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Family Comes First – “Flesh” Full Free Maverick Movie!!

Family Comes First – “Flesh” Full Free Maverick Movie!!

(foreboding music) – Why am I here? I didn’t narc or anything! I didn’t fuckin’ snitch! Please, please, please no. Please don’t kill me. (gun pop) – Let’s ride. (engine revs) (funky industrial beats) (door creaks) (chuckles) – Bad ass kid that
likes to fight. – [Nick] Yeah. – What are you doing back? – Don’t be mad. I’m just tryin’ to make a
little bit of extra money. – No, I know that. I’m talking about what are
you doing back in town? It’s been what, eight years? – Yeah. Figured it was
time to come home. – Come home to what, this? (chuckles) – Ain’t nothin’ like it. – You shittin’ me? (laughs) Come on look, let’s take a ride. You buy me a drink. – Aight. – What can I say about this man? He has been a fixture in
the community and has been responsible for the crime
numbers dropping steadily over the years. (applause) I present to you, my friend,
our chief, Alonzo Coleman. (cheers and applause) – Wow, thank you, and thank you Bill for
that humble introduction. You truly are a great
friend and mentor to me. Wow, it’s been a
long, long journey but I wouldn’t be here if it
wasn’t for the love and support of my beautiful wife, Janet. (applause) As you all know, I grew
up here, born and raised. My father was a security
guard who taught my brothers and I
that, to be honorable, meant to help the
man next to you. All my life, all I’ve ever
wanted was to clean the streets, make it a better place
for our future generation. Now I believe that
every single day, we’re taking a step toward
making that achievement happen. (applause) So I am here to serve
you, to serve my city, for as long as
you would have me. God bless you and
have a good night. (applause) (slow soulful music) – [Janet] Maybe we could
go on a nice long vacation, get out of the city or
the country for a while. – You know I was
thinkin’ the same thing. Where you wanna go? – [Janet] Hmm, how
does Paris sound? – Expensive. – Stop it, you know that
we are more than fine when it comes to that. – Yeah we are. (sexy synthesizer beats) – Damn. – You keep dressin’ like that, I’ll take you
anywhere you wanna go. – Is that right? – That’s right. – Let’s see where else I can go. (sexy synthesizer beats) – The old man asked about
you before he passed away. – Yeah? – He regret it too, ya’ll
weren’t on best better terms. – Yeah well that’s life. Just came back for a little
while to see my family before I pass through. – So we’re you heading? – [Nick] Away. – Need some on the trip? – Nah man, I don’t
need anything. – [Casper] You sure? – Yeah, I’m good. – So uh, at least tell
me where you going? – I got a little
place, man I’m cool. – You gone by to see your girl? (chuckles) – No that was a
long time ago bro. – Yeah well she still asks
about you every time I see you. She has a kid now, by some low
life over on the south side. – Hmm. Yeah, but um, how’s Alonzo? – The local hero? We don’t speak much, being that won’t be good
for business dealings, you know him being
a cop and all? – [Nick] Right. His family? – Yeah. You should stop by and see
’em when you get a chance. – Yeah I might do that. – So uh, when’s the last
time you had a girl, bro? (laughing) – You know what man. – What nothin’. When the last time
you had some puss-ay? (laughing) – [Nick] You trippin’. – Trip a nut. Ay, yo Dino! That one right there? Bring her here. – Ay man, you know you
ain’t gotta be doin’ that. – Man look, I’mma make sure
my little brother’s straight, aight? – Aight. – [Casper] Relax, I gotchu. – [Nick] Aight. – Boss, I don’t trust
this Griffin dude. – Yeah well I don’t either. – You need me to go
in there with you? – Nah I’m good. Hold tight. (chatting) – Casper. This is Eve. She’s heard so much about you. – Eve. – Griffin here tells
me that nothing happens in this city without
you knowing about it? – Is that what they say? – I’m a business woman. And I’m here to offer you
a business proposition. – I’m listening. – My employers and I, we deal
in a certain type of business. One that requires a
certain level of anonymity, but that will be very lucrative. – Pardon my bluntness but ah,
I don’t speak in bullshit. No time for it. I like to get straight
to the point, so uh, if you don’t mind, what exactly
are we speakin’ on here? Guns, money, drugs? – Flesh. – Excuse me? – Flesh Mr. Casper. Human, in particular. (finger snaps) You see anything you like? – Prostitution? – I’m not a pimp Mr. Casper. And my clients are certainly
not on order looking for girls. Like I said, I’m a business woman and I deliver to
