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[EP. 6] Kpop Abuse Me ft. BLACKPINK DDU DU DDU DU

[EP. 6] Kpop Abuse Me ft. BLACKPINK DDU DU DDU DU

Hey, it’s me Welcome back to my channel! I know you guys have been highly requesting me to do a “Kpop Abused Me” for BLACKPINK. Before I jump into the.. that chaos, I’m coming to KCON LA, so yay!! If you’re coming I hope we can meet eye-to-eye. If this is gonna be our reunion, come through Linda. Here is my schedule for KCON LA 2018. On Friday at 1:00 p.m I will be at a Soompi booth, and that will be in the convention area for a photo meet-and-greet. Remember the contest for TalkTalk Korea? That was the contest where you submitted content based on Korean topics, and you submitted them and for a chance to win a free trip to Korea. It’s time for the voting process, which will be linked down below. So make sure you click that. Please vote for your favorite content and come see me at KCON LA at the Soompi booth. I will be giving a small gift of appreciation for those who just show up on Friday at 1:00, so make sure you stop by and give me a hug pLeAsE. Again, the link to vote for the TalkTalk Korea submissions will be linked below. At 4-5 pm on that same Friday, it will be the YouTubers Truth or Dare in panel room 502B. We’re gonna get down and dirty, yEaH. It is later in the day close to Friday night, so you guys know y’all have nothing to do. Just stop by and watch some of your favorites do some cringey things haha. On Saturday, if you are coming, at 11:30-12:30 I will be in a panel called Beauty YouTubers Get Real, and this is with Ivan, Hillary, and Sunny. The tea is gonna be spilled, the struggles behind the camera, and securities, and just things that are covered up by the media. Everything online can be so photoshopped, and this is the panel where we are going to get really real with you guys and just connect one-to-one. I hope this panel can really open up a lot of perspectives, very, like, intimate. So I hope you guys to come to this panel, which again is at 11:30 to 12:30 in room 502B. And then, after all that deep, deep, talk, I’ll be having another meet and greet at Olive Young’s booth, again in the Convention Center at 3 pm on Saturday. At Olive Young’s booth, you could try a variety of products and also buy some of the best-selling products as well! A lot of giveaways will be held at the Olive Young booth. If you participate, you will be able to win some of their top picks for skincare and some of the ColorGram makeup products, which I have lip tint on. I love this color, and I even put it on my cheeks. uwu However, at my fanmeet with Olive Young at 3 pm, we will be giving out 15 filled boxes full of K-beauty products like ColorGram lip tints, blushes, eyeliners, skincare, face masks and so so much more! So make sure you stop by and win a box for you to take home and try some of my favorites! I will be waiting for you>.>Last but not least, Sunday: Meeting Idols in Korea, Expectations vs Reality bLuBluBlujshfkjdf REALITY panel with JRE and Whitney. This is 3:30-4:30 in room 515B. We have some weird experiences, okay. Come listen to our stories and our reality! Oh and one more thing wOaH the background is so messy. Sorry, we’re in the middle of a move. Whitney and I will be having a dual fanmeet together at the Star Square Photo-Op with KCON on Sunday at 12:30-1:00. So make sure you guys come by and take photos with us. It’ll be fun. (i genuinely have no clue what she’s saying here lol) Now to the video woowoowoowoo woowoowoowoowoowoo woowoowoowoo woowoowoowoowoowoo BLACKPINK!! aH yEaH aH yEaH BLACKPINK!! aH yEaH aH yEAaAh eH hit you wit that DDU DU DDU DU DDU hit you wit that DDU DU DDU DU DDU *ddu du ddu du ddu du ddu* i’m keeping the next few subtitles (they’re the automatic ones) cause they’re gold –>Let painful ways out go throw up except I’m gonna run it in the bucket list Yeah, but it starts out here to go to the money man cynical attempt on setter water bag With a base jump it’s another bag

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100 thoughts on “[EP. 6] Kpop Abuse Me ft. BLACKPINK DDU DU DDU DU

  1. wow…. bravo fei… that's tough work. to re-clicked, rewind the mV, to stay in angle, to learn the dance moves, to edit…..that's more than a person could do. CLAPPPSSSSS!

  2. Lol it was kinda weird for me… I know the whole dance routine because I preform kpop dances with my little group at school… BTW I danced as Jisoo💖💖

  3. This is funny and all because it's fake, but I honestly wouldn't think it's funny if it happened for real, that would hurt but be an honor to get hit or kicked by your bias.

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