty thick] – What is it?
[Come on] – Wait, I was really happy for a second. [Open it]
– What do you think it is?- I haven’t… – What?
– What? [Asks for a refund]
– I want a refund. – Why? [Is it…]
– It’s amazing… – Jin goods? – You’re the same is SUGA.
– OK. I put a lot of work into it. [Pretty much the same]
Let me say this. You’re pretty much the same – but just a little bit better.
– It’s meaningful. – What is it? [Opens it] RJ! [We knew it]
– It’s so… – We did not see this coming. – They’re different sizes too.
– Do you know my cellphone model? – What’s tin the back?
– I put a lot of thought into that. [It’s not just that?]
– RM, hear me out. – It’s so cute. – You have to open it.
– I have to open it? [So much thought went into it?]
I put so much thought into it. – Are you trying to get rid of extra ones?
– Come on, no way. Is this the KORE thing you got that time? [Proud]
RM, I put so much thought into that. It’s the one that he made. [Agrees]
– OK! I agree. It’s meaningful. – Jin. I will not let this go unused. Use it at our concert! – Us it for “LOVE”.
– A handmade key ring. [Handmade KORE key ring]
[Loves it] KORE!
I don’t think Jin’s present should go unused… [Meaningful] – This is really meaningful]
Yeah, I told you so. [Agrees] – I agree. – OK.
– Wait. Is this coincidental? My name is RM and it says R here. – Did you take that into account?
– Of course I did. [Big picture] Because you’re RM,
I got RJ! [He had his doubts but the gift turned out to be
amazing] – So I got an R! – It’s so moving. RM, please add the KORE next to it. [Phone case +necklace + KORE]
OK, OK. – I have to admit it, it’s really cute. RJ.
– Yeah, I told you. [Proud]
I’m not like the other guys. [Adds the KORE]
Who will give me my present? 3 Jin! [V’s manito]
Next up is V’s manito. Will we get something cooler as we go by? We’re still on the concept of goods. [What did V get?] What did V get…
Wait, he’s coming towards me. [Looking forward to it]
– It looks like goods? – Is it me? – Goods, again?
– Me? Is it really me? [I picked it up on the street way here] [It’s mine]
– Don’t do that! – Wow. [Don’t do that, I got really excited]
I got really excited just now. – Jimin, so this is how it feels.
– I’m just going to… [What’s this?]
– Don’t do that. – Jung Kook… – Goods. – They’re goods again.
– No they’re not. – They can’t be.
– that’s something that only you would do. [They can’t be goods] – No, V wouldn’t
do that. – That’s right. [Opening it]
He really prepared for this. I think that they’re vintage clothes.
Or vintage accessories. [Fan goods]
Did we all get the same things? [Do you like it?] – Come on.
– There are series of them. [Fans in every series]
You can’t get these any where. [4 BTS D/C V fans] You can carry them
around when you were hanbok. [So much love for himself]
– Wow. – Wow. Let’s not do the manito game anymore. [He loves the manito game] No, I have the
next gift lined up already. [So cool]
– Nice and cool. – Do you like them? [Haha] Come on, out of all of the gifts, [TOP is KORE]
– until now, KORE is the best. – Yes. RM, you agree that my gift is the best, right? [KORE mania] – SUGA’s hard work..
– I think the KORE gift is number 1. I asked for fans with big pictures on them
on purpose. So 3 members…
I can’t believe it was 3 of us! [Next is RM’s manito]
– Who is next? – RM. I have something to say. [A long explanation]
I thought about this particular member [So long]
and got something really really cute. [Can it be] – Really really cute RM goods?
– No. It was being sent from overseas
and they called me and told that they couldn’t get it so
I should change my order. [So he had to get something else]
I got a call. So I didn’t have any other choice but
to get something else. [So he’s apologizing] – So that’s why you got
RM goods? – I want to say that I’m sorry but seeing all the gifts so far, [Conclusion: His is better than the goods]
– I don’t think I have to be sorry. – OK. [Walks fast]
RM, my KORE is nice! [Looks relieved]
RM looks confident. [Looking forward to it]
Who is it? Who is it? [RM, SUGA]
I was looking forward to it again! [Him too]
You get all worked up and nervous. [Shakes] Everyone comes this way
because it’s the center! This was the only member I knew
the size of. What is it? underwear? [Huh?!]
It’s the same one that I’m wearing right now. [1+1]
OK, one more! – I got the perfect size, didn’t I?
– Wow! [Got the right size]
I got the right size, didn’t I? The same size as mine. [Satisified]
Underwear is always a good option. I had to get it in a rush and I’m a little
sad about that but… [Amazed]
How could you get the same one I have on now? [Pretty good]
My gift was all right. – Next.
– My gift hasn’t been shown yet? – Next.
