Floyd Mayweather’s MMA move he might actually whoop CM Punk’s ass…

Whether on Floyd Mayweather’s MMA move he might actually whoop CM Punk’s ass first Oh Floyd foresee a punk they sell the shit out of that fight. Oh Good to see you Joe, this is amazing fight for my man. We got one hell of a fight coming up my heart Be still my heart. They might do that I can’t take it My heart is flying in my chest if I saw Floyd Mayweather across some CM Punk I’d be like this is not real life Yeah, dude, that’s the fighting weight Well, listen, if you know that Floyd can’t fight Conner in an MMA fight can let’s take that occasion but the odds of Conor losing are so astronomically small – 100,000 favorite like whatever the fuck Vegas puts on it. That’s cute. No It’s ten – I don’t think they’re gonna do another like we’ll have odds for this weekend You guys can’t make money on this but it’s gonna be like nine hundred to one It’s gonna be some stuff crazy some buskers Douglas Fitness Buster Douglas is only like 42. It’s crazy This is gonna be insane If they’re smart because Connor is gonna kick his legs out. He’s not gonna get a chance to come close enough He come at everyone Connors gonna kick his fucking legs out he doesn’t have any chance and then if Connor decides to shoot in and clinch he’s gonna clinch and he’s going to Ragdoll him. Well, he could jump to a half garden and do what little you name a submission nine That’s a slap in Connors – nine hundred who the fuck made those. Oh, this is nonsense. No, that’s a joke My life savings on there that’s the easiest money of all time. They’re off by a factor of ten Fucking listen if this fight takes place Floyd doesn’t have a chance What about Floyd CM punk though, but I got a fight boys got a real chance. Yeah, boy K Oh, yeah, Floyd’s got a real chance. Unless CM Punk got away. Well also CM punk way bigger Okay, let’s be honest about that CM Punk is a guy was wrestling probably 190 pounds Can’t wait to get to 170 to fight in the UFC Usana those son. Yeah. Well, he’s not on anything He’s pretty loose II guettler WWE psyche in right, but I’m pretty sure he’s at least according to everybody that I’ve talked to and everything. I’ve heard about him He’s a real straight edge. No drinking. No I’m not saying he it looks like it he look like he as clean as they come, right? but I think he always was I really do I Don’t think he’s lying. Yeah, daddy said Floyd Mayweather is the fucking greatest boxer maybe of all time based on paper. He is I Mean the civilians which means through multiple weight classes undefeated 50, you know, I don’t care if the last fight was Conor McGregor He’s still 50 and I know that’s fucking insane insane. Yeah, dude he’s he’s on another level of Everybody who’s on another level what this fight is like it’s like it’s like you and your buddies at a bar and Floyd walks in and your buddy goes Who has no background ever maybe did some performance arts in high school? And you look and go. Can you beat up Floyd Mayweather? And then you guys find out you can get punched in the fucking face very fast in multiple times The question is can Floyd fight the same way he fights with big gloves with MMA gloves The reason why I say this cuz Floyd’s broken his hand multiple times He said some serious surgeries on his hands now. Maybe they’ve cured it and maybe it’s fine But we all know that for the longest time Floyd preferred like a puffier glove a big protection and But he hasn’t had hand problems in a while so maybe he did fix it and his hands looked fucking great against Conor how many paper have used the CM Punk Floyd do and Where do we stop this is where you got to come and cut this shit out Because I heard I heard Morgan Freeman throws a mean sidekick. Do we see he could sell paper views do we fuckin sign him up? you know I’m saying like George Clooney no, Larry King Someone’s dying so it is dying or they make okay, once they start swinging we might lose them both. Could God man That’s crazy. It’s crazy. We’re even talking about this odds of Cana verse Floyd in a mixed martial arts match and you know What else is crazy is Floyd actually considering it Floyd’s talking it as knows that Showtime about an MMA fight I think he’s gonna make a half a billion dollars wait till I Fight anyone this planet if I fight Francis could be even the same night for half a billion dollars half a billion It’s really possible. I mean, they really might rake it in with that fight and the UFC is going to change might be willing to do it if They may imagine if they made a deal to do two he goes. Alright, say one more MMA I’ll do one MMA and one more box and God just slow You know, they lock him up again. And you know, there’s a market for it That would be crazy money and the actual island lay heads are turning over in their graves They fucking hate this I think you could sell it I think if Connor decided to give like five six months for a training camp Conor McGregor in talks over stunning five hundred million dollar rematch with Floyd Mayweather Crazy Way to get your money, man Can’t wait hit your fucking money and honor cannot wait but I would say CM punk because this is what happens that like Jion’s over Floyd seeing that CM Punk would have to figure out how to get to take down if they could agree to me it Like 160 something like that, maybe I tell Duke Rufus take this one out and I’m army crawl over to Floyd to the case He’s gonna face and I just get this leg It’s a complete shit show and I fucking just sweep his knee that little tiny scrawny ankles out and I crawl on top Mount and they stop the fight. What if Floyd Mayweather knows karate? will Seriously, what if we’ve never seen it before he’s been hiding it behind closed doors and comes out sideways and starts throwing sidekicks you like know It’s you know, fuck you Imagine if Floyd starts throwing perfect muy Thai leg kicks swap. What’s crazy? This is like me my buddy in sixth grade talking about crazy fucking Mutants fight rocket fighter, but let me ask you this in all our zoo nya grown, man If you are a world championship boxer You’re gonna be exposed to a certain amount of kickboxers. Wouldn’t you say? Hey man, show me how to do that How do I do that? And what part of the leg you hit messing around? Like right here? Oh shit. That hurts. Yeah Oh shit now show me how to do it. She’ll not do it on the back Okay Like fully made with her pickup kicks like the Aster mine the way that he could find the smartest people I’ve ever been around He learns how to dig his body in the things you just transfer that to his brilliant He would start snapping front kicks on people roundhouse kicks next thing, you know, you can’t get close enough You know what? That sounds like the movie kickboxer. I’d CM Punk stand up in his locker room. They hear this douche Thing Yeah and CM Punk’s going what the fuck no one told me this dude member Pete Spratt Pete’s pranks About Pete swap the monster for a long he would hurt your fuckin legs, man Pete’s brats another dude, like when you watch them kick the pads you’d be like hikes. Yes certain guys Yikes. No one that I’ve ever seen kick anything other than a person may be more terrified than watching Pedro his o kick a heavy bag one day

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