First Fights for Demetrious Johnson and Eddie Alvarez in ONE Championship – Asian MMA Podcast Ep 13

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listening to the Asian MMA podcast where we talk about everything in anything
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I’m Dana blue and today we’re talking about the debuts of Mighty Mouse and the
underground King in one championship there’s some interesting stuff going on
with this not just the match up but some of the behind-the-scenes things I want
to get into I’m gonna break it all down I think by now
just about everyone should know one championship announced the first
matchups for Demetrius Johnson and Eddie Alvarez
they’re both slated to fight on the same car that is gonna be their first ever
show in Japan entitled a new era it’s on March 31st I have to say this was
already a stacked card before they added DJ and Eddie to it huge card we’ll get
into more about what that card is I mean amazing but I really want to talk about
these matchups because you know there’s some interesting dynamics going on here
I think this is the first time we’ve seen you know former champions coming
over from the UFC so soon after especially with DJ being the first-ever
trade and it changes the dynamic in one championship one championship is
definitely a promotion on the rise they’re really hitting their stride the
last year or so and their growth has been fantastic you know we see that with
their signings not just you know DJ not just Eddie but also sage you know lots
of other things going on Miesha Tate working in the back office now very
interesting stuff to talk about let’s kick it off with Eddie Alvarez his last
fight he suffered a ko defeat to Dustin Poirier tough fight for sure and to be
honest he’s only tasted victory one time a single outing in his last four fights
you know that being said we have to remember he’s a UFC champion former UFC
champion in four years he’s been fighting exceptional talent at the top
of his weight class you know ones lightweight you know
category isn’t really that stacked there’s some good fighters there but it
doesn’t look like the UFC’s lightweight division so he his first opponent that
he’s coming into one championship to face is gonna be 12 and for Timothy not
oaken now he’s coming off a first round KO loss to Syed our soval earlier this
year here’s the thing here’s the thing I wouldn’t call Timothy a top-tier fighter
just yet he’s not he’s not scratching the surface he’s not making anyone’s
top-ten list that’s for sure he’s got notable wins though I mean we
can’t say that he has in Faunia when he’s not a can by any stretch of the
imagination he’s got notable wins over Rob lucida edward for lang and you know
he’s put together a body of work that’s been good but it doesn’t make me think
that you know he’s ready for Eddie Alvarez at this juncture
it just doesn’t look like it now that doesn’t mean he’s hands down out match
they’re not not by a long shot he’s at a point where this could be the
wind that shoots him into that next top tee into that top tier it could be that
what catapults him in one championship to the upper echelon
he’s got all the tools I think we just need to see if he can actually execute
against someone of Eddie’s caliber we’re gonna find out in March it’s gonna be
interesting I will be really interested to see how Eddie looks is first fight in
one I don’t know if they’re gonna use a cage or a ring in Japan Japan seems to
really like the ring I’m sure they’re gonna go with that that chain if they do
go with the ring over the cage it changes the whole dynamic for both Eddie
and DJ you know I’ll be interested to see how that looks
now the eddie match is interesting it’s good but it’s not as puzzling to me as
the DJ match the eddie match could really be more of them giving a shot to
timothy you know in giving him the chance to
step up and really show what he’s got cuz he’s been on that you know he’s
coming off a loss as well but he sort of he’s coming into his own and I think
this this fight could make sense especially if we see Timofey perform
well against Eddie win or lose if he has a good showing
it’s gonna make a big difference for him now that brings us to DJ Val this this
is where I have you know I have to jump into a much more detailed conversation
with you guys because it’s an interesting dynamic with who DJ is uh
oddly you know he we were talking about a guy who’s potentially the greatest of
all time you know he he just happened to be in a weight class I wasn’t super
marketable in the US but the things he’s done as a champion no one’s equaled no
one’s even come close to and he’s coming off a decision loss that you know it
could be contentious it could go either way you know he could have he could have
stayed and had a rematch and maybe won but then what does he do you know now I
think there’s a ton more opportunity for him in one
I just don’t think all that opportunities in fighting at this
juncture at least not MMA maybe he wants to try his hand at something else now
with him coming off the loss to a Henry tsukuda you know like I said he’s still
considered by many myself included the best to ever strap on four ounce gloves
without question you know and I understand that one doesn’t want him to
jump right into the title picture you know it would be devastating if he just
comes over and mercs their champion in multiple divisions or you know just
starts working everyone at the top tier they wanted to kind of ease into it and
also you know with like I said if they’re fighting for the first time in a
ring in Japan which I haven’t heard either way on yet you know it takes some
getting used to that not that I think DJ doesn’t prepare for these things and
doesn’t you know trained appropriately he’s got all the wherewithal he’s got a
great coaching and we’ll get into that but they put him against
when I see that his first fight is against tenantry pancrase venture
veteran Yuya Wakamatsu I have to really scratch my head now don’t get me wrong
I’m a fan of you yeah I think he’s great fighter you know I’ve been watching him
for a long time I think he’s good he’s entertaining but is he ready to fight DJ
no do they have better people in that division who don’t have the strap who
can challenge him and make a better fight absolutely and it’s be honest I
was actually surprised when I saw the matchup come out that DJ wasn’t facing
Danny king God who actually handed boxing wahoo his last loss his most
recent loss so what that that made a lot more sense to me you know despite DJ
coming off a loss he’s still the greatest of all time he’s still in his
prime how do you not start to like really putting him up against tougher
opponents right off the bat or and this is the fight I really want I’ve talked
to a few people about this and they’re also you know surprised that this isn’t
