100 thoughts on “Episode 2: Blisters, Bruises, and Boxing up Gear (PCT 2017)

  1. I would have liked to see the long version of the guy going through your pack, I like hearing their reasoning and your responses.
    Maybe see you on the trail.

  2. You really should pick up a jar of DMSO Rose cream. It will help dramatically reduce pain and swelling, and will speed healing, AND, it is anti-microbal.

  3. I like your videos, down to earth blog about your trip, and the trail psychology is more important than most people realize, yet you hear less of it. Your comments at 19:12 or so is the very essence of packing,as far as I know and feel! Thanks for doing the youtubing!

  4. I am a nurse too 😊 if you get blisters under your big toenails and they are causing pressure and pain, burn a needle to sterilize and carefully use it to "drill" a hole straight down through the approximate center of the nail. It takes a bit, but use a back and forth twisting until the pointy end breaks through. It seems like it would hurt but usually it just feels like sweet relief, and you should be able to push fluid out the little hole. I would then blob some neosporin on there and continue on.

  5. Hey Dixie! I hope the Altras work for you. When I put my winter boots away last year on the AT I immediately went to the Lone Peak but eventually switched to Olympus for the extra cushion. Actually summited Katahdin in the worn Lone Peaks to save my second set of Olympus for off trail life. Just got another pair from REI. They're closing out the 2.0 model and with sale price and my dividend I only paid $23 for them!

    So I hope you have luck with them, my tootsies love the wiggle room up in that big fat Altra toe box.

  6. I refer to coming out of the tent in the morning as The Rice Krispies Moment: Snap Krackle Pop. Nice work! Love the landscape shots.

  7. Note to self…. do not wash socks when the weather is going to be freezing that night!!!!!!

  8. Loving this video. We live in Oregon and have been loving watching your videos. Thank you so much for sharing your inspiring journey with us!

  9. Would love to do one of these thru-hikes but not sure how someone from the uk can come to your country for that period of time. I presume a visa would be needed. Is it possible?

  10. Altra Lone Peaks + Injinji Merino socks = No blisters or black toenails. Try wearing a knee sleeve Dixie. They work wonders for me. I always have a small tub of body glide on me for when Mr Chafe appears. Good luck 🙂

  11. being in uk, not sure why the guy was turfing out your gear?
    or exactly what a thru-hicke is.
    btw, in the forces we are taught if blisters occour can do a number of things (A cover with zinc oxide tape and crack on)
    (B burst blister by needle with small length of tread putvthrough thh blister leave thread to drain the blister and dry out on its own.

  12. How has it been hiking in the desert on sand vs the wooded areas on the AT? It looks like it might even be harder on your feet in the desert.

  13. Evernew brand water bladders are the best. They're Japanese triple layer and have a better screw pattern than the platypus.

  14. QUESTION: How do you manage recording so much and battery life? Do you sustain with solar energy or how do you do it? This also applies to recording space, how are you being so effective?

  15. Owee on that toe with a blister! Hope it heals, Dixie. I like your new red shoes and have an appreciatory smile because my feet grew a half-size in my last long walk — so wonder if yours will too.

  16. So when you said you were at mt luguana, I was like, ok, this is a great place to check where you are on google maps! And then I looked, and I was like. You got a heck lot to go.

  17. I sure hope the pack shakedown is completely optional. I'd get a little perturbed if someone told me I had to weigh my pack and then started poking around in it.