the highest bidder. Virgin, blonde, brunettes, anything you like, black. (chuckling) – This has all been real
entertaining but uh, I’m not interested. – Without Eve, she can easily
take you out of business. She’s tryin’ to keep
you in a percentage. – Take me out of business? This isn’t my business. So she can have it all
as far as I’m concerned. – What do you think
is gonna happen? All the drugs, money, it’s only a matter of time. Every low level thug like
yourself is already in my corner because they know who I am and they know what
I’m capable of. – This isn’t Mexico, so try
that shit if you want to. This is your lane and I’ll be sure to stay
out of the way of it, and gentleman, lady, ‘scuse me. – Is this gonna be a problem? – No ma’am. – Good. – So was that a
big waste of time? – I ain’t talkin’ bout shit. Let’s ride. – Yes sir. – Sir? The mayor’s on line
one and your wife is holding on line two. – All right, well the mayor’s
just gonna have to wait. – Yes sir. – Hey honey. Oh you wanna have lunch today? Perfect. Anything for you. Alright, love you too. Buh-bye. – Sir? Your brother’s here to see you. – Brother? – Yes sir. – Okay give me a second. – [Secretary] Yes sir. – You know, let the mayor
know that I get back with her as soon as I can. – Certainly sir. – Alright. Nick? Boy! – Wassup. – Oh man. It’s been a long
time, welcome home. – Yeah I appreciate that man. – Look at you, man! All grown up and everything. You been stayin’ out of trouble? – Well you know I’m tryin’ to. Look at you. What you the man now, huh? – Oh man, this ain’t nothin’. C’mon man, let’s step outside. So, how long you
been in town, man? – Just today bro. – How long you stayin’? – Not long. I’m actually headed out
west, I thought I’d stop in, see my brothers before I left. – Brothers? – Yeah man, brothers, plural. I got two of ’em right? – Seen him yet? – Ran into him last night. – How is he? – Do you really care? – Nah, not really. But you know we brothers, right? – Yeah, he’s fine. – Good. Anyway man, why don’t
you come by tonight? Come by the house,
see the family, have dinner with me and family,
see your nieces and nephews. – Yeah I’d like that, man. – You know man, after
your mom passed away, I ain’t think I see you
up in these parts no more. – Yeah. – Then when old man passed away, you didn’t show
up to his funeral. – Yeah, that’s not. – My bad. – Listen man, I’m happy to
be here with my brothers and that’s all
that matter, right? – You right, you right. Look, here go my card. My number’s on the back. Call me around seven, I get the address to
where the house is. – Cool, cool. – It’s good to see you, bro. – It’s good to see you too man. – Are you okay? Casper?
– Mmm, yeah. Sorry, I’m good. – No, wassup? – Nothing. – Now I know when
something is bothering you. So don’t give me that. – I guess you do know me well. – Yeah. I do. – I guess you know you the
only one beside my brother that I trust, right? I want to take you away
from all this Kree. Away from this world. – What world? Me managing the club? – C’mon you know what
I’m talking about. – It’s the only world I see. – [Casper] I understand. – I gotta get back to work. – Okay. (smooth electronic beats) (upbeat synthesizer melody) – [Remy] Nick? – Wassup man? – [Remy] What the hell? – [Nick] What you doin’
on this side of town man? – Man, I live right around
the block from here. – Right around the block? Okay, okay. – Yeah I gotta
get to this money, you know what I’m talkin’ about. (laughing) – Get this money, huh? Oh you still out
here nickel and dime, what you got in
your pockets, huh? – Not exactly. Question is, what are you
doin’ on this side of town? You’re not here to
see Cheryl, are you? – Just stop in to say hello. Can I just say hello? – That’s not a good idea. She’s with someone else now. – But I just wanna see her. Is that cool? C’mon man, it’s me. – Alright.
– Ey? – This is not a good idea. – I know, I know. I heard you the first time. C’mon man relax, chill
out, c’mon get it. (groovy electronic beats) – Was that the witness that
found the body this morning? – Yes sir. – He was just here, right? – Yeah, he was. – Man, alright. Let’s see what
Carly comes up with. – Kay. – I was taking out the
trash and I saw the body. That’s all. – And uh, this is the
man you identified right? – Yes that’s him. – You sure? – Yes. – Alright, sit tight. – Yes sir. – Good job, good job. – Thank you. – So was that her? – Uh, he said he had
something for me. – Body’s not in the morgue. – Okay, let me know
when they get back to you with that, alright? – Yes sir. Is the Captain up
to speed on this? – Yes sir, he sure is. – Okay good, good. I gotta meeting
I need to get to. Keep me in the loop
on this, alright? – Alright.
