Fighter w/ 1 arm to battle at MMA in Tucson

how’s your energy southern Arizona and welcome back my friends I’m Paul c-collar we are just a day away from some in-your-face ground-and-pound down for the takedown mixed martial arts rings high promotions has brought MMA back right here to the Old Pueblo where showdowns matching a number of tucson area fighters on saturday it all goes down at the Tucson Convention Center and of course plenty of tickets are still available at the TCC box office Friday afternoon it was all about the weigh-ins and the staredown the main event features Tucson is very own Joel champion taking on Australia Matt Franco his wig with the 170 pound rough pro world title belt on the line there’ll also be a number of tucson area amateur fighters getting a chance to show their stuff like Tommy Stevens who now lives in sawadeeka but grew up in MO Arizona I’ve grown up in Eloy it’s a very hard town you’re either working in the cotton fields are pitching watermelons I wanted something different so I started wrestling was hoping for college that was derailed thank god this opportunity presented itself and another opportunity how about this a pro MMA fighter without half of his left arm hey Zeus or Tahu’s from Cuates Mexico will take on Brazilian Rafael Montini no forearm no wrist no hand a striker defend himself on his left side but all heart love us what if that tells me this lunatic in blue this is a grand example that there aren’t any limitations to hold you back it’s in the mind to want and desire is power as good a display so get ready to throw down after the stair downs with MMA action beginning at 7:00 p.m. we have the complete fight card on kvo a.com on paul c-collar we’ll be right back with the last look at your weather

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