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Faces of Fighting – Diego Oliveira

Faces of Fighting – Diego Oliveira

When the truck hit me and
I was lying on the ground, the first thing that came to
my mind was “Why?” While they were taking me to the
Urgent Care Hospital, I fell into a coma. I went straight to surgery and spent
the whole night being operated. Meanwhile my dad was trying to
transfer me to another hospital. Since I was in critical condition,
no hospital wanted to take me in. My health was like a ticking bomb
that could explode at any time. No one wanted that responsibility as
I had very little chance of surviving. When I started gettting better,
my dad was asking himself, “How will my son react from now on?
He’ll think I ruined his life!” But he only had a simple choice,
either my leg or my life. So, he told the doctors to amputate it. When dad saw me for the first time,
he was very sad and down. Tapping on what was left
of my leg, I told him: “Don’t worry, we’ll attach a
stick to it and I’ll walk again” He left the hospital very happy and touched, thinking: “My boy is alright!”

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