– Yes sir. Let’s take a trip to the morgue. – Hey, let’s do it. (heavy hip hop music) – Alright, stay here. – That’s cool. – Hey. – Nick. – Yeah. – What are you doing here? – Came to see you. – See me? Through all these years, I moved on and you
shouldn’t be here. – Did he do this to you? – You were gone all those
years so I had to move on. – I understand. – How you get here? – Closure. – Closure? That’s not fair. When I needed closure you
were nowhere to be found. (sighs) – [Man] Who the
hell’s at my door? – I need to go. – I need you.
– I’m sorry. – Is this what you want? You want somebody
beatin’ yo ass everyday? – Just go, please. – You wanna fuck her? What are you doin’
here, who are you? – Nobody. – Yeah keep walkin’ motherfucker
before I beat ya ass, like I’m about to beat her’s. (thuds) – Nick, just leave him alone! Stop! (thuds) Stop, just leave him alone! Nick leave him alone! – C’mon man, we
gotta get outta here! (crying) – I’m sorry. I told him to leave. I’m so sorry. (banging) – What the hell was that? – I don’t know, man! – You just beat
the shit out of one of your brother’s top guys! You didn’t know? Man, I’m sorry I
thought you knew! – Take me to the club! – Listen man, that
is not a good idea! Okay. (slow electronic beat) – Poor girl. Are you scared? It’s okay, relax. – What are gonna do to me? – I’m gonna take care of you. (clicks) She a virgin? – Yes. That’s 15 girls. – When my uncle gets here, make sure you set out
the best one for him. – Yes ma’m. – And Griffin? Send someone to
break this one in. – Yes. Yes ma’am. – [Nick] Ay yo, we need to talk. – Hey man. – Hey, wait you can’t be
bustin’ up in here like that! What’s wrong with ‘chu boy? Ay look, relax, aight? Give us a minute. – Look, let me call you back. – Ay, why you ain’t tell me? – Tell you what? – That Cheryl’s with
one of your guys? – Cheryl? Man fuck that bitch! I told you what it was, so why does it matter
who she’s with? – Because he beatin’ her ass. – Yeah, yeah, and tell me
when I’m supposed to care? You come bustin’ up in
my spot with some bitch, you ain’t spoke to in years. I mean is that what we
really here talkin’ about? – Hey, I tried to tell him. – Remy, shut the fuck up and
go sit yo ass down somewhere! Look bro, I run things around
here and I can’t have you runnin’ around town beatin’
people’s asses ‘cuz you feel some type of way
about some bitch, you used to fuck some years ago. That’s going bring
unnecessary attention to me and you to people we don’t
need all up in our business, including Alonzo. – What business is that? (laughs) – All that, now you
wanna talk business? Remy go get a drink on me. Close the door behind you. Whatchu doin’ hanging
around that cornball? – He’s my friend.
– Friend, huh? He’s a wannabee stickup
kid whose too damn scared to stick somebody up. Squandered all
his baseball times when you got tryin’ to
get hooked on the pipe. I keep that boy on the up and up so he won’t lose track of you. – Mmm, okay. So that’s why you keep him
runnin’ around for you? – It is what it is. – Is what it is, okay. So is that what
you want from me? – What? What kind of shit is that
to say to your big brother? We family. I would never want no low level
type shit like that for you. – Okay. So what is it? – There may be some problems
that I’m not prepared to deal with. I got this cartel
bitch coming into town setting up shop. – Cartel? – Yeah, she’s movin’ in
and she’s settin’ up shop. And it ain’t goin’ be pretty. – You talking drugs? – It may be that. There may be some things
that I need to check into. – Alright. – Mmm, somebody want seconds? – And thirds, and fourths. – Saw your brother, huh? – Yeah, yeah. – When was the last
time we saw him? – Oh man, it’s been years. You know Nick was always a
loner, even when he was a kid. Me and Kevin used to tease
him all the time because he always wanted to go
and play by himself. But, I think that
was cool though, ’cause if he wasn’t
playing by himself, he was always fightin’ somebody. – How was his mom
towards you two? – Know what, she was good. Even though my father had
lied and gotten her pregnant while he was married, she never blamed him
for her pregnancy. She allowed him to
come over and play with us as much as he wanted to. But when she died, Nick took it hard. Then he just disappeared. – What about your dad? – Oh he loved Nick to death. He was his favorite. As Nick got older,
he became distant and when mom passed he
always shut the old man out. – Wow.
– Yeah. That’s Nick though,
he was always stubborn and did whatever
he wanted to do. But who can blame him? – Sounds like
somebody else I know? – Yeah, yeah.
– Mmm-hmm. (doorbell rings) – I get that.
