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Fighting For All Of Us | Erika Almirón For Philly 2019

Fighting For All Of Us | Erika Almirón For Philly 2019

(birds chirping) – I’ve lived a life that
understands very intimately what communities are going through. Philly is a city of fighters. My parents came to the
U.S. in 1972 from Paraguay. My mom came to the U.S.
with $50 in her pocket. And so they decided to
put all of their money into a small business. And so my parents opened up a shoe repair, but it took my mom cooking,
it took my dad repairing the shoes, it took me
helping with the kids. What they taught me was
that when we work together and we love each other, that we can accomplish amazing things. And I took that with me. (light music) I was the first person in
my family to go to college. I did years at the Mexico-U.S. border. I then went on to do years
of education reform work at some of the high schools
across the city of Philadelphia. That’s when I got the
opportunity to work at Juntos and do immigrant rights work. We won the most progressive
and most advanced sanctuary city policy in the country. – [Announcer] Erika Almiron. (crowd cheering) – My decision to run for
City Council is rooted in this moment after 20 years
of doing social justice work. We have a moment to be
fighting for all of us. That means that we stop the gentrification that’s happening in our communities, where there’s affordable
housing, rent control, where our schools are fully funded, being poor, being black or being brown is no longer criminalized. There is a choice to make. Unlike other candidates in this race, I will not take any corporate
money, any dark money, any real estate developer money. I come with 20 years of experience winning for the people. We need a city government
that is reflective of the people, and it’s important for us that the kind of city that
we build is for everybody. (crowd cheering) There are people who will
say that this is impossible. What I’ve seen is that when
communities come together and fight together for the
things that they believe in, that’s when we win. That’s when we actually can
make change in our city. Vote for Erika Almiron for City Council At-Large on May 21st.

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