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[Full Movie] Desire of The River 欲望河流 Yu Wang He Liu, Eng Sub 爱情片 Romance, 1080P

[Full Movie] Desire of The River 欲望河流 Yu Wang He Liu, Eng Sub 爱情片 Romance, 1080P

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Thanks and enjoy. Welcome subscribe our channels. Written and Directed by: Wei Dongying Starring: Yan Jiahui, Keke Movie Name: The Desire of The River Ladies and Gentlemen Our opening ceremony now begin! Welcome the government leader speak Sons-in-law
Our Jiangzhou is known as beautiful scenery and convenient traffic There are a lot of “Pheasants”
Welcome Mr. Jia come here and “steal pigs”
Fear nothing but only Cantonese speaking Mandarin “Tile” developed, You “head to the wall”
Let’s steal pigs together
Heads to the wall together
Frighten everyone. Five Years Ago Don’t Distinguished Leaders Guests Welcome to your coming I am honored to be here A beautiful place So everyone attention All employers passed the probation period, can get one “Sex Life” Allowance ¥300 Oh, that’s One Time Life Allowance ¥300 One Month Ago Is your boss here? No Where? A business trip Why was he on a trip always? Open the door. I want to check Sorry I can’t Search also Ladies Toilet Small breasts, big legs Shank-feathering Check there That’s her, Boss’s Sectary Let her return the money Let’s go, find her for money Boss isn’t here We found the sectary. get away Look at this. What’s your hell pictures?
Awful Eyes closed or out of focus Don’t play my plants Look at this, I want a leader’s picture You got a girl The next one Exposure hardly lacked I told you, Don’t play my plants What’s the hell pictures! Get out Oh Don’t… Ah… Aren’t you hot? wearing a mask in a hot day. Oh Yeah What’s your trouble? That…My… Maybe a fracture Fracture? Let’s have a check Where? Where? Here? Up a little Up a little Up Here? Up… Which leg? The third leg The third leg? My boy. Are you kidding me? You are Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction Ha Ha Ha… Any problems? My boy Oh…No…Sorry Do you want one by one, or together? Carful What did you say? Naked? And send to an exhibition? Su Ting Believe me, you will be famous, after taking these pictures you knew Such as Shi Lulu, Gan Zizi You will earn a lot of money Really? Trust me OK I will take a group of pictures, You and the Nature Monday we will go to Beijing to visit a client You will go with me Wednesday Guangzhou That client is also important You also will go with me I was so busy recently Social activities every day OK…OK…Come back for dinner tongiht Mr. Jia, Do you need…? Come in Oh. Honey. I am not at hotels I am in the elevator of company. That’s a mistake. Honey. please trust me! Hello, I am looking for a girl named Xin Ran. XX Ran? Ran is the word… XX Xin? Xin Ran Yeah No. no one No? Mr. Jia Haven’t seen you for some years and you lost a lot of hair Don’t mention it Now the business is so hard such as me Rent price increased Labor price increased and Order decreased That’s the reason why I came to this far place Mr. Gao What have you been doing for these two years You even bought a Porsche I… I only bought some houses with bank loans years ago Now the house prices rising quickly I only collect the rent and play Mahjong I increased the rent by 20% days ago. What a real boss If they think the rent is high. just get out Hello, I am on business trip in Sanya I will call you back later Isn’t this Boss Jia? Am I in a dream? Aren’t you in Sanya? A Monkey King? Are you kidding me? So when will I get my payment of goods For example, that glass is you. This glass is me I have not money currently This one is aother who should pay back my money He will return me tomorrow. Right? And I have the money. Then I pay you. That’s it. OK It seem like that. Big Brother Like what? Shut off Mr. Jia, what’s your meaning? give me a cup of washing water? Brother Ming…I have something to say with you. Oh Chinese Words”Gai Ri” What is the meaning?
