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[Full Movie] 超凡校草1 Magical Campus Beau 1 Eng Sub 贴身校花的秘密 | Youth Fantasy 青春玄幻片, 4K 2160P

[Full Movie] 超凡校草1 Magical Campus Beau 1 Eng Sub 贴身校花的秘密  | Youth Fantasy 青春玄幻片, 4K 2160P

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Thanks and enjoy. Welcome to subscribe our channels. What are you doing? I am afraid of losing you without Love App I am changing my clothes and coming You are honeymouthed Can you come with your short skirt? I think you look very good in short skirt. You are so bad. I will be shy. Send your photos with “Private Picture” after you wore. You are so bad There have been many robberies in this city recently with continuous crime they coax before and now they rob police has some clues and continue investigating police warns please take care of your kid don’t trust any strangers it’s the first time I meet some one like me like a lighting in the dark I suddenly realize that I am not alone in the world Movie Title: Magical Campus Beau Cheng Zicheng Acted as Hua Mingxuan Manxi Acted as Zhao Mengjie Li Peijin Acted as Sisi Zhang Bingqian Acted as Le Man Zhang Yufeng Acted as Du Han One month ago I’m Hua Mingxuan a student of Department of Architecture, City College in the college I’m a student with normal simple life but there’s something difference Come here Come here Slow down, watch your panty don’t worry, I have worn shorts hmm, just in case What a shame! because I found I had something unusual the Super Power He’s Duhan well-known beau in the campus his parents are rich so he is rich, free and handsome If he has a flaw, that is he’s a pussy You bastard -You fucking pussy
-But he’s different from the other pussies he likes to make girlfriends he said it’s a kind of art you should enjoy the process, not the result so that he’s been enjoying the processes -Master
-H’m Miss Honghong just gave you a call is she with big boobs dissolute voice? No no no, that’s Xinxin Honghong is a dance learner a dance learner? Oh, I know, it’s her very slim with soft waist and long legs Yes, yes, how could I answer her? Fuck off with some money She isn’t lack of money however, she’s serious on you then use plan B call the toy boy and give him some money let him to get Honghong then I can get out It’s no longer a problem if it can be solved by money my next target is her but sometimes he meets unusual girls Leman, Vice President of Taekwondo Association since she refused Duhan last time she became the new goddess with personality Hey, a beauty seems from Department of Economic Management somebody asked about her in the study room seems with bad tempers bad tempers? I tell you that if she becomes your girlfriend she’ll be fondled by you even
she’s a female leopard Master, should we follow her? No in my opinion, you’d find out her hobbies and then satisfy her with money very easy don’t be vulgar How could you solve this with money? Listen it just like to attend a war you attack before you know the enemy you’ll become a fool dead body Yes, yes, you’re right, you’re smart Hello? Hello? Do I know you before? well -well
-why didn’t you answer my phone? Why did you go out with him? Tell me, tell me Why didn’t you answer my phone? Why did you go out with him? Where have you been? Tell me Why? She’s crying don’t shake her Should a girl deserve this? Who are you? Should you be here? Your quarrel is none of my business but, it is if you bully a girl Which of your eye see I bullied her? Stop here Why? I’ll yell indecent assault indecent assault? So many people here Did I do that? you bitch! She’s awesome I like it You, are witnesses of my self-defense and you, what did you talk about? Nothing Let’s go Master Miss Le is about too… Shut up Chubby or slim has her own beloved I just like this style Duhan told me later in that night he was falling in love with Leman because her heroic and unruly characters brought him safety and I replied him the only reason to cause the consequence was his foolishness Hi Leman Why are you again? Leman the wise won’t believe in the rumor You don’t listen to the crap I was… a little amorous but since I met you you have captured my heart Stop laughing You’re bored Hey Leman How can you bear to see me tortured by misery? You have good conditions but you’re not my style Hey, Leman I can give you anything if you accept me? I don’t like you Leman Is there anyone else better than me
