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Fight Journal: Ilima-Lei Macfarlane

Fight Journal: Ilima-Lei Macfarlane

I’m choosing a filter for
the picture that I just took with B.J. Penn. It’s all about the filter. Doesn’t matter who’s in it,
it’s just the filter (laughs) Super star-struck moment for me. I just wanna post this, did I
post it? Oh I did okay, cool. Ah, that’s all that matters
is that the post went through. – [Macfarlane] Is that Boogie’s voice I hear? – I only, probably had like
two hours to myself today, – [Man] Oh my god. – [Macfarlane] Okay. – And I just slept. – [Woman On Phone] ‘Lima – Hi (Ilima-Lei laughs) – [Woman On Phone] Do you believe? – (sings) I believe! – [Woman On Phone] (cheers)
whooooooooo! (laughs, cheers) – [Woman On Phone] Okay,
we’ll see you soon. – Okay love you. – [Woman On Phone] Love you, bye. – Bye. – I met B.J. Penn. – You did? – Yeah. – He’s here? – Yeah. – Really? – So I’m waiting downstairs for my food and I’m like, getting
annoyed cause you know, people are coming up and find. And then Rich the Matchmaker
comes up, he’s like “Hey Ilima one of my
friends wants to meet you.” I’m just like “ah” – Fuck… another… – And then he steps out of
the way and it’s B.J. Penn I was like (gasps) “oh my God, hi.” I’m not comparing myself to his greatness by any means at all, like he’s amazing, he’s a legend… not at all. But I said “I like that me and B.J. kinda don’t look like athletes. Like, we have a little beer belly, we’re never ever super cut or in shape. I had abs for one hour yesterday (laughs). And I told myself, like “wait until after the weigh-ins, the ceremonial weigh-ins to eat.” But of course I didn’t
so it just went (spits). Can you make it joined? Sorry. – Yeah, yeah yeah. – [Man] Who’s this diva here – I’m such a diva. Diva-Lima. I’m paying you good money (laughs) She’s changed. – [Ilima] I’m just, everything’s
gonna blur honestly. It’s just been a huge blur from the beginning of the week, ’til now and, it almost doesn’t even feel real. I think, yeah, once I get backstage and with my coaches and everything then it’ll start getting real. But right now it’s still like buy the ticket did
everybody get their tickets like is everybody okay blah. – It’s not like its time is it? – Oh no, he’s the third fight.
– Oh. (phone chimes) – (gasps) Ariel Helwani
just retweeted the picture. – [Hairstylist] It
depends who it is though. – Sweet! He uh, retweeted this one. And when I told the sis- ah fuck. (laughs) When I told
the sis- I can’t fight I have hairspray in my eye! (choking) (laughs) – [Woman] Where’s your extra one? – Yeah it’s on the desk right here. – [Woman] Good luck everyone. – Thank you. (fans cheering) – Triples, come hurry hurry, the triples. – Love you guys, bye bye bye. – Represent Hono. (fans cheer) – Thanks for coming guys. – [Fan] Good luck! – Aww. (fans cheering) Where’s my dad? – Good luck, good luck. – Bye, thank you. Ohhh fuck, now I’m just like, crying. Okay, now the nervous shits are coming so I’ll probably have to go take a shit (laughs) right after I check-in. But the nice thing about Pechanga is that they have separate bathrooms a lot of times at the arenas. Then, I have a shared locker room and I have to fuckin’ share
the bathroom with the guys. I’m like, how can anybody poop in here? In front of all these people? I mean now it’s like getting
to the exciting part, but also the nervous shits part (laughs) like I said but um, yeah
this is pretty normal. Once I get to the venue,
once I get backstage I have the rules meeting,
start getting my hands wrapped like that’s when it starts getting real. As far as, you know, the audience, I feel like this is normal for me, as far as that kind of attention. But what made me nervous, was honestly, when I met B.J. Penn. That was when I was like, OH shit just got real, B.J. Penn is here. So that’s when I actually did
start getting a little nervous like oh shoot, a lot of
people are watching this fight even the legend, the man himself, B.J. Penn is watching this fight…live. But you know, I don’t know if you saw, when we were walking through the lobby, when I walked through my family
and they started cheering and I had to cover my face with my sweater ’cause I started crying. You know, and just feeling overwhelmed with gratitude for them being there. And I went and hugged my
sisters, my immediate sisters, if I hugged everybody it
would’ve taken forever, I wouldn’t have even made it up here. Good, I’m just getting my hands wrapped. How are you? Are you getting emotional? Don’t make me cry, I’m gonna cry. (laughs) You’re totally crying. – [Man] Close. – Yeah this is the first
fight she cannot come to. – [Man] Right, open, how’s it feelin hun? Feel good? – Good, yeah. I like, never warm-up before the fights. This my warm-up, I just stretch. Nice little stretch. – [Man] Just stretch. (giggles) (laughs) – This is like, one of my worst fears. Is the freakin’ top riding
up, so people can see my fat. Look. When I go and fight. How many World Champions do you know have a stomach like this?
– [Man] You and B.J. Penn. – Huh? – [Man] You and B.J. Penn. – Yeah, me and B.J. Penn,
I told you, B.J. Penn. (laughs) And I’m gonna be like, B.J.! Look, I don’t have abs either! – [Man] I don’t wanna make it too tight. Like it right there? (clapping) – Monica! This is my dancer, she’s
gonna be dancing me out. (upbeat music) Oh my gosh my forehead,
that’s not gonna go up. Look at the light, what the fuck. (celebratory music) (grunts) – Go again. (grunts) – [Reporter] Mic check? Mic check mic check (exhales) – [Man] Woo! (clears throat) – [Man] Time to go! Time to go! (audience cheering) (clapping) (whistling) (crowd cheering) – [Crowd Member] Oh oh oh oh oh! (crowd cheering) – Oh! (crowd cheering) – Yeah! (cheering) – Yeah! – Auntie Julie! Love you too. Thank you. Hi, thank you for comin’. – That ‘a girl champ. – Who gives a shit! (crowd cheering) – [Man] Yeah like hot sauce or whatever? – Yeah. Can I get this ketchup off my foot, or do I have to wait until I go upstairs? – [Man] I think it’s hot sauce to be fair (laughs) – They’re like “any injuries?” uh no, but I have some
