Full Match Sting vs. Tripple H WWE Raw Wrestlemania August 18th 2018 HD 1080p

Sting vs. Tripple H Full Match HD 1080p Wrestle Superstars 2018 The following contest is a submission match making his way to the ring from every Weighing in at 250 pounds the men know The stinger looks ready to go tonight. Yeah, he’s fired up for this one call. That’s for sure And the good news is that he appears to be coming into tonight with a little extra motivation Yeah, he’s really had a chip on his shoulder as of late and it seems to have been helping him And his opponent from Greenwich, Connecticut weighing in at 255 pounds the game Guys we have two of WWE’s most exciting superstars ready to square off here And there’s nothing quite like seeing two superstars settling it in the ring and water. What action Michael And I’d also like to add that this match will go a long way in determining the pecking order here in WWE Yeah, and he’s hoping his stock continues to rise a loss here though would certainly crush those hopes We’re at a crossroads neither competitors backing down here Sting going for it They’re struggling for control right now So give us the breakdown here for Triple H You’re the so-called expert so what can we expect for him tonight? We’re talking about a totally different form of combat here He needs to be prepared to counter remove at any time because in a submission match pinfalls don’t mean a thing It’s about you making your opponent tap out. Yeah, the WWE is the true war your endeavor It’s kill or be killed Well, not literally, of course Talk about history Triple H was trained by WWE Hall of Famer killer Kowalski and made his debut in 1995 the blue blood hunter hearst-helmsley showed a different attitude when he formed d-generation X alongside Shawn Michaels That’ll leave you dizzy in a hurry Triple Eight’s knows how to polish off an opponent. He got all that one man. Triple Eight’s what offense Triple H knows about making history just look at the battles against Shawn Michaels Randy Orton the Undertaker stake Daniel Bryan Roman reigns Triple H found in three of the most powerful Factions in sports entertainment history and is regarded as one of the most dominant world champions This business has ever known the game is also competed in more than twenty WrestleManias He may never walk the same after that backbreaker Such a dangerous hold He works his way out a bit of a Houdini job right there Here we go Byron, oh man I got chills right now. No, no no, no. No you can bet this was a premeditated attack So much for having a match Giants immortals the undead warriors Legendary champions Olympic heroes. They’ve all guys that came out of nowhere that’s likely why it was so successful Inside the ring now nice job by stay Facebuster Kenny ended here a concerned look on the face of stain I’m not sure how much more a stretch that would makes to heart blush Connie flips out Wow. Look to me like you hadn’t walked in pretty good. I guess not Corey something I’ve observed over the years from this seat is what WWE Superstars have learned the hard way Triple H is always one category away from victory armed with the pedigree The game has dropped opponents to the announcers table on thumbtacks and steel chairs. Even the steel ring steps Just check out his match against Brock Lesnar from WrestleMania 29 Always nice when a plan starts coming together these two have stingers Put it in the books, there’s no turning back any locks in the Holston crane Wow we got out of it. Yeah. I’m not so sure he had it fully locked in Sting has been busted open Completed exhaustion is set in on staying you like this have nothing left to give guys He looks completely drained right now guys, and I’m willing to bet he doesn’t have enough strength to even execute a submission Oh man, he has plenty of reason to be concerned here guide, but you know what? So does his opposition this is about as close as it gets And there is no reversal from staying Staying with a great offensive show He doesn’t appear to be in a hurry to get up here I just don’t think he has it in him anymore Yeah, but it’s all about sustaining that effort let’s hope he can do This one’s getting ugly you might want to turn away if you have a weak heart Saw that one coming You can almost see the wind leave his body after that And staying ready to go he’s got worried And it’s in it The game getting absolutely punished right this dink does it what a monumental win? Here is your winner the man Talked about having a dig down deep to pick up the win. There’s few things more humiliating than tapping out to your opponent boy I don’t think we’re going to have too many dissapointed viewers at home. Not with action. Like we just saw

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