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[Full Movie] Lovers Left Alive, Eng Sub 一别百年 | Vampire Romance 吸血鬼爱情电影 1080P

[Full Movie] Lovers Left Alive, Eng Sub 一别百年 | Vampire Romance 吸血鬼爱情电影 1080P

Closed Captions were added by Moxi team. Thanks and enjoy. Welcome to subscribe our Channels. Shu Yi Shu Yi The Human and Vampire have been fighting for centuries The modern war awakened them and made them involved Then the vampire hunting team was established One by one, the vampires fell down The remaining ones have to live in darkness and shadow Time comes to 21 century A vampire found a way to restrain the bloodthirsty nature Both sides can make a peace Though a vegetarian diet can reduce our power It can also restrain the bloodthirsty nature As long as we don’t regard the human’s blood as food The hunting team won’t kill us Furthermore The vegetarian diet can make us live in the sunshine Welcome President Qi Hi everyone I am the president of this Vegetarian Club My name is Qi Ji If we have the vegetarian diet We can enjoy the sunshine If we only have vegetarian diet Shall we die for hungry? Alright, please look at the middle of the table It’s the food that we prepared for us They are customized Did you really lead the Glory War one hundred years ago? That war for both sides is not glory I heard that you can smell the dead Not the dead But the death In you poster You said we could find love here But I can’t see a beauty here So where is the love? As long as we can live in the sunshine We can see handsome guys and pretty girls everyday Lovers Left Alive Yu Xin You asshole You are ignoble, dirty and nauseous What are you doing? You little girl Why did you beat him? He wanted to molest me Which eye of yours saw us molesting you? I saw it with both of my eyes How can you be indiscriminate? Don’t look at me, you rascal What’s wrong, President Qi? President Qi? Who sent me back? President Lv and 6 strong men passing by Strong men Who else can lift you? Are you okay? I’m fine You faint at the sight of me Am I that ugly? No You look familiar Look familiar? Can you touch a stranger just because of looking familiar? You are so young and you do such a outrageous thing Tell me the truth How many girls have been molested by you? I did not mean to molest you I just wanted to stop you from killing yourself Killing myself? You thought I was going to jump into the sea Yes It’s so funny If I die in the sea the shameless couple would be very happy If you can think of it that way that’s great I will choose a meaningful place to die I want them to live in the shadow of my discontent death Where is the meaningful place? President Lv said that they started hurting people again You prepare more vervain tomorrow We should prepare more agentia You be careful too Most vampires are hostile to your club Don’t worry There are some hunter alliance in the island They dare not be intemperate You had better have some blood If it was not for my identity Shu Yi could not die Give me a cup of wine Yu Xin Your place or mine? Young marshal Do you really want her to stay here? She looks like her but she is not her He said that the purpose of going to Gulangyu Island is to shoot a music video In fact, he hangs out with actresses These photos I saw them in other people’s Moments I have thought it over The places in the picture I will go to these places Then I will kill myself in a suitable place Can I ask for your help? What is it? Take pictures of my body and send them to the asshole Miss Ling Lin We’re busy Only a few minutes Enough What do you young people want to do? Talk about life and death so easily Just encounter a scum Have you taken your parents into consideration when you want to die? Okay Now that you want to die in a way of hurting yourself and entertaining others I will help you Tomorrow I will let you die Is that okay? I know I am wrong But I just can’t let it go You think that after your death your ex-boyfriend will be sorrowful and painful Just the reverse Nothing’s gonna change after your death The earth goes around The sun also rises Your ex-boyfriend goes to work and eats as usual No one will miss you and no one will mourn for you What’s worse Your death is worthless Then what should I do? It is very easy Have a meal first Eat at pleasure Eat more There are lots of food in the kitchen Oh What’s your name? Nice to meet you My name is Qi Ji, and I am styled Zhong Ni My name is Ling Lin Eat Thank you, sister Jia Yin I bought it in market this morning It’s fresh and nutritive Brother Qi does not want to drink, so I will help him Look at him He has overnutrition Can you be more generous? I am a patient You just have little disease You should be healthy now You still stick around Don’t talk about my leg Don’t do it When talking about my leg, I feel sick You can’t say that If it were not for your striking my leg last year I would not be so weak Right? Mange dog Eat some cake Little sister You are so kind Some people should learn from little sister What’s your name? Ling Lin I tell you They are weird But I feel good Why do you mention Yu Xin? Did he call you? You tell him Wherever I like I can go there It has nothing to do with him That’s enough of that I know Bye Don’t disconnect my plug I paid electricity bill last month Are you the only one living