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Thanks and enjoy. Welcome subscribe our channels. This movie was called a Chinese version of “Thelma and Louise 1991”. Saluting to Ridley Scott, Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon! Directed by: Xue Shao Movie Title: Lady and Love 2 or Best Friend Lover 2 Hello No. 9527 is at your service Can I help you? What a shit network! You shut me when you want to shut What for and Who you are? Just shut without telling me I am pack-year, you know? Sir. We really didn’t shut your network. Any other problems? You shut just you want I am doing stock, you know? I lost so much, you know? Sorry I don’t know Don’t you know I am pack-year? Sorry I am really don’t know. I lost a lot of money in stock Because you shut the network Sir. We didn’t shut your network. Connect it immediately. We can’t do. Sir As we really didn’t know who shut your network. There is not network now. I can’t buy and sell the stock My company lost much. you know? Can you afford it? Ten of thousands of money. Do you know? So just don’t invest stock What shit network, ¥1000 a year. What shit service. shutting the network from time to time Sir, Could you tell me your house area. Don’t you know my house area? So Sir. Could you tell me whether the number “678” or “691” appear on your computer? Six… Six ? eight 678 or 691 No. I won’t tell you in case yes Are the Ethernet indicator light on? Ethernet? What is the Ethernet? On the back of PC There is no light, no flash Are you kidding me? No Sir. Wait What’s wrong? It’s…It’s OK now What’s the reason? The cable is not inserted. Hello Hello housewife Did you pack well? Can we go today? Oh. just wait a second I still didn’t tell Chen Xiang I don’t know can I go or not. You still didn’t tell him. You are so…Ruo Ruo Is he your boyfriend or your dad? Just two days Don’t waste time Just tell him directly, you go with me And… I was lovelorn Just go out for some fresh air It’s useless to Chen Xiang You are lovelorn everyday. Are you at work? What rubbish Do you think I am at a bar? OK. I call you back later Axiang Hurry up! I’ve told you so many times don’t call me so loudly I’m sorry I don’t want you to be late So why didn’t you call me earlier keep off Ah, what’s this? Dish-water? -Honey -Yes? Have a lucky day! Hem… It’s always my lucky day with your wish or not Here you are You… don’t you know I don’t eat fried food for many years since we’ve been together? Why you be so silly like this all day long? Honey Listening… What do you want for supper? I won’t be back for supper today you knew I did this on every Friday Ah… I really don’t understand Why there are so many people come to your store to buy massage chairs on Friday I don’t understand neither why I’m with you Bah! I’m a store manager but you aren’t Understood? my god Shit, I’ll be late again late…again… Hello, No.9527 is at your service What can I do for you? Hello, It’s me 9527, when will you pick me up? I’ll shift on duty, about 2 or 3 pm Then, should I take something with me? Whatever, It’s hot today, you’d better be naked here well, I’ll be naked then Ok, that’s it, I’m at working waiting for me naked after showering -Darling -Hello Haven’t seen you for a long time It only costs us two days you are taking too much luggage Just in case How about we take a picture before leaving? Good idea Is it ok? Nice Ah, Whose this car? Hem… My ex old man gave it to me You even dally with an old man I’ve no idea he gave me willingly Ah How did you tell this to Chenxiang? I didn’t Bull…shit… You’re great If Chenxiang knew this… he must kill you How could I tell him? It’s useless He never let me do what I want I don’t even know what’s he doing outside? Alas You haven’t been married If you get married I can’t imagine how unfortunate you are? I left him a tip ooh Haha and some food in the microwave Oh my… You really beat me Hem… What’s this? A toy gun? no, it’s real I picked it up during a night walk well, is it good? the clip is full keep it in defence No way, Jiangzuo It’s illegal Be relax Nobody else knows Keep it as a toy just have fun Really admire you Ruoruo en… What are you doing? Smoking Two beauties, this way plz What drinks do you want? Icy cola, a dozen of beer Ruoruo Hey, just have fun why are you so verbose like Chenxiang? I’m not used to look at you like this you seldom drink I want to relax Hey, It’s not your style I lose to you Waiter one more dozen Ok Hey What a coincidence, have fun here? -none of your business