Oh. I understood Ha Ha Ha… Mr. Jia, this is the contract sample, just sent from Thailand Please check One, Ten, Hundred, Thousand, Ten thousands, Hundreds of Thousands Millons Wow We are rich, Ha Ha… EH What’s the meaning of this B with sticks?This is Thai Baht equal to ¥500,000 Ouch. I had thought it’s a big order. Currently the price of skin material rise so much. So the profit of orders is not much How about we process raw materials by ourselves? So we can reduce the cost to half. But the pollution is so heavy and will impact the environmental It was decided by the government administration Government Administration… Hello, Who’s that? Oh. this was in my colleague’s hands I hand over to him. You just talk to him Xiaofan, your call. Hello…Hello Your report need add two pictures of our company They are onsite pictures after the fire renovation It’s OK. How to contact you? I am Xin Ran. Xin Ran? Are you really Xin Ran? Who’s that, Please? I’m Lin Xiaofan. Lin Xiaofan…Are you Lin xiaofan? Yeah So… What’s your phone number? Lin Xiaofan, come to my office. Lin Xiaofan, I noticed you were not yourself these days You bonus of this month is deducted. What do you want to do? Lin Xiaofan Nothing.Just had a stiff neck Now you can get out. What’s wrong? I am quitting. Resign please. Just say earlier. Agreed Thanks. Niu Bian (Means Chief Editor Mr. Niu,
but same pronunciation with “Bullwhip” ) What did you say? Thanks. Chief Editor Mr. Niu Annoucement Everyone can NOT call me “Niu Bian” Who call me “Niu Bian”, The bonus cut a half Excuse me, Who is Niu Bian Here? Package This Lease Contract Two points above, are OK The below has a leak Too black! Even than me Must change One timea year Is not OK We must change to one time every three months OK boss. I talk to the landlord. You now…You now… You first…You first… OK you first So…do you…live one person? Are you asking: Whether I have a boyfriend? Oh no…no… Yes So you guess I can’t This time I came back here and noticed great changes in your hometown. Everywhere are developing, more buildings, more factories… Yeah I felt too, the great change. Also the good people, beautiful mountains and rivers, fresh air. Even you can sleep to wake everyday. Actually This life is also I want Have you been working in this magazine since graduated? Yes But today I resigned Why? We talk about this later Boss. The menu OK. I am coming The Menu… didn’t have pictures, you know? Eh. I am a photographer This is my contact card If you need, just call me. Then what’s you next step? I… I am planning to open a photography stutio I have something want to know You were good when you lived in your north hometown Why did you come to this far place This place has good people, beautiful mountains and rivers, fresh air. Even I can sleep to wake everyday. Right Stupid question Come on, let’s eat Hum Hey Honey, look I found the price of LV in Thailand is so cheap Take a look Give me one please. This one is good I will buy whatever you like. OK Thanks. One of my friends are just there Shall I ask her to bring one? OK. We buy Eh…Thanks Honey. Your dish, please. Thanks So nice to see you again Tomorrow I will go to Guangzhou for a business trip You ate nothing It doesn’t matter I send you back OK Check, Boss Mr. Ye, Please show respect Oh…Mr. Ye I drink with you and say sorry I drink up Mr. Ye. I apologize for…. So sorry. Arrange not well. I am looking forward to doing business with you. Hello. Mr. Ye? Xin Ran Just touch a little, What’s up? A business of five millions is gone. How can a cooked duck fly? Boss The pressure cooker exploded. And the cooked duck “flied” away What a fucking luch I can’t find any meat Hello, A’Deng What? Love Nature Website Thanks. Bye First Session “Love The Nature” Photographs Contest
¥3,000 for the winner [Sichuan Dialect] Will you buy a fool?
[Means] Welcome, Can I help you We don’t want to buy a fool, just have a look. Oh I mean what do you want to buy? Please show me you camera lens Xiaofan, What’s this lens, So long and big? You don’t know that? Miss Longer and bigger are better……for a lens Ok. Boss I want to buy this camera lens and plus a 2470 Three soft lights How much totally? Do you have some discount? You buy a lens, I give “condoms” as a gift. I mean Lens Jacket Twenty Thousands and 250 ¥20250 Hum, A little expensive, thanks, We look around Honey, that 250, don’t need. Give him ¥20,000 That 250, Don’t need. (250 in Chinese is a fool) Who are you abusing? Who is 250? You. You spoke so badly. I mean me. I minus the ¥250 So funny the boss is ¥20,000 Total, OK? ¥20,000 All right Money is enough Check this card Input password Do you want one by one? Or all together? Hi Photographer Hi Manager Today we will take pictures for these masseuses Looking better Did you see the film of “Curse of the Golden Flower” Yes The Empress of China? Yes My requirement is not much, just like that! OK? I try my best Good. thanks So their other requirements? I am busy. Thanks Dear Photographer, could you take pictures for me with big eyes, a higher nose, a thinner face, a pointier chin Taller breasts, slenderer waist, more prominent hip, longer legs? I want the same with her Oh That’s a huge work Great You are so good before camera Take a look Very good What’s your name? Just call me Xiao Ting Xiao Ting? OK So. I want to ask I want to invite you to be my model, if