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EP 021 – 6IX MMA Head Trainer Danny Beauclerc

EP 021 – 6IX MMA Head Trainer Danny Beauclerc

welcome back folks you like watching men
fight in a cage like you like to see that huh well in today’s show I have
Danny Boclair the head trainer at 6mm that’s six the number IX
MMA calm Danny’s head trainer but he was also a fighter man he fought in a cage
got paid to fight so Danny came in the studio he told me all about his MMA
career he told me about and then we just two dudes talking crap in the studio
with microphones in front of us it was sure was fun are you interested in doing
your own podcast don’t know how to start go to get a grip studios calm and if you
could please if you like the show share it with a friend but for right now Danny
Boclair from six MMA that’s 6ix number 6 IX MMA calm on the getti grip on life
show or do they get a grip on the life of podcast an Evo Claire thank you
thanks for having me no problem man it’s fun to be trying to be with guys like
you I’m looking at this thing chief instructor and owner of six MMA in
Toronto I have 29 years experience of martial arts training what kind of
martial arts did you start with Muay Thai and samba are my two what the hell
is Samba it sounds like a dance yeah it’s like a Russian military martial art
is that what uh khabib does it does yes he does okay so it’s like a wrestling
kind of thing it is it’s you know samba guys sometimes get mad at me for saying
this but it’s Sam was one of those martial arts that is I’d say 75% an
amalgamation of other martial arts very heavily rooted in judo wrestling catch
right kind of like submission wrestling styles so there definitely is some stuff
that is in their arsenal that is purely samba but a lot of it is taken from
different systems a lot most military martial arts are kind of an amalgamation
of a few different sure the strengths of a few different system that leg grip
that could be got Conor in dude yeah that was the bad limas yeah it was no he
wrapped his legs around his legs that’s right yeah we call the honnor couldn’t
squiggle out of that I never seen anyone do that before that’s right there’s a
Japanese fighter Shinya Aoki who was pretty famous for doing that as well
because your legs are like when you’re on the ground you’re kind of using your
legs a little bit of leverage you’re pushing with your toes you see them kind
of moving their feet and when you lock Connors legs like that it was like he
was done yeah yeah khabib ‘he’s a different there he’s
a different level of fighter I don’t know about that I wouldn’t go that far I
just think I just think he doesn’t match up with Connor he matches up pretty well
with Connor well all 27 guys he’s matched with have not matched well with
him yeah so he’s fighting in the lightweight division right you correct
here yeah so has he fought a real jiu-jitsu master yet I’m trying to think
of who he’s fought they won’t fare well against him
jujitsu guys I don’t know okay so okay say I’m gonna get a heat from jujitsu
guys for saying that but no I you know what I just don’t think i think Connors
ground game he’s just a knockout artist it he hits people yeah I mean his his
defense of jujitsu is good when I was looking at what Conor was doing against
could be on paper his defense was intelligent it’s just it’s one of those
ones where it’s it’s like overwhelm dude yeah and it’s like a good chess player
Conor was making good decisions but Kebede was making better ones and why
he’s just autumn due to when you know you would to know more than me but when
that when that man’s on top of you and grip in your grip in you and grip your
energy level just goes right right and the reason why I don’t see jiu-jitsu
guys doing well against him per se is because to submit a guy typically you’ve
got to break his posture and control them okay and breaking could be posture
and controlling him is a is a nightmare yeah but you know what when you’re the
champ you always got to fight the top guy yeah absolutely absolutely so
there’s no more free lunches for khabib that’s right that’s right you know what
I mean he’s gonna have to fight the best guy in the division every time now
that’s right so see what happened exactly that’s the great part is it so
the thing I fell in love with with MMA and just fighting in general is it’s
it’s it’s not theory right you know what I mean like you know there’s a winner
and a loser or neither is entrepreneurship bro yes that’s that’s
true that’s true it’s not theory bro you have to go out and do it but there’s a
part of it so let me tell you this so I was talking to my my my son my son does
a little bit of muy Thai and a little bit of new to Jitsu nice okay and he’s
like dad I like Muay Thai way more than jujitsu he’s like Juju’s kind of game
you think I got this gross I’m on top of this guy and it’s weird right
right and I said dude Jiu Jitsu is how you kill another man right is that right
that’s what I’m telling him yeah how old is he he’s 13
yeah so I find that you know it’s getting better these days
but the the there’s there’s kind of when you’re when you’re still trying to
define yourself and find yourself as I said you’re going from boy to man that
homophobia is kind of no he’s just joking around about that no no I don’t
mean he’s nice not actually it’s not even about that he just said he’s just
like you know it’s weird to be lying on top of another dude right I he’s got the
posture and he’s kicking me brunch and enjoy some more yeah sir I didn’t mean
that he’s homophobic but I mean that there’s that there’s kind of that I get
that from that age group typically they’re like ooh this is big gay yeah
it’s very easy prepubescent boy going through puberty they’re like I don’t
want to roll on top of another man right right so you get that in your in your in
your business yeah absolutely that that’s really common and I think it’s
just that that there’s a slight insecurity in the manhood yet because
it’s still building so there’s that fear of how does this look you know I often
find with the younger guys it isn’t what they think at all it’s the fear of what
other people think sure of course what if someone what if
the girl I like comes in and sees me rolling with this guy will she think
that you know kind of looks weird dude is if you go to the law and you watch it
it’s kind of like what do these dudes doing they’re squirming on top of each
other stuffing it’s weird looking I think you
get desensitized to it a bit you know it’s like when I see two guys rolling I
just see them trying to murder each other yeah because you’re looking at
technically man yeah yeah I’ve never it’s never it’s never popped into my
especially then the noogie right looks really weird to me dude yeah yeah well I
find two with a noogie we like you know I’ve got some spots that are super
effeminate so there’s a yeah you weren’t like an Andrew the giant jumpsuit in
your roller on top of each other it gets a little weird so but is that a right
kind of a device it’s like jujitsu high like if you were in the jungle and you
had to fight another man if you knew jujitsu and he didn’t you’re better off
absolutely yeah and I think especially to the ability to control someone you
know this is why the police tend to learn grappling arts more than striking
arts because you know you you want to be able to control a situation without
breaking a guy right now if you’re a Muay Thai fighter and you have fight and
don’t fight kick in the head don’t kick it right and you know that’s not to say
that a great Muay Thai fighter can’t control the situation of course they can
you’re you know if you’re working security for instance you’re you’re
gonna want a grappling arm because otherwise you’re hitting guys and and
you don’t want to be hitting guys as security the owners don’t want you
hitting guys yeah Muay Thai is is by its very nature very aggressive yeah
absolutely the stance is aggressive its its up hands up high training forward
that’s where legs are ready to move right whereas jujitsu is more of a
waiting for the be waiting for you can wait you can work the guys energy
against him in a way absolutely yeah and I think that control element is key you
know to be able to stop a guy from hurting you without hurting him badly
right it’s it’s a it’s humbling have had the first time I wrote I rolled with a
we stood I used to trim with this guy Japanese guy named Perot me who was a
half my size and I’m a small guy yeah you’re just time unit not yes it was
like I’m very humbling how much does like so you know I’ve always had this
theory you know how they say like pound for pound Demetrius Johnson or whatever
is the best fighter I always look at that and go what the best fighters a
heavyweight champ son because put them in the ring I don’t care what you know
Francis and Gahan was gonna smash you right I think it’s it would be the the
difference between the best fighter and the toughest guy in the room in the room
because I would agree that a heavyweight is definitely like if you put them all
together John Jones is going to be on top yeah I’m even on heavyweight in my
opinion but does he does that make him the best technical fighter no not
necessarily I suppose it depends on how you look at it right a few made John if
you made GSP six four with an eight eight foot reach seven foot read you
know but I don’t like that’s kind of like that’s kind of fighting fighting
dork stuff yeah but but I mean that’s the only way to find out technically who
is the best fighter is if everybody had the same explosive any same reach same
speed same I think the way to find out who technically the best fighter is to
put them in the ring and let them fight yeah but remember in size and weight to
our can negate technique that’s what I’m saying like all lose to Lesnar of course
I’m a better technical fighter than Brock Lesnar’s right this rescue better
than to be I mean the quality of fighting at the lower divisions is much
higher right but that’s what I’m saying that I get where the best divisions
probably lightweight yeah or
those middle the middle weights pretty darn good – that’s right they’re pretty
mean yeah middle weights scare me more than any other division because as a
small guy I look at I look at Luke Rockhold say or Romero is a
scary-looking so look at Romero and I go he’s 300% stronger than me easily and
85% is fast that’s those numbers are bad for me you know whereas I look at a
heavyweight is 500 percent stronger than me and 50 percent is fast yeah for the
middle weights gonna run you down yeah heavy weights not gonna run yeah exactly
you know I just feel like in a street fight you can run from the heavyweight
exact the middleweight maybe probably faster than you actually that’s right
that’s right so I look you know exactly I look like Cain Velasquez could knock
me out with one punch and so can your Romero but yeah exactly your Romero will
chase me back well you know what’s funny is like there’s a there’s an optimum
human size for fighting right and that nuga Israel dead eight and Sahni or
