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Fightland Meets Rashad Evans:

Fightland Meets Rashad Evans:

RASHAD EVANS: You know, there’s
not one fighter that fights exactly alike. Even though they may look like
it, they’re still– the expression is different, because
your personality comes out in it. A side of me comes out when I’m
competing, that in real life, I’m not like that. When I compete, I’m
cocky sometimes. I’m arrogant. But that’s not for
the fans at home. That’s for my opponent. I don’t fight to prove
that I’m tough. I already know I’m tough. I fight because it’s
inside of me. We all are fighters. Every single person who walks
this earth is a fighter. Everything that lives– to live is to fight,
and we just fight in different arenas. Uh oh. It’s in the water. He ain’t jumping in the water,
I tell you that. You want the ball? Want the ball, huh? Go get it. Go get it, get it, get it. Man, you’re slow. You’re slow! I’m always afraid before
I compete. Before I fight, I’m
always afraid. I’m always like that. That feeling. And before, I used to have a
hard time just dealing with it, because I would try
to run away from it. But then as I competed more, I
understood the fact that this is how I’m supposed to feel. The biggest thing for me
whenever I compete, accept it. I used to have a sports–
like in GSP, we used to use the same one. And he used to have this drill
that we used to do. And we would stand in the mirror
and just say, I don’t give a fuck. And just say that over and over
again, until you really start to really feel
it inside, like I don’t give a fuck. And when you’re saying that, you
really sound like, I don’t give a fuck if I
get laughed at. I don’t give a fuck if I get
knocked out in one second. I don’t give a fuck if it’s the
worst fight I’ve ever had. I don’t give a fuck. And then once you start breaking
down all those things, all those feelings, all
those fears that you may have that becomes barriers, that
becomes the red lights, that becomes the thing that
keeps you from competing at your best, then you’re
able to just free yourself and just go. HENRI HOOFT: Rashad, everybody
knows Rashad, of course. He started this. Rashad is just– he’s so funny. He’s never really down. He’s had a lot of stuff going
on in the last year, with a lot of personal stuff, but he
still always smiles, brings his good stuff, good
energy to the gym. Especially at this moment, when
he’s right before the fight with [INAUDIBLE], he has
a good vibe, good energy. And Rashad’s very good, you
know, in his role as one of the mentors of the gym and
one of the fighters. RASHAD EVANS: Growing up, I
was, like, a crazy kid. Lot of energy, always wrestling,
always fighting. I grew up in Niagara
Falls, New York. It was fun there. You had the Falls there
and everything else. Growing up, I played football,
I wrestled, and I even ran track a little bit. But my last high school football
game, we were in the semis in the playoffs,
and my team lost. It kind of struck a chord in me,
because no matter how good of a game I had, I still
didn’t win the game. And I didn’t want to do it
anymore, because I was like, if I’m going to lose, I
want it to be on me. I want to be the one who’s
holding the blame for losing. I don’t want to doubt my
teammates or anything else like that, because they didn’t
come through on their end. And I was like, you know, when I
lose, I want to lose for me. HENRI HOOFT: It’s not normal
how strong he is, how fast. He already did very
good, of course. He was a champion. But we want to see him, like,
bang, like the old days. Just go out there and
just, don’t care. Just go. Just do it. RASHAD EVANS: The first time I
stepped into the cage, it was like a rush that I never
felt before. It was a different kind of
excitement, because it was married with fear, and it was
something I’d never had as a competitor before. Because even as a wrestler, no
matter how big the stage was, I still never had that
fear like you do when you have a fight. I found comfort in just playing
around and joking, and that helped me relax
a little more. But the first time I stepped in
the cage, it was like, wow, this is going down. HENRI HOOFT: Rashad is like
a character, man. I mean, you see him, he’s
smiling, he’s making fun. But Rashad, when he’s
here, he works hard. He works hard, and he does what
he needs to do, you know? We like to train hard, and we
hit hard, but we still smile. You know, if you knock somebody
out, knock somebody down, have somebody in a choke,
you still smile after it, you know? You work together. And Rashad is just a
good guy with that. RASHAD EVANS: You know, I’ve
heard some people say, oh, he’s made it. And whatever that means. But I understand the concept
behind what they’re saying. What they’re saying is
that he’s known. He’s been around in the game. He’s been in the fight
game for a while. And being in the fight game
for a while is a feat in itself, especially seeing how
short a window fighters have. So a lot of guys, they
respect that, and they give me the respect. I am a student. I am a student of whoever
I can learn from. I don’t see myself in a position
like, oh, I’m above anybody else, and I can never
learn, or no one can ever teach me anything. Because you learn a lot
from guys who are just starting off sometimes. And sometimes, when you’ve been
in the game for a long time, and you’ve seen a lot,
it’s good to get a fresh sense of fresh energy from somebody,
because somebody may come in who hasn’t been in the game for
a long time, who’s just got an energy about them. That’s one thing about John
Jones that I like most about training with him. He was my favorite training
partner to train with, because he helped me be more creative. Because when I was training with
him, he would always do something out of the box. And he didn’t really
have any fear yet. He wasn’t really afraid,
so he would just do whatever he would do. And it would work, because
people wouldn’t expect it, because it’s not typically
what you would do. But that’s what made him great,
and that’s why I liked training with him, because it
was like one of those things where you see somebody
with a fresh new look on things, you know? And that’s what some of these
guys got coming in. They’ve got a fresh
look on things. HENRI HOOFT: People are only
going to talk with you when you’re open for it. He’s open. He talks with everybody about
everything, you know? Never comes into problems, never
has problems, never has problems with people here. He’s a very cool guy. Very relaxed, laid down. Again, a good mentor
for young kids. They look up to him. But they don’t really need to
look up to him, because he’s here, training with them,
doing just normal. I mean, he has nothing to do
with stardom or something. He knows he’s just a fighter. And I know from my
own experience– I mean, I was a champion,
too– it takes a very short time. A long time to get there, but
a very short time to fall down, and nobody cares
about you anymore. And he sees that. He’s just normal
with the guys. Doesn’t really matter. RASHAD EVANS: To compete against
me is a mistake. He shouldn’t be in a cage with
me, even though I may respect him immensely. And that’s my mindset when I
compete, because for one second if I give him too much
respect, then he’s already raising his leg on me, and
I can’t be pissed on. I refuse. I piss on people. I don’t get pissed on. And that’s gotta
be my mindset. But that’s different than
me in real life. In real life, I’m passive. I’m calm. I don’t get upset a lot. I’m a nice person. But when I compete, it’s
a different thing. It’s a different expression. I always want to be around the
sport, rather than just being an MMA analyst, or rather
helping out guys on the team, I always want to be
part of the sport. This sport has done amazing
things for me. If I couldn’t laugh, I couldn’t
smile, if I couldn’t have jokes with my friends,
then there’d be no sense of living. So for me, that makes
me enjoy life more. That makes me enjoy
practice more. That makes me enjoy this time
that we have with each other, because that’s what
it’s about, man. Life is celebration. The fact that I was able to
get up and train in the morning, and the fact that I
was able to train and sweat and be able to do this and get
this grind in with these guys, that’s a blessing. That right there is
a celebration. One day, these will just be
memories that I have. And one day, I’ll be too old
to do it, and I’m going to wish that I enjoyed it more. So I try to enjoy it as
much as possible.

