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GFRIEND – Fallin’ Light (天使の梯子) | REACTION

GFRIEND – Fallin’ Light (天使の梯子) | REACTION

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel, welcome back to Nana Reacts Today I’m gonna be reacting to Gfriend’s new Japanese song called Fallin’ Light They just made a comeback with this song and I can’t wait to watch it Anyway, before I jump into this, subscribe if you’re new to the channel, like this video, and comment down below if you want me to react to anything else Also, I’m gonna have to flip this just to avoid some copyright strikes, so Sorry about that Anyway, let’s go! I’m excited I’m excited I’m so excited Gfriend! Ooh So pretty! They look so pretty Do you just have rope? Don’t look up. Don’t use that rope for nothing Oh, that sounds so pretty Oh, that sounds so pretty Oh! Girl That’s what happened when I was younger, when I- Mirrors- Mirrors and me when I was younger, not a fan What are you trying to do with that rope? Don’t answer that question, cuz I know what she was trying to do with the rope. I don’t wanna know You’re so pretty! SinB! This song is very pretty, by the way Oh- Oh she’s so pretty. Oh she’s so pretty Oh, this song. Oh this song’s so good! Oh yay, smiling I see that this is a very dark, sad music video But then it turns happy Oh lookie here- Look at that, SinB! Sorry, I got excited I just watched the music video and got excited again Oh, Gfriend Gfriend delivered. Oh, they’re so good! They’re so good. I love them so much! Oh, sorry. I just woke up. My nose is kinda stuffed But they’re so good. They’re so good, oh my God I like the song. I like the song very much I love the concept of the music video. The music video Be feeling a little dark It looks- They seem really sad in the beginning, and then the shining light happened, and then they’re all like Yay, I’m happy again! That’s what my- That’s what my interpretation of it was And if you have a different interpretation, please tell me in the comments Why the hell is this so long? There we go Anyway, tell me in the comments what you thought about the music video Tell me what you think And tell me if there’s gonna be- I know there’s gonna be an album Is it- Is it gonna be new songs, or Japanese versions of old songs? Like other kpop artists, I bet you there’s gonna be Japanese versions of old songs But That’s okay Anyway, like I said tell me what you think in the comments what you think about the music video Tell me in the comments what you think how pretty they were And thank you guys for watching this with me, and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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37 thoughts on “GFRIEND – Fallin’ Light (天使の梯子) | REACTION

  1. Yass we were both early sis💙💙💙

    This song is so good and I understand why Yuju and Eunha didn't go off with their vocals since they need to rest them

  2. Interestingly enough, your reaction isn't appearing when you search for the Gfriend reaction. Maybe it's only for me, idk. I was forced to specifically check out your channel.

  3. I haven’t disliked a single one of their jpn releases, and this is no exception.
    This may very well top Memoria, and that’s my fav song by them. 😭😌
    Immediately made my whole week better when it was trash 💜💜

  4. Gfriend song
    1)Glass bead ✅
    2)Me gustas tu ✅
    3)Rough ✅
    4)Navillera ✅
    5)Fingertip ✅
    6)Love whisper ✅
    7)Summer rain ✅
    8)Time for the moon night ✅
    9)Sunny summer ✅
    10)Sunrise ✅
    11)Fever ✅

    Gfriend X American Tourister – Wave (music video)

    Japanese song
    1)Me gustas tu (japanese version) music video
    3)Sunrise (japanese version) music video
    5)Fallin' Light ✅

    Gfriend album
    The 1st Mini Album 'Season Of Glass'
    1)Intro (Season of Glass)
    2)Glass Bead
    5)Glass Bead (Instrumental)

    The 2nd Mini Album 'Flower Bud'
    1)Intro (Flower Bud)
    2)Me Gustas Tu
    3)Under The Sky
    5)My Buddy
    6)Me Gustas Tu (Instrumental)

    The 3rd Mini Album 'SNOWFLAKE'
    3)Say my name
    4)Luv Star
    7)Rough (Instrumental)

    The 1st Album 'LOL' ✅
    1)INTRO ✅
    2)Fall in Love ✅
    4)NAVILLERA (Instrumental) ✅
    5)LOL ✅
    6)Distance ✅
    7)Water Flower ✅
    8)Mermaid ✅
    9)Sunshine ✅
    10)Compas ✅
    11)Click ✅
    12)Gone with the wind ✅