whatever that guy is he has it like you look at him and that guy looks like a
disaster for anybody yeah he’s a nightmare he’s like he’s just long and
lean and strong he’s got like the the you know that John Jones style body
that’s right well that’s the nastiest body to have fighting I agree a lot of
people I think a favor bulk but it gas tank wise it never fares well it’s a lot
of muscle to feed a lot of oxygen and blood to get to that muscle that’s the
DC vs. John Jones conundrum right but I’ve yeah I’ve met lots of guys
usually who don’t train who look at John Jones build and go and skinny yeah okay
John Jones walked into a into a weight room they said well I listen to him on
the Joe Rogan experience he walked into a weight room and he dead lifted 700
pounds jeez Louise yeah like what do you do about that dude
like if he’s got you up against the cage think about those muscles how strong
those muscles are dude right like the heat would easy way to when he’s walking
around to 40 something like I would I’d guess we can he can just wear whatever
working out he can walk into a weight room and deadlift three times his weight
that’s crazy that’s crazy genetics yeah he’s a monster he’s the either of
terrifying guy yeah I mean that that’s I think that shape that Israel Dennis
honored John Jones kind of long lean and strong right
the deadliest shape for fighting in my opinion yeah for stand up fighting
anyway because they’re they have the reach and it’s funny Jones isn’t built
like a prototypical wrestler in terms you know wrestlers tension very short
like DC she was built like a wrestler of course you know like 511 by 5dp he’s
built like a wrestler you know even only six foot that’s he or whatever yeah but
Jones’s wrestling is unreal despite that he has like he said
traditionally more of a striker build yeah in that long lean and he’s got an
81 and a half entry it’s crazy dude like he’s a you know it’s funny because I
think that the you know I think it’s Gustavsson versus these John Jones at
the end of December right right that’s one to watch but yeah that first fight
was that was close yeah I you not Jones up but it was it
was a good fight yeah I mean John I was his biggest test right for sure and that
reaches is a big is a big factor the boxing and the reach you know so what’s
your career in fighting been like man tell me how you said tell me hit the
first time you walked into a cage or a ring what was it like what when was it
first of all it was 95 was my first first how old are you man 16 16 or 16
okay um so it was a non-sanctioned fight there was no at the time there was no
governing body no sanctioning body for MMA at all
Ontario that’s right so it was it’s we call them non sanction fights or smokers
so it’s basically a couple gyms getting together and the coaches match up the
weights and so people are watching yeah yeah but it’s usually you know like the
the membership from the gyms it’s pretty low-key and it’s funny I remember saying
to everybody and I meant it I’m not scared if are you scared of not not
scared I’m not scared and I really did mean it until I got into the cage and
they claimed cage rearrange a cage it was they closed the cage and I looked at
the other guy and it hit me yeah I’m afraid as soon as I saw him shadow
boxing and he was bigger than me my fights weren’t 155 because again at the
time that was the smallest weight division which is way too big for me
yeah that’s like that this seems like maybe 20 pounds heavy free at least yeah
so I remember seeing him shadow boxing and throwing elbows against the cage and
stuff when I was like oh ok you can see it if you can see the fear in some of
the guy’s eyes when they get in the ring when you
watching profiles yeah sometimes you can see you can kind of get to smell the
thing right and the fear to a degree is good like there it’s just can you manage
it yeah you know like I GSB says he’s afraid every fight he walks into the
cage every sit doesn’t matter the opponent he’s afraid but it’s he
controls it well hmm you know I think the idea that you’re not going to be
afraid is silly I think if you if you’re not afraid you’ve probably had a good
run of knocking out cans of corn and someone’s gonna hit you at some point
yeah exactly exactly and you know puts you training like that puts you in touch
with your own mortality you know you sure when you train and you get hit with
a head kick at 30 percent power if you’re smart you think to yourself all
that would have sucked if you know what I mean sure so when you
get in the cage and you’re touch gloves that runs through your brain what if I
get caught with that at a hundred percent power I mean it’s I got knocked
at once in 13 seconds and it’s that’s tough
sure so what happened in your first one what happen with that I got the the life
beaten out of me did you yeah oh man honey rounds it ago one like
I know the end of the first round put in bottom side control and elbow to lay
stop okay where was the elbows landing just at the head I started to look away
and I think I moved in and stopped it yeah yeah ref was I was 16 so they they
were yeah sure well you concussed uh no I may be mine
early okay like I never and things didn’t get fuzzy
it was more I got cut open and I was I think the ref could see I was
overwhelmed by the strength and sure and not to take away for the guys think he
was better grappler than sure sure but um yeah so well then we’ll tell me a
little bit about your MMA career you ever get paid to fight just once so I
only have one technical pro fight that’s my last fight and it was against Seon
Adar who’s fighting for the title in the Dominican Republic Saturday ok cool
big shout out so you follow him a little bit yeah yeah he’s a great guy he’s he’s
a fantastic fighter he’s the best guy in Trinidad up 125 he’s a piece of monster
so yeah that was my one and only where did you have the fight in Trinidad and
Trinidad did you win I did I did yeah but it was a it was a
tough fight how did you win it I won by standing five finger guillotine which is
like a choke variation so he were standing and he was in front
of you yeah he had taken me down the whole first round was all him he’d taken
me down over and over again and controlled me they we knew they didn’t
want to stand with us okay but why expected there to be some exchanges look
he he shot right away I think we touch gloves and I don’t think he actually
throws a strike on the feet so takedown takedown
exactly okay and in tape we’d watched on him he left his neck out so I was hyper
focused on getting his neck I didn’t even attempt to to stuff a
takedown when he shot I remember thinking there’s his neck and that he’s
always all timing for you yeah but to his credit in the first round the
mistakes he was making on the tape he didn’t make in the fight so he did what
we call a double leg to cross body so he would end up topside control so my choke
is negated so I’d be around his neck but when we hit the leverage yeah I have
nothing there so you would you like kind of like a matador bull him and get him
yeah the second round he’d taken me down I think for the second time and this
Isis in a cage or a ring a cage he okay and I got around his neck and I had my
back against the fence and I turned to my corner which was my brother and and
and one of my fighters and said I got him like you can tell by the grip yeah
it was certain grip and the plants over yes I see so that’s why I have that
tattoo on the same arm that I got him that says I got him because I was losing
and you know it was a difficult fight it was a big weight cut and you know it was
a good night but I got that choke and sure that was it awesome you know it’s
funny is that so I watch anime a lot with my kids people see you who suits
known for kids I think it is for kids actually I think people should watch it
and it was funny because we were watching Derrick Lewis fight Alexander
Volkov told the kids look any of these guys could knock anybody out at any time
and that was them crazy well other than that elbow one by the
Korean with arm be with the air and there yeah that was probably the
craziest but that knockout of Alexander Volkoff by Derrick Lewis was something
special right and it was yeah like I mean the chest and then boom it’s like
deadly so I mean anything can happen in a fight bro yeah 100% I’ve beaten guys
who are way better than me and I’ve lost the guys who are not nearly as good
shape it just it’s it’s you know that’s why I sometimes you’ll
see a guy lose or guys will do what I call MMA Matt you know like Chuck
Liddell beats rampage rampage beats vandal a vandal a beats Chuck that’s
fighting dork stuff right but it doesn’t work too you know like it’s it’s because
like you said there’s so much circumstance the guys could had a fight
with his girlfriend the night before or he didn’t sleep yeah honey bomb his you
know his he you know whatever he didn’t he didn’t train right he’s having a bad
day or you know like Jose Aldo you get clipped with the left yeah and getting
caught is the in my opinion is the least impressive or decisive way of winning in
terms of for instance when Cain Velasquez was knocked out by jr. to
Santos okay the first time they fought I think junior threw an overhand right
caught Kane in the temple and he crumpled and they went to rematch and
every said I don’t know why the rematch and he won so decisively and I said we
caught that’s like steep ADC buddy yeah like it’s it’s and then the next two
fights of JDS and Kane were one-sided in 24 minute thrashings 25 brushings so
that to me is more distinctive because it’s a consistently out striking
consistently Oh grappling like you know really seeing their skill sets matched
up for 25 minutes whereas you know if me and you know fade or get in the ring a
thousand times and tuck our chin and throw I’m gonna hit I’m gonna catch him
once sure but that doesn’t mean I’m a better fighter yeah sure you know there
is a lot of circumstance so there’s luck yeah I think luck happens absolutely way
it’s funny because how much do you think okay so like GSP is a student of MMA he
studies his opponents and looks for their weaknesses and plays towards them
you can see different strategies that play different times in his fights right
um how much does that play into most MMA guys are they just going in hot I’m
gonna beat the crap out of anybody I see like I get that feeling with John Jones
I think he just runs in the rain starts fighting yeah I think the fighter often
is like that so it’s a matter of can the coach kind of rein them in you know what
I mean sometimes fighters instincts are great and sometimes they’re their worst
enemy you one of my guys top guys fought in New
York a few weeks ago and it was a decisive win was all over the other guy
beat him everywhere but the mistakes he were he was making in that fight where
were his instincts his instincts are kill him smash him finish so there’s a
bunch of times where he’s going for leg locks and he shouldn’t or that sounds
like an emotional issue day yeah he’s angry at the other fighter or
somebody it’s like you want to pull him back from that edge and say get a little
