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Escape from Tarkov | Random Moments

Escape from Tarkov | Random Moments

Hmm … What the hell am I looking for here? *shot* Oh, shit! RIP *trigger clicks* OH, FUCK!
I’m not even–
*gunshot* No no no no … *reloading sounds* Let’s try the SMG then. *slow firing* Ah, had it on single-fire. (Down a floor lower.) (Ow, fuck. Shit, I hit myself!) (That 1986 stairs?) — (Yeah.)
— Oh, shit. (Oh, he’s on– Did you get him?) I hit him. I got one.
The other one’s behind that pillar. (Nice, yeah.) — He’s dead now.
— (He’s down.) — (Alright I’m moving on that guy there.)
— Oh, you can see the body! Reloading. (Watch the window for me.) I had no idea the Saiga was that long range, honestly. The weapon customization for this game is– –insane, actually. Holy shit. The amount of stuff you can add to guns is just crazy. Wait, let me look at another gun. Actually, let’s look at this one. Modding … Yeah, look at that. So many options! Alright, so here’s your basic AK– –that I got from a trader. You can still quite a few stuff:
handguards, receivers, bolts … (Testing …) (Someone’s already shooting the scav’.) (Yeah, it’s up front.) [*nngh!*] —(Good?)
—(What’s up, what’s up? Who’s getting hurt?) I got nailed by the barbed wire. —(Okay.)
—*Pfft* *hehe* I sound incredibly dumb, but that’s what happened. —(Alright, everybody come in here.)
—(Coming to your room.) Oh! Someone’s with a knife?! (No, don’t– yeah, that’s us! That’s one of our guys.) Oh, Jesus Christ, you scared me. Sorry. —Fucking … good thing that I *missed*.
—(Yeah, I was– I was hesitating, you know, like …) —*laughing*
—(Woo!) What’s up?
How’s your freedom? (Yeah *distant shot* th– AHH–!) (My– my driver is–) (–is resetting. What the …!) Good timing. —(I’m scared of this place.)
—(Say, you guys moving hear me?) (Yeah.) (I guess that you gotta jump.) –the hell do you jump? This …? OH SHIT! OOH– That was bad. Broke all my legs, I’m pretty sure. —(… big rider.)
—I did kill him! —(Did you? Oh …)
—There’s a body in front of me. —OH SHIT!
—(You have to–) (–loot my body. *hehe*
LOOT MY BODY!) I got another one. (The gun has the PSO scope. I don’t really like it.) (Why not?) (I haven’t used it. I’m …) (Hey, you soffing[?] …) —Oh, I just killed somebody.
—(He’ll help you.) (Good.) (I think you got the guy that killed us.) He was just standing at the corner, like, watching the other way,
as I was sneaking up on him. (… when you’re playing with boots and shit, you know?) (Okay, let’s go.) Yeah, seriously, all of you are running around, looking like you’re holding your pants with your other hand. (Don’t worry.) (It’s good to hold your pants.) A: (You know how to wiggle?) What, you mean like this? —A: (Not– Not here, not here.)
—Okay *haha*. —B: (I made a very big–)
—”Do you know how to wiggle? *hehehe* A: (Come on, run, man! Run.) —Just run, never mind.
—B: (Past the barricade?) —Yeah, I see you.
—A: (I see you, I see you.) —What’s up, man?
—A: We see you. Just start running for– in front of you. A: (Come, come, come.
Very fast, fast fast fast fast.) You can do this, man! We see you! Go, man!
Come on! B: (I’m out of energyyy!) A: (Don’t look. Just run.) B: (I’m nooot looking. I’m just running!) —So how many people have you killed so far?
—A: (Your ass is on fire.) B: (Me?) No no no, like, everyone, total.
Like how many have you killed? —B: (We killed … two?)
—A: (I killed one, he killed one, too. There’s one more.) C: (What are you guys doing?) *blast*
B: (I hear footsteps, right here!) — A: (Yeah, it’s me. It’s me, it’s me!)
— B: (Oh, shit, you freaked me out!) *laughing* B: (We were looking for the guy–) A: (Not that one. Come here.) Well, this is a little intense. I’mma go see if there’s anybody here. Okay, that worked.
Jesus Christ! –want to loot him, but I’m scared. Oh? *footsteps* Oh my god, another guy. *heavy footsteps* How many are there?
Jesus Christ! Oh, fuck yes. I found the exit.
Now I get the fuck out of here. (… most likely take it–) (–for, like, 10 grand?) *ricochet*
—Oh shit! … I just got shot at. I just got shot at.
—(Now I don’t know how sh– … was.) — (From where?)
— I don’t know. I’m– — –fucking, that was a– I only heard it pass by me.
— (Where are you guys?) OH, SHIT!

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42 thoughts on “Escape from Tarkov | Random Moments

  1. hey @DarkLiberatorZone how do you like the game? it seems very in dept and awesome and has a lot of potential from what i can tell

  2. can i run this game with these specs
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6400 CPU @ 2.70GHz (4 CPUs), ~2.7GHz
    NVIDIA Geforce GTX 950 2 GB
    8 RAM

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