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Extreme Rules’taki Maç İptal Mi Edildi? | Raw Türkçe 25.6.18

Extreme Rules’taki Maç İptal Mi Edildi? | Raw Türkçe 25.6.18

you had your chance to be brought three years three years of chances and the only thing that you’ve proven is that you can’t beat Brock so it’s time for you to just move on Roman years ago some of you may not know this but about ten years ago Bobby er was in the main event of Wrestlemania and then what’d he do he moved on your left you quit why you wanted to be a big superstar in the MMA and how that work out huh you made a real big impact and now he’s back but tell me this Bob what have you done around here lately exactly nothing and while you’re busy doing nothing I was main event WrestleMania four years in a row and I’m still here every single week I’m driving I’m hungry and I want it to be five in a row so before you ever come up in my ring and run your mouth to me you check my resume don’t you try to downplay my background Roman because I’m the only one here that has legit tools to be Brock and I’ll prove that at Extreme Rules against three guys four guys or however many guys you want to put against me Kurt including you [Applause] there will not be a multi man match at Extreme Rules there was a snag in the contractual agreement with Brock lesner and he pulled out of the deal so that match we’re gonna have extreme roles it’s no longer on the table at least not for now would he love the Table Rock does whatever he wants he don’t care he shows up if the money’s right he’ll show up he doesn’t care about any of us he doesn’t respect you Kurt he don’t respect me he doesn’t respect you he doesn’t respect anybody here anyone in the back or anyone watching at home as a matter of fact Brock Lesnar does not give a we know how you feel Robin maybe he had somebody legit to challenge him maybe if he didn’t have to look across the ring and stare at you every single time maybe he had somebody that was an actual challenge to him Roman he’s tired of seeing your face just like all these people are brach would come back if he had a real challenge like the person standing right before you it looks like you don’t have a match at Extreme Rules I don’t have a match at Extreme Rules so why don’t we just do it right here right now you can have a one-on-one match at Extreme Rules I will take it under advisement

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8 thoughts on “Extreme Rules’taki Maç İptal Mi Edildi? | Raw Türkçe 25.6.18

  1. Aga bee 2 sene once abone oldum ve bugün bildirim geldi,
    Ama ben WWEyi takip etmeyi bıraktım..
    Olsun gene de sizi destekliyorum 👍😁

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