technical here but exactly yeah he just it’s just that fire you know what I mean
and the good news is I can’t train that fire so I need them to have it do you
know what I mean so it’s better to have it and have me rein it in a bit I can’t
teach someone to be hyper aggressive I can’t teach them to smell blood and come
in with their teeth grit can you teach them to have poise can you teach us to
be patient yeah absolutely you can okay and a lot of that the shortcomings of
his performance in the last fight and don’t get me wrong
super I mean he dominated him as a coach you have to be proud of that performance
he beat him everywhere but the shortcomings that the decisions he was
making that weren’t correct that’s a lot of that is on me right because you know
there were there were aspects of his game that I see in the gym and I go and
he you know he should be getting an underhook here but it’s not that big a
deal right and then I see him fight and that
that problem manifests in a much bigger way and I go okay this is not a little
problem like something that aya deemed to be a small thing is actually a major
issue so the good thing is getting to watch him fight at that level helps me
as a coach fixes fine-tune his game because I can really kind of prioritize
his mistakes it’s always difficult in the gym to know you know because he
can’t tell what the next level is that’s right also I find they make different
mistakes sparring than they do fighting you know they’ll make it a different
mindset exactly exactly different mindset yeah when you’re rolling you
know the guy’s not gonna drop an elbow yeah and a hundred percent power so
you’ll you’re there’s a difference in your demeanor and so that light so
there’s a that what’s that coach’s name of George st. Pierre that Feroz for us
yes he’s big on that whole a spiritual intellectual part
fighting he is are you on to that – yeah as for Oz’s he’s always been a few steps
ahead of the game I think mental is mentally and spiritually those are huge
things in terms of like you said how are they dealing with this stuff I find a
lot of the great fighters it’s it’s things going on in their life that are
their biggest enemies it’s never the opponent it’s never the weight cut it’s
the best fighters tend to break themselves you know the story of boxers
man that’s right exactly you know um you know also I find that typically and
there’s there’s exceptions but these these guys will have that fire we were
talking about come from from forges that built that fire really tough
environments sure so I think there’s some genetics in that fire – yeah
absolutely like there’s some guys that are just more aggressive right yeah you
can see it on them you can see whether they’re like when I played rugby so
rugby’s like kind of was when I played it was kind of like a rich boy sport
right there was like you know it wasn’t from their work nobody was from the
streets right everybody was from a stable home here right some dudes were
just mean ass yeah there’s you can see it like I said there’s a there’s a
switch yeah I just had that nastiness in them that’s true you know and they they
didn’t they didn’t mind hurting people and there were guys that were really
intense right and they didn’t have that from you know growing up in a tough
environment either right yeah so I don’t know if it’s all like environment I
think there’s some genetics in there too that for sure
thank you that get that fire tell me a little bit about you know the small town
what small town was it Lakefield like which is that’s right right sure a lot
Peterborough yeah so no hockey or what no I I think my Lake Fields a hockey
town or sure it is and part of the reason I was getting my ass kicked so
often so bad so the notes here folks says that Danny was getting bullied yeah
I’m gonna find out a little bit about that right yeah is growing up in a you
know Lakefield a village so people used to laugh especially back there and press
that one 10,000 people there’s no mm oh really it’s still yeah yeah it’s time um
so when I moved to Toronto people laughed at me because I would say back
in my village and I want to try to be funny but yeah sure that’s the village
League field I didn’t like hockey I never it’s not
that I didn’t like it here you but just know it just wasn’t in my you know the
guys would be at school I got this Wendel Clark working hard and I was like
and I think too I wanted to be into film and and acting and writing and things
like that so right away it was like this guy’s gay yeah sure right so there was a
real kind of small-town meathead let’s go beat him up on the portable right and
like you know this year like the 80s plus you’re like well sure your your
your you know you’re not a big dude yeah I’ll be shorter than average yes exactly
smaller than average guy big mouth yeah sure doesn’t like hot yeah it was a
recipe for wet so what happened to what people started kicking your ass or what
yeah one guy in particular I mean it was it was a lot of bullies but we had one
guy who would follow me home like I used to at the end of school I used to plan
my routes home sure like if I cut behind Hamlin’s ice cream and I duck under the
bridge here and I move quickly he won’t see me sure and that’s no way to live
that’s I disagree with that which part I you know what I mean I think that we and
I’m gonna get in trouble with this one but that’s all good I think there’s
something so I was bullied too as a kid right and I feel great too because of it
actually oh wow so I was like everyday a high tech in it I was in a fight with
somebody like like I’m telling not every day but like at least twice a week and
if you don’t think back like oh come on no yes dude yeah like it like it wasn’t
like the teachers were breaking it up I’m talking walking home from school
throwing the bag at me this kind of stuff jumping maybe going to fight me
grade to grade 3 grade 4 right little kids right we all walked home from
school at lunch and went went for lunch we all walked home from school and you
know I had to overcome that dude and that builds character bro yeah
absolutely absolutely you know and I just don’t I
look back at that and I am very grateful for those guys 100% because and I think
that’s something that were that’s a mistake we’re starting to make now as a
society as there’s this this idea that obviously we don’t want to let children
be bullied right I’m not saying the extreme we’re sure a teacher or the
school should go and let them deal with it there needs to be some kind of
control but at the same time you know now there’s this thing where bullying
bullying needs to be removed completely from the school you’re like it needs to
be checked do you I don’t know what bullying is
well that’s the thing as its gonna manifest you know we see way more online
bullying well that’s I think that’s partly because one of those words that’s
toxic now it’s like it’s like discrimination right I’m a
discriminating gentleman Danny you know like who were you discriminating come on
man you can’t steal word but bullying’s been captured yeah where it’s been
captured oh yeah absolutely so when I was so after I failed great –
okay because of it I was constantly terrorized by this group of guys that
was like three of them right and I know like I was terrified at school all day
long and and then you know what I started fighting back yeah and it was
like okay if we’re gonna do this I’m going down with a fight right so you
start hitting back and stuff like that next thing well let’s find somebody else
to bully yeah exactly you know cuz it’s too hard to believe this guy and by the
time I got into grade four or five I would watch these guys and they were the
same guys all through grade school ID why my Mac I know them now I’m kind of
friends with the admitted guys now growing up right but just looking back
they would terrorize these other two guys and I would look at them and I
would say fight back dude yeah and these guys wouldn’t fight back yeah and I
remember like in in a sense as a child looking at I’m going to having contempt
for them saying you got to get up and fight back bro right because life is
going to do that to you life is gonna bully behavior period do you mean if you
have no coping mechanisms if you know for instance let’s say we remove
bullying from schools in terms of like there’s yet that the teachers won’t
allow it even to a smallest degree well then you’re gonna get to the workforce
and your CEO is going to be a prick it’s like it’s like delaying a bodychecking
in hockey to bantam yeah you ever go to a go to a bantam double-a game or
something all right right that’s the first year you’re
allowed to check now when we were kids I think it was Adam right so and Adam
everybody’s soft the bones are soft and bright everybody’s about the same size
or some big kids but most of the kids are the same size none of them are that
strong by the time you get to Bantam some of these kids are men dude right
six feet tall six foot four on skates 190 pounds and some of the kids are not
hit puberty yet yeah that’s a huge gap so they say okay now it’s time to start
because now you’re old enough it’s like no dude are you crazy
they’re gonna get you’re gonna get to getting smashed serious injuries yes
dude so it’s like oh yeah you know bullying now it’s bullying in the
workforce everyone’s being bullied all the time it’s like you know what you
have a responsibility to stand up for yourself
actually yeah I’d like I said I think when you’re invoking bullying by being a
wimp that’s you know but you really are and I get it and I’m talking man-on-man
bullying I think you’re something different that the girls do yeah I think
that social exclusion group you’re ugly we’re pretty kind of stuff is a
different question the stuff that goes on with girls you know different than
the stuff that goes on with dudes and the dude should be told look bro I with
you that you’re hurt that you got a bloody nose that you got a black eye or
that you’re scared but you need to overcome that right right you do not us
we can’t protect you for your whole life you gotta overcome it absolutely and I
think the idea is we need to get rid of the bullies and I agree on paper but
let’s be real you know it’s like when people say well you know why don’t we
stop teaching men to rape I agree don’t walk down that road open but what I mean
is I absolutely agree that there are there are things in our culture that
that are misogynistic and there are things in our culture that shouldn’t be
there that are toxic and there and I would say encourage rape but definitely
don’t condemn it like they should so those things need to change we need to
raise men better sure on board for that you need to raise men to respect women
more than they currently do but the idea that we can eradicate rape we can we can
put a dent in it but there are always going to be predators and I don’t mean
that in a jaded pessimistic way it’s just that’s there’s immediate in
statistical sense yeah I mean I get it I mean it’s gonna happen and but the you