to be your boyfriend? My fiance is a hero he’ll pick me up someday with a glorious ride I like the real man understood? Let’s go She, she said I was not a real man Master, don’t cry, if you weren’t, who’ll be masturbate yourself Don’t cry Mengjie, look, it’s school beauty competition Hey yo, get out of the way School beauty, should I? hey, why are you so excited? If you can afford a flight ticket to Korea maybe you can attend when you come back What do I do in Korea? Cosmetic surgery well, it seems I miss such a great chance Mengjie, It’s your chance Yes, you’re right To show off in the public, I won’t do it Hey, why don’t attend? You’re gorgeous, if you stand on the stage what the else need to do there? Yes and there’s bonus if you get the bonus, we can have a feast a feast you glutton just attend in What’s wrong Hey stop looking, he won’t be yours you know him? Nice, Zixuan, you knew such a handsome introduce to me ok? I suggest you give up I’ve heard he is a monk in
Department of Architecture A monk? Cold-hearted, dislike girls he doesn’t look like that he looks tall, handsome, kind and easygoing Let’s go A monk 18 minutes again never reach 20 minutes Sometimes, sometimes I’d believe everything reaches to the end it is the time for both gathering and leaving nothing can be eternal but for me, sometimes I’d better choose to stay and never let you go after we have enjoyed the whole scenery maybe you can choose to stay with me much longer Mengjie I knew you must win the champion Yeah Well, my school beauty should we have the deal accomplished? Sure, what do you want to eat? you two gluttons What’s our usual favorite food? Spicy crayfish Go, let’s move There’s a new restaurant near our school
with very good taste You are… Miss Zhao, Mr. Wei invites you to dinner Mr. Wei? I don’t know him That’s ok, he treats people kindly especially girl like you I’m sure you’ll be familiar with each other soon Not interested, we have other schedules,
excuse us, let’s go Miss… I’m surprised there’re few girls keep calm like you What do you want? just wanna make friends with you Make friends? like this? I like to be easy and straight Zhao Mengjie, 21, from Beijing freshman of Economic Management Department an out-going vivacious Art and Literature
Commissary in your class you investigated me a lot with much details not enough, I knew you have
3 part-time jobs a week you wear a pair of shoes for at least half a year and buy clothes in discount I make a living by my hands and strength I spend money earned by myself well, I give you 100,000 go with me tonight You’re rich, can give me 100,000 I can’t earn these with my
personal tutor job in 10 years May I know your name? My family name is Lin, you can call me Mr.Wei Lin…? the Lin’s enterprises? Lin Rongtian? You knew my father? No, I don’t but the most arrogant rich kid named after Lin is the rumored son of Lin Rongtian May I know your father’s name and what’s his job? You’re good at investigation, it’s easy for you but now please get out of the way or you’ll regret relax, I just want to make friends with you What are you doing? Mengjie let me go let me go or I’ll call 911 Who’s there? Run What the… Are you ok? Master, Mr Wang wants to see you with his work report Leave me alone bring him to my father I come here to relax He has heard you like the Love Society he popularizes the APP in many universities and many new girls attend in, he’s done a lot Have a look Stop doing it again Aren’t you interested? You can ask them out without spending too much Come closer Do I look like a rogue who cheat girls one after another? Nope From now on, she’s my unique although there’re thousands of girls She’s like a boy she has masculinity! I have more! Let’s have a deal, one time this mouth if you want be treated next week my salary is totally running out That’s ok, only this beauty can treat us Xiaoyin, what do you want to eat? of course something good How about river snails rice noodle? Let’s go Master, all is ready Hmm… Ouch girl, you hit me, don’t you say sorry? Bro, are you ok? Hey, it’s you who hit me are you reasonable? Shouldn’t you pay me medical fee? Hey, you men Are you reasonable to bully girls? Master, your showtime is coming -Are you with them?
