18 thoughts on “Finding Peace Through Forgiveness | Enjoying Everyday Life

  1. "The most powerful thing that you can do is to be good to people who have not been good to you." Amen, Joyce! This is a lesson that I've learned recently that has truly blessed me, and I know the Lord smiles but the devil screams when we do the opposite of what our carnal mind is telling us to do. We need to be renewed in the spirit of our mind! God bless everyone today!

  2. Definitely working on this. But, I do have a question. Can you really forgive if you can't forget? And, can you forgive and still set boundaries?

    Basically, forgive the people who hurt you. Pray for them, bless them and move on. I think you can forgive others however it does not mean to say that they have to be back in your life. I also believe that God has a plan for any situation according to his time table.

  3. Haha. Joyce this is one of the most bitter red pills for people to swallow. Your audience isn't as lively as they usually are

  4. How are you supposed to deal with a wolf in sheeps clothing who is being allowed to continue harming people? My daughter was being called for months before she finally went to the alter. I have no idea if she would have ultimately accepted Christ that day or not. However, there is a person in our church who went up to that alter and stopped her from what she was doing. The Holy Spirit was working and when he interfered she became very confused and the Holy Spirit left off what was going on. He did this to others as well. He is living a different life outside of church and acting pious at church. I keep seeing an arrogance in his face that just turns me away from him. I see the deception almost as if its palpable. I have forgiven what he did to my daughter but I don't want to see anyone else harmed. This subject has been brought up in a round about way by the pastor but I'm not sure he see's the wolf in sheeps clothing that I see. Do I just stay out of it and see how it plays out or Let the pastor know what I see? When I love somebody or something I am very protective. I don't want to make waves but I also have a deep desire to protect. I'm not quite sure what to do. I don't want ill for this person but I also don't want to see anyone else hurt.

  5. Im a YouTube junkie I watch YouTube videos everyday joyce Meyers video comes first always watch her videos first then whatever elese i wanna look at but i need joyce Meyers sermons every day

  6. “Being mad at somebody else is like, taking poison then hoping it hurts them” wow! Great analogy, message right on time, thank you Joyce! Thank you god for the message through Joyce Meyer!

  7. Boy did this opening Statement open my eyes tonight for sure….I guess I just never though about it..Thank you Joyce Meyer for all the learing I have gotten from each Video….Each night…It just never entered my mind….No more talking like that.. God Bless your knowledge an passes it on to us….Your a Great Teacher…..And truly reaching everyday people like myself…an many more………

  8. I really appreciate this ministry. I have a ton of her older stuff …. but think I may need to get some new, more current books.

  9. Me and my boyfriend had the HUGEST ARGUMENT EVER about who has a problem with forgiveness and selfishness and pride and then this message Joyce just posted came RIGHT ON TIME, so we watched it ☺️🙌🏾🙌🏾

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