there are some cases Is that OK? A model? OK Good evening Sir. Do you have a reservation? No. Two rooms What room please? Two single rooms Single? Sorry. Only one single room left OK. One single room So how…? One room is OK No Mr. Jia Let’s change the hotel Ah… You know there is an exhibition here Other hotel are full The exhibition was close yesterday IS IT? Yes. It is. I sleep on the couch, you sleep in bed There isn’t couch in single rooms Hello…check out…OK We had Mr. Jia You are a little girl Are you afraid of something alone? So.. I come here to stay with you? No Thanks. Eh. Cockroach Ah. Where is it? Right here Where? There is it I see. You, a guy, still are afraid of corkroach? Eh, what’s this? Oh. This is.. Pepper spay Just we used to do with corkroach My wife’s call Hello, Honey Hum I am in hotel Yeah. one person Oh Yes… Look at me almost forgot everything So you send your address via Wechat Eh. OK Mum.. Bye Ah I don’t know you are a good cook. You don’t know. What you don’t know is so much I can not only do it, but also do it well. Do you? Yeah. Today I will prepare a table of delicious food, for you Eh? What’s up? The cucumber I bought yesterday, became so big today. It was a half size It must be add sweller and can’t be eaten Can’t? No. I wash the vegetables No. Dear Miss Let it to me From today. I am responsible for the cook. You are responsible for being beautiful, All right? I am not that spoiled Just go to watch TV Come on there…. My dear Today ‘s your first birthday. after you met again I wish you to be beautiful like this always. Thanks….Cheers Wow. look so nice. Can we start? Of course Come on. I cooked for you Eh… very good Even the best Good boy Sorry a call Hello, Mr. Jia Ah Yes… Ok, See you tomorrow Sorry More food Please You are always so busy Yeah. I have a business trip tomorrow, visiting clients Male? Yes Together with your boss, Mr. Jia? Yes I feel you trips are so inconvenient A man and a girl Is it? To be honest, Are you joalpus No. I’m not. Don’t worry. I have my own trick Come on, let’s drink How well you drink. Yeah Don’t drink without food You eat also Come on Thanks Ran I hope you can leave that company A little later Really? More wine You just eat. OK. Who is it? Me, Landlord Lin, you are home Please talk outside This is the month end, You knew So… Mr. Gao I…I just resigned I have not enough money Could you delay a few days? I am not rich, you know Look at me It’s night. You can’t let me come here nothing? Check it So sorry Thank you Sorry, you wait so long time More food please. OK. What’s your meaning? Last time you bought lens with credit card? Mum This is all my money The password is 080308 I can’t accept this card. I will earn money myself Do you want to calculate this with me so clearly. Come on. More food Ran My little Ran How about we get married? Is it a proposal? We even don’t have a ring. We will have all in the future I will try to earn money. Don’t… Ah… What’s wrong? You are Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction ED What are you doing? Does the sweller work? to human bodies. We. Celebrate. Cheers. Jia Bo. Time is not early. I will send you back to the room first. I didn’t drink much. Every time coming out. You have special circumstances. This time. I am fine. Certainly no. Hey. Jia Boss. Hey. Hello Su Ting. I am Lin Xiaofan. The photo I took for you last time. Do you like it? nice! You love it. Oh. correct. This weekend. Do you have time? I’d like to invite you. As a model. Give you a group. Youth photo album. Really? Then we said yes. It is good. see you then. Bye bye. Be careful. Wait. I will shoot you a group. People and nature. Blending photos. You try to empty yourself. Put yourself. Imagine. Earth child. Lay at ease. Natural mother’s womb. Good. Come and come. Let’s change the action, change the action. Ok, not moving. it is good. Upward. Are you OK? em… The… Time is not early. Let’s go back quickly. I am only testing you. It seems. You are not a casual person. Okay. Look. Hey. Good sales. Recently. Online and offline. Double pipe. O2O order. Explosive growth. is it? This concave and convex. Very strange. Peoples vanity is at work. You said to post a logo. More than one hundred times the price. People buy. SHH. Don’t let Xinran know that. Damn. She is on leave today. Come here. Look at the photos. How is it repaired? Half finished. Go in and have a look. sure. Hey. You also like to watch football. Yes. like the most. Shooting the moment. Especially cool. Is it? Come. Damn. How is my photo so fat? Hurry and delete it for me. Hey. Don’t move first. Still doing. I will fix it later. Fortunately, I came over and gave you the check. You sit first. Okay. I will pour you a glass of water. Well. You are waiting. Hey. I am sorry. Damn. Oh my God. Look at me this clumsy. Wait. Do you have security measures? No. Hello sir. Can I help you? That one. Hello there. Hello there. That one. That one. Man’s stuff. Cough cough cough. Oh. You are looking for Viagra. Treating erectile dysfunction. Mr. This is the medicine you want. This one. This one. Not what I want. This one. I bought it for a little brother. Correct. This is for your younger brother. Who? What are you doing here? Why don’t you pick up my phone? I… Is it home? Who is hiding? you guess. What day is today? Can’t guess. I know you can’t guess. Nowadays.
