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Game of the Year

Game of the Year

my turn let’s do this yes tolls so big to ward cards I do three elements which allow me to spin the natural disasters wheel a hurricane I love hurricanes let me introduce you to hurricane Matthew that inflicts 20 points damage to the Americas which allows me to use my epidemic card Sika now the far right dice I move for rush to 10 and he involves and goes here and that allows me to pass it presents the Bank of England owes me ten billion pounds but also gives a boost of confidence to marine lepen who moves three forward towards presidents she lands on the card of death posthumous best now you’re in for a treat three music legends the heavens will greet three of them then Maui Prince now with my to walk towards first have reinforced both sides of the conflict in Syria which means the refugees into the Mediterranean and causes a spate of terrorist attacks across Europe with my second work I am going to give to the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea nuclear weapons and now with all my money and no not the UN car that’s useless with my wealth guard that I got from the lobbyists sir here I can finally unfold the White House Obama President Trump in O gonna break up fine fine Jelena it’s over Happy New Year now it’s your turn [Music] you [Music]

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6 thoughts on “Game of the Year

  1. Oh I love this so much!! that is so creative !! I'm surprised you did not get any comments yet! well I'll be the first comment and the first to congratulate you – awesome video, its creative, Its funny, Its interesting, and I love how you literally took all the important events and played them, it makes you look like a master-mind tactician demi-god xD

    I love it! also Merry Christmas!

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