88 thoughts on “Girl SUBMITS to a BOY – SLAMMED , DOMINATED

  1. Sorry, this is a dumb sport…should be called " let's invent a sport that negates a males advantage over women" looks like foreplay most of the time

  2. When you search up videos of girls kicking a guys ass and all that shows up was guys kicking girls asses🤦🏽‍♂️damn

  3. wait i don't get it, he slam he rand he won? isn't illegal to do a slam? and why did he won form that?

  4. cant help but facepalm at the comment section. girls getting into bjj is cool. if she's better than me then she's better than me, train harder for next time. some guys on here are scared of losing their balls because a girl touches them lol. 🤦‍♂️

  5. She got what she deserved completely. This is the first video I have ever seen on YouTube where the boy wins. First one ever in 10 years. I guess the girls are just unbeatable. It’s impossible to beat them.

  6. Girls mostly win when boys and girls are young because the start puberty first and mature faster but then the boys catch up

  7. That’s a slam! That’s a slam! Lol. No fucking shit it’s wrestling. That girl is about as strong as a piece of tissue paper fighting a knife lol. Glad the girl does the sport as it’s intended tho. Not some trans athlete looking for fame in a female sport. Just goes to show how the mixing of gender in sports is not a very good idea. Wrestling has tried it for years in high school and lower, good video tho and good sportsmanship!

  8. Oh my! A boy, who can't even join the Boy Scouts any longer, actually beat a lesbian? This is truly shocking. I wonder what price he will have to pay?

  9. How I'd love to see him, or a guy three times his size, continually body slam Madonna….all day long!

  10. 😀 what do you expect it is a man . Men are stronger, faster and unlike women if a man has a very high education his emotions won't get in the way of his thinking !

  11. It's was a single leg take down and not a slam. Second, BJJ is a great art that equalize the playing field in many circumstances. Those who participate know that their days your the hammer and days your the nail. However, you learn over time that you have such a respect for your competitors and training partners whether they are male or female. This young lady was beat, but not as bad as the title says. Second, she held her own against a stronger male so congrats to her. The young man here did what he was suppose to do against a competitor knowing that it was a "no win" situation with those who don't have a clue about this art. I would like to see many of the commentors/detractors get on the mat with either one of these athletes as I know they would be in for an ass whopping.

  12. When you body was meant to make baby but you still want to fight those that were meant to Fight Mammoth

  13. O come on. Guy was super respectful, it was totally not a slam. That's why it's called a "takedown", you take people to the ground with it.

  14. Solid double leg take down , aggressive but not dirty. Good defense on the girls side . Thats not a boy thats a young man maybe look for more options before taking a match like that , I'm only 12 and I can tell that the boys are getting stronger in another year I won't be competing against boys anymore.

  15. He looked like he should of been in a heavier weight class. Way lot stronger. She had skills. It took him a long time to beat her.

  16. Are those two boyfriend and girlfriend, brother and sister or what? I don't see the point of this fight other than showing the girl clearly can't handle the guy, unless it was just for fun, or she was trying to improve her beyond her physical limits…like some migatte no gokui chick.

  17. whaaaaa the little bitch got a taste of equality. he slammed her  just as hard as hewould a male opponent. GREAT JOB sure showed  her  who Is  superior.

  18. This shows that all the "girl beats boy" videos are most likely fake
    And most of them show guys vs professionally trained girls

  19. It's funny that woman think they are stronger than men when they beat them in jiu jitsu, but jiu jitsu really has nothing to do with strength i just lost in a match the other day to a 90 pound dude three years ahead of me

  20. Being a guy, and using your superior physicality, rather than precision, technique, tactics, and strategy against a girl to win in a grappling match is just cheap and dumb.

  21. I think any guy that does an aggressive double leg take down and drives through to a girl would look something like that if they were similar weight

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