  18. You're very beautiful and courageous !! And your teeth are gorgeoussssssss and PEARLY WHITE !!! Wowwwwwzzzzeeeeerrrrrrrrssss !!!! But hey ! Just a headsup – deodorant actually works AMAZING to prevent and treat Skin Chafing ….! It's crazy ; but my Fam swears by it !!!! Waaaaaayyyyyy better than Talc or anything else we've tried …!!!! Anyways – Positive Vibes and Love; From Me to You !!! ❤️

  19. if i can make a suggestion… i have an operation on my knee a few months before i joined the military what helped me wa going bearfoot… its a learning curve but ot more natural and when you get it right it almost removes the shock you get from walkimg on your heel

  20. Great Series!!! love the fact that it is "home made", and focuses on the "individual experience". Keep'em coming!

  21. Yay! Catching up with all your videos. You are also trending on YouTube, when you type in PCT your videos come in suggestions too! 🙂 Thank you for sharing! Really loving them! Warm regards. D/P

  22. The store at 6:58 looks awesome! p.s. Do you have access to Voltarol Cream? It will help you a lot during the hike.

  23. Dixie, I'm thinking about doing some backpacking vlogs and would love to know what camera you are using for these thru-hike videos???

  24. Just watching is very inspirational !   I have a long way to go to get back in shape…  But maybe someday I will be a thru-hiker

  25. Thanks for the effort in vlogging your trips! I am new to all of this and was doing some research on gear and came across these. Not gonna lie- Im already havin some jitters but your vids made me excited to start!

  26. For anyone out there if your new shoes start to give you blisters put on another pair of sox. I learned this in the Army. Carry a pair of cotton ankle sox with good padding on the heel and and ball. No cheap sox. I never had blisters again, literally. I hiked the John Muir wearing Army combat boots (I didn't like waffle stompers, it was the early 70s) and nary a blister.
    30 lb. pack? I carried an 80 lb pack, but I was hiking 200+ miles with only one place to replenish at Devil's Postpile and I'm was built like a tank. After fifty lbs. it really didn't matter if I had 60 lbs or 80 lbs (I had five lbs of a slab of bacon). I hiked the same speed. Fast downhill and slow up. LOL.

  27. Oh my gosh! that guy thought you should cut your hair?! no, no, no, would the guys shave their beards? naw. Love your videos, I'm watching NickWentHiking too. You two are amazing. I hope I can do the JMT 2018.

  28. Just got the PCT Hiker's Companion and I'm reading it bit by by and watching your videos in sequence. Helping me visualize the trail and get ready for my 2019 (hopefully)!thru hike.

  29. I'm loving your videos. I've done the Katahdin section of the AT in a day and my wife and I will be doing the Fundy footpath next year for our anniversary. It is only a 4 day hike but should still be fun. Enjoy your walk and stay safe.

  30. I have Altra shoes that look just like those. Most comfortable hiking shoes I have worn. They look ridiculous, but damn, they are comfortable.

  31. I'm not an expert, but my first loaded pack was 30 lbs and I was miserable. I knocked it down to 25 and still miserable. I kept swapping things out and now have a base weight of about ten lbs and can travel twice as far very comfortably. Just a better way to go.

  32. Blisters – Especially when I take newbie’s backpacking I insist on stopping periodically and asking them specifically if they feel any hot spots in their feet. Many people tend to ignore foot problems until it reaches a pain threshold. Newbie’s will ignore foot issues because they’re embarrassed or distracted from “listening” to their feet. If the hot spot or other problem can be recognized early, then treatment like moleskin on foot or shoe lining, change of socks or adjusting laces can be done before the skin breaks open or a blister becomes problematic.

  33. Wow! Your video skills are awesome.  I enjoyed  your videos on the A.T. but these are so much better.  I am an old backpacker that wishes I had your gumption to do the things you do at your age. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your travels and you sharing your thoughts.  Thank You!

  34. Im hooked, I watch you Dixie and Darwin on the Trial. I retire at age 50 in a few months and cant wait to hit the AT!!