here? I just want to play a tune for sister Lin Sorry I ask him to play for me I have no other meaning She is new here I just Welcome new friend Look up Look Go round in circles Continue Pack up and go back to the house Are you okay? I’m fine I’m sorry It’s none of your business You can go Why are you following me? I’m not following you I like to run on this road everyday I can’t believe you are running No one believes Why can’t I can? Let’s move on We will see a man who is about 50 years old His name is Wang Yuanda He walked the dog every morning 30 years ago I meet him everyday But after his dog’s death He walks his cat everyday at 7 am Good morning Let’s move on Look This young man is scolding his father Good morning Why he scolds his father? Because a decade ago His father did the same thing You always talk about a decade or several decades How old are you? Why are you following me? There are so many roads that you can run on Why do you run on this road? Because I like this road What do you want? I just want to run If you really run for several decades of years you won’t be so fat Why are you so fast? How do you do it? I know the road perfectly Can you stop following me? I’m worried about you Don’t worry I don’t want to die now I swear But I still can smell your sorrow and despair You can smell? Were you born in the year of dog? I belong to you I can give you a chance Bye me a drink Your eyes make me drunk Captivate so many people in this dream This love is true Stop drinking You have drunk a lot Leave me alone Leave me alone Drink Let me go The love message Can you see it? What are you watching? I’m watching them show their affection They will break up soon I wish you an early separation Happy breakup Drink I can’t drink Cheers Why did you throw up? This is the new style of drinking in the island The new style New style Ji Wenqiang Sing a cheerful song Heavy metal music Rock Okay I want to sing I have thought many times in her new life about our reunion I also thought about telling her about our past memories I always think that she can feel these memories Slowly Brother Qi I haven’t pack up my things You can go back Okay I want to listen No Where are we going? We are going home Young marshal What happened to Miss Ling Lin? Take her back to her room Where are you going? I’m home I don’t You are supposed to know I don’t like woman who drank Tonight is different Tonight is indeed different You finally can not control yourself President Qi Can’t you see that I am saving her? You should not be too rampant The league is watching you Then thank you Brother Qi I can understand you Thank you All right Who? It’s me What’s up? Do you want to talk? I I’m ready for sleeping Some other time Hello everyone I am Lucy Today I will broadcast a piece of news for you This morning We found another people who was bitten and sent her to the hospital Recently many people were bitten by unidentified creatures in the island You should avoid hanging out alone If you find suspicious person please call the police About this event our TV station will follow this incident Good morning Don’t follow me I’m worried about you Can I keep you at arm’s length? Don’t do that to me I don’t want to die now I only want to kill you Why? Because I find that You not only look like a big turnip You are a playboy I am a playboy? To whom? Pretend Continue to pretend Come out You are following me Where did you send the girl yesterday? I sent her to the hospital Then explain why her body appeared in your back alley Come with me to the Young marshal Young marshal Hold on Young marshal Young marshal, hold on Steward How can you imprison me again? Hold on Hold on Young marshal Hold on Drink it Drink it Young marshal What happened? Last night The girl that I saved died The hunter league thought I killed her Qin Long chased me here Fortunately our house is set enchantment by me Formerly We were not so embarrassed and we were not chased by them Where did you get it? Do you? No Not from the living person Then From the dead girl that we passed by I took some from her If you don’t drink people’s blood you can’t protect yourself and you can’t protect Ling Lin I can’t Young marshal I can’t Even if I take only a sip Only a sip I can’t live in the sun I just find Shu Yi I want I want to stay with her Stay with her and play on the beach Walk in the sun So I can’t drink You have sun ring The sunshine can’t hurt you Young marshal Help me I am under house arrest Help me How could you be here? You said you are imprisoned Who imprison you? The steward and brother Qi Stop laughing I tell you something important What? I suspect that they They are doing drug trafficking Drug trafficking? Does brother Qi come back? Of course he comes back Or I can’t be imprisoned You take me to see him You want see him now? Yes Quickly Hear me out Lightly They are downstairs Let’s go I won’t go No, It is because that the steward does not allow me hang around You are a coward I will go Don’t go Where are you going? I want to see Qi Ji Who tell you that he is here? Isn’t he here? He feels uncomfortable and he is resting There are so many private sphere in this house You can’t walk randomly Brother Qi Open the door Will you run today? I’m too tired You are tired? Open the door I will kick the door if you don’t open the