100 thoughts on “Fight Night Salt Lake City: Q&A with Demetrious Johnson

  1. Mighty mouse is such a try hard when he talks thats why nobody likes him. Generic boring ass answers that even simpleton fans know

  2. Now days watch thes Shute pound for pound until jones wil returns but we wil see Cheshire muse ufc right now

  3. Damn man gotta feel bad for mighty mouse…place was empty as fuck..inwoulda just walked out and said fuck this conference

  4. I set my gaze upon a modern day great, a fight wizard, an MMA magician with unrivalled cardio, footwork and transitions and I wonder why nobody cares about him.

    Then he starts to speak and I want to pull my own spine out and hang myself with it.

  5. Who the hell is the French flyweight? I've been looking but I don't see a single French guy in the cast. Plus it's forbidden here in France, so the few French pros end up going to Canada to try to reach that high level.

  6. mighty mouse is a real time problem solver…..like bruce lee. Just get in there and be like water…..mold to your opponent weaknesses….that's why he is the best pound for pound fighter for sure.

  7. I would like to fight him. If I win then I become king of the little people. He'd prolly school me tho.

  8. Idk about Jon jones mcgregor Weidman Cormier or anyone , Johnson is the most dominant champion currently and the p4p King currently

  9. Dude… who are these people?? They seem pretty educated. Im really surprised. They ask way better questions than actual mma media hahahahaha

  10. Sicks me that people think this guy is the "P4P king", he trys so hard to convince people his division is stacked but is full of bums , Dominick whooped this guy ass already but It seens that Mighty Mouse doesn't remember It

  11. I recently found out that Robin Black fucked my mom in the late 80's. This is really hard to deal with mentally….

  12. So much respect for Mighty Mouse but… This is why Conor gets paid and some other fighters don't If Conor was doing Q&A the arena would be FILLED

  13. Really goes to show that UFC is really counting on entertaining fights. Demetrious has hardly lost any fight and is dominating for years, yet hardly anyone in the audience. Conor which got into the UFC and a title fight really fast has thousands showing up cause he is entertaining. Crazy

  14. p4p best l hate ween haters say he's borelng just to hate he's a nlce funny entertalng guy people say he's borelng casual fans but they sure are fast to watch he's flghts everyone ufc flighter watches when dj ls flghtlng and l do been every mma fan conor rousey all the top fighters say dj ls there fav flghter but you got dana whlte trylng to pltch to the medla that he's borelng and after that everyone ran with lt just dana try's to pltch nate dlaz dont put butts ln the seats and jon jones alnt the p4p he's never sald jon jones was ever wltch ls very odd when he's been number 1 p4p for years dont let medla brain wash your thlnklng think for yourself

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  16. Mighty Mouse is the man!!! most people that comment on this videos are a bunch of idiots. They must be Trump supporters.


  18. Love you Johnson,  you are the best.I hope so you leave the division and go up that would be greatPS UFC They the fans know Mighty mouse was coming ????? Next promote it please.Walking in a almost empty arena IS NOT DONE FOR ME.Mighty Mouse is so sweet that he stay for the fans

  19. conors shit could draw more ppl in a conference literaly hes shit on a bag and put in front of a mic , oh and fuck your dadys son if sey something about my english ye

  20. He streams games on Twitch and I've asked him so many questions and he always answered them. Such a nice guy.

  21. Lol I don't see why he gets so much hate. He's so full of energy and straight fun answers. Nate is the one who answers boringly. Simply cuz he always looks too bored to do it.

  22. Mighty mouse is awesome, cool dude thats humble and super cool to his fans, he is the definition of what a champ should be

  23. if it was so empty I would have take advantage of that ans asked one question and put a mustache and asked another question and just add a hat later

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