know the and unfortunately that is and it’s sad but that I think the I think
the but that’s a different situation than the bullying yes because I think
the bullying and I think there’s a codependent relationship if you know the
different we know dependence is like a emotionally inappropriate relationship
right its codependent right right and so often families like mother
wives and husbands and mothers and fathers have these weird emotional
things where they push each other’s buttons and then there’s a fight and
they don’t even know why they’re fighting like if you turned off the
volume you could just predict the facial expressions and stuff right yeah but
with bullying I think there’s a codependent relationship between the
bully heir and the bullied and I think that it starts with that person
expressing their vulnerability in a way and wanting sympathy like a way like
mommy the you know you know Jimmy’s picking on me and I need a hug and this
kind of stuff and it’s like yeah you know what buddy go take a couple classes
with Danny Boclair right right and Jocko will Inc actually has this book called
do you know Jocko yeah he’s got a podcast he’s got a book the way of the
warrior kid right it’s like yeah you know what you’ve been this I think
there’s a difference between guys and girls bullying girl-on-girl bullying
girl and boy oh boy I think boy and boy bullying is about
becoming a man absolutely and even you know like you said there’s so many
people say that’s toxic masculinity if you tell a guy if you tell a little boy
to fight back and you’re like no that’s life that’s you know toxic masculinity
then you know what then I’m losing toxicity bro right right I mean if for
me the one of the breaking points was this one kid was bullying me to such an
insane degree and there’s really scary thing about him is I think we fought
eight times sure eight or nine times I beat him most at
the time I wasn’t a great fighter I was smaller but he that he was small to and
but just hyper aggressive him I remember one particular fight really lay in the
fists to him and the next day he was chasing me he had no fear me and I think
that kind of was off-putting to me like what do you want dude I remember
thinking to him do you remember yesterday I whooped you her but he was
just that his hatred for me was so intense yeah and he came to my door one
day this would you steal his girlfriend or something no come on it was the real
deal what did you do to him he I’m not sure I still this day I don’t know you
should you should connect with him bro he actually passed away oh man yeah no
no it’s uh it’s I felt super guilty because I only found out that he passed
away a few months ago and I was harboring all this animosity
still as an adult you know and then I found out they passed away and I felt
really guilty like oh you know obviously he’d come from a rough
well sure you know I think there’s a reason that he was the way he was but
was really scary showed up to my door one day in grade five just a boy
ding-dong it’s the doorbell my father answers the door who it’s like six foot
he’s a big big dude and this kid says to my dad where’s Danny and my father like
he’s inside he’s like I’m here to beat the shit of him so your dad yeah he
literally my dad probably would have put us in the backyard and get after him boy
see what happens who’s gonna win I just remember thinking if he’s not afraid of
my father I came crazy bloodied up from him
a few weeks after that and my father said that’s it we’re calling the police
and I remember pleading with him no how old do you grade five so we would have
been yeah there’s a point at which you gotta have an intervention like at some
point right there has baby you can’t I’m not saying that the people you know it’s
the law of the jungle you eat or be eaten what I’m saying is that you know I
agree with you that there has to be some point but I think the over the over you
know the this like it’s almost like this tyrannical I’m not gonna even say it but
it’s like it’s like this they did this instinct to protect is actually hurting
people in a way absolutely and that’s what I mean is I think it comes from a
good place and it’s intention is correct we just need to find moderation with it
yeah for sure um so the police went and talked to this
guy pulled up to his house and talked to him and the next day I’m walking through
the school field and I’m able Claire you called the cops on me
and I lost that fight badly man so that really though was a like you said when
you see the troubled kid for sure yeah well when you said you’re grateful
yeah I agree that as scary and shitty as that was at the time I remember going my
father can’t help me yeah I mean he did everything you could he’s very amazing
man what’s he gonna do beat the hell out of a grave I’m only that dumb but he
likes you have your own way life yes Yeah right he was and he did the my both
of my parents said the best thing they could do in that situation
in that I would come home beaten up and they would remind me that it wasn’t my
fault and I was a good kid that to let this affect my sure but I
remember thinking the police can’t help me I mean they showed up with guns and
Kevlar and this kid didn’t flinch so I remember going I gotta beat him but it’s
the only way he’s gonna stop you know so then you started doing martial arts of
what age 1010 that’s basically great five I think yeah yeah that’s when I
that was all around that point I was very pivotal did they have it in
Lakefield what was it karate oh he said tumble Muay Thai in Samba
yeah so it’s funny my culture that there’s stumble in Muay Thai in
Lakefield of all place right I know it’s kind of it’s kind of a strange thing so
my coach was from Thailand but he lived for years outside of st. Petersburg
which is where he did his his Samba and he was looking for family his last name
was Ellis and he was looking he traveled to Ireland he traveled to Canada to look
for other Ellis’s because he was adopted so he ran classes out of his basement or
sometimes he’d rent above the Lakeville arena so it was very like you know I
look at my gym today and I’ve got you know like a tablet that signs people
insurance policy and stuff like that you know we’re not super fancy or anything
but yeah my coach had a we went a mattress my first everybody with a
mattress tied up around one of the support beams basically yeah so the nice
thing for me or what I’m always be super grateful for is that you know he I think
you know he saw how bloodied up and timid I was from those beatings and
stuff and he just poured you know years of one-on-one just you know how much do
you think so I’m I was lucky enough to have so I had my dad right I worked with
him every day still oh that’s amazing he’s really my hero as a kid and even
now I look up to him I really love his guidance in that but I also got lucky to
meet other men in my life that weren’t my dad right I kind of you know kind of
just said yeah but you know the little arm around me are you doing good keep it
going right right kind of like okay what’s going on with you okay take that
little time to just look me in the eyes and say I keep it going son you’re doing
good how important do you think that is a huge huge yeah and I think to that you
know I know someone listening be like what about women what about female and I
absolutely agree they need it but it’s a different I think you get different
things from from from listen Edward yeah you know
what we don’t know it’s just a podcast if you’re not experts in anything if you
write for an anime I am a lighting expert right we’re just talking crap
here right I mean I know like it’s you know it’s it’s it’s can women are
confusing to men yeah I I’m gonna break the news to you out there men are very
very confused by women actually yeah it’s fun when I was younger when I first
moved to Toronto uh I had a lot of friends and fraternities so because of
that it was spending a lot of time at sorority houses and you know stuff like
that and I’ll never forget being in you know
we had fistfights at at the frat and stuff her one guy didn’t like the other
guy I need go up I don’t like your face yeah and they fight but as barbaric as
that isn’t childish I got I got it I understood and I was at a sorority house
and sometimes you throw up sometimes you throw down that’s right and these girls
one girl walked by another girl and the girl I was with like oh my god I love
your shoes those are beautiful and the other girls like thanks and she walked
off and it was like that girl’s such a whore and I remember going thinking in
my head at 3 and 21 I’m just a kid going I don’t I don’t understand it’s this
game yes I I’m a rookie you know I felt like I was very high up on the food
chain on the face punching her head right and well equipped to deal with
other men but sure that that really let me know that I couldn’t read her tone or
her tone at least to me seemed very genuine yeah
but hated that she hated the girl that walked by and it are complicated for men
like me I think they’re complicated for women
too right right I mean I you know and it’s like I I think there’s like this
intrinsic dynamic between men and women that you know it’s there’s like they’re
two sides of the same coin I mean I I don’t agree with this there’s like this
I don’t know what it is and I hear it on this one I do this life show and then
just out and about and then I did on my lighting podcast I did a women in
lighting show because there’s very few women in am technical part of lighting
for a very few it’s all it’s salt it’s all dudes it’s because of the patriarchy
yes because that that nasty force but I so but you know women and men like it
seems like if you were to you know throw them TV on you would think that women in
men are locked in this immortal struggle against one another right and it’s
endless and we’re never gonna figure it out and it’s like this car and actually
if you you’re into history if you look at it historically the vast majority of
humans that ever lived lived in a pair bond with a member of the opposite sex
and cooperated every day just to survive yeah and it were not struggling against
one another they were locked in in a in a subsistence lifestyle where they
needed each other right and maybe they were Paul maybe they cheated or whatever
you want to call what tribal people do maybe they were some tribes were
polyamorous or whatever but the vast majority of humans lived in monogamous
or serially monogamous pair bonds right and they were not fighting each other
like it’s proposed out to this like women
patriarchy feminism it’s like what is feminism tell me what it is yeah I don’t
even know what it is I think I’ve been I think I’m a smart dude I read a lot of
stuff if someone says to me I’m a feminist I said what is it they’re like
wallets means that I’m Pro women well I’m kind of pro women too
yeah oh I’m like I want women to do great what does it mean it means
different things to different women for sure and a different man I think yes you
know I think one of the biggest problems we run into is that people misunderstand
