Enoch Calendar Monthly | September 18, 2019 – October 17, 2019

This is your Monthly Course Report. I’m Raniyah. And if not already, subscribe and notify up,
And receive all you need to stay on course. Note: Pause to study at any time for readability/understanding. Up now, we have our sky signs for 2019-2020
Enoch Month 7. First, the Sun rises and sets in Portal 3
for 30 mornings from September 18 through October 17. Second, the New Moon/Sliver appears on September
29. So locate it as a testimony to yourself if
at all possible. Third, the 7th month-ending Full Moon of the
Enoch Calendar Year makes its outing on October 12. This event marks a separation of 5 days between
the 7th lunar month and the 7th solar month (i.e., Enoch Month 7). Fourth, the Day-to-Night ratio shifts to 8
parts day and 10 parts night on October 17. Hour-wise, this corresponds to 10.67 hours
of daylight and 13.33 hours of nighttime and, as diagrammed to the right, represents what
should be expected between 45 and 55 degrees latitude. Up next, we have our days off for 2019-2020
Enoch Month 7. First, we have the Autumn Memorial Day, a
festival dating back to the time of Noah. It is called “New Moon” in error, but
should be called “New Month” or “New Season.” The day off includes September 18 only. Second, we have the Blowing of Trumpets, which
represents how the Most High can destroy each and every stronghold that hinder us and will
provide the ultimate victory at the final trump. It parallels the Autumn Memorial Day and occurs
on September 18 as well. Third, we have the Day of Atonement, which
is a day of purging sin, of fasting, praying. Days off stretch from evening to evening,
from that of September 27 until that of September 28. Fourth, we have Booths, or Feast of Tabernacles,
which is a yearly reminder of the journey that the Israelites went through for 40 years
and of our pending return in a future still to come. The feast is eight days long and mandatory
days off include October 2 and October 9. Fifth, we have Ingathering, or Feast of Ingathering,
which is concurrent with the Feast of Tabernacles and represents the final harvest of the world. Mandatory days off again include October 2
and October 9. Finally, we have our Weekly Shabbats for the
month, which are from sunrise to sunset on September 21, September 28, October 5, and
October 12. And for your viewing convenience, here is
Enoch Month 7 at a glance. Sky Signs, such as a full moon, are shaded
in purple, while Mandatory Days Off are shaded in red. Of interest, do note the priests who would’ve
been in office each week and let their names and meaning be your weekly guide. Anyways, thanks for your support, and aid
us in tracking time by simply leaving a thumb’s up. This is Raniyah, with Course Report Month
7, signing out. Shalom.

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