-Told you not to do that No I just pass by What a coincidence How about I treat you some food? Hi, I’m Xiaoying Hi Shall we go? silly girl, I’m hungry Hey Master, your foot Ache, ache, ache What a fucking woman? She’s fucking handsome! Handsome? handsome! handsome! Useless, fuck off Mengjie, don’t hesitate just take the two pieces Yes, she’s right, don’t make a choose I feel the two are both good You’re school beauty, you’re beautiful even undressed Yeah, I agree with her even in discount looking at the price tag each costs my whole week part-time job salary Well women’s clothes and appearances
are the most important as a woman, be nice to yourself I agree, women decorate for their beloveds Who did you do this for? Mengjie, decided yet? Well, this one I don’t know why I feel this girl has some kind of relation with me maybe it because her superpower at the moment was stronger than mine she is out of the ordinary she’s not only a girl who has
the same superpower with me but it is different from what I’ve seen from my Inner Eye In the boring afternoon she has sat in the cafe with a cup of coffee I don’t know if everyone is as bored as her in weekends I wish it costs me half a day and won’t let me down in the end It has been a long time have you satisfied your eyes? I… Thanks It has been two days, how about go to the clinic? Never mind You were strong why did you get ill in such good climate? I’m fine, go have your class Should I tell the instructor? No help me deal with the roll call my body is ok, I’ll be fine in couple of days See you later I don’t know how long it passed maybe just few minutes when I woke up I found I was still lying there in Qingshi street It seemed all my superpower was gone I was exhausted I can make up my lost superpower but something I can’t after that dusk I found my superpower was totally useless We had the deal you help me inquire about Leman, I find your man You can’t do anything in a hurry what’s more, love is agreed by both be patient Hey, Mengjie Do you think I should learn some Taekwondo? you…forget it you have bullied me since we were young and till now You couldn’t bear anymore? If you and Leman are getting together, it’s a whole life I deserve, none of your business what a pussy don’t crap, where’s my stuff? Here you are It’s him Him? Hmm You sure? Yes I can recognize his shape with my eyes close Hua Mingxuan 21, Department of Architecture, junior he’s very unsociable doesn’t catch a half of mine are you sure? That’s all, no more? Give me three days I’ll give you his detail information Fine Mengjie, I’ve done the whole job what about mine? I tell you a secret What is it? Leman looks have masculinity but she’s very soft in her heart if you insist on your old tricks it works shit, crap you just said nothing of course not you’re on the halfway now I tell you the target is in the front I give you confidence Your words make sense Do I? Hey, I’ve heard Mr. Lin bullied you before Oh, don’t mention it just a mindlessness rich man Lin’s Group has power but not your style well, how about I send someone to kick his ass? nope only you know my background in the campus just lay low hello, kick it back Keep moving toward each other’s target Stop laughing, I’ve tried my best Lili I’m heading to library Free tonight? Tonight? nope I have to do my tutor part-time job How much can you get with it? tonight is Mr. Ye’s party Oh, the rich young man I felt you were interested in him now you get the chance Hello, watch out the bike Hello Watch out Mengjie, what’s wrong? How about you? -What’s wrong?
