62 thoughts on “GLORY Redemption: Prelims

  1. fuck glory……rico i think,,,,or "ricco" who gives a shit?!? id rather watch the prelims of swanson vs ortega….fuck this

  2. i have watched overeem vs ngannu at least fifteen times and im eaving this shit to watch an amazing future champion AGAIN….ufc please….who tha FOOOK pays for this shit??????????????????????????????????/

  3. What do they eat in Holland or Dutch? I notice a lots of the fighters are very tall. Height and size does matter in a fight especially if your opponents is just a good or better then you.

  4. Currently I think the hardest hitter in GLORY is Zimmerman. If Zimmerman watch his diet, eat less, and drop down to 230 lbs. to 235 lbs. and improve his cardio and maintain his knockout power he be so Dangerous.

  5. Dam I am super EXCITED to see Badr Hari fight again in March 3rd 2018 : ) Thank you GLORY. And for Pereira vs Belgaroui, I'm glad Pereira won by TKO stoppage/cut stop because he was winning anyway.

    If it goes to the judges hands it could've been given to Belgaroui whom I thought was losing the fight anyway even "WITHOUT" late punch right after the bell. I don't understand all the hate that the Brazilian Fighters get. Overall it was a good card so far.

  6. Whoever does those horrible music "mash-ups" mixing pink floyd with some dubstep shit or queen with the prodigy needs to be axe kicked to the face .

  7. So much disrespect in the comments for these fighters, ya'll are a bunch of geek pussies talking trash on this website. One punch, kick or knee from any of these guys will put you to sleep.

  8. Glory needs killers like Tyrone Spong / Gohkan saki/badr hari and ismael londt needs to train stamina get loss of that bigg belly

  9. Thank you ufc for uploading this. I skipped through alot of this and still really liked the stuff I seen. Once I get to know the people more I believe I'll be able to be a fan of kickboxing

  10. God bless brother alim win fight of . Nieky inshallah brother alim go win all your fight.good fight. This good for you to win fight of the best in world I know nieky he lost his built. Of the Brazil guy.

  11. feel bad for baits, tough as hell, body shots are something that you cant really control, sometimes it just gives up on you

  12. I'm not following a bunch of women with little girl asses. What they forgot they asses at home. Always the same hungry looking girls.. I want to see a REAL woman for once

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