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Gegard Mousasi – Prefight Interview – DREAM.15

Gegard Mousasi – Prefight Interview – DREAM.15

Q:試合を2日後に控えた今の心境から聞かせてください。 A:とても気分がいいです。自信もありますよ。 今回はきわめて攻撃的な試合をして、いい試合にしたいと思います。 Q:相手のジェイク・オブライエン選手の印象を教えてください A:レスラーで、有名な選手とも闘っているファイター。 多くのアメリカ人がそうであるように、前日に体重を落として、当日は大幅に体重を増やしてくると思います。 アグレッシブに闘って、彼の得意なレスリングの部分を消していきたいと思います。 Q:攻撃的に闘いたいというのは、ストライクフォースでのキング・モー選手との試合が影響していますか? A:そうです。前回はアグレッシブさが足りませんでした。 前回は自分の試合ができなかったということで、今回はアグレッシブに自分の試合を展開していきたいと思います。 Q:今回勝てば次はDREAMライトヘビー級王座を懸けた試合となります。 そこでも勝てばDREAM二階級制覇となりますが、DREAMのタイトルへの思いというのがあれば教えてください A:自分の中で、違う階級のベルトを獲るということは目標です。 いずれはヘビー級のタイトルも狙いますが、それはまだ先のこと。 DREAMのライトヘビー級のタイトルを獲って、自分がベルトを持つに相応しいことを証明します。 Q:キング・モー戦以降、新たに取り入れたトレーニングはありますか? A:あります。重点的にレスリングの練習をしました。 これはかなり自信になりました。 自分の隙だったテイクダウンに対するディフェンスが上達したと思います。 立ち技はゴールデングローリー。MMAはアリスター・オーフレイムと練習しました。 いろいろ変えたところがあるので、それを披露したいと思います。 Q:レスリングはどんな練習をした? A:特別なレスリングの練習場へ行ってMMAとは別に、それだけの練習をしました。 テイクダウンの技術もかなり身に付いたので自信になりましたよ。

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20 thoughts on “Gegard Mousasi – Prefight Interview – DREAM.15

  1. Mousasi takes the light heavyweight title, King Mo defeats Cavalcante and then Mousasi faces Mo on new years eve, fighting for two titles – that would be awesome, Well all that if Mousasi has improved his takedown defense

  2. Mousasi is a great fighter and everyone is putting him down too hard for not have takedown defense by not considering King Mo Lawal is the best wrestler in MMA according to rashad evans. This will be very interesting how OBrien, who is a mediocre wrestler and got the better of Jon Jones on the standup. Very interesting fight.

  3. @Judgement220 not to mention that mousasi beat his eye closed from the bottom and did more damage over all, cheers

  4. @lordofkronos i agree that moussasi was a bit casual but hitting in the eye is cheap? so are you suggesting strikes to the head should be legal but the fighter must avoid the eye area? that makes no sense……

  5. @jeremyshambles True, but the damage did not come from Mousasi while he was on his back. That damage came in the 1st round when Mo went for the single leg and Mousasi it him 13 times with his thumb to his eye. If you look at the video closely in round 1 while mo was on top control with mousasi, his eyes were already swollen. I think Mo underestimated Mousasi on the single leg which was the only damage mousasi did to mo in the fight.

  6. @plevershed Did I hurt your feelings? Watch the fight objectively. Mousasi is still my boy, very smart fighter.

  7. @blindbrad11 You've been exposed as somebody that doesn't know what they're watching…Mousasi got a screw job, just because you're on your back doesn't mean you're losing. Mousasi did more damage off his back then mo did the whole fight…As per Mo's face eye being swollen shut

  8. @420dimebag lick the fermuda cheese from under my nuts. u got exposed son. he has ZERO takedown defence. enough said. dont be surprised if obrien lays n prays to a decision

  9. @blindbrad11 Yeah um…He sub'd O'brien in 31 seconds. Take your limited knowledge of MMA to an ultimate fighter conversation.

  10. @420dimebag hey kid coming on here after the fight doesn't mean shit. too bad you didn't say gegard would sub him in 31 seconds. mma anything can happen. i bet you thought gegard would ko him.

  11. @blindbrad11 You totally missed the point, he said Mousasi would Lay n Pray. That isn't even close to his style. That is the point I was making,

  12. @420dimebag you sound crazy i said dont be surprised if o'brien would lay n pray on gegard. not gegard lay n pray on obrien. look at my comment

  13. @lordofkronos -indeed, i thought his eye was perfectly hideous until just recently when I saw this other fighter get punched in the eye, in the ufc i think-cant remember his name, but bloody hell, you could see the bulge of the orbital swelling from the side. it was nauseating, cheers

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