– Alright. – Wassup man? Nothin’ much? – This is nice, bro. – Appreciate it, appreciate it. – Janet. – This is for you.
– Hi Nick. Thank you. So good to see you again. – It’s good to see you too. – Kids. – Wow. – This is your Uncle Nick. – Hi Uncle Nick. – [Nick] How you doing? – Hi Uncle Nick. – [Nick] Hey. (chuckling) – How about we eat? – Let’s do it. – Boss, Griffin’s here. – Bring him in. – I thought our
business was concluded. You here to sell me
some more of your boss’s business venture? – Boss? (laughs) Casper, how long we
known each other? I’m an opportunist. You and I are no different. Why you think we been able
to do business for so long? – Yeah but things change. What do you want Griffin? – Alright look, the
cartels are moving in. The Mexican borders can no
longer hold these guys back. They have the product and the
means to make anything happen. What she’s offering, not
just to you my friend. It’s a way to sustain. How can you go to war with
somebody with an army? – Who says you need an army, when you can just
cut off the head? – Nevertheless, consider
this a courtesy offer. For your assistance,
she’s offering you 40%. (laughs) – Oh, hold up, hold up,
let me get this straight. Let me get this straight. So, she wants to come
in and take over my shit and offer me 40% of my own shit? (laughs) Dino you hear this shit? Nigga you done lost
your motherfuckin’ mind! (chuckling) – 40% is better than
nothin’, wouldn’t you say? – Well you tell that
bitch if she wants it, come and get it. – Fair enough. – Yo Griff, be safe out there. Go get the car. – [Dino] Yes sir. – This is nice bro,
this is real nice. – Appreciate that, bruh. I’m doin’ well for myself. It’s good to be in my position
to be able to give back to the community. You know, I can hook you
up with a job if you want. – A job, huh? – [Alonzo] Yeah. – To be a cop? Don’t think so. – [Alonzo] Nah, but
it sounded good right? – It sounded real good. – So have you decided what
you’s gonna do with yourself? – [Nick] Nah man, just
float around, see the world. Got no responsibilities,
nobody depending on me, just get away. – Just float around
and see the world? – That’s right. – [Alonzo] Man that sound
like one lonely ass life. – Well you know, you
know how I do, man. It works for me. – I feel you. You know before he died, he told me to give
you something. He always thought you would
be the best out of all of us. – Yeah, I don’t think so. – [Alonzo] Man why
you hate him so much? – Why I hate him? Well, ’cause he used to get drunk and
beat the hell out of my mom. – What? – Yeah. Used to come late, complainin’ about his
perfect life with ya’ll. Get drunk, beat, rape my mom. – [Alonzo] Get the fuck out. – He did it for years man, until we moved away,
he couldn’t find us. Despised him. Everything he was. – Man I’m, I’m sorry
bruh, I didn’t know. – Yeah. But you could remember
for the great man he was and I’ll remember him
for everything else. Well anyway, thanks for dinner. You have a beautiful home
and a beautiful family, bro. Take care. – Alright, bruh. (heavy electronic rock) (crying and yelling) – No! – Your fuckin’ noise,
shut the fuck up! – No! Agh, no! (crying) – Shut the fuck up! – You ain’t goin’ nowhere. – No! No! – You like it? Fuck! Yeah! – Yeah! – Give it to her,
give it to her! (heavy electronic rock) Hell yeah! (guns pop) – Men. They always wanna put their
dick where it doesn’t belong! (gun pops) (hip-hop club music) – How long you been
workin’ for my brother? – Look, I was gonna
tell you about that. – About what? – He saved my life
and I owe him. – You not cut out
for this life Remy. You need to get out
while you still can. – And do what? (laughing) End up like that shit (mumbles) Your brother’s not the
same man you knew him as. It’s just, different. He runs the city and he’s
not the guy to cross. – Yes. Yes everything’ll
be fine, no worries. Alright. I’ll talk to you soon. Alright, bye. – Still working? – Yes. It seem like it doesn’t
stop even when I’m home. – The kids are asleep. You wanna come up and
join me for a bath? – Mmm, I’d love to, but I didn’t get a
chance to work out today and I wanna, I
gotta let off steam. – Alright babe, just let me know when
you’re coming up, okay? – I promise you, I will. – I’ll see you. – Alright. (laughing) – So what happened to
you after your mom died? – Just went away, man. Got locked up foolin’ around
for assault and battery. (snorts) – Can’t sit still, kept movin’. – Bad attitude will
get you in trouble! – Yeah you did, you did. – Yup, yup. Fuck I gotta go, across town and see my old lady. You got some scratch I
could borrow for a cab? (laughing) – Yeah, yeah. Let me see what I got. There you go. – You got more I could
borrow (whispers) (laughing) – Here man. – Thanks. – Ay, you know anybody that’s
puttin’ down some place? – I’ll look into it. – Cool. (mumbles) – Will do. (hip-hop club music) – Hey.