– Look into my eyes. [Listens well]
– I think that the gifts are getting better. – Me? [Is it Jimin?]
– Next up is… – Jimin, look into my eyes. [Jimin’s manito]
– Jimin. – Jimin! – Jimin, look into my eyes. [Can’t move on]
– Jimin. – Jimin, look into my eyes. – I already got mine.
– Who here has gotten gifts? [Got gifts]
Me, Jung Kook and Jin. [I have a feeling it’s V] – Jung Kook,
trade with me. – I have a feeling it’s V. [Hesitant]
– KORE is so meaningful. – Is it me? – KORE is meaningful.
– I put a lot of thought into mine. [Walking back and forth] It was so hard
because we had a limit of 30000 won. – Is it me?
– What’s up with all the walking around? [Jimin, V]
You got everyone excited. – Shake it.
– Isn’t it nice? – Fun. [Huh?!] We had to spend less than 30000 won [Jimin put a lot of thought into it]
so I really thought hard. [Checks and is touched]
– What is it? – What is it? [Wow?!] – V brought fans…
– Is this why you asked me? [Yes]
– V brought fans. – What, what? – V brought fans.
– V brought fans. [“Winter Bear” has now been released] – What
did Jimin get him? – I haven’t played the whole
song yet but I’m going to release a song I wrote soon. – Yes, we know.
– And there’s a bear… – The title is “Winter Bear”.
– It’s that big? [Bewildered]
I got it because I thought it was tiny. [2 bears] – So there are 2.
– For “Winter Bear”. Huh? There are glasses. [The mug cup got here faster than he
expected] – Huh? It got here too? – Tea cups? [Jimin got all of them for him]
It got here too! – So cute.
– V is so into [A perfect present for V who is into pottery]
pottery and arts these days. [Before the song’s release]
And since V’s song is “Winter Bear”. [Now V’s song has been released]
I’m not kidding when I say this but [Jimin’s lullaby] I really go to bed listening
to that song these days. [The main character of the “Winter Bear”
jacket] – Thank you. – OK. – “Winter Bear”?
– Is he the winter bear? [from the heart] – Isn’t this so moving?
– Yeah. [Precious]
– It’s so thoughtful. – RM. [Next is Jung Kook’s manito]
– Next is Jung Kook. – Here I go. – Is it me? Is it me? [Happy] – j-hope is left.
– Yeah, j-hope is the only one left. – Wait, I haven’t got mine either.
– Yeah. [Who is Jung Kook’s manito?]
Is it me? JK! [Not you] [Come on]
Don’t do that to me! [His cheekbones show how happy he is]
– I can’t wait to see what it is! – I get really excited! – Wow, I got a gift from Jung Kook.
– It’s not a big deal. [It’s you] – Is it me? – Huh?
– j-hope got you yours. [Automatically]
– Is it me? – Naturally. [Nice and neat]
– Hold on. – I know what that is. – Perfume?
– It’s so pretty. [Perfume or diffuser] – You know what this is,
right? – A diffuser. – I can guess. [Smart] – From the shape. – But there aren’t
any sticks. Jung Kook is really sensitive to smell. – Body mist. – So I’m going to say that
it’s a perfume or some kind of make up. [All focused] – Vitamins?
– That could be it too. Since it’s Jung Kook, they could be vitamins. [Heehee]
Wow, film cameras! [Nostalgic film cameras]
Disposable cameras. [So unique] – There’s a unique mood to
these! – Cameras that we used to use a lot. [So happy] [Used on school trips] – They used to sell these
when we went on outings. – A long time ago. [Hurriedly opens one]
I’ll open one right now. – How about a photo of the person who got the
gift and person who received it? – OK. [Good idea] – What is the reason behind
this present? – Or how about this? [A group photo] Let’s all take a group
photo after we’re done with the Manito game. [Good idea]
Yeah? Sounds good. [Why did he give j-hope disposable cameras?]
– What’s the reason? – Yeah, why did you get it? – I’m amazing.
– I like to take photos and videos. – So moving.
– Cameras these days are so high tech. And these bring back good memories and I thought it would be nice if he could use
these to take photos when he goes some where. [A picture of you]
Good idea. [Looks forward to j-hope’s gift]
How amazing will j-hope’s gift me? [Last one! What is j-hope’s amazing gift?]
My present is… Finally, Jimin gets his present. [Finally my turn]
The wrapping is so pretty. [Clapping] – I’ll give you my gift.
– I can’t wait to see what it is. – Jimin.
– OK. [They’re all curious]
– What can it be? – Please open it. How many times was Jimin tricked? [Finally gets it] Didn’t you all walk towards
me because I was sitting in the middle? [Drum rolls]
– It’s small. – CDs! [j-hope goods?] – It feels kind of like a picture
frame. – I’ll explain how it feels. – It’s kind of soft.