-come to relax Have you ever try a special drink here Drop to drunk, awesome Awei, hook up with girls here? Nope, I’m promoting your drink here, ok What else do you want, two ladies? Ok Hey, your name is Awei? yes My first love names Awei Really? Yeah Wow It’s so funny does he funny? as funny as me? I want to have a private talk ooh, I didn’t mean to do anything It’s so hard not to be attracted by you two Have a dance with me before you leave or I won’t forgive you Ok, see you later hey, are you ok? Don’t you know he want to sleep with you? nope, it seems he is good Have you been an operator too long? you don’t trust anyone Maybe Dear, relax, I’m nervous to see you be like this I know Honey, I leave for a moment Don’t do it I feel he was not a good guy Ah, You thought too much Hey, I… Enough I’ll go, for a moment Hey, are you ok? I’m fine drink too much? Not that much I’m just a little dizzy How about I take you out for some fresh air? ok OK? Let’s go Hmm.. Thank you Are you feel better to be out here? Hmm, feel better good I feel I like you very much Have more fun? Hey, let me go, my friend is waiting Hey, hey, hey, listen to me I just want to have a kiss no further thought Let me go Bitch, you slap me Don’t move Let me go Azhuo, save me Azhuo, save me Let me go Let me go Azhuo, save me, let me go Let her go Fuck off Let me go Let her go I’ll be nervous then my hand will shaking I don’t know what gonna happen It’s a joke It has gone too far Azhuo, let’s go we leave here go, we leave here Hey bitch I shouldn’t have let her go say it again I’m fucking gonna say it again am I afraid of you? you bluff me with such a fucking toy gun ah… you… you pull the trigger do you have balls? do you… May I lend you one? May I? Pull Fuck Fuck you! I killed a man I killed a man Azhuo You…you killed a man Go, drive the car -you, you killed
-hurry, drive the car Azhuo, hurry up Now, you shut up your fucking mouth Azhuo, hurry up Azhuo Where should we go? I don’t know Shut up, let me have a think I think should we dial 911, yes, call the police 911 How to explain to the policemen? I don’t know neither` We can tell the police the whole thing which part? the whole he raped me Everyone saw that you were hand in hand and chatted pleasantly who’ll believe who Fuck pull over pull over Azhuo, are you ok? That’s fine, Ruoruo we should calm down we need to think what we should do the next? Don’t worry! you had me Everything will be ok, all right? We can’t be afraid can’t be afraid It’s over if we get afraid there’s no one no camera It means there’s no evidence to prove we did it Calm down have a think what are we going to do? Don’t be afraid I want to say it should be our holiday I was happy If you didn’t contact that man how could it be like this? What do you mean?
Are you blaming me? Ayong? How could you be here? I have been calling you and worrying about you why you didn’t answer? Ayong You’ve told Ayong everything about us? How could it be? well how could he be here? I located her cellphone cellphone? Ayong gave it to us Our lives are depending on it You’ve told all to Ayong? I didn’t tell him anything I don’t want him to get involved but he knows everything now He treats you well, while you’ve turned him to be your accomplice How could you blame me? Are you a good girl? Your ex treated you well but you left him How dose Chenxiang treat you? Is it you deserved? I… Hey, Ruoruo I’ve heard Ayan was in Lingnan yes, so… so today is the day I’ll call him out let him guide you to walk around No, it needn’t Aruo, look, it’s on hey, listening… Hello, Xiaozhuo Haven’t seen you for a long time How are you? Ayan I don’t crap we’re in lingnan now You guess who’s with me? So mysterious don’t keep me guessing, go on Ok, ok, I’ll let her talk with you Hey, come on Hello Ayan Hmm, Xiaoruo, is that you? Yes, it’s me Where are you now? Azhuo and me are in the hotel Ok, I’m coming to you right now Hello Hello Yo Your beloved is excited will you offer him another chance? Don’t crap Never mind, I leave you alone Keep the money If you have anything, come to find me at 518, ok? Ok I leave Do you want some? Thanks for your money I’ll pay back in time Can you tell me what had happened with you? I won’t Hope you’ll understand so… Don’t ask anymore OK One more question I can answer you except this one Are you fall in love with another man? Did you sleep with him already? Not what you thought What it is? I have called you for many times, you didn’t answer who am I to you? Ah Are you kill a man? Why are you hiding from me? If you keep asking, I’ll leave Hey I’m sorry I think we need to have a talk I have got something for you I’m just here I have got something for you What’s it? What do you mean? Why now? cause I’m afraid I’m afraid that you’ll never be back You came to me far away cause you’er afraid I was with someone else I really don’t want to lose you It’s not the reason to get married Ayan! Ruoruo Well…actually… I’ve been standing here for a long time I’m not sure if I should knock or not no matter whatever happened I need to see you again finally I knocked the door Never mind You… how are you? Not bad Ruoruo You’re as beautiful as you used to be I…I knew… I just want to be here to see you again I’ll leave Ayan Get in have a drink Ok I don’t know what’s happened to you and what’s going on with Ruoruo? don’t even know what you’ve done? well… I won’t tell the others Thank you Don’t you really want me to be with you? Hey What’s wrong with your hair? Nothing It seems you had a romantic time last night You thought Was Ayan good at that? Hmm…not that bad Let’s move Take me to this old classmate