equal with the same you know men and women are equal do I believe there’s a
superior sex no does that mean I think we stack up the same against each other
across the board and every no of course not you have to be an idiot to believe
that but but honestly there’s like honestly there’s this thing they’re not
paying attention to reality right but I’ve there’s this thing now or you’re
sexist if you don’t believe that we stack up in every category exactly
there’s a list well of course it is the only type there’s no such thing as
equality first of all the only time okay so I’m going to demonstrate to you in
the West in Western countries and democracies okay the only moment when
everyone is equal is when you cast your ballot on Election Day right that is the
only time right when you go when you check your box
and here dumb Justin Trudeau has his one ballot and checks his box and you know
the the richest person in the world has their one ballot and checks their box in
the rarest person in the world has their ballot and checks their box that is the
moment the one second when equality is manifested after that this guy’s taller
than that guy this girl’s stronger than this girl
this girl’s smarter than that girl there’s no equality right there’s always
going to be something that differentiates person to person for sure
this a week we are equal democratically right that’s where we’re equal we all
have one vote we are equal where supposedly equal under the law but we
know that’s not true people of different races and different sexes get treated
differently absolutely by the way they look absolutely and so the only time
it’s actually true is when you decide whether or not you’re going to vote and
if you decide not to vote then you decide not to vote right so but for me I
there’s no such thing as equality there I said it
that’s yeah I see what you mean I think that you know I did a women’s
self-defense course at U of T years ago and I had some big I believe they were
varsity rugby girls but you know five strong 511 180 and muscle just
incredible athletes and I started off talking about look we were saying
earlier jujitsu versus Muay Thai and I was saying okay here’s here’s where we
don’t want to end up we cannot allow this this man to get on top of us and a
hand popped up right away and you know it was really frustrating for me as I
was doing this course for peanuts compared to what I would normally charge
because it’s women’s self-defense and it’s an important thing to me sure very
important but you know don’t make some guy to win in a cage is not nearly as
life-changing or not nearly as important on the grand scope as teaching a woman
to be able to defend herself come on so I’m doing this for next to nothing
because it’s something that I believe very strongly in so this hand pops up in
the girl says why is it important that the guy not get on top of you and I said
well he’s on average much bigger and stronger and you’re in an uphill battle
from there sure um and she said well that’s sexist and right away he it’s so
frustrating for me and I said why is that sexist yeah I’m saying that on
average men are larger and stronger than women and she’s like yeah that’s sexist
well I see at that point it’s it’s you’re dealing with someone larger crowd
right and and and I said to her and I said okay so we did a did a quick study
with him I said okay well come here and I got her to stand up with me and again
probably like 175 of iron miss this she was she was an athlete and I grabbed her
caller and she grabbed my card said okay we’re gonna do a thing where we kind of
muscle each other until one of us says uncle and she said well you’re gonna use
jujitsu and I said no we’re just gonna muscle each other around a bit no one’s
gonna hurt each other you know so I got her to a point where she was in trouble
and you know she put her hands around my neck I put my hands around her neck and
we both just started to just like squeeze very slowly like the key until
the point where she reached up and tapped out on my tapped on my shoulder
and I said where are you good she said yep I’m fine and we stood up and I said
to these ladies am i a big medium or small guy hmm and they were like they
didn’t want to say anything and I said it’s fine don’t worry about why you go
and they said small guy and I said right is she a big medium or small like she’s
an athlete and we regenerate a far more horsepower and her great thing too is
just the way we’re but not only that though but it’s it’s not even relevant
to the course you’re teaching because no no perp no nasty perpetrator is gonna
target a woman who’s bigger and stronger than him yeah unlikely yeah exactly why
would he do that that’s stupid right so it you’re if you’re gonna be targeted
it’s gonna be by someone who’s bigger and stronger than you whether a woman or
man right I know if someone’s going to victimize you they’re probably going to
be like physically victimize you in some way that’s where you have to defend
yourself physically the person victimizing you is not going to choose
someone who’s six inches taller and 40 pounds heavier right that’s never gonna
hurt him yeah so like just forget the nonsense and just said let’s learn how
to fight exactly and I think that these um you know they exist for you Danny
boot Clerk where are you exactly there’s there’s
you know things my wife is better at by like if my wife’s and there’s no need to
justify that here but no I know I’m just if my wife and I have a giving birth
contest I’m telling you right now this not only I’m gonna lose how my body’s
not designed to do the things for bodies and they said you know we we went down a
little bit of a rabbit hole with this one but you know I think it’s important
that for my perspective that I think that men and women need to be treated
differently and I’m sure there’s some people out there that are you know
that are gender dysphoria dare you know I have total sympathy and or not enough
to write the right word I don’t know what it is but empathy empathy for them
yeah and I want to be able to be accommodating and to people that want to
have a meaningful life and me you know maybe there but that’s a small portion
of people most people fall into typical situations and you know I just think
like for example you know in my office here I would one of my managers here if
we as something good happen I put my arm around I’m hey bro did it right I would
never do that to a female employee never in a million years right because there
is a different there’s a there’s like you said there’s there’s a predatory
feel differently for sure the way that men and women interact you like I don’t
touch women that are not my wife and that are not related to me like I won’t
touch them yeah one of my one of mine that makes sense like they’re not going
to touch you I’ll shake your hand I’ll piss bumped you whatever cuz you don’t
care if that’s right because I have to be careful because deep inside me is it
not appropriate to touch you right right you know it’s like it you know you you
know it’s like you know it’s I don’t know there’s something wrong with our
society in the way that the sexes are interacting right now that needs to be
fixed or some person I’d do it one of my best friend’s is a is a woman and she’s
she’s beautiful on top of that so we run into a lot of problems
I mean her and I don’t be married yes yes and my wife doesn’t my wife couldn’t
couldn’t give less of shit right that’s weird your weirdo and it’s funny
though it is strange writer and your best friend’s a girl yeah well one of my
best friends yeah she’s and she’s amazing it’s funny like I said my wife
couldn’t care less but I remember saying to you know one of my buddies once said
like he called me and said where are you I said I’m over at Chris my friend I
said I’m over at Chris’s house were watching Netflix it’s like 11:00 p.m.
and I said yeah just watching a movie he’s like it’s a bit weird man your
wife’s okay with you or yeah this dude bro that’s weird
here’s my here’s my two cents on this I want no I might I want to get my two
cents I started quizzing you on this thing have you guys ever done anything
no never kissed her never held her hand held her hand yeah
thank you stare into her eyes no you know what it is honestly this is the
funny thing is this is a cultural thing if she were a universally considered
unattractive woman people would have no problem with it or if you know what I
mean like I find it’s when when people think you could be a good match that
everyone gets a bit like nervous good-looking dude well thank you I mean
she’s probably a good-looking girl she’s beautiful yeah she’s she’s a well here
you know what your wife is a is actually a very phenomenal woman to be able to
she managed the emotions and honestly it’s gonna sound sappy but one of the
first things that I fell in love with her about my wife one of the first
things I got so enthralled with were us how Elfa she is she is not threatened by
anybody she is she knows who she is she knows what she wants she’s
extraordinarily powerful and I need that because again I’ve always had a lot of
female friends and I’m a very flirty person by nature like that’s my that’s
the way I tend to interact stop flirting with me as well yeah well I do love the
shirt but you know so it’s nice to be able to I find that couples tend to have
this weird suit or what I call pseudo trust where it’s like saying to your
significant other I trust you with money but when I go to bed the wallet is gonna
stay on my side of the bed then you don’t really trust them with money do
you know what I don’t believe in trust high like that how do you walk me
through that I think I think Trust is like trust is like a is like the header
of the paragraph okay and then we’re gonna discuss how I trust you
particularly well yeah that definitely day so for example it’s specific let me
finish so my and this is my own trust paradigm
in my head and it’s nobody else’s so we’re gonna discuss my trust paradigm
not if you don’t think this way that’s fine but so first of all the first the
trust paradigm is man or woman right okay then it’s after that it’s money or
no money on the man side and then it’s wife over here children and then other
women or family right and it’s like how do you need to trust this person right
okay you do need to do you need different things from different groups
right so I know a lot of guys that I if I handed them a suitcase full of a
million dollars and said give it back to me in 30 days they would give it back to
me right I wouldn’t trust them to stay at a hotel with my wife really yes like
he’s different kinds of trust I agree I know guys that I would do that with and
then I know that and there’s there’s different types of trust
there’s also trust and verify right like if you’re you’re if you’re if you’re
like oh I trust my wife okay what does that mean oh it means this or that well
then you know you could end up being a real naive out idiot dude and for sure
in ten years you know like in a divorce where your wife was sleeping with your
best friend right right and I think Trust is like one of those things that