– Soft! – An album? [Nervous]
[Even more nervous] [Huge burst of laughter] [Satisfied with the
reaction] It must be paper disks. – What is it?
– Jimin! [Are they really goods?]
Show us. Hurry please. – Wow, you must have worked hard on this.
– This is amazing. [What is it?] – This is so moving.
– I worked really hard on it. – What is it? – It gets better when you open it.
– This is amazing. [What was so moving for Jimin?] – What is it!
– I’m sure there was a reason it was last. Wow, this is awesome. [j-hope made]
A single CD of “Promise”. [This is worth clapping for]
– This is awesome. – That’s amazing. [Only one in the world]
There’s only one in the world. – Wow!
– That’s awesome. And there are pictures inside too. [It’s too easy to be surprised. There are pictures
inside] – Really? – Yes. Memories of Jimin and me. [Jimin and j-hope memories]
– Full of our memories. – Really? – Wow. [Photos by j-hope] – I took all of them myself.
– This is amazing. – There are some of us together.
– How did you make this? [This is so moving]
This is incredible. If you flip some more, – there’s a special thanks to message.
– Wait. [He’s going to read it when he’s alone]
– I’ll read it when I’m alone. – OK, all right. [Getting emotional]
– Read it now. – Compared to this. And this! [Doesn’t feel sorry at all…]
What about that! [The autograph is an extra] – We’re all so…
– Everyone this is… – I’ll sign it later. [Jimin is going to do a review on this]
I’ll do a review on this through V LIVE or something. – Thank you so much.
– The CD of the single album, “Promise”. [A big hug] – I’ll sign the photo.
– Wow, this is awesome! – This is…
– Jimin, can you read just a little? – The message? [Embarrassed as well]
It’s simple. It’s not that long. “Thank to Jimin”!
Jimin, thank you for your amazing song”. “And please say that you’ll continue
to make great songs”. And what? “Make a promise to me”. [Both acting like kids]
“Make a pinky promise”. [We get happy just watching them]
Wow, this is incredible. – It was simple.
– “let’s always stay healthy and happy”. “Your loving j-hope”. [Wow!]
– It’s amazing. – Incredible. – This is so… – I’m sorry Jung Kook.
– I think I would have cried. [Quick to apologize] – I’m sorry Jung Kook.
[j-hope’s gift is so moving] – This is so moving. – Only one in the world!
– Oh! And also. – There’s more?
– I wanted to give these to our members. CDs of Jimin’s song. [Only 7 in the world]
– There aren’t any messages but. – Really? You’re like a manager who goes around and
does PR for your singer. [Please show your love and support for Jimin]
– Please show your love for Jimin. – Manager. [by Manager Jeong] – It says “Manager Jeong”.
– Please show your love for Jimin. [Interested] – Is the manager’s phone number
on the back? – I thought it was one of a kind. [Moving story]
– Why are there 7? – A special thanks to. 7 is more meaningful. [Breaking the moment]
Look at that face! This is more annoying. It’s a glaring look. [Showing off battle?] – Doesn’t he look so prim?
– Why are all the goods stuck? [Nice wrapping]
They’re stuck together so tight. [Meaningful] – So you won’t lose them.
– Can you tell us how you ended up making this? [How did he come up with this?] I thought long
and hard about what to write and Jimin was working on a different song
after “Promise”. [Embarrassed]
So we’re telling this story. He seemed to be working hard on something
and I wanted to do something nice for him. So I thought of making his song, “Promise”
into a CD. – Thank you so much.
– Please hold up your gifts. [The presents from the Manito game]
Let’s all hold our gifts up and say goodbye. Jimin, thank you so much for this. [Complimenting each other] – I want to say thanks as well. – Yeah, Jimin’s gift was really nice too. – Jimin’s present was perfect for me… – Take a
picture of this and upload it sometime. – SUGA, thank you so much. – There was
something really nice and I asked about it. [Going in front of his computer]
– But it was more than 30000 won. – Right
next to the computer. – I asked if we could spend 300,000 won.
– I thought you were going to leave it. [They did so much today]
We did so much today. – But to be honest…
– Camp Tong Forest. [Thank you for arranging today’s outing]
We’re so grateful. Let’s say thank you sand say good bye. [Group photo time] Let’s say goodbye after
a group photo. With my camera. – Yeah, let’s take a picture.
– Can you take the picture for us? [With their gifts]
– Hold on to “Promise”. – With “Promise” CD. – 1, 2, 3.
– “Run BTS” will continue. Run BTS! Thank you so much. Thanks SUGA. [The 7 of them in summer]
– V, thank you so much. – Isn’t this fun? [RUN BTS EP.85 Summer Outing 3]

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