Nowadays. It is the 7th anniversary of our understanding. Oh. Right. That year, you just came in and came in. Yes. What happened to you? Is it not uncomfortable? Xiaofan. You misunderstood me. The truth is not like this. Actually. I also estimated you. You shout. About half a catty of wine. I never thought. It turns out you have an affair with Jia. You listen to meXiaoFan. It’s really not what you think. I don’t want to hear your explanation. XinRan. You’re his first room. Or the second. Oh. It could be three rooms. It’s not what you think. Lin Xiaofan. Who is she? She’s mine tonight. A new girlfriend. How’s that? Only if you don’t let me. I spend money. Let you buy the equipment. Is it for you to pick up the girls. But these devices. It’s you and the guy. Take money to buy. I’m sure I’ll pay you back. Lin XiaoFan. So you are such a person. You’re his first room. Or the second. It could be three rooms. Your girlfriend. So pretty. It turns out. the equipment. she bought for you. Good for you. Call her quickly. With a not. Stop it. I’m sick and tired now. TingTing. You go back first. Yo~ I am dismissed. The appearance. Not cheap. It’s sleeping with you again. Can chat with you. I’ll give you a discount. Two thousand. The. TingTing. You see. I this. At hand.
It is not to. Not very convenient. Either. You can pay for a WeChat transfer. That installment plan is no good. Ah Drinking. Deng. She had an affair with his boss. And I saw it. If your girlfriend. What would you think. XiaoFan. Don’t think so much. You can see. It doesn’t have to be true. Maybe it’s just a misunderstanding. Come on. Let’s drink. How about buy you a drink. Eh. Ms. Is it convenient to leave a phone? Let’s go to dinner tomorrow. How’s that? Leave what phone. Plus WeChat plus WeChat. WeChat to also go. Take the phone. WeChat . Flicking . Isn’t it? Convenient. I was wrong. Give me another chance. XinRan. You who ah. You got the wrong person. Hear no? You got the wrong guy. XinRan. I’m really wrong. Ha ha ha! Brother You’re too old for that. It’s a clich. You really know the wrong person. Are you insane? Ha ha ha! GO away. You say what? I call you go away . Stop that now. Let’s start over. XiaoFan. Are you ok? You got the wrong person. After a month. Good. That’s great. Ah. UncleAunt. By the way. I’m listening to your son. This is your golden wedding. How did you get together? We are classmates. Before. They were very poor. Their house? I have an old hen. Eggs from an old hen. He didn’t want to eat. He saved up. Give it to me. Actually, I was. I cheated you out of that egg. That’s all in the past. Let alone! Just two people together. It’s always noisy. That is inevitable. The most important thing is tolerance. Don’t look down on that. Inclusive . It’s not easy. Young man. Yeah~ Hello. Is this miss Lai? Hello.
I am today. The photographer who took your picture. Hello. Today’s words. The content of your work. Take a shot. A new series here. This is. Pendant and ear stud. And then. I have to do it over here. There are more rings here. Welcome to Star Emperor Jewelry. Hello. Want to see a wedding ring. You can see our mulberry stone. Is this a marriage proposal? We don’t have a ring yet. Hello kang. Oh. Ok. I’m gonna go. Landlady. Ah.
Is the takeaway ready? Here comes Rong. It’s okay. To you again. Boss Jia packing takeout. That’s right. Our boss likes your food. No way out. Authentic. Farm soil food. Kang. Is the takeaway ready Yep. Is coming. Landlady. Is this LV bag? Yeah. How is it exactly like our factory? It just doesn’t have that Logo. Come to take out. Thank you. Kang. You look at it. Is there something wrong with this bag? You smell it. Oh dear. Why is it so smelly? Don’t tell me. Really is boss Jia factory. Production. I bought this bag a long way. Produced by his factory. Boss. Hello. Landlady. I was outside just now. When you make the dishes, Ah. Find a problem. Your vegetables. There should be problems. Is it polluted? You look at the potatoes. Impossible. This is. Authentic farming soil Vegetables. Produced by Bi river village. Bi River town. Ah. Yeah, yeah. Let me see. Hello. Mom. Yeah. Uncle Huang has a strange disease. How are things now? Oh.
