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Erick Gonzalez Fought a Cholo

Erick Gonzalez Fought a Cholo

Tell us about your first-ever Street fight so when I Was in ninth grade I actually got my
First street fight I was in school and I Got into it with this cholo’s little
Brother and basically what happened was We got into a locker room with a little
Brother and started saying exchanging Words mouthing off just be you know little hoodlums Later on that day it was after school I was about was about to head
Home leaving my locker Road G going down the middle The of them
Of the school going towards exit and Then I get approached by three cholos
Wannabe cholos in Torrance you know. Always funny when you see cholos in Torrance because You know you’re not you’re not A cholo in Torrance and basically
Got into it they try to try to jump me And you know people get in the way so I
Ended up just telling him hey let’s meet Up and we meet up over at the apartment
next door to school we meet up we get Into it we start to change the word
Pushes me I push him back he starts to Swing and I duck under it hit him
Once and then as he’s he’s like falling Backward I get him with like a back fist
End up taking him to the ground start Beating him up Finally my buddy gets me off of he and
And he starts crying dude like it literally Started crying like a cholo crying was
Like to me it was like the funniest thing Ever man! It had me dying!

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