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Frustrated Francis Ngannou Wants UFC To Book His Next Fight — ‘This sucks’|Joe Rogan Praises Ngannou

Frustrated Francis Ngannou Wants UFC To Book His Next Fight — ‘This sucks’|Joe Rogan Praises Ngannou

Frustrated Francis in Ghana once UFC to
book his next fight and he says this stucks Ultimate Fighting Championship
heavyweight smashing machine Francis in Ghana was hoping to get his next crack
at the 265 pound title but then Steve BAE Miocic evened the score at the UFC
241 last August 14 and early 2020 trilogy with Daniel Cormier that leaves
the predator high and dry already sitting at number two in the division in
Ghana scoring 14 wins and 3 losses hose knockout wins over former champion
Junior dos Santos in wrestling powerhouse Curtis ballets ranked number
3 and number 4 respectively well it seems like everybody is changing the
visions but there is not enough upper division so I guess I always be a
heavyweight level now in Carlos’s UFC I want to fight in December in Vegas
otherwise I’ll fight anywhere as long as I get to fight this is sucks there was
talk of having John Jones move up to 265 in order to throw hands went oh god no
however the attention has now shifted to bones to take it on newly crowned
middleweight champion the last style been to Israel I’m D Sonia
it doesn’t sound like the predator has too many options for the time being and
the only way he’s making light heavyweight if he cut off his leg the
best-case scenario is UFC books and asagna vs Paulo Casas leaving John Jones
free to battle and gondol so I really think they just like Russian the Israel
and John Jones is just like oh my god is just like people just be like on it on
it on it and Israel he didn’t even get the chance to
like settle in there you know like to enjoy what he just comp list you know
but he’s a beast and he’s ready to get in there like he said the scary thing is
clipped him put him down pounded on his head that was a good start where he was
kicking the leg especially the lower part of the leg you could really cry
someone knocked off balance and that could really fuck you up man really mess
up your movement and if that was the case if we was able to mess up his move
and get him to miss a little bit you know make it him so that he was having a
hard time moving correctly and keep chewing on that leg then maybe there
would be openings for him to jump in with some punches the problem is when
they’re both on the outside francis is bigger and the consequences are way more
grave if francis clips you it’s 99 I don’t care who you are he’s so confident
in it too he moves forward and he’s gonna throw everything full-speed
first round with him is extremely dangerous because he’s just trying to
take you the fuck out and taste a guy like steep a steep a Miocic saw what he
was doing and what he did was just ride with it just moved away from it kept his
hands up when Francis was coming after me use good defense and he kept moving
and kept picking away out of take any shots when they were there and then
started wearing Francis down taking him down beating them up and then just
dominated clear-cut unanimous decision for five rounds it tastes like died like
that I got like Stephen that has the mental fortitude to stick to a game plan
not panic in the firefight because that’s what happens with in Ghana you’re
like Jesus Christ I’m gonna see lights any second now I’m gonna see a big flash
and I’m gonna be out cold so you guys come up below and let me
know what you guys think and I’ll see you guys in the next video you

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