-[ Chuckles ] What up, bro?
-That’s magic. -I’m so glad you here.
-What’s up, man? Sabu. How are you, Sabu?
-Pleasure to meet you. -Melissa.
-Nice to meet you, Melissa. How are you?
-Okay. -What up?
-Yep, it’s Miguel. -It’s like Geraldo, guys.
-Where shall I sit? -Sit over here.
Sit over there. -Come, sit with us.
Come over here. -Sit over here, Geraldo.
Sit over there. Come sit over here.
-That’s magic. -This one, this one, this one?
-This one right here. [ Indistinct talking, laughter ] [ Indistinct talking continues ] -Whoa. That’s magic. That was magic. [ Chuckles ] That’s magic! -Sit over here.
Sit over there. -Come sit with us.
Come on. -[ Chuckles ] I’ll be right back. -Man, life is beautiful. We’re living.
We’re living. -Yeah.
Let me just tell you my dreams. As soon as you walk in,
I’m just gonna start telling you my dreams.
-That’s a lot. -Like, I can’t remember
all — all my dreams. You know, sometimes,
I remember them at lunchtime. I can’t remember them,
like, everybody else. -Mm.
-I smoke myself to sleep. -You mean your actual dreams
that you have at night, like, when you wake,
like, after you wake up? -Yeah,
not my aspirations in life. -Right, right, right, right.
I was like, huh. Oh. -Some people write them down.
-I have a dream catcher. -I’m not trying to
be ignorant but… -And I also have a dream book. -What’s your profession
or your… I’m sorry.
-Oh, it’s okay. I’m a musician.
-Yeah. -Oh, okay.
-Yeah. -I thought maybe you were, like,
a dream psychologist. -[ Laughs ]
-My dad was a psychiatrist. -Really?
-You know, so I thought you were, like,
a therapist, like… -Therapy is in.
You go speak to somebody. -Yeah.
-I need that. I do need that.
-I think we all do. -I don’t. They should kill somebody
and get it over with, right? -I cry a lot.
I like to cry. -It actually feels good.
-It does. But what I like is —
I really enjoy, um… ♪♪ Um… Um… Um… ♪♪ -What was I sayin’? -[ Echoing ] What was I sayin’? -Who or what may be hidden in this secret chamber…
-Oh! So, yeah, like,
sports stories make me cry. -…is hotly debated, but some researchers
believe it is possible that it contains the remains
of Egypt’s most controversial pharaoh… -Akhenaten.
-…Akhenaten… -You knew that, huh?
-Of course. -Well, who is he? -It’s the fucking father of Tut. -…who also happens to be
the father of King Tut. -Shit. -The Ancient Egyptians
did not want us to know anything
about Akhenaten. Look at that fucking foot. -[ Chuckles ]
-Holy shit. -Looks like one of mine. -Okay, that’s a mummy.
-…an even darker secret? -Is it possible that
the mummy of Akhenaten was not buried in his tomb but instead was secretly placed
in a hidden chamber in the tomb of his son,
King Tutankhamun?

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