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[Full Movie] The Trap in Forest 丛林生死门 | 2019 Adventure film 探险电影 1080P

[Full Movie] The Trap in Forest 丛林生死门 | 2019 Adventure film 探险电影 1080P

Closed Captions were added by Moxi team. Yu Long Where were you? I couldn’t find you anyway I heard footsteps outside my door yesterday Are you suspecting it was the innkeeper? Who is there? I…I always can’t stand up to little girls like you. Who is there? Come out She was dead Who the hell did this? I shouldn’t come here I saw a shadow there passing quickly You are killging yourself 48 the untruthful person He is not worthy to live in this world He will be your sacrificial offerings Producer: Fang Yaxuan, Scriptwriter: King Yan Zhao Starring: Wei Xiaoguang, Fang Yaxuan, Wang Yu, Ning Junxi Starring: Li Hong, Li Jialiang Starring: Zhang Li Gang, Tao Shili General Producer: Nan Mingbo The Trap in Forest Directed by: Li Feng Wanyu What’s the matter, Wanyu? I had a horrible dream It’s okay You father’s secretary is here Something about your father Please go out first Okay I will come out later Hi ladies You are so quiet Let me introduce myself first I am from Self-service Tour Companion Club (Donkey Club) Everybody calls me “Brother Hua” I am a doctor Wearing lascivious glasses You are a doctor? A gynecologist? Ha Ha… Sister I just heard You were from the Donkey Club too Are you same to me to take pictures of the “Ghost Valley”? Are you going to take pictures of the “Ghost Valley”? Yeah Brother Are you going there too? Western of Hunan Province? Why did my father go there? Because “Ghost Valley” will only appear once 30 years And Mr. Zhang is a fanous photographer A newspaper offcie found him and paid a high deposit My father didn’t tell me that he would go there He just said he would go out I called him many times But failed So I come here Did Mr. Zhang contact you No He didn’t contact me by now Don’t worry Maybe there is no signal in the mountain How about this Yulong We go there tomorrow morning I will find my father If you find him Please let me know at once The newspaper office enquired several times Okay Time is late I’d go now Let me show you out Pigeon Are you in KTV? No, thanks Actually I need your help Can you go to Western of Hunan (Xiangxi) with me tomorrow? I want to find my father Okay, I go with you and my new boyfriend You take a look for me All right? Ha Ha Okay See you tomorrow Wan Yu Sorry We played too late yesterday Let me introduce This is my boyfriend Jiang Zhongbo This is Brother Yu Long and Sister Wan Yu Hi, Brother Yu Long Hi Sister Wan Yu Pigeon often mentioned you to me Pigeon Because you are from Xiangxi Thanks for your help to be there with us You are welcome Actually I am free in these days Thanks again My father has been to a virgin forest for some days I couldn’t contact him Don’t worry Uncle will be okay Shall we go to a virgin forest? I love it What do you love? I warm you This time we have work Don’t let yourself fly Wan Yu Bus is there Yes, it comes. Let’s go Let’s go

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