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Enter the Dragon Official Trailer #1 – (1973) HD

Enter the Dragon Official Trailer #1 – (1973) HD

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warner bros. Teacher? Hmm. I see your talents Have gone beyond
the mere physical level. Your skills
are now at the point Of spiritual insight. I have several questions. What is
the highest technique You hope to achieve? To have
no technique. Very good. What are your thoughts
when facing an opponent? There is no opponent. And why is that? Because the word “I”
does not exist. So… Continue. A good fight
should be… Like a small play, But…
Played seriously. A good
martial artist Does not become
tense, but ready.

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63 thoughts on “Enter the Dragon Official Trailer #1 – (1973) HD

  1. This is the very same plot of Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat copied this. And to talk about reality, this concept was what the MMA used to entrench itself in the world consciousness of martial arts.

  2. "WTF did they announce Roper first? He wasn't the star!"

    Saxon and Lee shared top billing, even though we all know damn well Lee was the main star of this masterpiece.

  3. Thank you for this video! Bruce Lee was a Legend! ~ Have used it here,

  4. In this movie, some of Han's concubines 'just opened the door' of Jim Kelly's room, 'and walked on in', as he had on a pair of headphones, listening to a tune. O'Harrah 'just opened the the door' of Bruce Lee's room, 'and stuck his head inside', as Bruce was working out.If the guests who were on Han's island were not locking their doors, then my question is 'Why not'? If the doors were not allowed to be locked, then again, my question is 'Why not'?

  5. In this movie, the elderly woman, who could have helped Bruce's sister when her life was in danger, but chose not to help, should have been "PUNISHED".

  6. Three races uniting to fight against a common evil. Classic and best movie of its time. They don't make them like this anymore.

  7. Man, warner bros is really a scum bag company huh? ""The First Martial Arts Film Produced By A Major Hollywood Studio," sounds like a pretty troll thing to say.

  8. So this was a MI6 Hollywood production? What are they trying to prove? The United States, France, China, (etc.) are British colonies. If it wasn't for MI6 and their front companies the Vietnam War would have never happened. I wouldn't be surprised if they faked Lee's death or actually killed him and then blamed it on other people, with this film being blackmail propaganda. Why didn't they go all out and put James Bond in this film to tag team partner with Bruce Lee?

  9. This movie actually sucked pretty bad compared to a lot of the Kung Fu films of that era. Probably because it was garbage propaganda, without any real artistic wit, character, style or good story telling.

  10. The Little Dragons final scream – a worthy finale……..if only Elvis couldve had the same dignified send off instead of the CBS special 🙁

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