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Gangster Boxing Gym

Gangster Boxing Gym

Hi this is Ronnie – the dragon Essett at the
gangster boxing gym where I’m here teaching everybody how to handle their
business right here in this gym when you come in this motherfucker this is what
I’m gonna teach you how to stomp on the motherfucker left, right, left, right show a motherfucker that you’re not
intimidated you’re not about the bullshit you about knocking the motherfucker out
but you about your business you got You got something to say to me what? What you gotta say Fuck that bullshit you go up to that muhfucka tell him give you your
money that’s exactly what you do don’t come back asking no question get up and get
your shit or knock him the fuck out Give me my money or I’ll knock you the fuck
out give me my money or you get knocked the fuck out man do my money you cannot
fuck out How to knock a motherfucker with a one hitter quitter that’s what we teach him in this motherfucker move them shoulders intimidate a
motherfucker this is what we’re trying to do in this place You got a problem? what’s the problem man? what’s the problem we got a problem Oh man come on cut that shit out…. hit him…. hit him Coach, coach, coach! So if you want to come in here and learn
how to get down come right here to the gangster boxing gym we don’t take no
bullshit from nobody we’ll teach people how to get their business done right
here at the gangster boxing gym Proud of you champ you’ve done everything
you want to do now you’re real G you ready to go out there and knock the
motherfuck out Thanks coach hey new game It’s your gift oh hell yeah you motherfucker you ready you ready for this shit
that’s all we’re about trying to get everybody ready to fuck somebody up I’ve taught a lot of these motherfuckers
how to fight I taught Tupac how to knock a motherfucker, also biggie, also had LL Cool J in here teaching a motherfucker how to knock a
motherfucker out mama didn’t say knock you out
I said knock her motherfucker out that’s what I do
yeah them motherfuckers Tupac, biggie all of their weren’t gangsta’s till they came saw

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