to have a little speech Ayan! Where are you? He bastard! He cheated on me It’s OK, Azhuo Azhuo! I’m sorry I don’t know how it changed into this? No, Ruoruo We’re done We’re done We have no money We have nothing left How could we get gasoline? It’s all gone Nothing has left Nothing I mean… fuck…we’re done Azhuo Look at me Azhuo, it’s OK, I’m with you Azhuo, it’s OK We’re done We’re done Go, let’s go We’re done Get up! Hurry! We’re done Done Coming Hello, you are… Hello, I’m the headman of municipality RCU Li Changfeng Hello Are you Liu Ruoruo’s boyfriend? I am We want to know something from you Well…coming in plz There’s a murder case happened in Masuo Bar in the night couple of days ago A man was shot to death There was a witness saw that a red BMW roadster drove away from the crime scene vehicle registration name is called Jiangzhuo we have reasons to believe that your girlfriend was one of the two who’s on board What? What are you talking about? Wow, awesome, may I wear these? What do we need to buy? Azhuo, hurry, let’s go What happened? Hmm… You robbed the market! We need money I didn’t murder anyone Ruoruo We need money We have it now Don’t crap, let’s go Oh, no What did you say in the market? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you Hello, robbery Don’t move! What do you want? Hurry! Hand over all your money Don’t shoot! don’t shoot! Do you have a girlfriend? Yes Good Be nice to her Ok, ok, I will My boyfriend treats me bad -so I turned to be this
-It’s impossible It’s not true! Ruoruo… Impossible Impossible It seems that things have developed into a situation irretrievably I can’t believe this Azhuo Do you think it is ok we drive on the road as ordinary? I just think we should leave the crime scene as soon as possible My god! I never believe I would be like a bandit some day You must be recalled by your wildness I felt that Ruoruo Hmm… I’m wondering you should give him a call Why? Wanna see if he knew this If… he already knew you hang up immediately It means the police has already known umm… Ah, what’s this? Dish-water? I couldn’t figure it out why I’m with you Hello, fill my tank OK Public phone here? Over there Ruoruo, listen If you feel he’s known…about it although you can’t make sure you hang up, understand? ok Hello, who’s this? Ruoruo, is that you? it’s me He’s known Azhuo She hung up Captain, time’s too short Well, I need to go to Lingnan by myself Aming yes call the local police for investigation help Roger Hey, Aming Yes, captain Do you have a girlfriend? haven’t been a month Good you need be gentle to a girl be relax after work there must be problems for a couple or differences but remember a man, must be broad-minded something must be done but something is not Got it? Yes, captain you see, not even changed Wow, it’s so beautiful Indeed I’ve been thinking to go travel but there’s no chance Isn’t your chance now? Ahahah… What? What are you talking about? Do you have a girlfriend? Yes Good Be nice to her Ok, ok, I will… My boyfriend treats me not good so I turned to be this ok It couldn’t be It’s not true Ruoruo…she… Captain well, Aming captain How do you think about this case? Captain there’s one thing I’ve never understood hope you could tell me Go ahead Captain, how could you know they were in Lingnan? Jiangzuo’s ex boyfriend called Liyong Liyong? I’ve met him, he told me that Azhuo Are you tired? Not at all Me neither I’ve never been such clear you understood? Don’t you feel that everything has been changed don’t you feel that there’s something we hope for? Live in mountains farming and culturing, eating wild food change your name have a cabin Yes You tell me Will the police offer us better conditions than these? Captain, sources confirm that they are on the top of the mountain Captain how about we wait for the Lingnan police and then arrest them together? The case is complicated and very unreasonable well, you stay here and wait for backups I’d have a talk with them first Captain, how about I am going with you Unnecessary Azhuo There is a beautiful place Yes Don’t move Hello having an introduce municipal criminal police, RCU captain, Li Changfeng You’ve done a great mess Don’t you even want to explain to me what has happened? Really? There’s one thing clear that you haven’t been accused of murder yet I hope you can be cooperated with us help with investigation Although Ruoruo has been wanted
by holding a gun illegally I still think we need to have a talk, needn’t we? maybe there’s a chance for you or situation here is getting worse and worse It’s enough, Officer Li Let’s be serious We have no way out Don’t you even know that? Do you know what a jail mean to a woman? Don’t you think you can run away? the whole mountain has been surrounded you’d never think about it Give up! Azhuo, we can’t be arrested What? Can you see that? move forward What do you mean? Azhuo Can’t you see? Yes I can No… Ahahahah…

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