– [Nick] Hey. – My shift’s about
to end in a minute so if you want to
get out of here? Okay, I’ll change,
be right back. (suspenseful music) – Casper this is rather
unorthodox my friend. Us meeting like this? – Trust me, I agree. But the feeling is mutual. So uh, what you know
about this Eve chick? – That she means business. The cartels are behind her. She’s very powerful, too powerful for
other, you’re right. – So she’s already
approached you? – She has. – And? – Business is business, right? (chuckles) – You Italian bastards, ya’ll
some scared motherfuckers. – Watch who you talkin’ to, boy. – Boy? So what you gatherin’
the flesh, man Marcello, I mean, ’cause you too
damn scared to go to war with this bitch? – Obviously, I’m
smarter than you Casper. It’s prostitution,
what’s the difference? – You have a daughter,
don’t you Marcello? – Yeah. – She still up at that little
private school up north right? What happens if she’s
snatched up or so? You cool with that? I mean it’s just
prostitution right? It’s not prostitution
you dumb prick! I tell you what, you can sit back and
watch her move in on you, but it ain’t goin’ to happen
to me, I guarantee you that. – Well, you’ll be
on your own then. – So be it. (suspenseful music) (upbeat rock melody) (clanging) (upbeat rock melody) (clanging) (upbeat pop melody) (clanging) – You shouldn’t smoke. – Well then, as of today I quit. – That easy? – Yes, that easy. – Well if it’s that easy,
why don’t you quit this life? – This is not what
I wanted it to be. I wanted more, I had dreams, just got stuck. – Got stuck? – I’m a painter but unfortunately painting
doesn’t pay the bills, despite how much I tried,
so I turned to dancing. – And prostitution? – No. – [Nick] No? – Well I guess, huh? You’re my first, oh wait,
that didn’t sound right, no, your brother paid me
to hang out with you, not to sleep with you. I wanted to sleep with you. – Mmm, did you? – Mmm-hmm. It’s a long time ago. – I’m not judgin’. (hushed speaking) – What’s going on now? – Chief it’s Dean,
he’s cracking. – So take care of it. You called me down
here for that? – Sir he asked to see you. – Is this a joke? – No, sir he’s inside
threatening to make a call. – A call to who? Alright, alright. I’m going in. – Chief I don’t think that’s a. – [Alonzo] Give me your gun. Ya’ll wait right here. – [Joe] I can’t believe this. (suspenseful music) – Dean? What’s going on man? – Sir please put the gun down. – Okay. Okay. Just relax, okay. I’m puttin’ down the gun. Just relax. What’s going on? – [Dean] I can’t do it
anymore, I mean I can’t! – Okay. Alright, just relax. I can get you some help. Just don’t do anything else. Relax. (gun pops) Shit! – Sir, sir, sir! – I’m right here,
I’m fine, I’m fine. – Yeah, heard the shot
so I sent Renner out back to check it out. – Alright. Make sure his family’s
taken care of. – Yes sir. So what we write this up as sir? – What it was. Suicide. – Fuck. – You ready? – Yeah, whose that? – Miguel Dontez. He got a nice little
operation going on, on south side of town. Similar to your brother’s. – Hey! We don’t fight that way here. – That guy you’re fighting, never lost. Be careful. – Okay. Let’s do this. (groovy rock beats) (thuds) – Don’t lose to this asshole. (thuds) (funky electronic music) (screaming) – [Fighter] Huh? (bluesy electronic music) (thudding) (chuckling) – [Miguel] Get the fuck up. – Wooh! – I like him. – [Miguel] He’s
Casper’s little brother. – Really? That’s good to know. – The situation’s been handled. I appreciate you
checking in Stefan. – No problem. I knew he was a snitch. – Yeah, him snoopin’ and
askin’ about my girl, she had to be dealt with. – And that dumb fuck didn’t
realize we knew he was a CI. And now he got the cops all
on our business and shit. – Don’t worry about any of that. – And Griffin? – I don’t trust him, never have. – You know, he’s bringing
a lot of eyes to the city. I’m even hearing
things for the Feds. – Is that right? Feds, huh? That may be a problem
we’ll check into. – Nick? You alright? We haven’t heard from
you in a few days. – I’m fine. – You look like shit. – Hey. – Look Nick, you gotta
give me something here. The bosses are beginning
to worry about ya. – What you want me to say? That you handpicked
me to go undercover to bust my own brother? Yeah, I can say that shit. – Hey, hey, hey, hey! Do the job, alright, you
need to grow the fuck up! – Hey man fuck you! – Relax. Look, give me a
second would you? And this? – I’m fine, man. – If I fall for you, you know, you said you could handle this. – I can. – We’ve been undercover
for eight months now following this trail
and it’s led us here. Casper popped up on Ice’s
radar when these girls started going missing
and you know why. Now despite how you feel
Nick, you’ve got a job to do. – Casper says something’s
big about to go down and he needs me. – That’s what we want right? – Yeah but, I don’t think
it has anything to do with these missing girls. – You don’t think? Look at me kid. I need you to understand one
thing and one thing only, I mean, you’re my guy. You’ve been a part of my
team for the past three years and I will do anything for you. But listen to me and
listen to me carefully, there is a real
possibility that Casper has everything to do with this and I need to know now
that you’re prepared to do what’s necessary
when the time comes. – Yeah. – Recognize anyone? – Griffin Wright
and Evelyn Santiago – Yeah I thought
that might help. – Yeah I check into it. Give me everything you
can on Miguel Dontez. – Dontez?
