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Good day, here we are presenting the new EWM welding machine, Titan XQ what about Titan XQ? It’s the evolution of the already known Phoenix and Alpha Q we could just say that with this welding machine EWM “perfected perfection” It’s a multi process welding machine that means the machine can weld by MIG/MAG functions but it can be setted as TIG and MMA too infact as already happens for Alpha Q and Phoenix we can link a TIG Torch directly by Euro Connector and cooling nipples and we have a Pulsed TIG totally controlled by torch trigger for gas flow opening and current ignition a real complete tig! Well, but we are here for talking about MIG/MAG because it’s on it that we have the top performances Let’s talk about details First we need to talk about cooling system ’cause it has a powerful cooling capacity of 1500 W and a 8 liters tank The default cooling pump works at 3,5 bar but a reinforced pump can be installed if we need to use very long intermediate cables This cooling unit can adapt fan RPM according to liquid temperature, for to constantly optimize energy consumption We have a large cylinder trolley because this machine as every EWM with Multimatrix technology is ready to be equipped with more than one wire feeder, one set as master and three more setted in slave modality so it’s possible to weld with different materials and gas by the same generator for that reason the cylinder trolley is designed to accomodate twoo cylinders at the same time just change this piece with a double housing This wire feeder can be equipped with WHS system, a special device for warming up the wire spool case avoiding humidity deposition on the wire very damaging for cored wires and to prevent oxidation of the surface of the solid wires finally we prevent the risk of porosity in the welding due to the presence of hydrogen

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