door You Why do you dress like that? Are you going to blind date? I have something to say Is this a date? Yes Waiter What do you want? I want a cup of boiled water Boiled water? I want a cup of boiled water too You just need a cup of water? Do you want something to eat? You said we are dating But you only order a cup of water Then what is a date? This one and this one This one and that one Don’t serve what I said just now Serve us the rest of the menu I am full Why don’t you eat? Don’t you like these food? I like I just want to talk with you What do you want to talk about? About the girl you met last night She fell in a faint in front of my house I saved her life The hero rescued a beauty Very good I’m telling you the truth I’m not kidding You see You have such a big house Women who are waiting for your help There must be lots of women I’m waiting for a woman You ate too much You said This is a date Did you eat for me? I don’t think it is necessary I made everything clear just now I also made everything clear You said you are waiting for a woman You are dating with me now If we talk about something else You are a good man Qi Ji The lies that you told Even the child won’t be cheated If you want to sleep with me, you can tell me directly I can tell you directly It is impossible If so It is convenient You make money everyday Where is your money? Where? And you Stop laughing Tomorrow I will wait for your money What are you watching? What are you doing during night? Don’t be afraid, we Don’t move Don’t be afraid What do you want to do? Help me Let her go Brother Qi Stop Don’t touch her You let her go I have money As long as you let her go I can give you lots of money What we want is not only money You are pretty Come with me Ling Lin Ling Lin You are so obstinate Kill him How’s she? She is okay She is resting You have to protect her You wake up Are you okay? Drink some water Why are you safe and sound? I’m fat I’m meaty Here you are Sister Lin Tell me if you want to go out I know kung fu Are you questioning it? Wait The first move Tiger fetches heart Wait The second move Snake attacks Ultimate skill Wait White crane spreads its wings Are you doing monkey tricks Come with me Help me move things I’ll show you a place Next will be our sharing times in this party They are weird The happiest times in this year Why are they weird? As weird as you But it’s funny Is anyone else who wants to share with us? The happiest time this year in my life is that I lost 55.5 kilograms The happiest time this year in my life is that I joined the vegetarian club Very good Let’s welcome President Qi to share with us about his story The happiest time this year in my life is that I met the beautiful lady beside me Ling Lin Let’s use our way to welcome Miss Ling Lin Now I can’t smell your sorrow and despair There are so many happy things I don’t want to die anymore This is for you A token of affection? What is this story? This is This is vervain It is used to ward off vampires Vampires? Your story is more and more creative It is beautiful Okay I accept it But Your vampire story should be rational Are you interested in this story? I have dreamed about it There are vampires bats and wars It must be a nightmare No, because I dreamed about it for many times The vampires in my dream They are warm and amiable Just like old friends of mine You did not tell me the story Why am I talking? If I am a vampire will you be afraid? Here you are I am vegetarian, and I won’t bite people Your ring looks cool Where did you buy it? A friend gave me from many years ago It looks pretty Do you have your friend’s phone number? He only made jewelry for aristocrat He died about 70 years ago You want to say that you are a aristocrat who is more than 100 years old Or else You tell me about the woman you are waiting for She is very pretty She has long hair She likes painting She especially likes painting portraits She also likes singing She sings very well especially that song When will you come back? You don’t need to talk We look exactly the same It has a nice texture It looks like an antique Open it This PS technique is no match for me Don’t lie to me It is real I want to go Thank you for your vervain I hate the man who lie Once a fatty told me to face the grief But he always tells lies You are not a vampire and you are not a aristocrat It is just because you are fat and you can not face your life with courage Ling Lin What I said is true I have told you I hate people who lied Liar But I did not lie to you Young marshal I know where Zhang Ke is Brother Qi Brother Qi Brother Qi, can you stop angry now? Have a look at your portrayal Sorry, I can’t Okay Then You continue to have your daydream in your room Don’t come back Hello Are you still in George villa? Do you call me for Yu Xin? How can this happen? I tell you If Yu Xin is in front of me now I will kill him He told me it was a misunderstanding He had nothing to do with that model They just took some pictures after work I don’t believe him Excuse me I am looking for Ling Lin You are so rude Can you knock the door? Director Yu Sorry Director Yu It’s you Why are you here? I heard that your MTV is about vampire It’s so cool How do you think about it? I’m looking for someone I know Since you are here I give you some presents This is my new recorded