– Yeah. – Dontez is a known
affiliate of Francisco Donar. I mean he runs one of the
biggest Mexican cartels. – Casper said the
cartels are moving in. – Darn it! Look, you just gave us gold. Motherfuckin’ gold. – Now you’re connecting
the dots kid. Good work. – Yeah. (heavy hip-hop melody) – Can you tell your
monster to wait in the car? – What do you want Alonzo? – You know I played
this out in my head over and over again,
a thousand times, and I knew this day would come. – Do what you have to do Chief. – Oh I am. You see that’s why I
brought you out here, as your brother and against
my better judgement, to give you the opportunity
to get out and leave. – Leave?
– [Alonzo] Yeah. – You think I owe you
something because you came down off your high horse to come
get with us common folk? Let me tell you something, I ain’t you and never will be. – It ain’t about that. You see you in deeper than
you ever realized Casper. I’m trying to throw
you a lifeline. – I don’t need you
to throw me shit. Trust me, I realize
exactly who I am. And I’m slowly working my
way back to the stores. – I’m your brother. But don’t force my hand. – Good luck with that. – He’s different, you know? Makes me think about things
that were important to me. He sees me for more
than just this. – Sounds like somebody
may be fallin’ a bit. – Me, no. I think I just like the
idea of being treated like a human being for a change,
not just a piece of meat. – I can understand that. Uh, gentlemen, the
bar’s not open yet. Fuckers. Excuse me, the bar
is not open yet. (gun pops) – Agh! – Take her. Deliver the message. – Chief, the numbers on these
missing girls are going up and you don’t seem to
have any answers for me. – Your honor, my men and I are
diligently working on this, but I just don’t
have the resources to put more bodies on it. – Mmm-hmm, I get that. But as the numbers
keep going up, this is going to become a
real problem for our citizens. – Trust me, I know. But let’s be honest. It’s only prostitutes
and runaways that’s
coming up missin’. – Mmm-Hmm. And the minute it’s
not one of those, we’re gonna have the whole
world at our doorsteps including every press
outlet you can think of. – Okay. I can handle it. – I know you can. And it’s a good thing this
is my last term because the way this city views you, you’re definitely gonna
be the next major. – And with your blessing? I’d gladly accept that offer. – Mmm-mmm. When the time comes Chief,
you won’t need my blessing. (sad keyboard beat) (wailing) – Shh, it’s me. It’s okay. It’s okay baby. Your safe. Did they do this to you? I’ll make you feel better okay? – Please no. – This is definitely gonna
make you feel better. (clicks) (slow mournful music) – Do you want me to send
one of our guys back here? – No. Let her rest. She’s gonna need it. – What the hell is going
on out there Captain? You have no leads
or nothing for me, yet, my men are out
there killing themselves. Bodies are ending
up in dumpsters. What next? – I understand sir. – [Alonzo] You understand what? – That we have a problem sir! Why all of your men
coming to me Karl? Do they trust me more than
they trust anyone else in your station? – With all due respect sir, you’re the one who
handpicked the officers for that task force
and quite frankly, they look to you for orders. I seldom know what’s
going on in that unit. – Captain, I only
offered my assistance because I have experience
in running task forces. The mayor was
breathing down my back. Now, if I have to come down
and run your entire division myself, by all
means, let me know, because I sure as hell don’t
need you running around here doing nothing,
if that’s the case. – That’s not what
I’m saying sir. All I’m saying is these
guys are working hard to find these girls. And no one’s talking. And whoever’s moving in,
is taking over big time. From all angles. – What do you want Captain? – We have a potential
name that keeps popping up every time we jack someone up. – Who? – Kevin Casper Coleman, sir. We all know who he is, and if he’s not doing it, I guarantee he knows
what’s going on. – So you expect him to snitch? – I know it sounds ludicrous
sir, but it is an option. – No, it’s downright ridiculous. Now I suggest you come up with
something better than that Captain, or it won’t be just
my ass dangling over the fire! Do I make myself clear? – Yes sir. – [Alonzo] You’re dismissed. (slow mournful music) (door slams) (gun snaps) (thuds) (grunt) – I can give you what you
want, whatever you want. – Give me half. – Okay. Alright. Keep recordings on everything. It’s for insurance. – Yeah, everything. Open it. (thud) (cries in pain) What’s this? – Look, Casper’s way