    The 4th Mini Album 'THE AWAKENING' ✅
    1)Hear The Wind Sing ✅
    3)Contrail ✅
    4)Please Save My Earth ✅
    5)Rain In The Spring Time ✅
    6)Crush ✅

    The 5th Mini Album <PARALLEL>
    8)LOVE WHISPER (Instrumental)

    The 5th Mini Album Repackage <RAINBOW>
    1)Intro (Belief)
    2)Love Whisper
    3)Summer Rain
    5)Ave Maria
    7)Life Is a Party
    8)Red Umbrella
    9)Falling Asleep Again
    10)Summer Rain (Instrumental)

    The 6th Mini Album 'Time for the moon night'
    1)INTRO (Daytime)
    2)Time for the moon night
    3)Love Bug
    4)Flower Garden
    5)Tik Tik
    7)You are my star
    8)Time for the moon night (Instrumental)

    Summer Mini Album 'Sunny Summer'
    1)Sunny Summer
    4)Windy Windy
    5)Love In The Air

    The 2nd Album 'Time for us' ✅
    1)Sunrise ✅
    2)You are not alone ✅
    3)L.U.V ✅
    4)GLOW ✅
    5)Our Secret ✅
    6)Only 1 ✅
    7)Truly Love
    8)Show Up ✅
    9)It's You ✅
    10)A Starry Sky ✅
    11)Love Oh Love ✅
    12)Memoria (Korean Ver.) ✅
    13)Sunrise (Instrumental) ✅

    The 7th Mini Album 'Fever Season'
    2)Mr. Blue
    7)Flower (Korean Ver.)
    8)Fever (Instrumental)

    Japanese Album

    JAPAN 1st DEBUT ALBUM「今日から私たちは~GFRIEND 1st BEST~」
    Japanese Version
    1. Glass Bead JP ver.
    2. 今日から私たちは(Me Gustas Tu)JP ver.
    3. トキヲコエテ(ROUGH) JP ver.
    4. NAVILLERA JP ver.
    5. LOVE WHISPER JP ver.
    6. TRUST JP ver.

    Korean Version
    7. Glass Bead KR ver.
    8. Me Gustas Tu KR ver.
    9. ROUGH KR ver.
    10. NAVILLERA KR ver.
    11. LOVE WHISPER KR ver.
    12. TRUST KR ver.

    JAPAN 1st SINGLE「Memoria / 夜(Time for the moon night)」
    01. Memoria
    02. 夜(Time for the moon night) JP ver.
    03. Memoria (Instrumental)
    04. 夜(Time for the moon night) JP ver. (Instrumental)

    01. SUNRISE JP ver.
    02. La pam pam
    03. SUNRISE JP ver. (Instrumental)
    04. La pam pam (Instrumental)

    01. FLOWER
    02. Beautiful
    03. FLOWER (Instrumental)
    04. Beautiful (Instrumental)

    JAPAN 1st Full ALBUM「Fallin’ Light」
    01 . Fallin’ Light (天使の梯子)
    02 . Emotional Days
    03 . Memoria
    04 . 恋の始まり
    05 . FLOWER
    06 . My My My!
    07 . 夜 (Time for the moon night) JP ver.
    08 . SUNRISE JP ver.
    09 . La pam pam
    10 . Beautiful
    +Bonus Track. My Buddy JP ver.

  5. I'm sorta "not bad," which is one of my better reactions to their Japanese releases. Normally, they mix the instruments above the voices; this sounded pretty even, but I don't listen to GFriend for the instrumentals (some of which are quite nice). On one listen, this tune sounds more shrill and annoying than interesting. I guess I'd like this better if they dropped the verses by an octave and then kept the chorus as is. Maybe it'll get better with repeat listening?

    I thought the rope was to tie up a wayward boat.

  6. GFriend really maturing. They put them in heels! I remember the last time they had to put them on. Now when they stand next to other girl groups they're truly going to live up to the nickname Giant Friend because they were above average girl group height already and now with heels…

  7. Has the same reaction as you. All the members seem trapped and searching for a way out and the MV ended with the shinning light beaming down on Yerin's face as she climbs on the ladder. A ray of hope is there. It's a very pretty and elegant song dominated by string instruments.

  8. Nanamoo.. We win.. Mamamoo.. Queendom 😭👑💯🎤🎶💕

  9. I love this song. The beginning of Eunha's whispering song and Eunha's whispering part of the ending made me crazy. I hope it will be released as a Korean record.

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