maybe not everybody fully understands what it means yeah or it’s not as
cliched as it is to say in a relationship that communication is so
key I think with Lina and I with my wife and I our boundaries of what breaks that
trust are so well-defined so it’s very easy for us to to navigate share the
boundary yeah of course well in there I think they’re pretty much common sense
like for instance when we started dating I said to her I have a lot of female
friends and I’m a flirt I’m a huge flirt and I need you to be okay with that
because that’s who I am and she said to me the first thing she said is okay well
let’s define flirting should you grabbing grabbing asses I said it’s not
physical at all no touching it’s a verbal it’s yeah it’s I’m very flirty
verbally and blah blah blah and she said yeah I don’t I don’t care about that
both or have we both have a very kind of chrome Magnum thing on touching all
right well you’re holding hands with this other girl Chris yeah but to me
like I hold hands with my nephew yeah that’s different good no but what I mean
is to me it’s not a um there’s nothing like I can honestly say I don’t hold
I’ve never held Chris’s Hannah get turned on it’s a hand I don’t know I
feel like you’d have to be pretty hard up to it for that to do it for you I
mean like I’m not giving her I’m not giving her late-night back rubs or stuff
okay okay because for me then that’s where you’re like there’s there’s
something sensual the boundaries are beyond touch beyond the hand
oh yeah just any anything that anything for me that would feel sexual that’s
reverse and what if your wife’s sitting on a couch at 11 o’clock holding hands
with me no problem honestly honestly it want
one thing what if she stole open-ended Mac yeah honestly that doesn’t bother me
it’s I also get I wouldn’t be able to deal with that I also feel like so your
wife’s it we saw I call your wife up and say hey come on over we’re gonna watch
it at some Netflix we’re gonna watch Sons of Anarchy
together and we do this every Tuesday night and we just sit and she comes it’s
close to me and I just hold her hand and you’re cool with that
yeah bro no no I think you’re gonna bust in the room and what my ass pull out
that jujitsu Sambo stuff and kick my ass bro it’s funny it depends on it
sometimes not just the act like for instance let’s say I come in and you
guys are holding hands and I think that you’re getting something from that like
I think that you’re holding hands with the worse I’m getting them why would I
do it if I wasn’t yeah but sometimes it’s comfort right it’s like like I’d
let my buddy crack my back oh because it feels like it’s good enough no but what
I’m saying is that there’s an acceptance of a certain amount of this person’s
gonna bring this feeling to me and there’s nothing sexual about it there’s
a there’s an understanding even know what that I can’t I can’t come to
understand that everybody well that’s what everybody’s line is different right
and I think that’s what it comes down to for me I’m sure both that man I don’t I
believe you have to process this more in my head it’s a little here I should
clarify I think we’ve held hands meaning like we were at a Halloween Haunt and
she was scared because she’s afraid but bro that’s the same thing man that’s not
like we’ve never sat and watched a movie in her handsome cuz the me too that’s
when were alone it’s a bit yeah I get we were saying I think publicly it was more
that like don’t let your hand don’t let these things grab me yeah yeah okay and
I said to my wife to once we were joking about it and I said listen at least give
me the credit that if I was cheating on you when I was a piece of shit yeah that
I’m not a stupid piece of shit I wouldn’t tell you I’m going over to
Chris’s house do you know what I mean like you know what the funny thing is
though man I I have a hard time judging people like really hard right so you
said it’s like cheating is a piece of shit well I know a lot of good people
who have been are divorced or not divorced who have cheated on their
spouses right I know a lot right and they’re not pieces of shit
ya know what I mean it’s a piece of shit make a steak it’s a piece of shit move
they might not know verse Illya pieces yeah you know what I
mean it’s like I you know it’s funny cuz we were I was talking to my wife and you
know one of her friends from childhood was ended up you know going through a
divorce and turned out one of them was cheating on the other I mean you give it
to who but it was like it’s sad I felt sad little kids and now they’re families
breaking up and they have to sell their house and I just thought that no man
outside right no but it’s like you know people people people do stuff man we’re
kind of like naked apes grunting around dude right right but you know we can
control it I don’t think we can something oh I think we can avoid
situations yes but I think once you’re in that hot tub Danny no once you’re in
the hot tub 400 yeah I’m telling you right now bro any and this might sound
people roll their eyes but I’m being straight there’s not a woman on the
planet she could fire everything she had at me everything she has it’s not gonna
work it’s not gonna work you youth that woman
would nosedive and then fail miserably yeah and then that’s not a knock at her
and don’t get me wrong – and this is the other thing i love it way stronger than
me so I’m gonna consider I’m just gonna continue avoiding the situation’s right
but that may get in the hot tub because there is no right or wrong right and I
think what’s important too is right or wrong I’m to say I’m not gonna judge
people for the mistakes right I think what’s important too is that I never
have to lie to Lena in terms of wanting yeah like Lena knows that I walk by a
woman every day and I think man I’d love to sleep with him sure of course I’m
here man yeah but what I like I don’t have to wear that mask I don’t have to
pretend that I’m no longer attracted to anybody else yeah I just that’s for
that’s for a naive idiots dude to say that I think so
you know what they think you know what the good a good thing to do is I just
focus on the consequences of that right you have kids no no okay not yeah
so if you had kids and let’s he own the house together and you’re like man okay
so I know Lena’s gonna leave me and then I’m not gonna be able to see my kids and
then I have 50,000 in this house right I’m gonna lose that and so that’s the
most expensive piece of Nikki I’m ever gonna have right right all of a sudden
it changes the dynamic right so yeah I mean how long you been married 15 years
15 together for 50 ah 2011 so even married Oh quite a while
yeah yeah and like I said she just as gushy as it sounds she just she just
trusts me and I think because of that – I’ve never felt caged with her yeah the
fact that I can go visit Chris like that that’s awesome in that then it sounds
backwards but that’s part of the reason I would never cheat like I haven’t made
you know what I mean there’s no reason to you let’s knock on wood here bro for
you man I just want to keep it going free man because I love you I love that
I love that story I want to keep that going free because listen man life
throws us some curveball sometimes man for sure I’ve seen some guys brought low
right I’ve been brought low in my life thankful enough for that but I’ve seen
guys brought low you know like they have their behavior and and their behavior of
people around them and it just takes them out and so be thankful for that and
I’m grateful I’m very grateful she’s uh yeah she’s a different level Wow okay
man let’s do a little bit of politics first
what’s your polettis ed you wrote it man what’s your political affiliation EA
affinity you right left centered I’m closer to sender I’ve always considered
myself left but the extreme left has been shoving me closer to the words the
sender you know I’ve always found it amazing I offend a person that weak a
goal no no not intentionally and that’s what I mean about the extreme left is
you know I think people are like Holmes the analogy I like to use to people like
home so the foundation is everything if the foundation is strong you know if you
have self-esteem if you have self-love the ability to love others more and to
empathize and to into and you’re intelligent these are your your
foundation you can rebuild the home a million times and you’re strong and the
foundation of my kind of principles and I’m not virtue signally I’m just laying
out the foundations I don’t believe there’s a superior sex I don’t believe
there’s a superior race religion I think although that’s Horsham so for me in
terms of bigotry I literally don’t I think everybody should have the same
rights across the board I have real problems with the political atmosphere
when people don’t have the same rights and I would fight
against that like adamantly and I still get called a Nazi you look everyone
should have the same responsibilities yes yeah I do because I think largely
the tyrannical left is a good way to describe it yeah okay and the hard right
is another way to describe the right side yep hard right tyrannical left
right cuz it’s almost like tyrannical beating crazy and oppressive at the same
time it’s like a good way to describe it yeah and working against themselves yeah
well not only that but yes subdividing and smashing each other elsewhere stuff
it’s like a race to the to be the it’s like to on the tyrannical and I’m like
look I’m gonna tell you tryna klephts I’m talking about crazy people and to me
to me it’s like it’s a competition to see who can be the best victim yeah
absolutely you know it’s like I’m a Imus I’m a victim well I’m special well I’m a
special victim it’s like there’s like this competition out there but what I
would say is I would say that and this is maybe I’ll throw this at you the left
and the right is an anachronistic and inappropriate description of what we’re
doing these days because you’ll take a you’ll take a guy like me who’s a
business owner who’s a family of four who’s a Catholic okay right right and
practicing Catholic go to church every not every week maybe three out of four
and kids are baptized you know traditional relationship you know
married for 16 years coming up right for kids all the stuff right so you take a
guy like me and you’re like that goes right wing for sure right right and he’s
got to be because this but like you there’s like a there’s there’s different
types of you know so someone can be like fiscally on the right and socially on
the laugh hundred percent right and you got a guy you got guys that are like gay
men that are married to other men but that are fiscally on the right
yeah hundred percent right so where do they fit in it’s like there’s this idea
of right and left is used by the the crazy making people to divide us
100% yeah and it’s like you’re on the left well actually no I’m oh so I’m
actually very socially sympathetic to this not oh you’re on the left oh you
know you’re on the your this and it’s like you’re here or here that’s the only