in over his head. She already sent him a message. – [Nick] And the girl? – They took her! That’s what they do. – Get over here. Move. – I can get you
whatever you need. (gun pops) (suspenseful music) – Yes? Gracias. – Okay. We’re on the way back now. Get the girls ready. (gasping) (heavy breathing) – Hey what’s up sir? – Where have you been? – I got called up on
something but look, I got something for you. Check this out. – What’s this? Where’d you get this? – Sir, shit is about
to hit the fan. Hey look, if they find out that- – So the Feds are
watching Casper? – We can’t touch him. Look, Captain tried to
put a task force on him, the Feds came in
and shut it down, so I took what they gave me
and brought it straight to you. Hey look sir, if they
were watching Casper, they could’ve damn sure
been watching Edgar too. – Yeah. Other than the Captain,
who else knows this? – [Joe] No one, sir. – Good. Keep it that way. Everything’s gonna be fine. Look I got something
I need to check into. Keep your following on this. – Alright sir.
– [Alonzo] Alright, cool. – Where’s Nick? – I don’t know. I haven’t seen him all day. – [Casper] Get
his ass here asap! – Okay. – You hear about Alonzo? – If he gets in the way
then he becomes a problem. – Now I wonder what’s
taking him so long, man. – He should have
been here by now. – Yeah I know. (tires screech) (coughing) – Shit! What happened man? – Griffin’s dead. – Jesus Christ. – You, you was shot? – I had a vest, don’t worry. You need to hear this. – Look, Francisco arrived
on a private charter today. I mean something
is about to happen, if he’s in town
personally right? – [Nick] Yeah. – What the hell’s on it? – The trail letters
to the wrong brother. – Shit. – I didn’t expect to
see you here so soon. – We have a problem. The Feds are watching Casper and I’m sure you
heard about Edgar. – I did. How is that a problem for us? – Those girls brought a lot
of attention to this city. Casper’s a big time drug dealer so naturally they’d
go after him first. But my men are involved. We brought you some
of those girls. – And for that, you and your men were very well
compensated Chief. – That’s not the point. – That’s exactly the point. I made sure to cover all
tracks leading back to us. Now you said, that you
would take care of Casper. Is that gonna be a problem? – I gave him an option. What he does with that
option, that’s on him. – You assured me and my uncle there wouldn’t be any problems. – And I held to that so far. You make sure you tell him that. – Nevertheless, your brother
needs to be eliminated. The trail ends with him. – And the girls? – I’ll give you a few. You stay the town hero. And everybody’s happy. You bust the local drug dealer, take home a few girls in the
process and everybody wins. – And you lay claim
to Casper’s territory. – It’s a win win. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a few guests here
to review the merchandise, including my uncle. – Francisco? He’s coming here? – Yes. No worries Chief. You, you sit back
and enjoy the show. (hardcore rap music) – Where have you been? – What happened? – She’s dead. – Who? – Kree. – What you plan on doing man? – What do you think? – I can’t let that happen. – What? I tell you what, just
go pack your little bags and haul ass like you always do. This ain’t got shit
to do with you. What’s this? – [Nick] It’s Alonzo. – What does that have
to do with anything? – That’s why I’m here. – What does that have
to do with anything? – Cas, somebody see you. – What? – Immigrations and
Customs Enforcement. I was assigned to a task force
dealing with human traffic. We’ve been tracking
Eve for months. She led us here. – The fuck! – They brought me in because they thought that she
was connected to him. – You sold me out. Your own brother. Whatever happened to blood
is thicker than water? You ain’t my man! – Don’t do this. – Do what? You all I ever had. Now this, you’re a
motherfuckin’ liar! – Alonzo’s gonna pay. – You motherfuckin’
right he’s gonna pay. By my own hands. – Not like this. – Pick it up. Pick that motherfucker up! Pick it up! Pick the, pick it up. – You gonna have to shoot me. Is this what she want? You wanted the opportunity
to leave, now leave! (door knocks) – Woah man, what
are you about to do? – Remy, pack ya shit
and get outta town. – No way man. I got your back. – You got my back? I’m a Fed. – What? – I’m a federal agent. – Woah man, that’s deep. What are you gonna do? – Listen man, where I’m going,
I might not make it back. – I’m not gonna turn
my back on you now, even if you are a pig. – Okay. – Let’s go fuck some shit up. (heavy rock drum rolls) – You look fabulous.
