100 thoughts on “Film Theory: Frozen: Elsa’s TRUE Fight For The Throne!

  1. I just found a German fairytale called the Twelve Brothers and that was interesting. I'm not saying that it has to do with it but Hans, having 12 brothers and INDICATING this information more than once in the first movie got me thinking so much. I feel like it has to do with the story itself but I don't know.

  2. Matthew, Elsa is one of the worst and most punchable characters in all media. Plus a cash cow. Plus minority pandering by making her gay. I so much wanted Hans to stab her with his sword back then. Btw, Hans stopped the guards from killing Eksa because he wanted to toy around with her befire killing her.

  3. It’s been almost 3 years and let me guess… you didn’t notice your video desc reads “pool misguided prince” 😂😂😂😂

  4. Was I the only one thinking Hans might’ve had multiple personality disorder? It would’ve explained the sudden shifts in his behaviour

  5. At 6:02 you can hear this epic remix of for the first time in forever. Just needed to acknowledge this beat drop

  6. I should point out that if hans is from german kigdom, his plan does kinda make sense. Because German succesion law banns women from inheriting. So the husband wil become king. If he's German, he's plan is kinda right(althouh Scandinavian succession law is different so it won't work but in germany,that works)

  7. Wow. Matt has often shown a really poor understanding of history, but this is just. Wow.

    Yes many nobilities have lines like that. But not being named king wouldn’t do ANYTHING to reduce the power Hans would get if he had married Anna. Hell, he could probably manipulate her into naming him co-ruler, which is 100% a thing you can do. Also, being a younger son in a large noble family means his political power from a base level is fairly low, but by marrying a queen his family’s influence would grow DRASTICALLY. This happened to the Howard family when Henry the 8th married (17 y/o) Katherine Howard (and then murdered her like a year or two later). Her family’s power was increased dramatically because their daughter was the fucking queen. Obviously. Social standing has always mattered in royal courts, Matthew. That’s true with ALL of history. If Hans’s plan was to kill Anna before having been named co-ruler, yes that would have been stupid of him and made things more difficult, but it wouldn’t particularly make it impossible. Stranger things have happened in history in terms of royal lineage. On some occasions, being manipulative, intelligent, and having a lot of social standing can be enough to make yourself functionally King, even if you don’t actually have the title.

    Just. Matt. Watch some videos from the Jack Rackam channel. He makes great content and he did a video on a Chinese empress that can fully show you just how easy it can be to take power when you’re good enough at manipulation.


    Edit: I’m a history student that watched this video when it came out originally and I thought it was flimsy but believable then but now it’s just fucking laughable to me. I kept thinking about how absurd it was to think “noble line means he couldn’t be king ever duh” and it just. It’s been grating on my soul for awhile. And it’s really annoying to think about. So yeah, I revisited this old ass video to post in a desperate state of annoyance. I hope it goes away now.

  8. I always hated hans. I taught he was evil. Call me person who watches too many movies or cartoons,but i just had too bad feeling about him.

  9. Finally actually watched the movie. Yeah, Hans is the weakest Disney Villain I've ever seen. "Devil" had a better twist than this. Elsa should've been the real villain.

  10. 5:53 and this is when I realized that Elsa is played by the same person who played Elphaba in Wicked… then I realized that Ana and Elsa's storyline sort of mirrors Wicked's Elphaba and Galinda/Glinda (whichever you prefer) storyline

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  12. Here's a fun fact:
    I would actually pay to see Frozen 2 if that was the story, but apparently that's not the case, however in another theory of The Game theory they say that mind control and manipulation is possible in real life by persuasion and various methods (It's villain Luigi btw for those of u who don't know) and also it talks about brainwashing and expectations in a star wars theory of the last Jedi "The expectations of the viewer can vary of how often they are exposed to something and if they are able to make the public believe it" (I don't remember if it was exactly like that) so basically if you like this theory and think that's gonna be the case we'll… Now you know you've been BRAINWASHED BY WATCHING TOO MANY THEORIES!

    But hey that's just a theory, A COMMENT THEORY

    Plus like

  13. Perhaps Hans has some kind of split personality disorder and switches from falling in love with Anna and helping the people of Arendelle to killing Anna and Elsa so he can steal the throne.

  14. Who wants to here a plot hole?!

    Ok in some of the books and the movie when they were younger Elsa and Anna were playing but the Elsa accidentally

    Freezes Anna in the head so she is technically dead cause the heart stops if the brain stops cause the heart is powered by the brain stem

  15. I think that the once upon a time part was a bit of a weak argument in an otherwise solid theory. Also I think there MAY be a non magical and extremely selfless way hans motivations could work… but that is more of a stretch than the edition on the troll's nose :v

  16. Yes, that makes no sense for him to let her die. He has no right to the throne unless I guess he takes it by conquest maybe?

  17. wait wouldn't anna get the throne first bc in the last frozen vid matpat did elsa is related to rapunsel so technically elsa is not related to the king and queen so anna would get the throne

  18. He didn't kiss her cause it wasn't true love so Anna wouldn't get saved so the whole kissing thing would be useless and then Anna would just go to Kristof and his plan wouldn't work

  19. In once upon a time Anna and Elsa's parents went to find something to stop Elsa's magic. Now,if this was true there mother had a sister, Ingrid. She would have been 1st in line until she was trapped in the ern. But when she returned with Elsa wouldn't she have some sort of power with the crown?

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