100 thoughts on “Fire Pro Wrestling World – Gamescom 2019 World Wonder Ring Stardom DLC Trailer | PS4

  1. For the idiot who says it looks like NES game, you better get your eyes checked. I dare you to name a single NES game that looks EXACTLY like this!

  2. This is awesome to see. It would've been awesome if this happened when Shirai and Sane were still in Stardom, but no matter. If this DLC is on steam, I'm definitely going to be finally getting Fire Pro Wrestling on there.

  3. This game looks like one of those games you’d play on those in flight entertainment screens with a clunky joystick, or some shovel ware game for GBA

  4. DOA EXTREME Volleyball LADIES or Japanese ladies editions too thanks developer's or developer's again. please.

  5. I'd rather them release a Movepack as DLC then more wrestlers. There's so many CAWS to download and not enough moves. Plus the recent update messed up my Carzilla 2.0 hacked moves. So I lost the hacked moves for giys I already got. I need new moves. I already have too many wrestlers.

  6. I come here waiting for a rumble roses with steroids and receive 90's the sins japanese female fighters expansion pack.

  7. Is there an intergender match in fire pro wrestling? If so, I wanna make one of them verse aj styles or Charlotte flair.

  8. Love this game; it's right up there with No Mercy and WCW Revenge as the greatest wrestling video games in history IMO.

  9. Why is this dlc not included with the other ones for ps4 users? Why an extra price?? I have no idea who these women are so probably not buying the DLC.

  10. Now THIS is content to get behind!

    The simple fact that Fire Pro still has that 16 Bit era look was an immediate selling point. Then they mentioned "CAWs" – probably the most time spent on a GBA since Circle of the Moon.

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