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Global Volunteer Month 2019

Global Volunteer Month 2019

– This is the AIG Philly team and we’re here at Cradles to
Crayons Warehouse volunteering. – Hey, we’re just cleaning and replacing the batteries of some toys, making sure they’re in
proper working order. – Evening. Preparing for a meal service at Coalition for the Homeless. Should be a good dinner. (upbeat rock music) – 2019 is our centennial year so everything takes on a
little special meaning. For volunteer month, that means not only spotlighting all of the amazing work we
do with organized events, but we’re also telling stories of how AIG people have
given back over 100 years. – Making a better world! (cheering) (upbeat rock music) (upbeat rock music) (upbeat rock music) (cheering) (upbeat rock music) (cheering) (upbeat rock music) (upbeat rock music) – Part of AIG’s history
has always been giving back and to part of that in the current time is something that I think makes
me really proud to work here and I think all of our
employees feel the same way. (upbeat rock music)

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