white we’re seeing is against former flyweight champ he is an absolute beast and I think
that’s the fight everyone who follows Asian MMA would love to see especially
for DJ’s first fight especially in Japan I think it would be a fantastic fight
especially if for one championship now they’re not doing it of course you know
this is always gonna be matchmaking controversies matchmaking decisions
people aren’t gonna agree with everything I think overall one does a
very good job of matchmaking with their roster especially going back a few years
when they didn’t have a huge roster they didn’t have really deep divisions but
they knew how to match me to a way that satisfied the crowd that pleased the
crowd when they weren’t really that global level organization that they are
now and I still think their matchmaking is really good and a lot goes into
matchmaking it’s not just picking names out of a hat or saying oh this is a
number one guy you know there’s a lot of vision
a lot of work that goes into it I don’t want to belittle it but I have to bring
this up because who DJ is and we have to understand the dynamics that Matt Hume
the matchmaker for one championship the VP of Operations for one championship is
the me Trias Johnson’s coach the founder of AMC pankration you know he’s a legend
in the sport but it’s a clear conflict of interest that you have now the
matchmaker also the coach of the greatest fighter of all time fighting in
your organization and you haven’t addressed the role that he plays or if
there’s any checks and balances in place here and I’m not saying I’m not trying
to say that there is something from the farías going on I’ve only met Matt Hume
two times he’s always been like really cool and everyone I know who works with
Matt one championship I have talked to some of them they have nothing but
positive things to say about him he’s a very stand-up guy by all accounts so I’m
not saying that he is gonna do something wrong or that he has but it’s something
at one championship at least needs to address on the surface so that they can
put it to bed if anyone ever brings it up again because I haven’t heard anyone
else talk about this they can say look we’ve already addressed that this is the
system in place next question and I actually reached out
to a few people at one championship and they just basically said to me it’s not
something that we’re addressing so I don’t know what the deal is hopefully
I’ll be able to get our official response from someone at some point it
just hasn’t been dealt with yet now all of that being said like I said throwing
it out there the reason it’s really important here and I think we need to
really focus on this is that AMC pankration where DJ trains were Matt’s a
coach where Matt’s the founder isn’t a huge gym like American Top Team or a
Jackson wink they don’t have a ton of people like coming out of there it’s a
very personal type of relationship that see
DJ and Matt has and so you’ve got to imagine that there’s a lot of
collaboration going on there and Matt knows DJ’s abilities his weaknesses
better than anyone else and now he’s picking fights for this guy in his
organization I I would just really like to see that get addressed conflict of
interest aside though one has to address it put it to bed still excited super
excited to see DJ in one eye on ously no matter who the fight is gonna be against
I can’t wait to see it you know with any luck he moves right into the title shot
after that fight I mean that I think it’s whatever wants to see I know that
there’s the whole Grand Prix that’s going on but you know you’ve got to put
DJ in the mix I know he’s excited about the Grand Prix we’ve heard him say that
in other interviews he really wants to get into it that’s a big part of the
whole Asian mm anything that he was really interested in when he came over
you know as well as you know rocking some of those crazy eSports stuff that
he’s now the ambassador for for one really really should be a lot of fun
especially the eSports I’ve kind of been getting into it a little bit more the
last couple years and I’ve seen other promotions really pick it up I think
that it’ll do well with one especially the amount of money they’re putting into
it they’ve essentially become the largest eSports gaming league in
Southeast Asia right off the bat right away chat tree doesn’t mess around I
guess when he wants to do it he does it big now I just want to kind of close
this out because as big as the first fight for DJ and Eddie are and I
mentioned at the top of the episode the rest of that Japan card is absolutely
stacked the three title fights on the card you’ve got you know women’s
strawweight tramp champ Zion engine on now she’s actually gonna
be facing probably the biggest celebrity and Asian MMA Angela Lee who’s the
women’s Adam weight champ you know and she’s a real breakout star she’s you
have to give her the credit of being the best
in her weight in one championship in her division
despite the fact that I think she lost the last fight to me I’m a Gucci I think
it was bad judging I was there in Singapore but you know you don’t win
them all and it’s funny I remember being uh being in the press box in Singapore
and asking the guys on either side to me I was like wow Angela just lost in
Singapore like yeah no way she won that and then she wins a decision but that
being said she’s still won both those fights it’s still on her record as a win
hands-down the best women best woman in her division and one going up and wait
to try and get after two belts against a girls young is an absolute murderer
she’s a beast and if you’ve never seen her fight it’s on another level that is
probably gonna be that is probably gonna take fight of the night I mean Angela
always brings it you know despite what you might think of her display if you
thought she won that last fight or not she brings it in like she’s you can’t
argue that it’s gonna be an amazing fight she’s very well-rounded but
Young’s a monster I mean who I hit the shell chills just thinking about that
fight I’m excited for that on top of that we’ve got a middleweight champ on
LA he’s he’s defending his strap and then we’ve got Edward Foley ah he’ll go
toe-to-toe with legend and a legend an Asian MMA Shin Hyeok II and she oh he’s
just been on a tear he’s been stopping everyone
yeah he’s for recently shown in Wichita he forever ting both really good fights
both stoppages and she just seems to be he’s got that momentum right now I’d
love to see him capture the strap it’ll be fantastic anyway I really wanna know
what you guys think about you know DJ and Eddie’s first matchups do you agree
with me that they’re a bit soft do you think it’s the right first match up you
know you know send me an email leave me a comment let me know what you guys
think I’d be interested to hear if you have you know other opinions leave it in
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