-Wake up You wake up Well do you feel better? How could I be here? You were in a coma yesterday where else can you be without being here? Hey, don’t move, just lay down some soft tissue contusions on you you must have a rest This little injury is nothing How long have I been here? A whole day It’s good since you wake up have a whole physical examination later don’t leave any sequela behind You have been here since yesterday night? You scared me if anything happened to you I’ll regret in my whole life and the bike man too he’s been here for three times Hey, you wake up anywhere uncomfortable? well, measure your blood pressure first some examinations later like brain MRI it needs an appointment Hey, what do you want to eat? I’ll buy for you No, you’d better go back early I’m fine Your girlfriend is good to you She’s not my girlfriend well, you have worn lovers’ clothes Doctor? doctor? doctor Where’s the patient inside? he left left I didn’t know he insisted to leave without the cure ends The number you’ve dialed can’t be connected Hey, Duhan How could he go there? am I be found? No It’s far we aren’t the only car here You’re right Hey it’s 10pm, and one hour later the dorm will close what is he going to do now? it’s very unusual he must do something secretly we can’t go by driving Hey is the road heading to the back of
School of Architecture? hmm, yes I remember there were an artificial lake
and some woods Hmm it’s so late, why does he go there? oh, I know he must go there on a date bullshit as far as I know he doesn’t have a friend, not even a girlfriend hey, back the car, keep away from him I’ll find out the truth No, no, no it’s dark and remote what should I do if you are in danger? you bullshit again you’re the same with Zhao Mengjie It’s in campus, how could I be in danger? that’s all stay here I’ll call you if anything happen Take care Got you Mindlessness It’s true the more water I absorb the faster my power regains shit, if I have this magic power, it’s awesome Pretty, let’s have fun Who’s there? Who are you? Warrior, I’m Duhan I didn’t know you
why did you follow me? Warrior, how do you mean it is follow? it’s campus Public place well, public place it’s my fault, pardon Hey Don’t be like this, Warrior I’ve seen your magic power today please teach me Look, I am with good body and very talented I must be your best student Warrior, please You were wrong I’m a normal student oh, you warrior when I was three an old monk touched my head he said I was talented and would succeed I’m really a student get up first No Warrior, it’s good to see you than to hear about you today is my lucky day to meet you it just like… the night sky meets the moon like…like… the dry land meets the rain Warrior…warrior…warrior… call you master, you’re my master for lifetime if you let me call you master I’ll follow you in my lifetime master, master… master, listen to me Warrior, you are under practice you must need some resources I… my family has a little like magic stone sword casting talisman anything you want anything can be bought, I’ll give you all it’s late, the dorm is closing I’ll take a break Hey Master although I am not talented as you wished you can teach me some basic pithy formula one sentence tomorrow night the same place I teach you once how much you can get depends on you Yes Like to stay alone, has no friends almost has no hobbies Do you think he is a normal person? all in all, he’s mysterious Hey I have followed him for days as you ordered he’s mysterious why? Don’t ask any more he’s unusual well, do you suddenly think I am
more handsome than him? Did you do something behind me? I feel you look a little nervous hey yeah, I don’t think he is your style Has he already got a girlfriend? Not yet I just feel he’s like a rock be cold to everyone It seems on one can get on well with him Never mind I just like this style Well What’s this? Give it to Hua Mingxuan in proper time it won’t be true, in such an old way with love letter Miss Zhao, it doesn’t like your style just give it to him I won’t let you do this in vain Really…OK… Hey, you’d be serious about my girl Relax, I understand Yeah I need to tell you something first I’m listening you can’t tell the others about my power or we are done but I am not the only one who knows this if they leak this out, whose responsibility it is? also yours Ah? well, disagree? you decide what’s more you can’t tell the others I’m teaching you how much can you get?
which grade can you reach? all depends on your talent of course it is Whoo… Have a try it doesn’t work try more not yet try again use the force concentrate yourself focus all your energy on one point then you can control it such simple? useful knowledge is much less than the uselessness, don’t you hear it? hey, master last point don’t call me master and don’t follow me hey, master…hey, master… Warrior brother, hey a letter for you… hey, have you heard Zhao Mengjie seems has a beloved Really? it’s true, a student from Department of Architecture went to hospital for saving her since then she was happy to visit him everyday You, where did you hear the tidbits? she’s right, I’ve heard too but it seems he’s not interested in her