weird shit on my feet. Come on you’re way more
able-bodied than me. – Put your foot on the ground,
put your foot on the ground. Assholes. – Am I good luck? – You better not cheat on me. – Never, in a million years,
in a million years, okay? You’re awesome, alright? – Thank you, it was a good fight. – Keep it goin’. – Oh, you know what, here you go. I’m gonna lei you,
you’re finally get lei’d. – I finally get lei’d, it’s
a rare thing for me okay. Great job champ. – Be like that, you know it’s just nothing but good vibes and support each other and, yeah everybody always asks me “are you gonna go to the UFC,
you know what’s your plans?” I’m like why would I go to the UFC for? You know, you’re seeing
more and more fighters come from the UFC over to Bellator… Not just any fighter,
like, high-profile fighters Hall of Fame fighters are
coming over to Bellator. So I think that’s just saying a lot about where our organization is going. And, why would I wanna leave
the people who believed in me and signed me from
the beginning, you know? I don’t think I would’ve
even got a second look from other promotions you know, but, Bellator was the one, Scott was the one that believed in me. So, yeah, I’m Bellator
through and through. Oh, real fast though, I’m gonna bring in some of my guests. They’re actually my scholarship recipients for the Illuminator Scholarship, they are my Southern
California recipients. Two other recipients are from Hawaii, and one is from Panama, so they couldn’t be here tonight. And then Monica, she was my
dancer, who escorted me out and blessed my path to the cage. And, yeah, I just want
everybody to meet them, and I’m probably gonna get super emotional and start crying, but. I decided to start a
scholarship with my bonus money from winning the belt, to help… sorry. To help, young native girls. They face a lot of violence and a lot of disparities, so I just wanted to bring awareness to them, and show them that they
can do anything they want. I wanted them to see all these
strong women in the cage, and to show them that they could
do anything they wanted to. And so… (clapping) Thanks everyone. – Ilima, thank you. – Thank guys, sorry I put
you on the spot again. – It’s okay, it’s fine. – Ugh, kay. – [Man] How’s your week been? – It’s been, fucking crazy (laughs). I mean, and the scary part
is it’s not even over yet. You’d think that with
the tap it would be over, but, now I’m like, (sighs) now
I gotta go and see everybody, and hug all these people
and take all these pictures, and I’m fuckin’ exhausted. I just fought. I just did a weight cut. I did fight week, I just
fought, but now I have to go and like, see all these
hundreds of people, so uh yeah, I’m kinda just taking it in right now. The quiet and just being
alone with my team, before the fuckin’ circus outside. Did I ever think it would become this big? With like, an entire arena
you know, screaming for me, with like, B.J. Penn in the
front row, like, pointing at me? No, fuck no I did not think
it would be like this. So, it’s kinda surreal right now. My memory, honestly is
like “my legs are so tired, ‘why is she not tapping, like
how flexible is this girl?” I thought the walk-out was pretty badass, with Monica, my jingles dancer. And I was able to see all of
my Kumeyaay friends and family. So, the Kumeyaay people
are the indigenous people to this particular area. I spend a lot of time with them actually. Every week I would go and sweat with them in their sweat lodges every week. And, that was how I met Monica, and I gave them my VIP passes, they had my scholarship
recipients with them, they all wore red, made shirts for me, so like, seeing all of
them there, you know, this is their land, I thought
that was super powerful, and just, of course I love
having my family at my fights, but like this is my new family too, so it was cool to be able
to give this to them. Give this win to them. And yeah, that was probably
the coolest part of this week, seeing them in the audience. Sweet! Alright, when’s the date? Should we do our face-off now? (laughing)
– Face is so messed up. (laughing) – Let’s do it. Ready? – Try not to smile – I know, kay ready? Hawaii, We’re going to Hawaii! (laughing) Actually, I would do Montreal, I’ve never been to Canada
before, that’d be kinda cool. – (shouts in native language) (laughs) – Alright guys, thank you. – [Man] I’ll see you in Montreal too. – Oh dad! (cheering) (crowd chants) Lima! Lima! Lima!

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13 thoughts on “Fight Journal: Ilima-Lei Macfarlane

  1. again with the rolling of the eyes reaction when meeting a prospective fan story….

    someone needs to clue her into at least faking it when the camera's are on. that kind of stuff really turns people off fast.

    granted its totally understandable and for sure a huge hassle when getting ready for such an enormous and scary as hell task but it comes across elitist hearing and seeing that kind of thing. especially when its repeated.

  2. Hopefully we see Illima in the UFC soon so we can see her against better quality opponents. Best Flyweights in the world are Valentina, Illima, and Jennifer Maia/Aganieszka Niedzwiedz in that order imo.

  3. TBF, if she beats Letourneau and the UFC still hasn't hosted its first title defense by that time, she should rocket into the best 125er conversation (deservedly or not). Either way, she's quickly rising as a marketable, compelling talking point in the Bellator roster.

  4. She hates fans, who is the dumb editor that left the parts with her rolling her eyes and being stuck up. This video and her attitude isnt going to help her get more fans.

  5. really effing good video. great job. would love to see more of this, particularly for deserving fighters from outside the ufc — those that both need and deserve the shine!

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