53 thoughts on “Finding the Birthplace of MMA in Pakistan: Fightland Worldwide

  1. pakistanis are natural born fighters, we fight first day we are born, we master weapons we master spirituality , we are pakistanis, the kings of asia. we are genetically the best brown model there is, a mix of wisdom, strength, fastness, intelligence  and language (urdu) the beauty of languages!

  2. The government of Pakistan doesn't even pay its hockey players good salaries and facilities and hockey is national sport.Do you think they are even gonna take a look at this sport??! Fucking corruption destoryed Pakistan

  3. I don't want to be that guy…but i must, for all youtube.

    But dear Vice, could you edit your videos so that the speech and music is on the same level of noise. I hate it when i turn the volume up to hear the person speaking, only to get a headache and bleeding out of my ears because the music is so loud.

    With love and compassion, your's truly, Me.

  4. It's a shame that pehlwani (wrestling) is dying over there, all for the love of fucking cricket and Bollywood films, turning everyone in those historical places that were once warriors into pussies.

  5. wrestling also known as kushti or phalwani is in pakistani culture n blood. it goes way back to 5th millennium, 13th century introduction of pension style kushti and then at its full peak in 16th century in the rural communities of punjab namely gujarnwala. Name of Gama phalwan ruled the wrestling world. Pakistanis are full of talent skills and strength. we kick ass world wide. Saying that I also admit that the USA is currently undisputed champion of this sport. UFC n MMA are doing an excellent job in this field. I am a big fan of Diaz brothers, Joe the triangle lauzon, GSP, John jones etc. respect to those who doing work in this field in pakistan. I wish u good luck my brothers. there are tons of fighters in pakistan that need the right platform and training. u guys are doing a great job. keep it up 😉

  6. If they're interviewing the first fight team obviously it's not the birthplace of mma. Goat fucking maybe but not mma.

  7. It's strange people in Islamic countries don't like MMA but it's morals and principles are much like islam IMO, they don't drink, smoke, fight outside its called upon, they both require discipline, I feel you never have to question a Muslim fighters determination, they might not have all the physical attributes (middle eastern, unless brought up in a western country), but they bring that matar mindset into competition, since fighting is basically the closest thing you can to actual war without illegally killing someone

  8. Americans are just deluded. when it comes down to it, one on one, man to man- they will get knocked out by ppl from poorer nations every time.
    and ppl from Pakistan are bloody tough. dont look at the fat, greasy lumps who come to earn dollars in the US & think all of them are the same.

  9. Ab MMA MahshAllah sy Pakistan my bohot zada phel gaya hy jaga jaga MMA Clubs hyn ab . likin mari Bashir Ahmed sy aik guzarish hy k plsss aik branch KPK Peshawar my bhi kholyn . Yahan aik MMA club bhi nahi hy

  10. Birthplace of MMA was ancient Greece, it was called Pankration.

    If they meant Pakistani MMA they could have written "Birthplace of Pakistani MMA".

  11. BTW. Pakistanis highest population of INCEST due to marriage tradition with cousins and sisters, so genetically you all are fucked in the blood

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