and treated her cold He’s a gay it is true that one can be controlled by another I’ve heard that Duhan is interested in you He’s a pussy not my style Well, he’s handsome and rich I’ll get him if you give up Never mind, he’s not my Romeo Master, master, master, hey master, get on board something important What’s wrong? Get in first Ok? Stop Master Tell me what are you thinking about? just tell me please she has done too much on you how about give her a reply? Hey What? Have you read the letter? Yes She’s waiting for your reply how do you think? -I have no idea
-No idea? I don’t even know her It doesn’t matter, she knows about you you can be familiar after several dates If you’re interested, have a try I’m telling you, she and me grew up together we knew each other as brother and sister she’s a good girl but I never think about this Hold on, I leave for a while You’re not stupid, finally you come I know you’er doubtful but I’ll tell you a story first after that, if you’re still doubtful I’ll tell you what I know Ok I come from a mysterious organization in short, let’s call it X what an old story, I’m not Conan Many years ago, X adopted many homeless orphans all of them would take a special surgery after that, they grew up in the welfare house and some would be adopted by civilians but wherever they were -They grew up with the care of X
-Who can answer -ok, Hua Mingxuan They had higher IQ than the ordinary when they reached a certain age they would find their differences I needn’t to say what happened later You should know what was going on What kind of the surgery is? X is strong because of its details and background a group of the most elite scientists serve X secretly they have the most advanced technology
than any other country the surgery, as I know it’s a chip A chip implant one’s body? Yes it stimulates one’s potential as he grows up the potential is different from each other that their powers are also different when they recognize their powers they cause special aloneness it seems the whole world couldn’t accept them they are unsociable and in no needs of friends only explore in their own worlds in their eyes they are unique with their own personalities
in the common world now, you’re not alone welcome back will you graduate next year? yes Actually, X has prepared you a good future if you say yes, the bright wonderful future is yours How can I know you tell me the truth? No more evidences your eyes tell me you believe in me May I treat it as a transaction? It’s not a transaction, but your mission I need time Of course one mouth, enough? To show your sincerity should you… hmm… if you make the right choice I think your chip will follow your choice too One mouth, only one mouth Master, how could be here right now? Have you been waiting for me? of course, you didn’t finish your speech I am waiting for your reply We’ll see, I’m tired Hey…hey… don’t be such aloof even you’re my master, you can’t foolish me I saw you went with a girl in the street Shit Early parent-child relationship decides
the behavior mode it builds all their behaviors later It is said in China child is the father of the man Hey What happened in our young age influence our personalities it’s valued by personality theorists You come earlier Tell me why can’t I control them? I’ve told you the secret just to concentrate? Hmm If so, the men with superpower in the world are as many as ants What’s more Magic power, meridians and movements you didn’t teach me any tell me if you’ve been fooling me since the beginning you didn’t mean to do it You think too much and read less novels well, how do you practice? Concentrate on the object you want to control then you can make it I practice as I told you and the secret as well I know nothing except this Liar, no one practice like you ever Why didn’t you teach me? Tell me, tell me, tell me… Well, actually there is a shortcut Really? it’s simple, you incant every time you practice Oh Remember? Yes, you’re the best I told you, it must have incantation it is said in the movie Have a try Congratulations I told you, I’m talented aren’t I? you silly boy, just leave don’t bother me Remember, you have a good start but
need more practice don’t show off especially for you only in the moon night can you show your superpower with nimbus Oh Thank you well, I’ll go I’ll come to teach you at every full moon night the others is depending on yourself em, ok See you well, is the river snail rice noodle ok? good I’m too full to move hey, you don’t seem to eat much isn’t it delicious? Yes, I’ve had much I’m different from you you know I can’t eat too much em… My purse Ah, my kid Give my kid back Leman, be careful Call 911 Have a think did you lose anything? it’s very important to us Where’s Leman, tell me Where’s Leman Who took her away? What do they look like?
