From Kulavadhu Serial to Nammane Yuvarani Serail, Actress & GoldMedalist Ankita Shares her Journey!

we do turn my apasher hi hello Namaskar inanimate and mahakasyapa Nev not idea the tanmaya Kashyap show weak chakra Everton anima guest oppa dancer of a singer acting quorum Arthur a Yash Stella academics a lacuna to Mutombo moon Desiree hey Anthony Andrew you rude medical biochemist really gold medalist a guitar and she also wants to pursue in PhD prosthetic colours channel la libertad onthe cool avada serial early introduction ah g’day nominee Iranian no Hassad Haruhi Mulcahy rotary Malabar today you are one tenori-on abonnieren a math person you had to nominate a get around kitaru bunny or animators and ankita raina mistake Namaskar Hey nanu nanu too much an irony that microchip Shogun my swagger thank you uncut la nieve ooh too much equation than a acting Shirou male 3 child artist ugly polish to documentaries my TV serial number III so basically a Linda should white animal journey okay I think judge me and that a Waldron and first the stage had to do and UK Julie done but don’t a funny moment Agitos upon my elephant honorable bill again a it can target a LCR your locker Canoga film a cappella hockey naina diffident Anna no gorilla say smell hope Becca Nina and Catherine each animal I roll hockey so stage man who their home in condo a Minolta Kokopelli Wagner Coco Rebecca kappa i was like dialogue ilaha il-allah he’ll go to rotate the world and in corner koko de Bakey kappa amber tom oh ma Mundek enema so that was my first ever acting performance and idan Valley he can and I was into dance and music school Ella hard at all dance Marla do acting mother Leila I’d better fix the standard early doggone I know chugalug on PA dr. penny ramchandra is under child artist again and cost screen appearance dances and get a la a bug in the charlotte dance una no moon single market but return items other than and you had to worship I never said were gonna enter at an article to junior Moxie citizen and junior exam cook about actually none Bangalore get six to build it up Wow okay one but later on a dad Mela immediately music jr. example so that’s not entirely Markovic Ito a tub and again and and junior example musically odd odd melodies okay this on and get music udon so you do not discontinue well become but eager I’m into music Dan smart because the colors channel early cool over to Lynn an entry on entry Agata Sonam the barrier given with her why should walk that knee but will mainly dougie play Mahavira a Linda Lee kick jump are anymore of course accidental non-game se as many his team are Picanto plans it exam stove over Co exams already a good content and certainly I gotta call mark Kira to be frank marshall appeared then powers like Lamar know my motto because even in boppers but Allah taught me PhD Arabic a train on the airship it condom are so and the PhD is something like that mean once a reliable uh coder you don’t known in Yamagata’s 1403 Allah Lakota Allah Sanjana Caruso Diego Berta so PhD is lightning my commitment call a PhD and read your whole life is all about science and hog if you’re doing piece and then on science Elvis women killed so opposed like break taco I mean McKibben and my bacon Corrigan anger singing the little interest actually the country no no my surah gay a messy matter the cogito I had given up on singing 8 standard 9 standard band ok new heart a car Galarraga Landreth the heart continued Monica Allah Hanukkah and run on the stove maybe I’m not that capable none please if there was one point and I’m gay sorry I thought I’m a punk above all don’t tell me how do hard on the drop Pongo Scaramanga Scarola family functions could have a relative relative Nestor my Israeli Nima Hague managed Marta combined load myself Allah they come and talk with the crunchy cereal commitments I spoke to them that music is also my priority so they have a green day no problem our Zilla every Tuesdays mata Thursday’s man classes here at the new a messing harder to do medical biochemistry in the evening hail at the question confuse 800 by first in Alden microbiology and there is so much of difference between you know one one terminology go Astro difference right there so what is medical biochemistry and when the brief foggy and you know they didn’t he medical biochemistry chemistry Andhra rasa in Acosta bio is life so GE but Jeeva Delhi now chemistry no cally life for logging in and chemistry got nerdy today the random they had Oleg a yeah of molecules we have biomolecules other buggy Kelly Tiffany other that is biochemistry basically and medical biochemistry is something that is related to medical science and rain and gay anatomy physiology cool Iqaluit minutia now they have physiology again and function today respiratory Unterberger are functions karna kallio trijata higa higa and antibody digestion and tundra t know do i do non-food molecules allah break down Agatha and either y’all food molecule our chemistry you know other composition you know other than a break down Madrid in a negative there are three drop again sounds interesting and very complicated Egan amigos Cara you have that one hard-headed Oh si si si nimmakur no luckily though burn auburn university to me knock on door like a little fur nobody never today do you love a girl buddy you versi nimmakur no luckily though but never never t to you live harbor girl buddy you are c1 don’t do Paul so leave their name nanny they are hardened how do you foresee too much energy hard-headed ray dancing liquid a junior junior my didn’t dance silly junior Marty with my dance culture Oh Donna now whereas Anton even good tear attack the moon goes karana bhiksha pre-oscar adonai explain Monica Veda Vyasa nerve and room but but there’s a girlie that first one ocean guard single entendre basically being romantic romantic single ugly at the numbers of Bharatanatyam la a drag on the not scalado now go to when the Hindenburg a describe Marvel a hero in basically he described a single mother Bordeaux and like and if very expressions mera pehla huh ok ok kashta Baron an arrest a girl who has to Hilton anymore my readers okay Shran Gaara [Music] I see you do – seriously no nice Tantra hiciera tempeh corn Italy this is Rajan husband Karuna [Music] [Music] Karuna basically a low-key Cabarita again anniversary secularly aloo and no neveress isla it lab so Karuna a load o alone I want Rwanda category [Music] Udo gentle rock schisandra very energy demanding prasanta hey Veronica Mira Mira and random Raja like my anak [Music] okay b-but [Music] last ad Buddha [Music] Wow Dola Dola last two last Shunta where is he a new expressionless face on catarrhini wish to to LR go thank you retrieve a ghanaian get hangs healthily you must be very busy I was a serial start after the animal schedule linda time tech con una carrera makeban do not aim at Alli I thoroughly enjoyed doing this episode and Nev oh yeah they when the carrick Rama hardly a terrible cinema music dance theater yeah they career a yogi mcgaven don’t do successively through the success and a kindly and you want a Hilton a mockery chromatic a Linda shabari thank you so much know what Mercutio Sanderson a tornado it did hinder interview in the area element contains some art it off or gone big round off thank you you do San Marcos [Applause] [Music]

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