CD You give me some comments when you are free You give me some comments when you are free It is too difficult to do rock music now The production cost is too much 50 yuan for one piece 150 yuan for three pieces You are a famous director You can understand me Right? I did not mean that How can I take your money? Take it Then I will take it Where is Ling Lin? Sister Lin Maybe she is sleeping Wait, I will call her down Very soon, Mr. Yu I am looking for you, sister Lin Mr. Yu Baby You have been outside for so long Can we go home? I have nothing to do with that woman It is only a commercial exploitation Commercial exploitation? I saw you bend your arm round her shoulder It’s my job I just join in the fun on occasion We have known each other for such a long time What kind of person do you think I am? What do you want me to do? Do you want me to give up my career? Qi Ji, come out I have something to tell you Yu Xin wants me to come back with him I will never come back if I leave here Do you hear me? If you think about it clearly you can leave now Fine I’ll go Let’s go Young marshal, you chase her now There’s still time He is different from us When she does not have past memories She is happy You Vegetarian vampires A group of scum It seems that you want to begin a meat diet Leave him to me The girl in front of the hospital Did you kill her? Vampires who do not drink people’s blood Even your paw degenerate Young marshal Stop Deliver him to the hunter league Go to hell Jia Yin What happened? She is drunk Let me help you I’m okay, do your own work I am dying Young marshal, I am dying Hold on Young marshal, I am dying Waiter, come here Yu Xin, you asshole Listen to me You don’t need to talk I know She is your workmate I don’t know this woman Yu Xin I am so disappointed with you I really don’t know her Lin Lin Lin Lin Lin Lin Lin Lin Lin Lin Qi Ji Qi Ji A nightmare? You never like to visit the art exhibition Why do you come with me today? I am free today So I want to keep you company Today’s show is about the end of the nineteenth century and the works of European royal painters I think you must like them I can’t believe you know it I have decided to be with you in my life Naturally I should know all of your interests Who are they? The couple is very famous They are the founder of this art gallery There are some exhibits that are donated by them Are they still alive? They died many years ago This photo was taken over a hundred years ago In fact You are really like her You may be her great-granddaughter Lin Lin Lin Lin What happened? Do you feel sick? Yu Xin, I am sorry I can’t accept your proposal Are you in love with someone else? Just this several days Qi Ji? When you were dreaming last night? You called his name Yu Xin, I don’t understand I can’t explain I am sorry Hello, are you Ling Lin? Who are you? I am a friend of President Qi He asks me to pick you up Where is he? Come with me Director Yu, why are you here? I have to listen to your live concert Expert Your music sounds great You overpraise me What do you want to drink? Chang Dao iced tea If it’s taking a chance I will introduce some brokers for you Your music is very good Don’t waste it Really? I am very grateful Do for respect Give us more wine Wait Come to my house I have a new song You can give me some advice Okay Let’s go Charge it to my account Director Yu, this is my room Please enjoy yourself It is a little messy, but it’s okay Please enjoy yourself Sit down, please Director Yu I will sing a new song of mine for you Wait a minute Where is the toilet? Go out and turn left Thank you You are welcome Director Yu Director Yu Director Yu Look at me, Jia Yin It’s okay, Jia Yin Open your mouth, Jia Yin Open your mouth Hold on, Jia Yin Just get through It’s okay It’s okay It’s okay They are not human Call the police Call the police Brother Qi We I know all the things Sister Lin is in danger Steward Are you okay? Ling Lin is in danger Young marshal, I can go I can’t leave me alone I can’t leave you alone Young marshal Your feeling for Miss Ling Lin is just like my feeling for you One hundred years It’s always the same I know One hundred years I always know So I won’t let you go Wen Qiang, help her Jia Yin You are a good woman and you deserve better man Brother Qi Brother Qi Brother Qi I will come with you Thank you Take care of Jia Yin Brother Qi I swear I will protect you Steward Can you imagine that? It is me who take care of you Ling Lin Ling Lin, I am here You are punctual You set her free I beg you As long as you enter the curtain you can take her away Wait Remove your sun ring If you did not drink people’s blood recently You will not be afraid of sunshine Brother Qi Okay I admit that I drank people’s blood But I drank dead people’s blood The dead woman in front of the hospital I did not kill her Zhang Ke killed her Where is he? He died Did you kill him? You won’t believe me anyway Brother Qi Baby Close your eyes Close your eyes Don’t do it Brother Qi Brother Qi Brother Qi Brother Qi I should believe you I should believe you I drank people’s blood Young marshal, forgive me In fact, I gave you my blood Now Since you find your lover I think it’s time for me to leave Forgive me for leaving without saying goodbye Five years later

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