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Florida Workout Part 3 Kettlebells and Mace | Fitness Devolution

Florida Workout Part 3 Kettlebells and Mace | Fitness Devolution

Hi friends welcome back! this is part 3 about three-part workout that totals roughly 35 minutes or so if you’re if you’ve
hung in there since the beginning thanks a lot for watching I know you most people have better
things to do than watch a sweaty old bald guy exercise but anyway
if you’re into this kind of thing I’m doing the exercise college worms and
I’m at a little push up in there you can do inch worms
on your hands I like I was doing or drop down on your
forearms the changes the dynamic I love how your
core and Lex interact and you at that little
love component both rough concrete on the elbows not not terribly painful but I’m just
something that’s his deal with what you’re doing it staged not trying to torture myself here down
Street be so we’re back to a simple one hand
swaying up to for because the latter dow 5 teased me kids has p me said phones called just just used used so if you see an hour chaos in the past
you recognize this summer very oculus looking thing that we call that the league could
climb Carlos this so it is really tough I’ve been
doing it for almost a year now I still pretty much suck at I’ll puts a lot of pressure on my knees a lot of fun attention on my hip flexor switchers Gary stronger and better but they not perfect
and a lot of times earlier in the day causes a cramp in my foot so right now can’t put my right left foot
down Crete I might do it craps so anyway try that thing it’s a humbling valuable static posture for strengthening ligaments and tendons so for this said that one can swing
something to do cleans trying to work on my cleaved keep my elbow in tight it’s a hand open and the rack possession I was not a good
when they’re this we want my hand under my chin elbow talk to Anna gets our troops you see the halo two-handed halo for seen us do it for the past %uh five
or six months we’ve been adding a squat serving swap between each to halos I like to bring the I kettlebell down to believe
but level it the really intensifies this movement
and when you do the squad the kettlebell is in the way if it’s at
your belly so get to do additional work to get it out
of the way so all those things golf course trades and Lex trains and of
course the halos are building arm and shoulder strain you see the stoop like
lakes wins before this is tough especially towards the end of work out
it’s hard to keep your butt down really trying to keep our shoulders over my hands to which attempt to getting up the shape which I don’t like but anyway to proving stuff as I get tired I sure to modify this to little bit over yoga runners close can’t keep my leg
straight you see an hour behind the back pass I lately we’ve been doing park in the kettlebell schorr I and
doing a deep squat with the eccentric load the shoulder this is
really challenging really got to engage your core
stabilizing muscles fists movement right now I’m my hands are so slippery I’m free to let
go over on the left side sooo cool t-shirt other you guys might like t-shirt says per piece the you to our paper peace I really like I just to have slow that was last section at the the workout proper at that I we will conclude with the book finisher which is a base get down mace get down is not terribly
hard I’ll for weights not too heavy but at
the end of a workout it’s extremely hard someone have a little sick or water
basically we’re gonna do five swings any way you
like it bring the rest base to a solid rest position and however you can get it to 84 reclining
position with your head and heels touching the ground is fine
with me and then you recover back to a vertical position
deals now itself with your heads down you can’t
see the base which is first couple times kinda freaky si sabe
Ocelot balance when I got up that I had that turnaround we’re gonna do a builder world so you really want to lock the Mason
tight everything’s farm here you go hopes almost fell over backwards and I think
that’s it for me on this workout probably sweat it out
about 18 gallons of water it’s hot it’s humid Lisa sweating up what’s this one more base get down okay well there you have it thanks for watching
this workout you have any questions let me know
should use a comma and subscribe thanks

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3 thoughts on “Florida Workout Part 3 Kettlebells and Mace | Fitness Devolution

  1. Great stuff , FD !! This can be done anywhere , like you say and it is much more challenging then you make it seem .. Great work ! . I live in Florida and have the challenge of the heat each workout …and love it : ) . Glad to be subscribed on your page .

  2. Thank you! I'm honored. I hope to retire to Florida some day and love this area along Hwy 30A, Santa Rosa Beach. Where are you?

  3. BTW, you're right. Rather than having to go to a gym, or haul a ton of stuff, all we needed (for Lisa and I) was one KB each and our maces. I should add that even though Lisa doesn't like to be in the video, she is really making great progress with this workout, and, really likes swinging KBs and Mace. She's proud of her callouses!

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