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Essential MMA Gear For Beginners: Required!!

Essential MMA Gear For Beginners: Required!!

hey guys what is going on it’s mark from
superhuman Fitness here and in this video we’re gonna be talking about some
of the essential stuff you guys need if you are new to MMA just getting started
and you wanted to know what equipment you needed or like what gear you need
just trying to figure out what you need to buy this video is for you now before
we do get into this video I actually want to tell you guys a funny story
alright so for you guys that don’t know if you’re new here I used to work at UFC
gym like a couple months ago okay at the end of every workday I would go and I
train of some of the coaches right we’d have like sparring days and we’d have
like days we’d hit the bag we’d have days we did pad or Jiu Jitsu you know
just like regular training right this one day I’m there and it’s supposed to
be our rest day and one of my friends his name’s Noah so now if you’re
watching this love you bro know but um so we’re there and I finished working
early and I’m bad are you at a Whole Foods Whole Foods is right across the
street and I want to go and get some food I closed the register and
everything my boy I was like yo do you want to spar on my crap well I didn’t
really bring any gear but like why not at the gym we have like extra stuff so I
took an extra headgear I took some shin guards and I took some gloves right I
decided we could do MMA since I had everything on you know what I thought
was everything and we’re sparring and so I’m throwing a roundhouse kick if you
know what a roundhouse kick is he counters with a back kick right and this
counter is placed right in between my legs you know what I’m saying and I go
flying backwards and I’m on the ground in a ball for like a good five minutes
and I was like yeah I didn’t have everything that I thought I had I forgot
my cup that’s why I decided to make this video for you guys that are out there
that are new to fighting sports in general and just want to know what gear
you should bring what gear you should get in general that being said you need
a cup I use a groin cup from from Taekwondo that I had and I works perfectly make
sure you get a cup though you need to protect yourself protect those and nuts
protect those bad boys of yours with this cup something else you need is a
mouthpiece for obvious reasons you don’t want to lose your teeth to protect your
teeth and your gums I use the UFC one I will link all this stuff in the
description by the way obviously you’re gonna need some sort of boxing gloves
right so I would recommend 16-ounce gloves
because that’s the the ones you’re probably gonna be using and training
when you’re hitting the heavy bag and when you’re sparring professionals use
lighter ones in professional boxing they use 10 ounces but these gloves they
protect your wrists actually so some people think it protects the other
person’s face it does obviously but it protects your wrists and mainly your
wrist bones right here all these bones they’re not meant to be hitting
somebody’s face a hard object it’s meant to be writing drawing gentle stuff it’s
not meant to be hitting stuff so the gloves protects your wrists and your
hands from shattering bases no something else I would recommend are hand wraps
hen wraps are super important you put these wraps on under your gloves and
that just make sure your wrist doesn’t move around when you’re hitting the bag
so if you’re hitting without hen wraps normally your your wrist gets still
bending around the gloves do help but sometimes the gloves aren’t enough so
you put on the hand wraps and it’s just that extra layer of protection to keep
your wrist straight from moving I have videos on that by the way one more thing
you guys are gonna need are shin guards these are super important when you’re
doing muy Thai for example it keeps the other person from dying
from your kicks and it keeps your shins are from snapping in half so they’re
super important now you guys might be like how am I gonna be able to carry
this all in the gym well you guys are going to need a gear bag to carry it all
in right so you just get a gear bag you put in everything one more thing you
guys might need this is not really necessity but it might improve your your
game in boxing or MMA or whatever it is a lot and I was just getting a heavy bag
at home so when you’re never when you’re not in class or just be hitting the
heavy bag or – you couldn’t bring that here like I said I looked for everything
on Amazon already and I’ve tried to find the best priced ones the best deals on
Amazon and I put them in the description box below if you guys want to get any of
these stuff and make sure you guys go get them make sure you guys drop a like
on this video if you have not already subscribe love you guys peace up

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