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Fight Blood and Spirit – FULL FILM

Fight Blood and Spirit – FULL FILM

For some reason, man’s overwhelming
fear of physical pain, doesn’t stop him from abusing himself
spiritually every single day. I grew up in a residential suburb with
wonderful parents and siblings. My childhood was one of joy. I’ve never enjoyed violence and I used to be extremely
uncomfortable around angry people. I was brought up in a family of peace, where I was told
that violence was never the solution to a problem. I’ve always been prone to introspection. A man who
questioned my existence and the meaning of life. What is my purpose? A regular job,
working eight to five? The very thought of it, gave me anxiety. I wanted to live a life where I
actuallylivedmy life, and not the kind of life everyone
else expected me to live. After two years studying to be a naprapath
I dropped out and quit many other things, and devoted myself completely to MMA. So basically I never did anything else than fighting. I spend a lot of time with my dog but
apart from that I live for fighting. Few people can say that they live according to
their hearts, I’m one of the fortunate few. As long as your heart is in the right place when
you do something, you won’t have any regrets. I never thought I would do this full time. After practicing for about a year, I asked
one of the coaches if I could compete. He asked if I felt I was ready for it. I was not sure how to respond so I asked him:
”– What do I need to know to be ready?” At that point, I had never seen a
real fight apart from PRIDE. After that, I stopped training
for a few months. Then one day I got a call from a childhood
friend who told me he had taken up MMA, a few weeks ago and was already
preparing for his first match. Hearing of this, I decided to check out the place
where he trained and the very first thing, that happened as I stepped into the room,
was that one of the coaches came up to me, and said: ”– Hey, welcome! Would you
like to fight next weekend?” And I answered him:
”– Awesome! Of course!” After that I worked very hard on
my training and had a blast! I won the Nordic and European
Championship as an amateur. I competed 15 times as an amateur
and won 14 of them. I believe that most people would benefit
from fighting in organized forms. It’s incredibly liberating and redemptive. Combat is a primal experience and
I think that our fear of violence, is the subconscious knowledge that violence is something
natural, something we all have within us. Everyone has at some point felt the
aggressive urge to punch someone. I’ve coached a few classes over the years, and a very common difficulty among beginners
is the fear of punching someone else. “– Oh no we can’t do that”. Their sense of morality kicks in, things
they’ve been taught since childhood. But after a while they let go of that and you
can see them getting more and more in to it. Hitting each other harder and
harder and after they’ll be like: “– Oh my god, that was awesome!
What happened, where did that come from!?” Some people love it and feel
that they just want more, others feel like they stepped out of their
comfort zone and did something, that does not really go
with who they are. This is perhaps a way for us to let go of our
frustrations, of that creeping sensation, of restlessness that just
keeps on building. I’ve never felt more at peace
with myself, as I do now. Fighting is an outlet for so many things,
self-realization among others. If I haven’t been fighting for a while I can actually
miss the sensation of getting punched. It’s hard to describe, but it somehow
makes me feel alive! Where and how will I find a substitute
outlet for all of this? It actually scares me to think of what will
happen when I can’t fight anymore. This is something I know I will have to deal with
in the future, but right now I really don’t know. I have a hard time imagining a life without that outlet. I don’t think that many hours, or minutes,
go by each day without the thoughts, of the coming fight entering my mind.
When I’m walking by myself I see myself fighting, I see myself doing good things, I think
about what my opponent will do. I think a lot about that and the
mental pressure is intense. There are times before a fight when I’m
on a diet and under a lot of stress, when I wish that I could just escape those
feelings. I just wish that I could escape, from that feeling because that level
of pressure and stress is not normal. But in a way I’m drawn to it because
I want to challenge myself. To test and defeat myself. Naturally, it would
be a lot nicer if all I felt was exhilaration. The worst part is when I’m lying awake in
bed at the hotel the night before a fight. When all these stressful feelings arises
and I can’t help but asking myself: ”Why am I doing this?” At that moment I’d be hard pressed
to give a simple answer like: ”Because it’s so much fun”, because
at that moment it’s really not. I just want to get it done and over with.
At that moment it’s a nervous yearning, an anxiety, it’s all kinds of feelings mixed
into an emotional pressure cooker. The most difficult part of a fight is the
part where I need to defeat myself, over and over again. When I took up fighting, a win was pure
euphoria, but now it’s also a relief. I go light. When it’s all
done and over with, I’m relieved of a burden that I wasn’t
even aware of carrying. At that point, I don’t think about anything else
– it’s such a liberating feeling. At that moment I wish that
I was able to pause time. Being defeated is just awful. I still remember all of my losses and I can perfectly
recall the feelings I had after losing each fight, – they stay with me. In many ways I’m living my dream. It’s a way of life that I know
will end some day, but it’s something that will become
a memory for life and I think, that’s something that very few
people will have experienced. What I have done and the things I have
accomplished are things that I am proud of. No one can take those away from me.
It doesn’t matter if I should win a belt. Would that make me happier? Is it important if I earn millions? For me the important thing is to know
that I’ve given all I could give, and that I’m proud of my accomplishments. I believe that this knowledge brings me
a sense of security in my daily life. There’s only one person at a time
who can be the world champion, and this is only during a limited time frame. Should all others then feel that they
have not accomplished anything? To me, that’s a very alien
way of looking at it. For me, it’s always been about the
inner journey – my journey – and that’s all that counts because that is
something that I will bear with me all my life. If I go to bed with a trophy belt
hanging on my wall or not, doesn’t really matter.
I can take it or leave it. What would our lives look like
if money did not exist? I think that very few people would be doing what
they’re doing now, if money didn’t exist. But I would. That’s something
I take strength from. I know that I have the capacity to be
one of the best fighters in the world. My mission in life isn’t affected by external
factors, my mission is my own performance. I followed my dream, I worked hard every day and
I took the chance when it was given to me. I put all other things aside,
I dared and I jumped. In the future I would like to be able to help
others make the same journey as I have – to reach their goals. In that way I can
make sure that what I’ve learned, will live on and not die with me. I want to pass it on to someone else. My name is Magnus Cedenblad,
I’m 32 years old, and I fight for money.

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5 thoughts on “Fight Blood and Spirit – FULL FILM

  1. I personally never heard of this man, but every one can recognize himself in this short story, by every one I of course mean "every warrior". Great work Claudio.

  2. When I se something like this it makes me happy to be Swedish 🤗. wich it could happens more often tho 😕

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