What’s the car plate? Who are you? There’s police station Quiet Please Police Station A girl was miss in the street Police Station, what do I want you to do? Out! or I’ll sue you with obstruction Sorry hum He’s her classmate he cares about her he lost his mind Please forgive him Don’t act wildly here even you’re related Yes You… Have a sit, I go to have a check I’ll be back soon Smoke less Wait for me How about it? some witnesses didn’t see their faces and CCTV was unclear and police didn’t get enough clues Car plate? It’s a fake one What should we do? Hey, master, do something Calm down Leman was missing and be kidnapped When did this happen? did you call police? Yes, but they have nothing to do What could I do if the police couldn’t? Leave them alone, all depend on you Ok, tell me the details It’s a group of criminals with serial crimes some baby seizing cases have happened these days Many years ago X has adopted many homeless orphans According to the camera at the corner headed was a girl with good moves Leman was beat by her If it was you X No matter how mysterious you are, I’ll be Conan this time Superpower is like a man man gets ill and cures by himself it is the same to superpower but just much more slower Well, it still doesn’t work We’re happy to see a friend who comes far away I hope you bring us good news Are you hid behind the serial baby disappearances? Today I’m only care about your final decision but not to answer your questions My classmate Leman was missing Did you do that? Join us, just say yes I’ll tell you everything I know Give up to the police, it’s not late Don’t forget You’re a member of us I am not and never will be Stop it and we’ll be friends Bronze Bull Hmm the old friend has forgotten us Well We aren’t friends any more go and have a discussion with him Do you know why we call him Bronze Bull? because he’s like a Bronze Bull Each one’s chip can make different power your power is particular on spirits his is on body strengthen so you can’t beat him with strength Ok, enough Huahua, it’s your turn she is like you with power in spirits Do you understand now? Each of us is stronger than you Your power means nothing to us well, I give you the last chance back to X is your final choice Mengjie, it has been 24 hours How couldn’t the police find any clue? You can’t blame them They are not easy the Mayor has asked about it the Chief is on duty, now the case is becoming the priority I am so useless I don’t have any good assistants Don’t ask me for a favor My assistants are undercover Hey you, just ask for a little help You are rich, you can hire Bounty Hunters there must be a lot My Princess, don’t joke me Bounty Hunters can do nothing but want your money If I annoy the kidnappers what should I do? but don’t even think about to use my family You can cheat the others but me your family has relationships everywhere will you care about this little trouble? No, no, it is too complicated and beyond our friendship tell me about your conditions Is any condition ok? Hmm just kick your ass this time to let you sober up Your existence actually means nothing to X considering you’re getting wounded
I give you a warning I give you one more week don’t miss the last chance Well, you shouldn’t have been like this Not everyone is as patient as me don’t be greedy Wake up Wake up, Hua Mingxuan Hua Mingxuan, Hua Mingxuan Wake up, Hua Mingxuan Hua Mingxuan, Hua Mingxuan Wake up Hey, Mengjie He woke up Ah, finally you wake up Temperature is normal That’s great What do you want to eat, I’ll cook for you I feel much better Thanks, don’t worry That’s ok You don’t know how much I worry about you? I feel uncomfortable please call the doctor Have you found Leman? She will be fine, don’t worry If you know about these people? You got hurt like this I think it won’t be the end Tell me who are they? I’ll revenge on them I don’t know Since it’s a kidnapping before they ask for requests Leman will be safe How could know they’ll have requests? Have you ever met them? No, I guess I’m tired, I need a rest Master? Master? Stop doing that, it makes no sense Who are you people? Let me go or I’ll kick your ass What a bluff! Don’t you think you can beat us? I suggest you eat, drink and have a rest since you don’t want to eat then you’ll starve You get back Look at you, am I scared? All policemen are searching you you are the first one on the wanted list
how could you be here? You think I will care about those policemen relax, they didn’t hurt you too heavy just some skin trauma or blockage of meridians you’ll be fine after some rest Are you coming here to laugh at me? yo, you can’t bear this Don you know you embarrass me that day? If I didn’t punish you how could I lead them? You’d better stop it as soon as possible I am not with you Don’t be like this when you see our power you may change your mind As I know, Leman is not the only one you have kidnapped some other girls What do you want to do? Curiosity kills you If you really want to know unless… Forget it, I don’t want to know more Four days left we can’t wait for you forever Have a good rest I hope we could stand together shoulder by shoulder You awake You are… Let me introduce myself, I’m Zhao, Zhao Guozhu you can call me uncle Zhao Zhao Guozhu, what a familiar name Are you from Zhao Group? just some skin trauma and blockage of meridians