place you’re allowed to be right and for me it’s like well obviously you say I’m
on the left well you don’t want us to spend more than we take in you want us
to be fiscally responsible with our money right right so then you’re you’re
a right wing or what are you talking about yeah yeah well there’s like you
said people deal in absolutes right no the crazy people do yes but
unfortunately their numbers seem to be growing voice greater voice is louder
yeah there’s a great interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone from South Park
and the guy asks them he says you know you make fun of Islam you make fun of
Judaism you make fun of Catholicism a part of not you you name the group and
you guys have a go at them who would you say is your favorite group to make fun
of and Trey Parker Trey I’m Matt stone I think says extremists sure it’s across
the board extremists in Islam extremists and Catholicism extremists and the right
extremists and extremists extremely insulting how dare you you know what I
mean yeah you know it’s um I don’t know Canada is such an interesting place
because it’s just a big mix especially Toronto right yeah
you’re from honk evil but the there was a Thai Muay Thai coach up there though
kicking butt and taking names sorry but I mean
Canada’s industry especially Toronto is such a unique place in the world and
this time for sure you know and it’s like when you look at it you’re sitting
back and you’re and you know you’re saying okay how would you want to run
how would you want to set this up I think we need to take eliminate that
that single line spectrum it’s not a line with a zero in the middle and
you’re either on one side of the other and as you adopt your positions you go
from one way to the other you really go on this way this way no there’s way it’s
way more complicated than that right right and I I don’t know if I I’m not
comfortable with this at all I’m left or right saying I think things are more
complicated than that Danny yeah I agree come on all right so history yeah
I’m not I’m not super well-versed in history or anything
like that asourian yeah but I’ve always been intrigued by it favorite period the
40’s over the late 30s and 40s I also love and anything kind of medieval so
you’re talking like you’re interested in in like the Second World War
yeah yeah Canada’s role and you know the the interactions between Hitler and
Stalin and how that led up and Churchill and all of that stuff’s always kind of
intrigued me and and you know it’s funny we watch all these movies and we’d read
all these books about these great powers and and usual rising and yeah for sure
and I mean obviously there was you know there’s not a good guy and a bad guy in
war or very very rarely there is I think World War two is the cleanest in terms
of and when you’re looking at the government’s in power you mean in terms
of a good versus evil yeah okay right and again that’s not to say you know
like the vast majority of the German soldiers are just German soldiers
conscripted sure right there’s no I’m not making a morality sure yeah we’re
talking about like the National Socialist Party
that’s that’s pretty much as as aggressive and you know if ever there
was a party that needed to be stopped well you know you know you know what I’m
gonna make it I’ll throw something at you the Second World War was a war
between Russia and Germany yeah with some skirmishes on the west well England
and Germany – no no I mean you know the like if you just say casualty body count
let’s go with body cameras yeah but I mean let’s go body count like soldiers
dead battles right I mean the the Second World War was a war between Japan and
China and Germany and Russia oh yeah they had a lot more that when you think
the numbers of – they also had a lot more soldiers to send so you know if
Britain sends 80% of his forces and America and Japan but I am but you know
what though I think okay one no war they won that they met they ended up coming
and d-day at the end and invading Europe and whatever but that was after the
Soviet Union and really slugged it out with Germany for what four years yeah
yeah Stalin or most a lot of historians were saying that you know Stalingrad is
the is the turning point of the war sure absolutely the inability to take – taken
control Stalingrad by the Germans was wait listen you Stalingrad
that’s the one that’s Volgograd now I think yes that’s correct
right so Stalingrad is about as far from Berlin as Austin Texas is from Toronto
right it’s far dude yeah and you couldn’t fly planes there right so the
German army was way strung out over there to Vermont and a lot of people
think of like our version of history as we were coming up and reading it was
like oh yeah and then we won the war dude I mean what we did was we carpet
bomb Germany basically yeah yeah I mean I mean not Jeremy but Dresden for sure
and then we just bombed the crap out of them and then we we invaded at the end
and liberated France and you Belgium and Holland all that kind of stuff and yes
there was a lot of sacrifices and I’m a Canadian guy and you know my grandfather
was involved in that right and so I’m proud of those guys of course but it was
a Russian German war dude I disagree it was what’s your criteria what’s in
creating casualties for sure but I think that’s because if you look at like I
said if you look at Canada sending 80% of our soldiers and Russia is sending
80% right but just on numbers right but they’re still sending eighty percent of
their men to fight okay so let’s take a look at a European theater I’m gonna say
this then okay the war was won by Russian blood and Anglo American
technology would you might have agreed yeah I think the Russians are the unsung
I mean the issue is I don’t run song it was evil versus evil yeah well it’s
funny I watch enemy at the gates and the theaters in California and there was a
woman sitting behind me with a little boy which I don’t know why there was a
little boy in the is that a bad one I mean that’s the one with a British dude
Jude Law that’s right and it’s about the sniper battles and Stalin run it and the
boy asked the mother as kids do who’s the good guy and she said well obviously
the Russians the Germans are the bad guys and I turned and looked at her like
you know Germans are the aggressors right when the Russians didn’t have a
moral change of heart Jerry turned them you know what I mean
like they they abandon the non-aggression pact and they hated
another and they invaded another nation he said either the bad guys Russia was
happy to invade Scandinavia sure you know so yeah I kind of looked at her
like whoa this is really you you’ve got Joseph Stalin
I don’t know which one’s worse dude I mean the people that Hitler gets a
Hitler it’s always said is the worst guy ever I mean I don’t know
yeah I’ve done who’s your buddy what’s your criteria that’s a toughie yeah it’s
like you said it’s difficult to quantify I know I would say I would say that the
body count I think Stalin wins if you go daddy
count Mao and Stalin are worse then than Hitler yeah I could see that I mean I
don’t know what the numbers are but it’s something I create and India they think
here’s the thing about Hitler that oh oh okay
you said the H word yeah here’s the thing about him that kind of I look back
and I look at it and I think the thing that grosses me out about Stalin and Mao
is how many of their own people they killed yeah you know Hitler they
tortured their own people in a way that’s right and Hitler was killing you
know P not that killing anyone is good but it’s like there’s something about
the I don’t know there’s something about the killing and torturing and starving
of your own people right that just this that give really did I think it’s
underestimated or something no I know what you mean I think if you’re not
Jewish yes Hitler wasn’t that bad to the Germans yes my Jewish Germans obviously
no he ended up burning but Germany to the ground right right yeah so he was
bad but I mean in terms of the rise of National Socialism he definitely had an
us and them mentality where it seems like guys like Stalin didn’t even really
have that know I was George and I think right but he wasn’t Russian but I mean
still he was responsible for feeding me like basically this to take over the the
marxist revolution right and he basically starve people to death
yeah yeah absolutely you know like an almost intentionally in a way and same
with Mao with the Cultural Revolution in China and Iran and it’s like you wonder
yourself like I mean you know you’re talking about evil everywhere but it’s
pretty nasty what yeah absolutely what happened there so I don’t know which way
to go huh that’s dark man so we covered everything that if you to have your own
show what topics would you want to discuss where should we go from here man
you fighting again no all right well mm how old e39 kind of like the prime is
like a comeback prime there bro you know I was George Sainsbury 38:38 yeah I’ve
my wife is not a big fan of the idea and I completely get where she’s coming from
I’ve had seven concussions and you know it doesn’t seem to have
affected me cog affected me cognitively too bad you seem great well thank you I
like to tell people it used to be a genius and they just kind of knocked
down to normal normal intelligence but I would have to be very picky about who I
fight um which you know people will roll their eyes at but with the amount of
hits I’ve taken to the head I would definitely favor fighting a
grappler first sure part of like Shion for instance Alaska I thought we knew
like I said we don’t we knew going and he wanted to roll okay so right away
that kind of takes the fear away from sure increasing the head trauma and I
also you know I said to my wife on that fight I’m through I was 37 at the time I
said listen if I start taking a beatin I’ll top I’m not trying to prove I’m the
meat Reese Johnson do you know what I mean like I’m not I’m not in there to
show I’ve never claimed to be the greatest fighter at that weight or
anything so with that and I think with the age there’s disadvantages but also
there’s advantages in terms of I don’t have that ego yeah a young guy sure for
my family in my honor if I start getting whupped all all the only time I bought
that was with khabib right I actually bought it with him because Connor like
that’s where Connors shit backfired on yeah I picked the wrong guy to try that
shit with like Mayfair thought mayweather thought it was funny right
could be took it there’s like you thought my family and the stuff you look
where he was raised and what he’s gone through
you I don’t think you can grew up watching a WWE Berg yeah you’re not
gonna get in his head and make it once again his head but in the wrong way yeah
but yeah exactly I don’t think he’s second-guesses himself or maybe my skill
set isn’t enough for Connor I don’t think that everyone who is in know right
now well Danny that was fun do you know we
probably did like an hour there a something like that oh wow did ya it
didn’t feel like that at all so what a so it’s a that’s put your gym out what