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  2. I knew he was cocky, but at the same time I knew that it was more of the media hype that painted him like that. I know fully understand him, and I respect him more after watching this. He seems like a straight-up, nice guy. Good video Vice.

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  12. Rashad was great, but some where down the line he lost his fighting spirit. He was suppose to win his fight with lil Nog, but he rather play paddy-cake, and that was his worst performance in the octagon, ever. I hope he comes back stronger.
    (changesubject) He dog looks huge now, compared to last year when they did the prime-time on him and Bones.

  13. Great doc, hes a man with principals and great philosophy he truely cares about the sport and is not in for himself to be the top. I respect that

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  15. Go to In the search bar, type "define:non sequitir" (without the quotations, dimwit). Make sure you fully understand the definition before you ever speak again – it'll probably answer most of the questions you'll ever have.
    Your welcome.

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  17. Cool person in real life had the privilege to train with him and learn wrestling from him very cool and humbling

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    Le propinaron una tremenda paliza!
    y florida es un estado corrupto y liberal donde se lava dinero del narco.
    … que? vas a comenzar a llorar antisemitismo y homofobia y hacerte la victima del mundo cruel y del malvado villano Hitler? No mames, puto!

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  22. He has a good point about team sports versus mma, when you lose you want it to be your fault, not your team mates fault. personally I hate watching team sports, soo boring, after being a mma fan for 18years

  23. " The best swordsman in the world doesn't need to fear the second best swordsman in the world; no, the person for him to be afraid of is some ignorant antagonist who has never had a sword in his hand before; he doesn't do the thing he ought to do, and so the expert isn't prepared for him; he does the thing he ought not to do; and often it catches the expert out and ends him on the spot."  – Mark Twain

    Kinda what Rashad said about Jones.

  24. I used to HATE Rashad…BIG TIME!!!

    But the dude has just grown on me over the years. With interviews and also the way he approaches fights now (also losses & injuries maybe). Props to the man, as I hear he does loads of free coaching and pays for other fighters in some of the smaller gyms he goes to that struggle.
    Top man!!!
    How can you not be cool though with a Dutch coach…premium greenery all year round!!!
    I'm surprised the Diaz brothers aren't on that train!?!?!? Forgot, GYO!!!!

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