you’ll be fine You got PhD at 21in US you resigned at 30 and gave treatment of special experts under the State Council you founded a high-tech company it went to public at your 35 and you became one of the 10 richest men in domestic It seems you know me well actually, you are my icon You look too young with your business Mengjie gets involved Zhao Mengjie is… My daughter It’s more than 6 hours since she was missing I think you know the reason Zhao Mengjie was missing too? Tell me everything you know hey, is the chip in your brain so important to you? Too young too simple you can’t hide your inner feelings Chip, organization, to me they are not secrets It goes like this… I give you this phone with a number inside if you are in trouble, just call me any time Sir, where are we heading? Police station, get some further news Zhao’s missing I think it is not bad somehow Mengjie was involved this time The kidnappers are fucked the Zhao family is powerful with their help I think it is going to an end Yeah Hospital a fatal crime was happened
in an abandoned warehouse 3 unidentified men corpses were found and tens of used baby beds it seems related with the baby missing cases as said by the police… I don’t know who did this, Shishi was found she robbed so many babies kidnapped so many girls people are angry with this, she deserved Zhao Guozhu owned high-tech company while he gave me such a cellphone Shit What’s it, fully automatic Where am I? It’s my space Your space? Am I in hospital? yes, you are, but you aren’t I don’t get it Never mind you just treat it as a dream I opened the cellphone and then I am in because of the cellphone? it is the only connection between you and this space You should keep it carefully You can come to hospital to tell me Why need you do this? I don’t have too much time, don’t crap you have some skin trauma and
blockage of meridians this time your superpower is limited but you have inborn weakness that you can’t open your mind to release your potential I believe you knew this sometimes your superpower can’t satisfy your will your weakness is not in your body but in spirits maybe you were scared when you were young A part of your soul has missed it is the reason you are weaker than the others in spirits A part of my soul was missed? Can I get it back? I can’t help you with that, it depends on you what I can do for you is to improve the rest of your soul and then you can be as strong as the others to release the whole potential of your chip Hey yo hey, how could you get up? lay down plz If anything happens to you I’ll regret forever I’m fine, will you go with me? Where? To save the world? Really? Bro, I’m waiting for you to say this Come on, move Move Wait here, if I don’t get back in 30 minutes call 911 No I’ll do it by myself it must a tragic fight broken arms and legs and even corpse You sure to go? I’m afraid of blood Let me see You come with a fellow your final decision must disappoint me I come to save myself I don’t want anyone get involved It’s your business actually you bring some one inside like the car below and your fellow you’re right, nothing is perfect in the world so you’ve made up your mind I want to be an ordinary man in the sunshine but not a shadow in the darkness What the fuck, don’t crap Hold on Why are you here? Leman is here I’ll come no matter how hard it is Where’s Leman? Leman, Leman Don’t worry, I’m here to save you He’s stronger than days before well, beautiful flower is going to wither finally as we are the same Bronze Bull, kill him OK I am weaker than the others If I am at the weakest, how could I do? it is in temporary with potential power if your power is use up while you
haven’t beat your enemies There’s one way you can do What’s it? to stimulate your body widen your meridians and spirits to gather your inner power again you must remember the order Zhongyuan Mingmen Quchi Don’t hurry, the time isn’t up the flower won’t wither Zhongyuan Mingmen Quchi I never think you can do this let’s gather Hello Throw it What? Throw this cellphone Warrior Hua, goodbye What’s going on? our powers are disappearing Chip it must be the cellphone’s frequency interrupt our chips and limit our power What should we do? Calm down He is the same with us the coming police is a troublesome Asshole, today’s your luck day Let’s go If I can not save her what should I do? Don’t doubt yourself, I trust you remember, I’m not only her father but the best biological expert in the world Thanks for saving us Actually I did nothing if you want to, thank your father My..father you are locked in the dark room without his help but he passed away mouths ago with heart attack he come to see me last night Did you have a nightmare? it’s ok What’s wrong? Do you have intermittent mental abnormality? Leman, are you ok? Well Where are they? Run away Run away, it’s easy to them What a pity I want teach Huahua bitch some lessons Leman Actually I really like… Hold on you win me then you can continue You missed Blood well, is it over? over? It’s just the beginning

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