six MMA where is it yeah we’re 610 sorry 16 IX son MMA sorry
sixth in Queen Street where at Queen in Bathurst okay on the third floor yeah
and we know you’re right downtown yeah we’re in the we’re in the thick of it
that corner is interesting there’s a there’s a we call it fight corner
there’s lots of interesting characters on the corner so I tell my students hey
what’d you just learn you can test on the way website we do ww6 MMA calm
Facebook and I’m same four six MMA and we do
everything we do fitness we do self-defense we do competition so that’s
usually the first thing I ask when someone wants to sign up like what their
goals are yeah cuz I’m gonna teach you know I’m gonna approach someone who
wants to get in the cage differently than someone who’s trying to lose belly
fat for the beach sure then differently for someone who’s won self-defense belly
fat for the beach starts in the kitchen absolutely I mean I have a gut right now
I’m out of shape sure and there’s no there’s never any come on man okay gut
for you what do you well yeah it’s for me it’s a like I’m 161 today okay and I
fight at 125 yeah I’m heavy you know you look good to
me bro oh thank you I hide it well um but I you know I know why I’m heavy
I could always confuse move people I don’t understand where it’s coming from
ladies you’re not eating right yeah exactly I’m eating crap and I’m not I’m
not training hard enough I’m gonna go I’m gonna go eat a can of sardines you
want one okay now one more thing man how seriously we are about the fight
companions bro although I I watched a couple of them I
have thought I thought hey this is alright man I don’t know because for me
it’s like can we get some like for like your business can you get some vendors
involved maybe I don’t know yeah thank you yeah I was talking to Matthew about
that I’d like to try um you know bring some he’s the man I think that you know
what I I think that if you position it the right way and sort of scale it say
hey we don’t know what we’re at right now why don’t you start with us and see
where we’re going right and and maybe we can build something fun man right and I
do think it’s good because there’s a lot of MMA fans who I think people who would
be MMA fans who just don’t quite get the technicalities of it enough and even if
you bridge that gap a little bit by explaining what’s going on and stuff you
like we find that in Trinidad years ago when they used to have tournaments
they’d hit the ground and it was boom right the other thing too we I think
this is where Matt was coming from with this is that with a and so a what is it
talking six sports because Ronnie yes Cortney talking six sports is on
Facebook and Google and also not no website but it’s all social media but
I’m thinking about it here you know when I was so I was watching which fights was
it it was the second one you guys did and the big tall dude
in the second fight before the main right you guys did a fight companion for
that it was a really tall guy you know like that guy’s gonna kick butt
light heavyweight fight really really tall dude he was look like he was having
funny to backflip but the ring after he won was it argentinian guy yeah i don’t
know if he was argentinian but he was a second last fight of the night in that
Paso but I was at home I’m like man I’d really like them to fight companion
going right now because I was a lot of guys are out there watching the fights
by themselves right that’s true and you know what like look I love Joe but
everybody are a distance to his podcast right maybe you’ve had enough of Joe
Rogan so you can go on talking six sports man for the flight companion a
bro Danny’s gonna be on Maddy Maddy Scanlon he’s gonna he’s gonna wash his
hair this time right Matt and then I always break his balls cuz yes look I’m
bald man right right jealous right I’m jealous but yeah they’re gonna do a
fight companion Danny’s an expert he’s gonna be talking tech he’s gonna be
talking strategy on the on the on that and then maybe I’ll pop in on one of
them if you guys are missing in another expert so thanks for coming on the show
thanks for having me man Danny do you want to talk about rogue I don’t know
that I can okay lots of politics okay yeah we can talk about it off mic yes
Emma main uh well yeah I can I can I can touch on it okay yeah so I’ve started a
amateur combat sports league called rogue Fighting Championships based out
of Toronto come on yeah so you’re gonna you’re
gonna be shit having fun you’re gonna be hosting fight our first show is March
30th Stoney house yeah okay tickets for that I will give you a VIP table do it
up for sure page side Oh so lots of things in the works for that
we’re really trying to bring build a sport a bit man exactly exactly yeah man
that’s fun yeah so March 30th is the first show I’m
we’ve got a website rogue Fighting Championships calm we’ve got Instagram
and Facebook so if you’re an amateur fighter and you’re looking for a way to
compete there’s a fighter application form on on the page
boom goes the dynamite yeah it’s licensed it is everything’s aboveboard
yet we’re working with them the Canadian combat alliance which is linked to the
international MMA Federation I’ll tell you this if you listen to this folks if
you haven’t seen fighting live especially up close it’s a bucket list
at the very least yeah a hundred percent like if you like you see these people
get in the ring like two dudes get in the ring especially like if you can get
to like maybe a middleweight or light heavyweight thing where you see these
guys and they’re monsters and again they get not that I don’t like the
lightweights technically I like to watch all fights that are good right but
there’s just something about watching two lightweights or two big men get in
the ring and just get it on and they’re in the in the in the Octagon or the
presage dude it is a bucket-list experience at a very minimum it doesn’t
have to be in the UFC the closer you are the more you can almost smell the sweat
the more exciting it is right I’m telling you yes it’s pretty amazing
if you haven’t seen it live in up close it doesn’t have to be UFC it doesn’t
have to be Bellator you know what I mean of course yeah and I $500 you can you
know I don’t know what your price point is what’s your price point for ringside
for ringside I don’t think we’ve we’ve agreed on something yet okay my wife
said that oh yeah I think the average tickets probably going to be 35 or 40
bucks come on that’s a great night out on a Saturday night or whatever and the
the amateurs fight hard to because they’re there they’re making a name
right dude it doesn’t even matter who’s fighting if it’s a good fight a good
fight is a good fight right right that’s what UFC that’s why the kind of
UFC was going with with things it’s like let’s just pair guys up together that’s
gonna be a good fight because that’s what everyone wants to see exactly
exactly like that’s what Conor McGregor vs. Mayweather it was it’s he was and
ended up being a bit of a disappointment to be honest with you yeah yeah just
engag that guy that guy’s a human highlight reel he just he just who cares
if he’s the champ he presses forward he just has no fear that guy that Dustin
Poirier just engag fight was crazy I think even people who don’t aren’t
technical and they made people you gotta love that fight dad dude right like
that’s that’s what’s fun about it if you’re sitting ringside for that bro
you’re going I don’t care who you are I don’t care if you’re a piece no room in
fight you’re going ape shit watching that right oh I should shout out sorry
as well war of gods is happening that is a another league that’s that’s come up
so they’re running the first show we don’t need to know about them that’s
right whoa call me bro no they’re great honestly they’re great they’re gonna run
amazing show they’ve run they used to run shows in the past when everything
was legalized and they did a great job so war of gods March 2nd
also they have a website fighters can sign up for that you know it’s
that you’re like that because it’s better to build the community bro the
more you know what is better they were of God’s has helped rogue you know told
remote yeah sure you know this we always say that there’s there’s five and a half
million people we could have we could have 40 leagues and and you know there’s
there’s nothing to his competition will hone you and make you better than 100%
make you better that’s what it works for me so hey check out rogue
what is it Rogue rogue Fighting Championships and calm yeah calm yeah
rogue Fighting Championships calm and we’re hot Jesse it’s gonna be good I’m
going for sure alright man thanks for listening folks this is the get a grip
on life podcast go to get a grip on life calm like us on Facebook iTunes come on
write me some reviews on iTunes I’m trying to get on the new and noteworthy
list of iTunes and of course Danny Boclair boom Thank You content you
really want to start your own podcast do you want to get that starting a podcast
off your bucket list then go to get a grip
one time 10 times 100 times come on in and use this place use it to build your
own brand use it to advertise your products got some product videos you
want to do you have some concepts or theories you want to talk about with
your customers come on in get interviewed by me that’s right
I do an interviewing service done it a couple times already people love it so
you go to get a grip baby check us out
Danny Boclair head trainer at six MMA comm that’s the number six
ix MMA calm man pleasure to talk with you dude you’re such a great guy I had
so much fun I loved eating the sardines with you man you’re badass and I was
sure as fun what’s the girl’s name he was AI dis off my head your mat but just
come on in and tell me Ashish EBSCO what’s her name she’s been trained he’s
been training with Valentino Shevchenko Shevchenko yeah she’s about us yeah holy
crap ready for her show just this past weekend we’re recording this on the
Friday while they’re doing the weigh-ins yeah whoo yeah it’s weigh-in time right
now so tomorrow night’s the fight this will be after the fight it comes out but
you know what then that was sure was that cuz I had to fun to see on Facebook
and that doing training with her and also guys if if you know if you want to
go down and get some MMA training yourself don’t be afraid to contact six
they especially in the downtown area that’s where Danny is so check them out
number 6 IX MMA calm and of course if you like this show share it with your
friends man I really appreciate that be a personal favor to me and to mine we’ve
been working real hard putting this show together so thank you for listening and
if you could if you really liked it send to share it with a friends but
really easy on these new phones we have now other than that thanks for listening
get a grip on life calm Oh check me out on Instagram I’m coming out hard hot
coming on hot soon Twitter too and then eventually Facebook but one one or two
things at a time is all I can handle so thanks for listening folks bye for

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