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Fight Replay: Yoni Sherbatov vs. Eric Shelton

Fight Replay: Yoni Sherbatov vs. Eric Shelton

Let’s get up. In round one, both guys
were being very tentative, and they were each looking
for openings, and pretty much, being very careful. Then they just
started exchanging. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Keep going, keep going. Yoni went for the takedown
and put Eric against the fence. Make him scramble here. Make him scramble. Make him scramble. And then Eric escaped and
got a takedown of his own. Then after that, both fighters
ended up back on their feet, and both were throwing punches. It ended up being a
pretty even round. All right, thank you.
Thank you. [HORN] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC PLAYING] Let’s get on it. Get it moving. In the second round, Yoni
was going for the takedown, but Eric defended
it pretty well. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Two minutes into
the round, Yoni fought very hard for a takedown
and ended up getting it. But Eric ended up reversing, and
by now, Yoni looked exhausted. Eric took his back,
sinks in that choke, and Yoni went to sleep. Stop it right there. Yeah! [CHEERING] Yes! Yoni went out, and he never
attacked, and he slept. I just remember him waking up
and being like, he’s like, he was like, hey, what happened? You just went out. It’s all right, brother. Just stay right where you’re at. Stay right there. You’re good. So here we are
with a major upset. Eric now is moving
on to round two. I say this all the time. Anything can happen in MMA. Seeds mean nothing. The number 15 seed takes
out the number 2 seed. Winner due to submission
by rear naked choke. Moving on, Eric Shelton. [CHEERING]

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