– Thank you. (intense electronic music) – She’s small. I’ll have this one right now. – You can save her for later. I have a special treat for you. Relax. – When I return,
we’ll discuss this? – Certainly. Get these to the back. – It’s not gonna be easy. – No. – I’mma go in and get the girl. This what I want you to do. – Okay. – Stay here and wait for backup. – I’ll be your backup, make
sure no one gets outside. – Yeah, you be my backup. – That’s right. – Don’t shoot yourself. – How do you use these things? (heavy electronic music) (clinks) – Collier, I got a bad feeling about this. I need you and Renner to get
outta town as soon as possible and I’ll see you later. Alright. Alright, bye. (thud) (suspenseful music) – What the fuck! (crying) (thud) (knife slashes) – C’mon, c’mon. Listen, listen,
it’s me, it’s me. – Oh, Nick. Okay follow this path out,
it’s gonna lead you out. I gotta get out,
they’re waiting. – You’re not coming? – No I can’t. – Why not? – You gonna have
to trust me, okay? Go, go, go. Go. (suspenseful music) (trippy electronic music) (gun pops) (heavy metal music) – Take care of it. Wait, bring him back in
one piece, alive. (heavy metal music) (gun pops) (gun pops) – Perfect. I’m on my way. (suspenseful music) Baby brother Nick, huh? Causing all this
ruckus in my building. What are you doing here? – Oh fuck. That girl’s bigger
than my fucking dad. You got this. Let’s go. – What am I gonna do with you? Huh? No answer? (fire alarm rings) (guns pop) (ominous bell clanging) (screams) (thud) (clinking) – You alright? – Yeah man I bust up my ankle,
just go, get ’em, get ’em. (suspenseful synthesizer beats) – Alonzo! Put it down! – Coward? (thuds) (heavy metal music) (thuds) (bone cracking) – You should’ve
stayed in your lane. Now I’m gonna teach you. (thuds) Guess I’ll be minus
one more brother. (gun pop) – You look like shit. – Yeah, thanks. – Yeah, well you got two days
to get your ass outta my town. (cop sirens wailing) – You better go. – Yeah you right. Good job. – Hey, hey, bring the
ladies this way, okay? We got a vehicle
waiting for ’em alright? Yeah, this way, this way, yeah. It’s a damn shame. I would say what a cute
too, motherfuckin’ ass. What? – Agent Taylor? I’m Captain Byers. This is GBI Agent Winters – Hey, how you doing? – Alright, Captain. – It’s nice of you guys to help. – Ay, no problem, listen
uh, I got my guys searching the area for you, anything
you need, just let me know. – Alright, roger
that, roger that. – [Agent] Hey guys, let’s
go to it, let’s go to it. – You know I had my suspicions but this is still
tough to swallow. Chief Coleman had it all. Why would he do this? – Well I guess that’s just a
million dollar question, right? Hey, excuse me Captain. – Yes sir. – Great job. The girls are fine They’re on their
way to the hospital to get checked out right now. – Hey man, thanks for
having my back today. – You did a great thing. If it wasn’t for you, those
girls wouldn’t have been saved. Get your shoulder a
little better man. (upbeat hip hop beat) – How’s the leg? – How’s your shoulder? – I’ll live. – So uh, does this
mean, I’m a pig too? – Nah man, means you a hero. – A hero? I like that. – It’s true. I like all of that. – C’mon hero. (mysterious music) (organ music) – I figured you’d be here
visiting mom before you left. I saw on the news he’s
goin’ down as a hero who helped bust a
sex trafficking ring. – That was for his family. – I guess I’ll never understand
why cops do what they do. You do all the work and
he goes down as a hero. – Did you hate him that much? – We all choose our paths. And he chose his. So to answer your question,
no I didn’t hate him, actually the complete opposite. My brothers mean
everything to me. He just chose his path. Take care of yourself bro. Nick? I love you, man. – I love you too.

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