Ok. That ok. I’ll take the matter on hand. After the rush is over. Yeah. Don’t worry. Ok. Ha ha ha. Yeah. Ok Boss Gao. Keep in touch. A pleasant cooperation. Ok. XiaoRan. Recently . The company is doing well. You see that. The year end. I’ll give you 20% of the company. I am now! Prepare to open a factory. When the time comes. You used to be in charge. What key is this? An ocean view room. It’s empty. You move in. When you’re free? I used to. Take a look at your. Boss Jia. This all things. We all came first. That’s a good saying. Fat and water do not flow outside. Oh dear. We’re talking business. Get out of here. Hum. You are just for this fox.. You’re really obsessed. No! You go out, you go out. Where did we say? By the way. That day. See two employees in our factory. Into the side. In a small warehouse. Is that also our workshop? XinRan. It’s not your business. Don’t tube. Do your job. No. Thank you Jia always. I’ll go out first. What do you mean? XinRan What are you doing here? The original. You not only produce fake LV bags. They also produce leather by stealth. It turns out to be toxic. Sewage. Into the river. Who the hell are you? You’re not in the big city. Have a good stay. What are you doing here? Tell me Are you an undercover agent sent by your colleagues? Now the villagers of the lower bihe river. Many people have strange diseases. The original. You’re the culprit. Ha, ha, ha. It’s none of my business. Now the rent goes up. Artificial rise. Raw materials rise. You won’t let me. Make your own materials. How do I make money? Don’t move. What is this? Gathering evidence. You want me to die. Ah. XinRan. You said you ate mine. Drink me. Your elbow. It’s going to turn out It’s not that easy. Not as good as. Kill her. Bind stone. Throw it in the green river. Nobody can see. Who the hell are you? You say you are not afraid of death. XinRan. Lin Xiaofan. Go away This is your photographer. This is your photographer. Boyfriend. Clap clap. What pat. Go away. take many pictures. Also want to go. Leave. You you don’t come here. You come over you. I get. Kill her. Ah Loosen. It’s all right. Go. XiaoFan. XinRan. XinRan. XinRan. After your girlfriend suffered a trauma. It leads to temporary amnesia. It needs to be in the hospital. Watch for a while. You’re gonna be good with her these days. You bring me earthy eggs every day. The classmates are laughing at you. I just want each other. You can get into college. That’s what I want. RanRan. Remember anything? I’m Lin xiaofan. Who is Lin xiao. This afternoon, Dad called. He gave me a good scolding. Said I stupid. I shouldn’t give money to Lin xiaofan. Yeah. At that time. I’m a little reluctant. After all, It’s all the money I’ve saved these years. But I hope so. Lin xiaofan can do a good job. This money. It’s our future. The stone of the gate of happiness. Later that night. In my life. Worst night. There was a thunderbolt. There is no trust between lovers. Everything is zero. RanRan. Do you remember the river? In high school. We’re in love here. Do you remember? At that time. We often play in the water. you looking at me. so cool. I’m going to spray the water. Happy at that time. Do you remember? Lin xiaofan sent water samples to the environmental testing bureau for testing. The results of water pollution tests were highly regarded by the local government, and a special campaign was launched to clean up bihe pollution. A month later. I’ll buy it for you. XinRan XinRan. XinRan. I thought I lost you. Where did you find it. Small trees of the year. Grown up. You remember. You have mental erectile dysfunction. Our program reported last week. Two newborn babies in hunan, After vaccinating against hepatitis b once. Serious adverse reactions have occurred. Unfortunate death. The vaccine comes from. Kangtai company in shenzhen. The deaths of two babies. And the vaccine. It is still under investigation. Yoyo. YoYo, What’s wrong? Looking at quickly.
Looking at quickly. Yoyo.
Yoyo. Yoyo. Baby What’s going on here Yoyo. What’s the matter ? Fang! Fang. Come here quickly. What have you been feeding him these days? Nothing to eat. The first two days. He was vaccinated. The vaccine. Now the vaccine. No way. Poisonous. Oh no. You bastards. Making money without you. That’s the money Cheating! My child. What did you eat Baby Oh. Jelly is stuck. It turns out the jelly is stuck Ha ha ha! Fang. Go and see Whether to send Here comes the passport hello. We are the police. Go with us. First love nature cup. Photo contest. The award ceremony Now begin Now Welcome Mr. Lin Xiaofan. Please the Admin of Love Nature Website. to present the Award to Mr. Lin Xiaofan. Lin Xiaofan. Your work, “The Girl from Heaven”. Failed However, Your work, “Desire of The River.” Wins the Best Photography Award Congratulations China’s water pollution causes 240 billion economic lose every year…

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