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Get To Know History Of MMA , When did it Started |Mixed Martial Arts.

Get To Know History Of MMA , When did it Started |Mixed Martial Arts.

A billion-dollar industry employing hundreds
of fighters from all over the globe. Where fighting is as real as the people involved
in it. Where fans have made the fighters as popular
as any other movie superstar. But where did it start originally? when did
people actually start fighting in a style that was so different from the other martial
arts in practice? MMA. Mixed Martial Arts. It started way back in 648 BC, only known
by a different name. Ancient Greece, then, was already familiar
with boxing and wrestling tradition. Then it got to know a new sport called Pankration. The grappling and striking skills were very
similar to modern MMA now. All the moves were allowed except for biting
and gouging. The fighters were called Pankratist. These fights would continue until one of the
Pankratist could not continue or signal submissions by raising their index fingers. There were no rounds. According to E. Norman Gardiner and I hereby
quote “No branch of athletics was more popular than the pankration.” From the Greeks, it was passed to Romans. In China, it was known as Letai which had
boxing, wrestling, and Chinese martial arts. Evidence of it spreading was found in ancient
Egypt, China, and India. Similar sports “Savate” was found in France. French fighter Rambaud fought English fighter
Dickinson at that time and won using his kicks. Similar fights continued. George Dubois VS judo practitioner Re-nierand
in 1905 French savateur and professional boxer Jacques
Cayron VS young Japanese karateka named Mochizuki Hiroo in 1957 There was several such contests that went
on as time progressed. Like: no holds-barred match in the late 1880s
with style similar to Catch Wrestling. John L. Sullivan vs world heavyweight boxing
champion William Muldoon where Muldoon was slammed to the mat in two minutes. Another early example of mixed martial arts
was Bartitsu. Edward William Barton-Wright founded Bartitsu
in London in 1899. He combined catch wrestling, judo, boxing,
savate, jujutsu and Canne de combat (French stick fighting), Bartitsu was the first martial
art known to have combined Asian and European fighting styles, and which saw MMA-style contests
throughout England. This all led to a similar competition being
organized in different countries in early 1990s: American in Japan Sambo in Russia. This split after the First World War into
two genres: shoot in which the fighters actually competed, and “show”, which evolved into modern
professional wrestling. The fights never stopped. It only grew more popular with time. In 1951, there a high profiled match took
place between Masahiko Kimura and Hélio Gracie took place where Kimura defeated Gracie. Match continued: Gene Lebell vs Milo Savage
in no holds barred match which was the first televised match in the history. Then came Bruce Lee: who popularized the concept
of combining the elements of multiple martial arts via his system of Jeet Kun Do. He stated and I hereby quote ” the best fighter
is not a Boxer, Karate or Judo man. The best fighter is someone who can adapt
to any style, to be formless, to adopt an individual’s own style and not following the
system of styles.” A contemporary of Bruce Lee Wong Shun Leung,
gained prominence by fighting illegal matches against Chinese Martial Artists. He fought several matches against the western
fighters too like Giko of Russia and Taiwanese Kung-Fu Master Wu Ming Jeet. One thing that makes Wong shun Leung special
is that he mixed boxing and kickboxing in his Kungfu just like Bruce Lee did. If you are a boxing fan, you couldn’t have
missed the classic match of Muhammad Ali and Antonio Inoki which took place in Japan in
1976. The match turned sours turned sour as each
fighter refused to engage in the other’s style, and after a 15-round stalemate, it was declared
a draw. Both were injured. Another memorable match was the match between
undefeated kickboxer Rick Rousfus and Changpuek Kiatsongrit. Rufus brutally broke Changpuek’s jaw and won
by a technical knockout. This match was the first recorded fight which
showcased such power of low kicks to a western audience. And the sport never stopped. Brands like UFC, Kingdom and FOX UFC got popular. Wrestlers gained fame overnight. And now, well you know it, it is a billion-dollar
industry. Thank you for tuning in. Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe. Be sure to hit the bell button as not to miss
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