  35. Why carry tent stakes. Average person can make 8 tent stakes in 5 min. That is why Canadians carry hatchets and a good knife. Not for battoning and feather sticking and all that hooey. We carry it because we dont have to carry tent poles or stakes, small boats, stove gear and many other things. Yes a hatchet is almost 2 lbs, but with my tarp I can make a canoe in an hour easily. Or a tripod out of wind-fall branches to cook with. No more carrying a stove. If it rains make your small fire under the upward corner of you tarp shelter, and place your small fire and tripod out of the rain. Use spruce roots or keep a few feet of paracord for your stove. Your pot will hang on a branch with a natural hook(a cut off branch) at the base. Tied at the top of the tripod with the same piece or cordage. That same piece of cordage makes a fire bow to start your fire(in emergency) if you don't have a pocket full of Bic's. I keep a Bic in ever pouch and pocket. Fire is life. (I watch you walk by sooooo much awesome food in your vids! Besides the obvious we carry a small amount of stove pipe wire(do not use on tripod! It will smell.) for many things but the most life saving would be food😑 as a snare. Seriously. We dont have people coming along, EVER 😊. So you shouldn't depend on it. Also my pack is half your packs weight.
    The list goes on forever, right down to a new pack, log cabin, smoke house, or anything.

    There is no substitute for a good fixed blade knife and hikers hatchet, and the stone to keep them sharp. Those two items, plus the wire and para cord I mentioned a few uses for, are things that are incredibly useful and weight nothing compared to carrying all the other things that run out, go dead. I hatchet dont take batteries. Yet it provides all the light I need if that's the only thin I have. Find chirt or fools gold or flint. Then chunk a spark onto some punkwood mixed with fatwood. Make torches from pine cones(dry only) and pitch from the same tree. Wrap your wire around the middle and split one end in 8ths, spread apart, insert cones and drench in pitch. Keep extra cones and pitch in a belt sac for extended periods(for emergency).

    Nature provides all. If you know where to look. 😉 Make a pine/cedar/spruce/ect Yes, with a simple steel cup that has as much vitamins as a orange. You can make nutritious pasta from these trees as well. *SOME ARE TOXIC* So you have to get someone to help you.
    Anyhow great video. Love the series. It's amazing how different a few miles north makes a difference. The trout up here taste like beacon👌👌

  36. How to avoid blisters: Get more blisters! Seriously, because where I was born, I'm used to walking around barefooted a lot. Folks in the West trust their shoes more than their feet, while I:
    A river? Shoes off.
    Sand field? Shoes off.
    Scree? Shoes off.
    Slippery rocks? Shoes off.

  37. 15 is perty lat there pilgrim. lol. Ya get the best trail legs on the trail, I always thaught.
    I mean I tride some off trail, trail legs once but ended up traden In for a better pair on the trail. You know just one of those things best gotten on the trail I guess. lol.

  38. I just got my first pair of Altras last week. Looking forward to putting some wear on them and finding out how yours worked out for you in the next videos. Also, being from the South, I almost fainted when you said you’d never really chafed before—I chafe just watching all these hiking videos! Hah

  39. Very interesting. I just discovered you and I've watched three or four. My experience hiking was in the Army wearing 80 lb backpacks a long time ago in the mountains of southeast Asia. Today's shoes are definitely better than heavy boots. I can see there's still a lot of beautiful mountains wilderness way out there and out west is the last place left you can see the night sky clearly. Have fun and stay safe.

  40. You show the reality of hiking. Love the way you weave the bugs, plants and animals into your videos. I guess the military does not follow leave no trace.

  41. "My feet are throbbing, my legs are sore, and I don't think I could be any happier right now." – Awesome

  42. I seriously wonder why on you and cheryl strayed and so many other people you start losing toe nails. i never lost any. So, what is different on your gear than on a european gear?

  43. At 1:25 – is the bush you and Perk say smells good and want to rub under the armpits actually the dreaded Poodle Dog Bush? In episode 14 you show it in full bloom but I can't tell if it's the same. 🙂

  44. Couple years late, but 'Cooper fit' knee compressors are lightweight, don't retain much heat, and seem to help for me a bit.

  45. Supposedly, doubling up on socks prevents blisters. Was a British Army trick – see Lindy Beige: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DGtHMZX8gc

  46. it is all nice the only thing I dont get why would this man rake over items of other hikers? Are you obligated to expose every single item for his inspection on pct ? ! ? who is he ????!!

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