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Food Fight!!! (English)

Food Fight!!! (English)

Master Chief…. I’m not gonna make it! Just tell the Pillsbury Doughboy to bring the cookies down here. Master Chief: Come on, we’re almost there! Just three more steps. Do I have to come and get you!? No I don’t think I can. Master Chief: Alright Hold on. Come carry me.. Master Chief: My god… you gotta stop eating all those cookies. Little Jesse: Hey! Shut up I’m not fat! It’s just the fur coat, it makes me look big. Master Chief: Alright brace yourself, I’m gonna do a power hit. Little Jesse: Huh?What are you gonna do? You brought a gun … to a celebration! What’s wrong with you! Go put that thing down somewhere! Master Chief: Fine! Let’s see now, where can i put my baby. I’ll just put it right here by this big pink thing. Pillsbury Doughboy: Since the beginning of mankind there has always been friendship. and it’s such a beautiful thing when two people come together and make a partnership of mutual understanding. and friendships of joining one another. I want those cookies! Little Jesse: I’m hungry! MC, this sucks! Master Chief: Yea, I’ll say…we’ve been standing here for 45 minutes already. This is killing me already. Miffy: Blah blah…blah blah… blah blah Batman: I think I should get a mohawk and call myself Dark Hawk! Spiderman: Ugh…this sucks! What a great speech! Spiderman: I can’t take any more of this…. is anyone else dying of boredom besides me? Ok that’s it! I gotta do something. Spiderman: booyah!! Right in the kisser! Was that really necessary? Spiderman: What I do? It was a great shot! Miffy: I thought it was funny and it was a nice shot too! Spiderman: Hey Toad, let me give you something to wake up on. Spiderman: Oh! I got him in his big head! Am I good ladies and gentlemen or what? Toad: Oh yeah! Let me show you….. let me get this thing right here. Spiderman: Uh oh! Spider man: Oh Batman, you need to work on your reflexes buddy! Batman: You know what Spider-man I think your right and I think you should take a break. What do you mean take a break? Batman: Here, let me show you. Miffy: Ah yeah! Food fight!! Food fight! Miffy: yeah, you can’t get me… Oh I spoke to soon.. Master Chief: Food fight?? Woah!!! Oh yeah!! Batman: I’m king of the world! Master Chief: Catch this king of the world! I hate pudding. Fighting and arguing. Stop … Stop… Stop! This is silly, your acting like children! What do you have to say? Batman: Shut up! You can’t get me! Ah! You suck! Come on come! Ha ha! You throw like a girl! Oh you guys suck!…. Hit my booty, hit my booty! Master Chief: I’ll show you a little girl! Master Chief: Hey!… Where’d my gun go? DId you guys see my gun? Batman: No I didn’t see it. Crowd says no MC, where did you last put it? I left it right here! By this big pink brick thing. That’s Barbies house. She should be back any second. Oh! Yeah, look here she comes! Hi Barbie! Barbie: Hi guys! Barbie: *humming* “Hi there!” Master Chief: Oh my God! *Barbie talking in background* Master Chief: Wow! I’m looking at an angel!! Little Jesse: Hello!? Hello!? Earth to Master Chief? Hey what’s wrong with Master Chief? Something’s wrong with him?!

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