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What if maybe he will lose to him? Oh that’s what i’m talking. Watch them go at it. It looks like a hook. Your can’t handle that because your hand is hanging already. Too low already. Watch his shoulder. His shoulder moves along intact. Really strong. Ok try it. Oh go with your right hand this time. Now use the left this time. Maybe you’re strong only with right. Same thing. Let’s try yours. Let me try your arm. My arm is my strongest… I know that your arm is strong. It’s longer than mine. Move away bro! bro! can’t see it bro! Hold on tight, so tightly. Go. Bro! Bro! He’s shoulder is not moving away. Really strong. Ok try it. Oh, right hand this time. See his shoulder how it’s positioned. That’s the right way. It’s very intact. He’s very strong right handed! He’s right indeed is. Can’t really handle that. My feet are getting pulled off the ground. The right arm is so. Silly it snapped. Can’t really grasp it.

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37 thoughts on “EPIC ARM WRESTLING vs my UNCLE!!! 🔥- AW #0003

  1. Wonderful and unbelievable video. your friend appreciates your video. and asks to keep sharing your awesome work. thanks for this awesome stuff. stay blessed

  2. Ayos Yan ha…kaysa magsapakan kayo hehehehe joke matira manalo….. naunahan na Kita boss patapik na lng po ako sa bahay ko salamat God bless you 🙏

  3. Hi po, new friend😍
    Check niyo po notif niyo hehe nag iwan po ako ng gift na makakatulong sa pag grow ng channel niyo hehe sana po matulungan niyo din po ako sa pagrow😍
    Done hug!!!
    Pahugback po.


  4. Hello nice vlogs more videos to upload
    And i already visit your house
    Sana ikaw din nuod ka sa bahay ko ng 3 munites then click mo na ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. ja estou aqui vim retribuir a sua visita e aproveito o bom ensejo pra me inscrever e te desejar sucesso ,,,, ja deixo o meu joinha e novo inscrito e sininho ativado ,,,,

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